Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 460 - Expecting the Blossom of Scholartree

'Sister Mu's poison technique has already joined the pieces together, entering a realm that's so mysterious that even gods and spirits could not predict it.'

Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming in admiration. Mu Yingxue's attainments in the poison path had already surpassed his, and he had to admit that she really had outstanding comprehension in this field. She had a really unique thought process which was really suited to comprehending the poison path.

After that battle with him, she had to have absorbed part of Apothecary's ideology and found her own path, so she could easily defeat Yu Qingchan.

Apothecary's attainments in the poison path were extraordinary, but Qin Mu mainly specialized in treating and saving people. He didn't research much into poison techniques, so it was natural for him to be surpassed by Mu Yingxue.

If it was him fighting with Yu Qingchan in the arena with just with the poisonous substances on the arena, he would have needed to use the creation techniques from Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to change the toxicity. Even though it was similar to Mu Yingxue's ideology, he would have needed to spend quite some time to achieve the same result.

He could defeat Yu Qingchan, but it wouldn't be as easy as it was for Mu Yingxue.

Of course, Qin Mu cultivated medicine and poison together, using medicine to supplement poison, which had an unexpected effect. If it was truly a life and death struggle, it would be hard to say which of them would come out superior.

Mu Yingxue jumped down from the arena, but she still didn't touch the ground. A vine automatically grew out from the ground and huge leaves lifted her up.

She stretched her hand out toward Qin Mu who took it and got pulled onto the leaf.

The green vine under their feet grew higher and higher, lifting them up. Mu Yingxue waved toward everyone below the arena, full of delight and pride. "Look, even we who refine poison can still find our ideal husbands. My little man, Middle Earth's Heavenly Devil Cult Master, he's very powerful!"

Cheers erupted below.

Some girl laughed loudly. "Poison Master, you have found your ideal husband after one trip to Middle Earth, so when will you bring all of us to Middle Earth?"

Mu Yingxue looked down at them with excitement. "After my little man's matters are finished, I'll bring you to Middle Earth to bring misfortune to Middle Earth's men!"

"I've heard it's men who are superior in Middle Earth, what a truly backward region. Let's go correct them!"

"That's right! Correct them!"

Another girl smiled and said, "It's not easy for Poison Master to find a person she likes, so we have to celebrate!"

The laughter of numerous girls was still echoing in the streets when a group rushed out from somewhere. They slapped their waist drums and tapped their feet to the beat, dancing and singing.

Thunder Mountain City instantly became bustling, and numerous young men and women took each other hands, singing the folk songs of West Earth shoulder to shoulder.

Some divine arts practitioner executed the divine arts of West Earth, and the green vines, poisonous flowers, as well as grass, grew frantically. The men and women who cultivated poison techniques wandered through the flowers and sang songs to each other. Some even stood on rising vine leaves to dance with the partners they admired.

Gongs and drums rang out, and loud and clear song pierced the air.

Qin Mu, who stood on the leaf, looked down and saw a huge green toad with white belly walking over from the end of the street, taking up most of it. A bunch of big-eared opossums followed behind it, showing off their glossy metal scales. Beside them were numerous toad spirits that were croaking in accompaniment.

The toad spirits rapidly stuck out their tongues to hit the scales of the opossums, giving off clear clangs.

There were also numerous toad spirits dancing and beating gongs and drums while some played the short flutes with their four fingers. A few big centipedes tapped to the rhythm as they wiggled their bodies.

From time to time, there would be centipedes flying up and kicking onto the bulging cheeks of the toad spirits, making them croak.

On the head of the big green toad, a pretty young woman slowly stood up. Her black dress swirled as she sang.

Qin Mu was very engrossed in the song. Even though the green vine had already risen very high, the magnificent sight of the city in celebration was still in his eyes. The melodious singing voices all reached his ears.

The passionate feelings of the maidens of West Earth flooded him like waves, wrapping him up layer by layers as they poured into his heart.

