Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 465 - Lightning in West Earth

The huge stone formation changed continuously as countless cubes arranged and assembled themselves properly, forming a floating stone formation that frantically rushed into the battlefield.

Qin Mu stood on one huge stone that rose up and down. He watched the cubes of all sizes moving about continuously. They sometimes formed a wall and sometimes dispersed like smoke.

He Yiyi's attainments in formation skills were extremely high. Bamboo City entered the battle under her control and opened up a path for the divine arts practitioners of He Family behind.


A mountain giant rushed over with a weapon which was extremely strange. It was a thick club that was the shape of a mountain and had brass bells of all sizes. However, even the smallest of them was terrifyingly huge.

The mountain giant smashed the club at Bamboo City's formation. Instantly, the brass bells hanging on it rang, and a terrifying sound wave bombarded Bamboo City, shattering many stones into pieces.

He Yiyi immediately changed her formation, and countless huge rocks attached themselves to the club. In an instant, the terrifying weapon was completely covered up and the ringings of the bells were muted.

The mountain spent a great deal of effort to raise the club, but before it could swing it, it saw numerous huge rock rolling down the club and onto his arm.

He Yiyi executed the formation, and its power burst forth, breaking the mountain giant's arm.

The mountain giant seemed to have not felt anything for it outstretched its other hand in a grabbing motion as if nothing had happened. Upon entering the huge stone formation, it tried to catch He Yiyi, but his other arm was soon also covered by huge rocks. Its palm became denser and denser, heavier and heavier.

"He Family's formation skills are indeed extraordinary!" Qin Mu praised and suddenly jumped out of Bamboo City's formation. He landed onto the arm of the mountain giant and leaped around as though he was flying, rushing toward its head.

On the mountaintop, there was another battlefield, where numerous divine arts practitioners of True Heaven Palace welcomed the divine arts practitioners of Gong Family. The two sides were fighting fiercely on the mountaintop, but were stuck in a stalemate.

Qin Mu rushed over, and a ball of silver light exploded with a wave of his hand. It was his sword pellet that was two feet in radius. It rose into the sky and spun rapidly. Countless swords burst forth from within it. They became sword lights and passed through the fighting crowd.

All seventeen sword forms were unleashed, and all of them had myriads of transformations. Eight thousand swords and seventeen kinds of transformations drowned out every woman on the mountaintop.

Qin Mu leaped down from the mountain. The eight thousand swords behind him were like wind blowing the clouds, sticking closely to him. They clanked as they returned back into the sword pellet above his head.

On the mountaintop, the divine arts practitioners of True Heaven Palace collapsed and died. Only the female divine arts practitioners of Gong Family were left.

Halfway down the mountain, a grass dragon flew out and caught Qin Mu. Chief Xi Yuting of Xi Family stood on its head, and beside her, green vines surged forward like flood dragons.

They grew frantically, blooming and bearing fruit. The countless green vines carried the female divine arts practitioners of Xi Family up the bodies of the mountain giants while planting their roots between the mountain rocks.

The practitioners executed their divine arts to make grasses, trees, and vines grow on the bodies of the mountain giants and dismember them.

Suddenly, terrifying pulses came from Vermillion Bird Bead, and a huge vermillion bird flapped its wings. A blazing sea of fire rushed toward Xi Yuting who was among the mountains.

She stood on the head of the grass dragon as she cast her spell. Green light shrouded her and formed into a huge ball of grass to face the sea of fire.

The next instant, it was ignited by the blazing fire. By the time the sea of fire passed through, there was little of the grass ball left but for its shape.

It then split open, and Xi Yuting brought Qin Mu higher and higher into the sky with help of the green vine on which she was standing.

Qin Mu leaped down from it and streaked diagonally through the air. He stretched out his hand to grab at what was above him and pulled out Carefree Sword from the sword pellet.

Carefree Sword grew in size, and the thousands of swords entered it one after another.

Qin Mu's falling speed grew faster and faster, and his aura grew stronger and stronger too. The next instant, an explosion rang out when his body crashed onto a mountain peak. The incomparably huge mountain giant to which it belonged stumbled from the impact.

