Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 467 - Celestial Palace

Qin Mu soared into the sky and saw that the vibrations of Five Thunder Pot were slowly stopping. Fu Yunxi with numerous women of Fu Family were guiding the lightning in their surroundings away.

"Cult Master Qin, your swords!" Fu Yunxi shouted out.

Qin Mu summoned his flying swords, and the eight thousand of them gathered together into a sword pellet that was the size of a tangerine.

"How did the sword pellet shrink so much?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He was about to grab his sword pellet when a few girls from Fu Family flew over with nervous expressions. "Cult Master Qin, don't move!"

Qin Mu stayed motionless while the girls muttered something under their breaths. Bolts of lightning flew out from his body, pulled out by the girls.

"There was still some lightning in your body. Because you haven't come into contact with anyone, it hasn't burst forth," one of the girls said. "If you had touched something, the power would have burst forth. The lightning in the big bottle gourd is divine lightning that has terrifying power. Now that we have taken away the lightning, you can move as you wish."

Qin Mu gave his thanks when he heard a rumbling. He looked toward the source of the sound and saw that the dragon qilin was trying to step on fire clouds to slow his landing. However, before he could do that, the power of lightning in his body suddenly burst forth.

The lightning escaped from the dragon qilin's body crackled and struck everything around him. The huge fatty was like a lightning ball, bouncing up and down. In an instant, the dragon qilin was charred.

The girls of Fu Family hurriedly rushed over while Qin Mu pretended not to see anything. He instead stretched his hand to grab the sword pellet. Its weight the same, but it was much smaller. It could fit in his palm and was much easier to control than before.

He couldn't hold back his delight. 'By borrowing Five Thunder Pot's power to refine my sword pellet to such a step, I'm not far from cultivating sword into water!'

"Cult Master, didn't you say that I wouldn't get harmed?" Smoke billowed out from the dragon qilin's mouth when he spoke.

Qin Mu pretended not to hear anything and put back Five Thunder Pot back into the true dragon's nest before rushing to True Heaven Palace.

"Cult Master!"

The dragon qilin wanted to rush after him, but more women of Fu Family surrounded him. "Stop moving around, you fatty. Your body is so big and you even held that huge bottle gourd, so you have the most lightning in your body. Be careful of being electrocuted to death if you run around more!"

The dragon qilin immediately went still and smiled. "Sisters, I'm not disfigured, am I? My dragon scales are the most beautiful and majestic, so they can't be destroyed!"

"This…" The girls looked at him, troubled.

The dragon qilin was suspicious and wanted to twist his head around to look at his body. However, because he was too fat and his neck was too thick, he couldn't achieve that.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was the first to land in front of True Heaven Palace's gate. There were charred bodies and huge pits made by the lightning strikes everywhere around it. They were still emitting black smoke, and there were some places that were still in flames.

True Heaven Palace Master was collapsed on the floor, from where she looked at the middle-aged man that was walking toward her. She pleaded in a soft voice, "I'm pregnant. Consider the baby in my stomach, please don't kill me…"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked to her side and said indifferently, "Whether you are pregnant or not has nothing to do with me. I have no grudge with you so I won't purposely harm you. I just want this True Heaven Palace, this West Earth."

True Heaven Palace Master was slightly stunned.

Xiong Xiyu brought Xiong Qi'er to the front of the palace, and the corners of True Heaven Palace Master's eyes twitched. "Nai Kui, I'm pregnant…"

"Many of the women in my Xiong Family were also pregnant when you executed them."

Intense hatred could be seen in Xiong Xiyu's eyes when she snatched the Black Tortoise Bead from the prone woman's hands before taking Xiong Qi'er's Green Dragon Bead too. She lowered her voice then and said, "Have you ever pitied them?"

The Green Dragon Bead shined on True Heaven Palace Master. She wanted to escape, but her body and primordial spirit swiftly lignified. In the blink of an eye, she turned into a wooden sculpture that seemed in the middle of a struggle.

Xiong Xiyu let out a shaky breath and brought Xiong Qi'er out of True Heaven Palace while saying coldly, "I won't kill you, but I won't let you off just because you're pregnant. Become a wooden sculpture in front of the palace gate and kneel here forever!"

The women of the influential families rushed into True Heaven Palace to kill the remaining members of Yu Family.

Qin Mu also came over and saw that the palace was extremely wide and had many alleys. There were many members of Yu Family hidden all throughout it.