The green vine suddenly lowered him and Mu Yingxue, bringing them through one street after another. There were people dancing everywhere with strange and weird spirits and venomous creatures. Everyone did flamboyant dance poses and messy dance moves before raising their hands up to touch those of his and Mu Yingxue that was stretched out.

The tune that resonated throughout the whole Thunder Mountain City suddenly became reverberating and impassionate, happy and noisy. Qin My felt like he had come to a kingdom of the legends, where giant green vines carried him and a young maiden beside him to pass through all the streets filled with joyful people.

The green vine brought them back, raising them up and down along the way. Girls on the various trees stepped on the leaves to hang flower garlands on their necks.

There were also young girls lying on the treetops, swinging their little legs and looking at the both of them who were rising up. With their hands cupped around their mouths, they sang love songs that tugged at people's heartstrings while a swarm of locusts tapped on small gongs with their hind legs in accompaniment.

Green vines stretched toward the center of the city and went over the incomparably bustling streets, stretching above the circular houses and coming to Mu Yingxue's palace hall.

The loft of the palace had its windows open, and the green vine sent the young man and woman on the leaf into the room.

Qin Mu and Mu Yingxue stood in front of the window and watched the bustling crowd moving through the street below, continuing with their songs and dances.

They were still celebrating the happy occasion, Poison Master Mu Yingxue finding her ideal husband.

"So embarrassing." Mu Yingxue covered her face and grumbled, "They're celebrating like this as though I shouldn't have been able to find my ideal husband. They can't wait to send me off for visiting marriage!"

Qin Mu looked at her and saw that the girl before him who was number one in West Earth's poison path didn't have any hint of bashfulness. Instead, she was very daring and hot, diluting the bashfulness with her burning passion.

The passion of West Earth's maiden was slightly hard for Qin Mu to stomach, and the intoxicating morning of Thunder Mountain City had left him slightly bewitched.

His thoughts scattered, and he got lost in his emotions.

The celebration was only the first thing. When afternoon came, Mu Yingxue couldn't conceal her excitement. She lay her head on Qin Mu's shoulder and looked quite blissful.

The dragon qilin carefully walked among the poisonous flowers while looking at the young men and young women that were still standing at the windows while grumbling softly, "Back then, Patriarch had also degenerated this way. Every year, that dirty old man would abandon me to come to West Earth…"

Qin Mu finally woke up from the dream and said, "Sister Mu, we still have important matters to settle."

Mu Yingxue's face grew slightly red and she tugged at the corner of his shirt. "Visiting marriage is at night. Why are you so impatient? Can't you endure a bit more? However, if you are really urgent, I… even so I can't! I can't yield to you, over here, women are the ones in charge. Men have to accommodate the women!"

Qin Mu blinked and patiently waited for her to finish talking. "Sister, the reason I came to West Earth this time is because I'm trying to help Xiong Xiyu and her daughter take back the position of True Heaven Palace Master, and that's why I created such a big ruckus. This should be the family matters of your West Earth, but back when Xiong Family was overthrown by Yu Family and numerous people died, you had already gotten related."

Mu Yingxue nodded and ordered for the dragon qilin and Xiong Qi'er to be invited inside while she continued to be intimate with Qin Mu. "Back when Yu Family made their move on Xiong Family, I had indeed been of great help. Yu Family had a Ba Gou whose origin is very terrifying, so I was forced to agree to help Yu Family poison Xiong Family. My poison didn't take their lives, but you know that."

Qin Mu nodded. Mu Yingxue's poison was Coiling Silk which destroyed a person's cultivation but didn't harm the person otherwise. When Qin Mu had met Xiong Xiyu, what she was suffering from was Coiling Silk Poison which had severely damaged her cultivation. It was because of that she had been chased down by Yu Bochuan until she was in an extremely miserable state.

Mu Yingxue's face darkened when she said, "I never expected Yu Family to be so ruthless, eliminating all of the Xiong Family… However, even if I had known that Yu Family would do so, I would have still helped them."

Qin Mu looked at her with puzzlement.

