Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 466 - Old Schemer

The moment eight thousand flying swords stabbed Five Thunder Pot, the world became incomparably silent, without any sound to be heard. Even the flying swords made no sound.

Then, the space above Five Thunder Pot exploded as a trace of lightning shot out.

The black lightning stretched upward and exploded, pouring toward the sky.

Standing in front of the palace gate, True Heaven Palace Master saw the black lightning which looked like a flood dragon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. It then split up, and the incomparably bright lightning seemed like a bunch of flood dragons scuttling upward.

In an instant, there were more than ten thousand bolts that were rushing up into the sky. Yet the next instant, they once again split up into a hundred million flood dragons.

An incomparably bright cloud formed in front of True Heaven Palace and Five Thunder Pot floated into the sky, releasing lightning bolts that continuously scuttled upward into the thundercloud.

Meanwhile, behind the thundercloud, Fu Yunxi had tens of thousands of women of Fu Family to execute their divine arts, prodding the thundercloud to rush at True Heaven Palace.

The Palace Master's expression changed drastically, and she grabbed for the Black Tortoise Bead that one of the elders of Yu Family was using.

Before her fingers could wrap around it, however, the terrifying thundercloud had already reached True Heaven Palace. Wherever it passed, the visions formed by White Tiger Bead, Vermillion Bird Bead, and Black Tortoise Bead were all disintegrated. The sea vaporized, the fire was extinguished, and the golden mountain crumbled.


The first lightning struck and went straight for True Heaven Palace. An explosion rang out when it hit a god statue.

The first bolt of lightning was like a spark falling into a boiling pot of oil, instantly igniting everything inside. It was also like the first raindrop from a heavy rain cloud, and what followed was billions and billions of lightning bolts streaking across the sky and drowning out True Heaven Palace!

"Black Tortoise Divine Shield!" True Heaven Palace Master shouted out while struggling for her life to activate Black Tortoise Bead. A huge black tortoise's shield then expanded outward, covering the front of True Heaven Palace.


Countless bolts of lightning exploded upon striking the black tortoise's shield, and the surface of the divine shield continuously shrunk from being compressed. True Heaven Palace Matter coughed out blood as she struggled to defend her people.

Black Tortoise Divine Shield soon was no longer able to protect all of the disciples of True Heaven Palace. The sea of thunderstorm swept in, and countless women vanished in a puff of smoke!

Even the eight god statues whose auras were close to those of gods also couldn't endure the thunderstorm. When they rushed to fight it, their limbs actually melted, turning them into molten gold and copper!

When Xiong Qi'er looked at True Heaven Palace from afar, she saw it had been transformed into a sea of lightning. Countless bolts burst, making the place incomparably bright.

Earlier, the girl's Green Dragon Bead had to fight with the other three great spirit treasures, but once the thundercloud destroyed their power, the pressure on her was greatly reduced. She could finally take a breather.

"Qi'er, the green dragon's attribute is lightning." Xiong Xiyu suddenly appeared behind her and said gently, "Let's use this Green Dragon Bead to send our enemies on their way."

"Mother!" Xiong Qi'er was both surprised and delighted. Xiong Xiyu revealed a smile and covered her daughter's small hands with her own. They held the Green Dragon Bead together and said in a low voice, "Xiong Family's deaths need to be avenged with their enemies' deaths!"

Boundless green light poured out from Green Dragon Bead and transformed into a green dragon that rushed into the thundercloud. The power of the lightning instantly rose dramatically.

True Heaven Palace Master saw this, and her heart fell into despair. 'Yu Family is finished…'

Black Tortoise Divine Shield exploded into pieces, and the boundless thunderstorm drowned out her and the disciples of Yu Family behind her.

At that moment, a sword light pierced through the boundless thunderstorm. Ba Gou broke through it and went straight for Xiong Xiyu. His sword light seemed to be perfected, sweeping away everything before it. Even the thunderstorm was sliced apart!

His sword skills and sword path had reached perfection and even the thunderstorm couldn't hurt him.

The sword light was incomparably quick and looked as though it had come from outer space. Lightning turned into fine powder and even the brightest flash of it couldn't mask the light bursting from the sword!

Before it reached Xiong Xiyu and her daughter's face, however, a sword light suddenly appeared and blocked that sword with a clink.

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor?" Ba Gou smiled. "I've long known you were in West Earth, but you have a vulgar natural disposition, always hiding in the dark. However, you could never find a chance to attack me, right? In the end, it was still I who forced you out."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked over, stepping on the air like it was flat ground. He had no expression and wore green clothing. A sword was in his right hand while his left was behind his back, clutching sword secrets.

Ba Gou wore white, but he also had a hand behind his back clutching sword secrets.

The two figures moved up and down through the thunderstorm. Even though the sound of thunder was world-shaking, it still couldn't cover the clash of the swords. The clinks were like beads falling on a jade plate, ringing out continuously.

Under the Five Thunder Pot, Qin Mu was being pulled in by the intense lightning energy. Its force of attraction sucked him and the dragon qilin toward the bolts of lightning. Even the fat dragon qilin seemed to only weigh as much as paper, being drawn by the electric current. He flailed helplessly, but there was nothing on which he could grab.

Qin Mu also felt that he had become incomparably light, and his hair flew in all directions. Among his strands, lightning crisscrossed and shuttled randomly while crackling!

He even felt all the hair on his body filling with fine bolts of lightning as the terrifying power hit his body.

