Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 461 - Yearn, Forget-Me-Not

Mu Yingxue, dressed in a black dress, was stunned as she gripped the fragrance pouch in her hands tightly. She then suddenly burst into tears.

She and Qin Mu were strangers who'd come together by chance so talking about any deep feeling was naturally random nonsense. At that time, she had merely had a good impression of him and felt that he didn't look bad. He also had elegance and personality that matched her taste in men.

For a Poison Master, it was very difficult to find a man that had an affinity with her. Most were either scared to death or got poisoned to death by her.

But Qin Mu was a person who could accept her.

The people of West Earth respected poison masters, but no one dared to love them.

There were quite a number of previous poison masters who had died alone. They were temperamental people, and their methods were ruthless, so it was only natural that no one dared to love them.

Qin Mu had kept the fragrance pouch she had given him, that handful of red beans, and brought it along when coming to Thunder Mountain City in West Earth to find her. Mu Yingxue had said that she knew he had not come for her, but when she looked at the pouch of red beans, the weak side of her inner heart was touched.

Strangers may come together by chance, having yearned for it unknowingly.

Qin Mu hadn't come to West Earth just because of the emperor and Imperial Preceptor's stratagem, but also because he still had her in his heart.

'Silly boy, is it worth it to travel ten thousand miles for a stranger?'

However, Qin Mu seemed to be such a person. He and Xiong Xiyu were also strangers who'd met by chance, but he still pursued justice for her with no second thoughts. He saved the mother and daughter without hesitating to put himself in danger.

The affairs of Xiong Xiyu and her daughter were not related to him, but he had still done it. He even brought Xiong Qi'er back to West Earth to take justice for them.

Even though there was definitely the emperor and Imperial Preceptor's idea somewhere along with it, Mu Yingxue was certain that the aim of the silly boy was to take justice for the mother and daughter.

The dim-witted decision in other people's eyes was the big boy's code of conduct and an irreversible principle.

To study the underlying principle to acquire knowledge is to know and act as one.

By studying something or some profession to the end was studying the underlying principle to acquire knowledge.

However, it didn't necessarily have to come from one's heart.

Heart and mind as one was not necessarily a different kind of knowing and acting as one.

It was the sign of a great master.

Mu Yingxue was stunned.

The first time they met, they were enemies who appreciated each other's talents. She had lost then. Her poison techniques had lost to his, and she admired that big boy very much. Even though she had gifted him red beans and stolen a kiss, it still hadn't been love.

But in the meeting just then, it wasn't his poison technique that she saw, but his personality.

Qin Mu's personality had won her over.

Xiong Family's matter had been caused by her. It was her poison which had felled numerous experts of True Heaven Palace and spoiled all of their cultivation. Only then was Yu Family able to successfully seize True Heaven Palace in one strike.

Without the backbone of Xiong Family, they were defeated. The miserable deaths of many people at that time were all related to her.

'Xiong Family's matter was caused by me, so I can't let my little man assume the responsibility for me!'

Mu Yingxue raised her head, and confidence flooded into her back once again as she smiled. "In our West Earth, women are in charge so how can I let my little man face the disaster I caused? Sisters of Thunder Mountain City!" Her voice resonated with svelte and high spirits. "Pack your bags and prepare for war!"

In Thunder Mountain City, countless divine arts practitioners skilled in poison techniques packed their luggage and soon gathered together. They looked at that chief of theirs and saw that she was glowing with vigor like never before. Her pretty face was shining with a luster like that of pearls and she looked very charming.

"Sister, where are we going?" a young girl asked.

Mu Yingxue jumped and green vines slithered over from midair, landing under her feet to lift her up. Her voice was filled with a charm and laughter when she spoke next. "Of course we are going to chase after your brother-in-law and stuff this pouch of yearning red beans back into his hands. We have to make sure he holds onto it properly and never forgets this yearning, or me, Mu Yingxue!"

"Alright!" The other girls roared with laughter. "Let's quickly head out! Such a good brother-in-law, we can't let any hussy snatch him away! Let's seize brother-in-law back!"

"Seize brother-in-law back!"

Qin Mu returned to God Burial Valley of Liu Family. The pitch black coffins joined him, growing legs to run right after.

In the sky, there were more black coffins, forming a dark cloud.

Among them, there were chains holding a golden coffin that was really large and extremely eye-catching. Numerous black coffins escorted it in the sky, and Qin Mu was very bewildered why Liu Ruyin was insistent on bringing such a dangerous thing along. However, when he heard it was her daughter's idea, he didn't question it anymore.

The little girl, Liu Zhenqing, was a clever and cunning person. Since she wanted to bring along the golden coffin, there was definitely some use for it.

As Qin Mu brought the forces of Liu Family toward Sword River Valley, preparing to group up with He Yiyi and the rest, he suddenly heard a loud and clear voice coming from behind him. "Little man, wait for me!"

Qin Mu turned his head back and couldn't help being stunned. The divine arts practitioners of Thunder Mountain City were sitting on all kinds of venomous beasts and venomous insects hurrying over while bustling with activity. There were spiders, centipedes, toads, snakes, venomous birds, beasts, wasps, and they were all over the sky.

There were also numerous toxic plants that had been awakened by those divine arts practitioners and highly toxic tree men were striking forward. There were also slender vines with flower maidens from poisonous flowers flapping their petals. There were even some venomous fish that had grown legs to sprint quickly on land.

