Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 463 - Sword Skills and Sword Wounds

Qin Mu raised his head to look at the palaces in the sky from which many women flying out. They landed on the mountain peaks. True Heaven Palace should have long ago received news that Qin Mu had gathered some of the big influential families and gotten ready for their approach.


A huge mountain peak suddenly exploded and countless rocks flew in all directions while others rolled down its sides. The mountain peak had suddenly changed into a majestic giant.

It squatted down and pulled out his huge legs from the ground, shaking it endlessly.

He Yiyi raised her hand, and the huge Bamboo City came to a stop.

The mountain giant before them gradually stood. Its huge palm was the size of a hundred fields, and as it streaked across the sky, violent wind howled. The palm then suddenly grabbed a sword-shaped mountain peak.

Piercing sounds rang out when the sword-shaped mountain peak was actually pulled out from the ground by the mountain giant!

Rocks rolled and fell in directions when he did that. By the time the mountain giant raised the sword, the earth and rocks over it had already completely fallen off, revealing a rusty item inside.

It was a huge mountain peak sword!

Qin Mu's face became solemn when he looked at the huge sword and mountain giant through the barely discernible fog.

True Heaven Palace's background was too immense and even surpassed that of the sacred grounds of Middle Earth. No matter if it was Dao Sect or Great Thunderclap Monastery, or even Heavenly Devil Cult, they didn't have such terrifying backgrounds.

Bang, bang.

Huge explosions rang out, and mountains changed while forests became giants that were thousands of yards tall. They grabbed weapons of unimaginable size!

They were the guardians of True Heaven Palace.

Numerous disciples of True Heaven Palace stood on the shoulders or the heads of the mountain giants, raising up and down with the movement of their creatures while overflowing with murderous intent.

Qin Mu took a look at Mu Yingxue. If she hadn't poisoned Xiong Family, Yu Family would have found it very difficult to seize True Heaven Palace and snatch the authority of Xiong Family.

Just the mountain giants alone were an incomparably terrifying power that surpassed an army of a million!

"Get into formation!" He Yiyi shouted loudly, and the women of He Family in the city walked out. Each of them took out a formation flag which swayed in the wind. Instantly, numerous spirit weapons for formation skills fell out from the formation flags.

The women of He Family quickly assembled them, and Qin Mu saw an extremely shocking sight. The divine arts practitioners of He Family were actually using spirit weapons for formation skills to assemble catapults that were three hundred yards high. They were erected upright behind Bamboo City, and the winches whirled to tighten!

The divine arts practitioners of Fang Family executed their divine arts, and rocks rolled down non-stop from the mountain giants behind them. They combined into huge rock lumps that automatically rolled into the huge frames of the catapults.

Countless female divine arts practitioners of Xi Family scattered seeds which grew frantically throughout the mountain, forming a sea of green. It surged continuously as tree giants rose and strode forth

Sword Master Luo Yinyu raised her swords, and swooshing sounds rang in the air as tens of thousands of women of Luo Family pulled out their swords as well. All of them were filled with heroism.

"Fu Family's sister!" Mu Yingxue suddenly shouted.

Fu Yunxi gave an order, and the divine arts practitioners of Fu Family summoned dark clouds. They formed a sea of clouds, covering an area of a thousand miles. As lightning flashed and thunder boomed, incomparably thick tornadoes formed up. However, they twisted their bodies but didn't advance as they were controlled by the divine arts practitioners of Fu Family.

Mu Yingxue advanced with the divine arts practitioners of Mu Family and threw all the highly toxic poisons they had into the wind. The tornadoes sucked them into the dark clouds and changed in color, becoming a bewitching green.

Even the flashing lightning had a touch of green to its light.

The entire cloud layer was filled with Mu Family's deadliest poison.

Violent wind surged from behind a youth at the city tower, fluttering his clothes.

The wind was chilly, bringing away the excess heat from his body.

His blood was running too hot.

The female divine arts practitioners created a totally different atmosphere on the battlefield compared to the men of Eternal Peace, but it made his blood boil just the same!

Women were a match for the men. Even though they were charming beauties, they were also strong warriors on the battlefield!

The atmosphere was somber and desolate.

The front of True Heaven Palace was overflowing with austere air. The black clouds that wanted to ravage the city were kept under control, with only the sound of the wind being audible. That kind of pressure could make one go mad.

At that moment, a figure flew out from the palaces in the sea of clouds and passed the mountain giants who ignored it.

"Ba Gou!"

The faces of He Yiyi, Mu Yingxue, Fu Yunyi and the rest changed slightly. They didn't show any cowardness when facing the mountain giants of True Heaven Palace, but when they caught sight of the figure flying at them, their expressions changed

He Yiyi gave a soft shout, and Bamboo City split apart. Countless rocks floated into the air and quickly formed a defensive formation to protect the disciples of He Family behind her.

She herself was lifted up by one rock to float before her formation.

Suddenly, there was one more person beside her; it was Qin Mu. Warmth flooding He Yiyi's heart.

"Sword Spirits Celestial Soldiers!" Luo Yinyu shouted out, and the tens of thousands of female divine arts practitioners of Luo Family raised their weapons with qi. Countless flying swords clanked and floated into the sky, transforming into a huge sword formation. Although the blades were numerous in numbers and seemed to be flying here and there, they were not messy at all.