It felt as if he had been stabbed all over by White Immortal's needles; there was no place that wasn't in pain.

Qin Mu exhausted all of his energy to execute Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill, and the rays of lightning also filled his eyes.

He could barely see the dragon qilin, even if the beast's mane had risen up and even the scales were standing upright. Lightning rolled across them, bouncing back and forth.

Qin Mu took out the true dragon's nest. Its weight pressed him down, and he couldn't help grunting. However, he finally suppressed the pull of the lightning, and his body finally fell from the sky. On his way, he crashed into the dragon qilin and brought him down as well.

With both hands hugging the dragon's nest, he used its weight to escape from the lightning's pull. When he was a good distance away, he raised his head to look up at the sky.

Five Thunder Pot floated there, raising higher and higher. His eight thousand swords seemed to be frozen in time and floated around the Five Thunder Pot. Lightning passed through them as if they were lightning rods, attracting it on purpose.

The flying swords turned red hot from the terrifying energy, and Qin Mu worried if they could even withstand the impact of the divine lightning from Five Thunder Pot.

He broke free of the lightning pull when green light shone in the sky. He raised his head and saw the Green Dragon Bead detonating the thundercloud.

"Yu Family is finished…" he murmured.

The thunder was so loud that even he himself couldn't hear his words.

He then saw Ba Gou flying over and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor intercepting him. A green and a white figure fought each other in the thundercloud.

"Old schemer!" Qin Mu spat out and observed the battle of the two great experts. He saw that they did not use sword skill divine arts, but instead held the swords in their right hands while clutching sword secrets in their left behind their backs.

Their movements were extremely fast and hard to discern, The sword secrets behind their backs were changing continuously as though they were calculating something.

Qin Mu was quite surprised. The changes in both of their sword secrets were simply too fast for him to see them clearly. He could only struggle to memorize the changes of the hand signs as he faintly felt that their sword secrets were extremely important.

As for the fight between Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, it had already reached a degree of simplicity. There were completely no changes in their sword skills, and there were only a few basic sword forms. However, every attack would cause the space around the swords to vibrate. Their divine arts could be faintly seen to be hiding behind that vibration. The sword path hidden within was not something that Qin Mu could comprehend.

'As expected of the big sicko that appears once every five hundred years. His attainments in sword path have actually risen so fast!'

Qin Mu tried his best to remember a few sword secrets when the god statues braced against countless bolts of divine lightning and rushed into the thunderstorm. They exploded with terrifying god aura and worked together to disperse the thundercloud in one strike. Countless bolts of lightning instantly poured down and struck everywhere.

The eight god statues grew tattered, with not one of them remaining in a good condition, but they were still overflowing with battle power and tried to reach Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

The man seemed to be completely unaware of it and continued to fight with Ba Gou while Xiong Xiyu brought Xiong Qi'er closer. They raised the Green Dragon Bead from which green light was bursting forth. It lignified the bodies of the eight god statues and froze them in the air.

Suddenly, a lignified statue twisted its neck around, and a strange smile appeared on the god statue's face. It stretched its hand out, and the Green Dragon Bead in Xiong Qi'er's hands flew out against her will, rushing over toward the hand of the god statue. "Little girl, thank you!"

Xiong Qi'er was stunned and lost all control of the Green Dragon Bead while Xiong Xiyu felt a chill run down her spine. "Be careful! That's the god of True Heaven Pa—"

Before she could finish her sentence, multicolored lights emanated from Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's head. A flying bridge broke through the air, and it seemed to be able to reach inconceivable places. The boundless divine light seemed to be coming from the end of time and space as it filled the nine heavens. At the end of the bridge was a cluster of celestial palaces that could be seen faintly, but which weren't clear.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's primordial spirit rushed out from that hazy celestial palace and stepped onto the divine bridge. His sword flew over, seemingly disregarding space. The sword light passed through time, and the instant that god statue took hold of the Green Dragon Bead, the primordial spirit penetrated its brow. The blade pierced to the back of its head.

Blood dripped down the 'god statue's' forehead, and there were blood and brain matter flowing out from the back of the head as well. The damage didn't seem like it had been done to a god statue, but a living form!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's expressionless face finally broke into a smile as his primordial spirit soared back into the air. With a hand behind his back and a hand holding a sword, he circled around Ba Gou. "You were never my target."

Chi, chi, chi!

He attacked with his primordial spirit from two sides, and the sword lights flashed as they severed Ba Gou's limbs. He then raised his sword to cut off Ba Gou's head.

"Divine bridge!" Qin Mu cried out in alarm, and his nervousness finally settled down.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was no doubt the saint that appears once every five hundred years. Only half a year had passed since Qin Mu and the rest had established the space algebra model of the divine bridge, and he had actually managed to cultivate the divine bridge!

'Old schemer, you finished patching your divine bridge and entered the celestial palace so you are already a god, yet you still hide in the corner and scheme against people…'

Qin Mu cursed him silently while shouts of countless women rang out behind him. Under the leadership of the heads of all clans, the divine arts practitioners of all the influential families attacked True Heaven Palace.

Mu Yingxue passed by Qin Mu's side and said in a low voice, "Little man, while Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is still alive, never rebel. You can't outsmart him!"

He Yiyi also passed by his side and whispered, "If you rebel, you'll die a swift death! Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is too cunning!"

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he thought to himself, 'I've never even considered rebelling. However, Imperial Preceptor, this guy is really cunning…'

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