In the lead was Mu Yingxue who looked to be in high spirits as she rushed toward him through the path opened up by the coffin army. Without any explanation, she jumped onto the dragon qilin's head and stuffed the fragrance pouch into his hand before hugging him to plant a heavy kiss on his cheek.

Qin Mu was at a loss while the girl was very proud of herself as she said loudly, "I want you to keep this yearning pouch with you forever and never throw it away, never forget about me in your whole life. Can you do it?"

With heroism filling up his chest, Qin Mu loudly stated, "Can!"

Mu Yingxue turned her head back and waved at the sisters of Thunder Mountain City. "He said can! Sisters, aunts, let's take down True Heaven Palace and change the world!"

Cheers erupted from behind them.

Beside the dragon qilin, a small black coffin flipped over and Liu Zhenqing popped her head out. Her hands were crossed in front of her chest, and she was pouting unhappily.

"Little hussy," she grumbled when she took a glance at Mu Yingxue.

Liu Ruyin's coffin flew to her side and this chief of Liu Family whispered, "Don't mind this little hussy who is so proud now. When she dies, let's make her a Liu!"


Banners were fluttering In Sword River Valley, and Qin Mu was astonished by the number of influential families of West Earth that had gathered and set up their camps.

It should be the first time that West Earth had become so bustling. The flags of He Family, Fang Family, Gong Family, Xi Family, and Fu Family were all raised up high, and there were, but there weren't the only ones. There were many others who'd come as well.

All of the influential families specialized in different abilities. He Family was skilled in formations. Fang Family was skilled in controlling mountains, Gong Family was skilled in controlling the river flow, Xi Family was skilled in controlling grass and trees, while Fu Family was skilled in controlling meteorological phenomenon.

The other influential families also had their own specialties.

The gathered people were mostly women. The number of them was still simply astounding.

The woman army of hundreds of thousands stunned Qin Mu.

Even though Eternal Peace Empire was very open and women could also be officials and join the army, they took up only twenty percent of the whole. Men were still in the majority. Yet in West Earth, the women took up eighty percent while the men were only twenty percent. On top of that, what the men did was usually running errands.

'This is a rare chance for the influential families of West Earth. If Yu Family could be overthrown, Xiong Family's decline would mean that they could receive greater freedom from True Heaven Palace. This is why they came here for an uprising.'

Qin Mu sucked in a deep breath and formed a fist when he looked in the direction of True Heaven Palace.

On the journey to West Earth, he had only brought the dragon qilin and Xiong Qi'er. It just him, a mount, and a weak girl, with no soldiers at all. Yet he had amassed a several hundred thousand women army that was prepared to attack West Earth's strongest True Heaven Palace!

When he thought about it, he couldn't help growing so excited that his bones started trembling and his primordial spirit was about to fly out!

Holding Xiong Qi'er's hand, he entered Bamboo City with Mu Yingxue, Liu Ruyin, and her daughter. The heads of all the influential families were gathered there and were anxiously awaiting his arrival!

Qin Mu bowed low to the ground and said loudly, "Middle Earth's Heavenly Devil Cult Master Qin Mu pays his respects to all the sisters!"

Numerous women hurriedly returned the greeting. "Cult Master Qin, no need for formalities."

Qin Mu tugged on Xiong Qi'er, and she immediately bowed to pay her respects as well. "Qi'er pays her respect to all the aunts!"

Everyone hurriedly returned her greeting to. "We dare not. Little princess, quickly get up!"

Qin Mu straightened up and smiled wide at them. "Many women strengthen one's resolve, which dares to make sun and moon shine in new skies! Sisters, this little brother has come all the way from Middle Earth and hopes to see sisters' abilities in True Heaven Palace! Sister Yiyi, can we begin our journey?"

He Yiyi called on Bamboo City, and it uprooted itself. At the same time, all the heads of the influential families sent out their commands, and the land trembled while the clouds rushed forward. The women army of several hundred thousand marched toward True Heavenly Palace.

The dragon qilin turned his head back to take a look, and he couldn't help sighing ruefully. 'Patriarch wasn't this awe-inspiring back then. Cult Master is Cult Master after all. He came to West Earth for a bit and has already hooked up with hundreds of thousands of girls…'

Far away in the sky, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Xiong Xiyu stood on top of a cloud and looked at the majestic sight from afar.

Xiong Xiyu was dumbfounded, unable to say anything.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was also speechless.

"Imperial Preceptor, did you expect this result from the start?" Xiong Xiyu finally returned to her senses and curiously examined the middle-aged man beside her. "Even I, the previous Nai Kui, wouldn't have such ability and power like Cult Master Qin. He could actually gather hundreds of thousands of people with a single summon. Isn't Cult Master Qin a little too scary!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor let out a shaky breath and muttered, "I knew he would cause trouble and definitely attract the attention of True Heaven Palace, but I didn't know he would be this good at it. True Heaven Palace will certainly feel threatened by this, and what is even better is that Ba Gou will have no choice but to show himself. Once he suffers a setback, the god hidden in True Heaven Palace will have to show himself and let me have the chance to deal a fatal blow to him…"

He looked at the majestic women army and couldn't help shivering while shaking his head. "Too terrifying, such cohesiveness is simply too terrifying. However, Cult Master Qin's talents lie in this, after all. Even I was tricked by him into joining Heavenly Saint Cult. If this little rascal ever decided to rebel…"

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