"Eight Pillars Heaven!" Fang Caidie shouted out, and the mountain giants behind her suddenly formed huge circular pillars that were able to support both heaven and earth. Eight mountain giants went forward and pulled the pillars out to carry on their shoulders while overflowing with murderous intent.

Other families also executed their moves while watching the figure coming closer with nervousness. Even Liu Ruyin and Liu Zhenqing were full of worry. They came to the front of the golden god coffin, ready to release the corpse within it anytime.

Qin Mu's heart trembled. Just Ba Gou alone had pushed all of the influential families in West Earth to the brink of taking out all of their trump cards. At the sight of it, he couldn't help admitting that Ba Gou was indeed awe-inspiring!

'How can this man with the surname Yu from High Heavens make all the families in West Earth worry so, as if they are about to face a great enemy?'

Qin Mu couldn't help being bewildered. There weren't as many sects in West Earth as in Eternal Peace, and they were mainly ruled by influential families. The abilities of the ten at the top were no small matter, and all of them were extraordinary in some way. Not to mention if a guest of High Heavens, even if a god came down, the families shouldn't have to be so careful.

Ba Gou was definitely not just simply a guest of High Heavens.

Yet when the figure got close enough, Qin Mu realized that Ba Gou wasn't fiendish looking like he had imagined. Instead, he was a man with an unordinary appearance. His build was tall and sturdy while his features were very handsome.

The clothes he wore were made from an unknown material that draped. Every strand seemed to have been weaved by runes, and from time to time, an indiscernible light would emerge from the strands.

His clothes were very fitting and showed that he didn't have any excess flesh.

His dressing was that of a man from West Earth, with a white cloth wrapped around his head and golden chains crisscrossing over it. However, unlike other men, he had few other accessories.

His nose bridge was high, but his gaze was gentle, giving a pleasant feeling to people who saw him for the first time.

When Qin Mu laid eyes on him, he felt that the man looked pretty similar to Jade Sovereign of High Heavens. Qin Mu had once taken a look at the corpse of that man who was said to be a perfect man. Even though he had been killed by Emperor Yanfeng, his appearance had remained extraordinary.

'His temperament seems to be similar to that of Xu Shenghua.'

Qin Mu examined him and was quite shocked. He actually felt that Ba Gou's bearing was also somewhat similar to that of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor!

Xu Shenghua's bearing was of everything in the world having nothing to do with him. He had entered the mortal realm from above and worldly affairs couldn't taint him. This was also related to the technique he cultivated. Even though Qin Mu had pulled Xu Shenghua down to the mortal realm, the worldly affairs still found it difficult to change that outstanding youth. He still looked like he could abandon them anytime and leave.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, on the other hand, looked cold and was serious in speech and manner. It was a kind of invincible attitude of looking at all the smaller mountains down below after having ascended the highest one.

He was a great master who had extraordinary achievements and who only had change and reform in his heart. All other ways of the world had been thrown away and any hindrance to his reform was only stumbling blocks. He would execute lightning-fast methods to get rid of each one of them.

Ba Gou from High Heavens actually had Xu Shenghua's temperament and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's bearing at the same time.

"Chief He." The man with the embroidered headband flew over and greeted He Yiyi and the rest. "Chief Mu, Chief Liu, Chief Fang…"

Even though they were enemies, everyone returned his greeting. "Ba Gou."

The man in the embroidered headband looked at Qin Mu, revealing his teeth as he smiled before greeting him. "Human Emperor Qin."

Qin Mu's heart shook as he returned the greeting. "Ba Gou. May I ask how does Ba Gou know about such a small and negligible existence as I?"

"Human Emperor Qin, there's no need for you to be unduly humble," the man in the embroidered headband said. "I'm always paying attention to the human emperors of the successive generations. For the previous human emperor, I even personally came down to the lower bound. You should have seen how his four limbs look like, right?"

He stretched out his hand in a grabbing motion, and a woman of Mu Family couldn't prevent herself from flying in front of him. She tried to struggle, but it was in vain.

The man in the embroidered headband pulled out his sword, and a severed arm fell off. He gently waved his hand with a smile, and the severed arm flew toward Qin Mu. "Cult Master Qin, please take a look."

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched as his vital qi flooded out to examine the wound in detail. His brow wrinkled, and he croaked, "The exact same sword wound."

"It was me." The man in the embroidered headband smiled warmly at him. "Looks like he didn't hide the sword wounds from you."

Behind the killing formations of all the influential families, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Xiong Xiyu were hiding, not getting close. However, when Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor saw the sword light of the man in the embroidered headband, his expression changed drastically and he lost his composure. "Crap! I know the origin of this Ba Gou! Quickly, all the influential families of West Earth should retreat!"

Xiong Xiyu shook her head. "The arrow is already in the bowstring, and there's no choice but to release it. We couldn't retreat now even if we wanted. Why did Imperial Preceptor suddenly lose his composure?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor took in a long breath as his eyes flashed. "I recognize this sword skill, this sword path! It's the sword skill that cut off Old Human Emperor's four limbs. That man is not from High Heavens' Yu Family, but a true god from the upper bound!"

In front of the formation, Qin Mu suddenly relaxed and smiled without any sign of hiding any kind of nervousness. "Your true body can't come down to the lower bound, can it? If it could, would you still be hiding like a fly in West Earth? Then since it isn't your true body…" He stretched his hand forward, and his expression grew savage. "Beating you to death isn't going to be any trouble!"

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