When Qin Mu landed, the terrifying impact raised a ring of pressure which blew away most of the female disciples of True Heaven Palace. Only a few who were on Seven Stars Realm and Celestial Being Realm could barely keep their footing.

But the noise after the explosion didn't disappear, the space hummed and trembled. It was due to Carefree Sword slicing straight down through the giant.


The next moment, cracking sounds came from the head of the mountain giant. A huge crack spread through the middle of it. Even though Qin Mu hadn't managed to split the head apart, the power of his sword was no small matter.

When Carefree Sword slashed down again, countless flying swords swirled out from it and sliced forward. In an instant, eight thousand flying swords sliced through the air from one end of the mountaintop to the other.

Severed limbs rained down. Before they could even touch the ground, Qin Mu had already rushed forward. Sword lights flashed and sliced among two strong practitioners of True Heaven Palace that were of Celestial Being Realm.

The two women had been caught off guard and had already suffered numerous injuries. When he came close, the three of them fluttered around like butterflies.

The two women were experts of True Heaven Palace after all. Even though they weren't proficient in close combat and had been injured by Qin Mu, they won in the density of their cultivation, which far surpassed that of Qin Mu. Soon, they regained their balance.

The primordial spirits of the two women flew out. When they were about to raise in midair, ready to jump at Qin Mu, grass dragons suddenly came from below and grew under their feet, quickly binding them.

While Chief Xi Yuting landed on the head of the mountain giant, Qin Mu leaped up. The hearts of the practitioners' brows had a red mark each. Their corporeal bodies had been stabbed by Carefree Sword, and their brains were destroyed.

Xi Yuting was only a step later than Qin Mu to come down, but he had already wiped out all the divine arts practitioners of True Heaven Palace on the mountaintop. Only the two experts of Celestial Being Realm were left.

She knew that if the two experts released their primordial spirits that Qin Mu was definitely no match for them and might get killed instead, so she chose to first bind their corporeal bodies.

However, she hadn't expected that Qin Mu would end the battle so quickly. She had just managed to land on the mountaintop when Qin Mu had already killed the two experts of Celestial Being Realm.

Xi Yuting looked over and saw him sprinting through the sky. Countless flying swords swooshed as they rushed forward, lying down a path under the youth's feet to carry him into the distance.

"Heavenly Devil Cult Master is truly extraordinary!" Xi Yuting exclaimed.

Qin Mu was rushing toward another mountain giant when terrifying aura wafted off True Heaven Palace. Its experts flew out and entered the battlefield.

'The number of experts in True Heaven Palace isn't little. It should be the elders who made the move, right? Their targets should be the heads of each influential family!'

Just as Qin Mu thought that, he saw Mu Yingxue on a white cloud face the experts of True Heaven Palace. Behind her was Fu Yunxi executing her divine arts to move the clouds from right behind her.

Qin Mu put away his sword and executed Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs to sprint over frantically. He caught up with Mu Yingxue in a few breaths' time and landed by her side on the cloud.

"You poison! I supplement!"

The two of them looked at each other with smiles.

They faced the strong practitioners of True Heaven Palace, the elders on Life and Death Realm who released their primordial spirits. They took the god forms of the four great spirit bodies and rushed toward Qin Mu and Mu Yingxue.

They flicked their fingers as one poisoned while the other supplemented. The latter assisted in raising the toxicity, and as they executed their methods, the sea of clouds passed by them, bringing the poison toward the elders of True Heaven Palace. It was Fu Yunxi's attack.

The sea of clouds churned and drowned out the elders of True Heaven Palace along with their primordial spirits.

They were extraordinary and executed all kinds of moves to break the sea of clouds. But suddenly, the expressions of the women changed drastically as their flesh started melting and their primordial spirits started disintegrating. Before long, they turned into piles of dried up bones that fell to the ground.

With the third and fourth ranking experts of the poison path working together, even gods wouldn't be able to handle them, much less some elders!

Qin Mu and Mu Yingxue separated and rushed toward the other mountain giants.


A mountain giant collapsed, and its huge body dropped to the ground, causing terrifying tremors. Cheers erupted from the divine arts practitioners of He Family, and they were followed by another loud rumble. One more mountain giant fell.

