Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 464 - Asura’s Battlefield

The man in the embroidered headband dispersed his magic power, and the corpse of the female divine arts practitioner of Mu Family fell from the sky. "Such a small child, yet already possess the same unrealistic fantasy as the previous human emperor."

Even though his sword had only cut off the arm of the female divine arts practitioner of Mu Family, his sword will had passed through her whole body, dissolving and wiping out her primordial spirit.

With his attainments in sword path, he didn't even need to hurt the opponent directly. Just his sword will alone was enough to crush the opponent's primordial spirit.

Mu Yingxue formed her hands into fists but forced herself to restrain her anger. She didn't blow up.

The one dead was her clansman, but against the mysterious Ba Gou, she didn't dare to make a rash move.

The man with the embroidered headband looked over at all the chiefs while behind him were the majestic mountains and True Heaven Palace that had an extraordinary air. He said leisurely, "Chiefs of West Earth, you guys chose to rebel for the True Heaven Palace's authority, but you have no idea that its authority comes fro me. I'll give you guys a way out: If you return now and chop this Human Emperor Qin's head off for me before sending it to True Heaven Palace, I'll let bygones be bygones."

Qin Mu shivered when he saw that quite a number of the chiefs were swayed.

The army of West Earth he had pulled over wasn't a piece of iron board, but was strung together by benefits. Even though most of the female chiefs were beautiful like flowers and Qin Mu even had quite some deep relationships with them, they were still akin to sect and cult masters of Eternal Peace. The beautiful women placed the benefit of their clan atop everything else.

Personal emotions wouldn't warp the logical minds of those women.

If they backed out because of the man's words, Qin Mu wouldn't be too surprised.

Suddenly, Mu Yingxue shook the bells on her wrist which rang in the silence with a crisp sound and smiled. "All of you can withdraw, but my Mu Family can't. What my Mu Family owes to Xiong Family has to be returned; otherwise, my conscience will never be at ease!"

He Yiyi looked at the others indifferently. "Yu Bochuan died in my Bamboo City which will make it hard for me to escape censure so why don't I just overthrow the rule of Yu Family. My He Family is not backing out as well."

Liu Ruyin hesitated for a moment, then looked at Liu Zhenqing who was on the small coffin beside her and licking it seriously. Noticing the attention, she suddenly raised her head to smile sweetly. "Just like Cult Master Qin said, he's just a clone of a true god and not difficult to kill. Only if the true god came down to the lower bound would it be too difficult. Mother, I have already accepted Sister Qi'er's hawthorn candy so I have to do something for Xiong Family. On top of that..."

Her smile became even sweeter. "Who can ensure that Yu Family won't find trouble with us after this? They are very petty, but if we get rid of them, Xiong Family's mother and daughter will rule True Heaven Palace and even rely on our Liu Family. The gain is bigger than the risk, so why not?"

Qin Mu became at ease.

Even though Liu Zhenqing looked like a little girl, she was actually an old fox. Her words sounded harmless, but she had mentioned what was on everyone's minds.

With her sentence, the other influential families ascertained their decision, and Ba Gou wouldn't be able to change their thoughts anymore!

Among all the chiefs, maybe only Mu Yingxue was truly sincere about wanting to help Xiong Xiyu and Xiong Qi'er, since she was redeeming herself. The others were more or less only concerned about their own benefits, but to Qin Mu, that was enough.

The man with the embroidered headband smiled. "Human beings will die for riches, just as birds die for food. Even lucid, elegant, and refined women like you are also foolish and fail to live up to their bodies. Fine, since you guys want to die, I can only send all of you on your way."

He was about to turn and leave, but He Yiyi suddenly smiled and said, "Since Ba Gou is already here, there's no need for you to leave!"

Countless huge rocks from behind her surged forward, toward the man.

At the same time, almost all the chiefs also executed their own abilities. The mountain giants behind Fang Caidie raised huge mountain pillars, using mountain peaks as weapons to crash against the man with the embroidered headband.

Luo Yinyu pulled out her sword to stab out, and countless flying swords followed closely after her sharp blade which was sticking close to the mountain peak that was about to attack the man.

Mu Yingxue flicked her finger, and Fu Yunxi pressed down heavily. Lightning burst forth, and the storm swept the poison Mu Yingxue had thrown toward the man!

Liu Ruyin and Liu Zhenqing undid the chains on the golden coffin, and they rose up like black flood dragons toward the man.

The heads of West Earth's influential families held no regard for the rules of the martial world. They swarmed forward without any warning, wishing to prevent Ba Gou from returning behind his army no matter what!

Qin Mu nodded silently. "Well done."

The man with the embroidered headband walked toward True Heaven Palace as sword light flashed behind him, slicing apart everyone's attacks.

Before He Yiyi's formation could close, a path was sliced open by his sword. The mountain pillars were sliced apart by the perfect sword light, and the storm was intercepted by the sword that cut across the sky. Chains were touched by the tip of the sword and sent back.

"Good sword skills! Based on sword skills, no one in West Earth is his opponent! He indeed has some good sword skills!"

Qin Mu's expression was solemn. The sword skill of the man with the embroidered headband had reached perfection and a realm so mysterious that even gods and spirits could not predict his moves.

"Qi'er, quickly activate the Green Dragon Bead!"