Mu Yingxue sighed. "The lives of everyone in my Mu Family and Thunder Mountain City rest on my shoulders, and if I hadn't listened, Yu Family would have laid their hands on my people. As Poison Master, I need to think of my Mu Family. Nai Kui hates me very much, right?"

Shame showed up on her face, but she quickly concealed it. She returned back to her usual cold look and said, "There's nothing I can do even if she hates me. I couldn't gamble the lives of my family for her."

"Sister should know my aim for coming, right?"

Mu Yingxue was the chief of Mu Family, and her networks were fast and abundant. She nodded and said, "I know. From the moment you stepped into West Earth and True Heaven Palace ordered your arrest, I knew what you had come here for. Heavenly Devil Cult Master, you have great ambition and you won't risk your life to come here just for the love between a man and a woman. You aren't here for me, and not here for the visiting marriage. You are here to pull off a grand scheme."

The air around her suddenly changed and became chilly. "You want to flip West Earth upside down and change it completely! Your ambition lies in annexing West Earth into Eternal Peace Empire's rule! And the fastest way to achieve this is by supporting Xiong Xiyu in becoming the palace master of True Heaven Palace! She has nothing left and is burdened with revenge, so she has no choice but to agree with you and the terms of Eternal Peace Emperor. Once she becomes the palace master again, True Heaven Palace will announce their merger with Eternal Peace."

Qin Mu couldn't help sighing ruefully. After coming to West Earth, he had met numerous unusual women. There was He Yiyi who was natural yet wise and Liu Family's mother and daughter who were very cunning—all of them were extremely outstanding, and their vision was far-reaching

Mu Yingxue who was in front of him was also outstanding.

"I've owed Xiong Family too much, but I can't throw away the lives of my family just because I owe them! You have not met Ba Gou and don't know his prowess, but I do. I know how terrifying he is, and I also know that there's a god living in True Heaven Palace. No matter how strong your forces are and how many experts of West Earth you gather, you can't win. You will just send yourselves to your deaths!"

"I shouldn't have come," Qin Mu said sadly, standing up.

Mu Yingxue's heart trembled and she rose as well. "I want you to stay and not die. If you want to go, I won't stop you. The women of my West Earth won't hold back a man who's insistent on leaving!"

Qin Mu bowed. "Sister Mu, farewell." After he said so, he turned around to walk out of the building.

"You!" Mu Yingxue gritted her teeth and shouted after him, "You will die, do you know that?"

Qin Mu turned back to smile at her. "Back when I rescued them, I knew I might die if I lent a helping hand, but I still did it. Sister, I won't force you to do anything for me."

Mu Yingxue was anxious and stamped her feet. "Even if you die, I won't think of you!"

Qin Mu laughed and came face to face with the dragon qilin and Xiong Qi'er who were coming up.

"This town of warmth, I've seen it. Fatty Dragon, let's go!"

The dragon qilin was puzzled, but he still sprinted down the building, carrying them out of the city.

"Brother-in-law?" In one street, a girl raised her head and looked at Qin Mu's back that was rushing away.

Qin Mu threw a fragrance pouch toward the girl and recited loudly, "Busy days have ways to get through them too, my nature is stupid and that's hard to change! Sister, treat it as I've never come!"

Mu Yingxue looked at him who was leaving Thunder Mountain City until he completely vanished.

She walked out of the building and saw Thunder Mountain City in a mess. Everywhere there were traces left behind by the celebration in the morning. Toad spirits were cleaning up slowly, dragging the drunk people away.

At one corner of the street, a few girls looked at her, and one pushed herself to say, "Sister, brother-in-law, he…"

"He's gone," Mu Yingxue heard herself say in a voice that was unfamiliar to her. "He probably won't come back anymore…"

She touched her face and realized that it had become wet at some point.

"Brother-in-law just passed this to me, it should be sister's." The girl Qin Mu had met walked over and in her hands was a fragrance pouch with embroidered golden mandarin ducks.

Mu Yingxue opened the fragrance pouch and took out the red beans of yearning.

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