The influential families worked together, and their eyes had turned red from the slaughter. After overthrowing the mountain giants, Fang Family dismembered them to change them into hundreds of smaller hill giants to continue fighting in the battle. When combined with the formation of He Family, the meteorological attacks of Fu Family, the grass and trees of Xi Family, the long and wide rivers of Gong Family, the poisons of Mu Family, and the sword skills of Luo Family, the strength of the rebellion was continuously growing.

Gradually, the battle quietened down, for there were only a couple thousand hill giants left. Countless divine arts practitioners from all the families were gasping for air as they stood among blocks of rock. The mountain giants of True Heaven Palace had finally been wiped out by them.

Tens of thousands of female divine arts practitioners raised their heads and looked at True Heaven Palace that was high above them.

They had finally achieved the first step of their plan. They had faced off against the sacred ground and were about to walk into the place which represented the divine right of West Earth!

Even though they had sacrificed countless sisters, the overthrow of True Heaven Palace was an immense achievement for which any sacrifice was worth it!

True Heaven Palace was silent. Suddenly, the sound of gold and metal clanking rang out. God's aura slowly spread out, growing stronger and stronger. With True Heaven Palace as the center, the god's aura flooded out in all directions, suppressing the divine arts practitioners of all the influential families. They found it hard even to breathe.

The clanking of metal became louder and louder. Finally, a golden sculpture walked out of the palace gate with its eyes closed. Its body was tall, sturdy, and over thirty yards tall. The runes on its body blinked with light.

The god statue opened its eyes, and divine light shone in the sky before sweeping toward the ground. The statues were like true living gods!

Moments later, another god statue walked out, followed by the third, fourth, fifth…

Seven God Statues walked out of True Heaven Palace and stood in front of the gate. The divine light from their eyes lit up the whole place.

They were god statues that had been awakened by the technique to awaken spirits. They had experienced who knew how many years of baptism to become abnormally strong, like gods.

Rattling sounds came from True Heaven Palace, and tens of thousands of divine arts practitioners from Yu Family walked out one after another. True Heaven Palace Master appeared under the palace gate and looked down at the warriors that were ready to attack her place, and scorned appeared on her face.

Everyone's blood ran cold. Over ten thousand people had died or suffered injuries just to wipe out the mountain giants that served as guards. Yet they were merely the outer strength of True Heaven Palace. The core had been preserved and was even more terrifying!

The seven god statues were probably enough to wipe out all of the influential families!

With tens of thousands of strong practitioners of Yu Family in addition, what awaited the rebels was a complete and utter defeat!

Qin Mu looked around and saw despair written on the faces of even He Yiyi, Fang Caidie, and Luo Yinyu.

He went to Fu Yunxi's side and asked her, "Sister Yunxi, you can control meteorological phenomenon so can you control lightning?"

Fu Yunxi nodded and said with some sadness, "My Fu Family is skilled in controlling the meteorological phenomenon, and lightning is also part of it. However, after this battle, the technique of meteorological phenomenon in West Earth is probably going to be lost…"

Qin Mu smiled. "How much lightning can you guys control?"

Fu Yunxi was slightly stunned by his words and took a look at him.

Qin Mu took out the true dragon's nest and said solemnly, "Fatty Dragon, come over!"

The dragon qilin immediately ran over, and Qin Mu landed on his back. He took out Five Thunder Pot and placed it on the dragon qilin's head.

He felt a chill down his bones and immediately laughed. "Cult Master, Human Emperor, Old Master Qin! Why are you doing this? This little beast's constitution is weak and bones frail. How can I withstand being blown to death by ten thousand lightning bolts?"

"With the experts of Fu Family, you won't be hurt at all. Get up and fly forward, "Qin Mu said in consolation.

While shivering uncontrollably, the dragon qilin stepped on the fire clouds to fly up.

Qin Mu said solemnly, "Sister Yunxi, have all of the disciples of Fu Family follow me!"

True Heaven Palace Master smiled when she saw the dragon qilin carrying Qin Mu over. He grinned back at her, then suddenly threw his sword pellet up. It split open, and eight thousand swords stabbed Five Thunder Cauldron in unison!

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