Xiong Qi'er executed Green Dragon Bead, and green light instantly shone brightly. Dragon roars rang out, and the sky filled with green light that rushed toward True Heaven Palace.

Wherever it passed, everything was lignified, and even the mountain giants surrounding True Heaven Palace suddenly became stiff. Green light emanated from their bodies as countless green vines grew rapidly around them.

The women on the top of those mountain giants went under the control of the Green Dragon Bead at that instant. Pop, pop, pop. Tender sprouts and flowers grew out from their faces!

Green Dragon Bead, one of the four spirit treasures of True Heaven Palace, had burst forth with astonishing power in the hands of the little girl. The man with the embroidered headband also suddenly froze when the green light shone on him. His body seemed to be lignifying as well!

The power of Green Dragon Bead was beyond imagination!

At that moment, from the palaces in the sea of clouds, a few women of True Heaven Palace walked out. From each of their hands, a precious bead rose up.

The three precious beads rose into the air, growing brighter and brighter. One of the beads had the soul of a tortoise and a snake, another the soul of a white tiger, while the last one glowed with flame. There was a divine bird roaming inside it.

The three precious beads shone, and their lights clashed with the light of the Green Dragon Bead. Dragon roars instantly reverberated as the green dragon flew out from the precious bead. The moment it did so, it grew incomparably huge. The dragon then flew to coil around the majestic mountains, creating an incomparably astonishing sight.

In front of True Heaven Palace, the light of the three spirit treasures also became more and more vigorous. The white tiger, black tortoise, flying serpent, and vermillion bird flew out from the precious beads, too. The white tiger crouched down on a mountaintop and roared toward the sky. The vermillion bird gave a long cry and flapped its wings to spread a sea of fire. The black tortoise stepped on the sea, and it rumbled under its feet before rising into the sky while the flying serpent shuttled to and fro within it.

The three women of True Heaven Palace had activated the other three spirit treasures to fight against Xiong Qi'er. They worked together to suppress the power of Green Dragon Bead.

The traces of lignification on the man rapidly faded away, and he gave a slight smile. The flying sword behind his back flew back into his sheath, and the man retreated back into True Heaven Palace.

"Get rid of them," he said from inside.

The lignification of the women on the head of the mountain giants wore off when Green Dragon Bead's power was suppressed. Thus, they also escaped.

The green light on the mountain giants' bodies also faded away. They moved their huge bodies and swung mountain-shaped sharp swords to attack the influential families of West Earth.

He Yiyi shouted sternly, and the huge catapult automatically released. They swung their long arms and sent the rock humans flying. They were pitifully small compared to the mountain giants, but they still stretched out when they were thrown and pounced on their larger counterparts.

Flames burst forth in midair, and the rock humans were shattered before they could land. They were destroyed under the attacks of the mountain giants' huge weapons.

Cult legacy treasures had burst forth with terrifying power in the hands of the mountain giants, turning the rock humans into powder. They covered the ground in a layer of dust

Yet there were still quite a number of rock humans who had landed on the mountain giants' bodies and scaled up to their heads.

The disciples of True Heaven Palace executed their divine arts to their limits as though they were facing great enemies when faced with such an attack. They pulled out the spirits from their opponent's bodies, making many of them return to a pile of rocks that rolled down to the ground.


Heavy rain began to fall, and green-colored droplets landed as lightning and thunder scoured the sky. It was the poison storm created by the divine arts practitioners of Mu and Fu Families.

Within it, even the crackling lightning was green in color and contained poison. The lightning mixed with the rain and struck down on the mountaintop of every one of the mountain giants!

More women of True Heaven Palace flew out, and countless spirit weapons flew forth. They were golden and silver bracelets of all sizes that spread among the mountains.

The spinning golden and silver bracelets attracted lightning and rainwater, binding them inside themselves before sending them down the mountainsides.

The dark clouds in the sky shook and tornadoes descended, twisting their bodies as they swept toward the gold and silver bracelets.

The woman who was controlling Black Tortoise Bead activated it, and the sea poured down on the dark clouds, swallowing them whole along with the lightning and tornadoes!


Shouts came from Qin Mu's side, and the huge catapults strode several miles forward before squatting down. Numerous women jumped into their huge frames and were slung into the fight by them.

Numerous mountains giants went forth to clash with the mountain giants that guarded True Heaven Palace. Tens of thousands of disciples stood on them and countless spirit weapons flew out to fight with the disciples of True Heaven Palace.

Many vines stretched out from the sky and swept toward the mountain giants. The women of Xi Family stepped on the vines to travel past the mountains, attacking the women of True Heaven Palace while the vines coiled around the mountains.


A pagoda-shaped mountain pressed down and crushed countless women of Xi Family. However, no one had the time to feel sorrow. Those still alive took control of the long rivers that were like flood dragons and sent them at the mountains. They clashed with the waterfall and long river that came down from the mountaintop. There were countless water giants standing up from the big river as well, wielding knives and blades made from mysterious ice. The group pounced on the women before them.

The land before True Heaven Palace had become a huge Asura's battlefield, and the warriors in it were the charming women.

"Fatty Dragon, protect Qi'er!"

Qin Mu jumped onto He Yiyi's stone that was floating in midair. The huge Bamboo City had already separated into pieces and become a flood of huge rocks that rose into the sky.

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