Some of the strong practitioners of Yu Family used Vermillion Bird Bead and White Tiger Bead to continue fighting back. The power of those two beads was strangely powerful, because even though the cultivation of the people controlling those two spirit treasures wasn't very high, they could still unleash astonishing power.

Qin Mu slaughtered his way into the palace with everyone while thinking, 'Pangong Tso should still be in the palace, right? No matter what, I can't let him off this time!'

Suddenly, golden light shone when a woman raised a golden, translucent bead. Inside it was the soul of a white tiger. When golden light burst forth from the bead, people who got caught by it instantly broke into pieces!

Qin Mu executed his sword pellet in a hurry, and eight thousand swords surrounded him. The noise of battle could be heard in the distance, but he got blown backward by the golden light, along with his swords.

Qin Mu tumbled several times before coming to a stop. He then saw that he had flown dozens of yards.

"White Tiger Bead!"

He dodged into a huge hall when the golden light came pouring in like a flood through the one he'd been in moments ago. Qin Mu focused his gaze to look at it and saw that wherever the golden light passed, gold qi seemed to scatter. The women who had died under the golden light had been injured by the incomparably sharp gold qi!

Qin Mu hugged a huge pillar and exerted force from his waist, planning to lift it up and use it to squash the expert of Yu Family which was controlling the White Tiger Bead.

The pillar didn't budge at all.

Qin Mu gave a grunt and exerted more force; however, the pillar still didn't budge.

"Cult Master Qin, this is True Heaven Palace." Suddenly, Qin Mu heard Liu Zhenqing's voice. He was slightly stunned when he saw a bunch of black coffins escorting the golden god coffin inside. Liu Family's mother and daughter were sitting on their own coffins. The little girl put down her hawthorn candy with a smile and said, "True, Heaven Palace! A real celestial palace!"

Astonished, Qin Mu cried out, "Your meaning?"

"This celestial palace fell from the heavens; it's not a fake."

Liu Zhenqing jumped out of her coffin after stabbing the hawthorn candy into it. She climbed onto the golden coffin and peeled off one talisman after another. "Quickly move aside, the old thing is coming out! Keep the chain properly!"

While she spoke, the golden coffin suddenly opened up and a god's aura burst forth with a heart-gripping shout. A majestic figure rushed out toward the golden light.


A loud explosion came from the back of the palace, and a chewing sound could be heard.

Liu Zhenqing was extremely nervous and instructed the people of Liu Family, "Quickly pull the chains back. Faster, drag that old thing back! Don't be scared, the White Tiger Bead is in his mouth so he'll be suppressed by it! Faster! Faster!"

Chains rattled as the experts of Liu Family quickly pulled them back from their numerous black coffins. After a moment, a tall and sturdy corpse of a god was dragged back.

It was struggling with all its might, trying to break free. Liu Zhenqing and Liu Ruyin went forward and exerted all their strength to pull the god's corpse back into the coffin.

Liu Zhengqing climbed onto the head of the god's corpse and punched its nose furiously with her small fists while shouting, "Spit it out, quickly spit it out!"

The cheeks of the god's corpse were bulging, so it was obvious that something was hidden inside them.

The god's corpse looked at the daring little girl as though it wanted to eat her up. However, its four limbs were chained so it couldn't move.

The item in the corpse's mouth was the White Tiger Bead which had been swallowed along with the expert of True Heaven Palace that had held it. But once the White Tiger Bead had gone into its mouth, it realized how terrifying it was. The White Tiger Bead not only didn't go down its throat, but even almost assimilated the god's corpse.

Liu Zhenqing beat the nose of the god's corpse until it was all bloody. The god's corpse finally couldn't resist any longer and opened its mouth to spit out the White Tiger Bead along with a puff of corpse poison toward Liu Zhenqing.


The coffin closed, and Liu Zhenqing quickly pasted the sealing talismans back before picking up the White Tiger Bead from the floor. She beamed with joy before jumping back onto her own small coffin and pulling out the hawthorn candy for another lick. She smiled at Qin Mu and said, "Brother Qin, we are going back. Come find us at God Burial Valley to play with us when you're free!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly and waved at them.

"Let's go!"The coffin flipped over with a bang and covered the little girl inside. Liu Zhenqing's dull voice, however, still reached the outside, and it sounded full of pride. "No more fighting, return to God Burial Valley! Our Liu Family is not here to shatter the authority of True Heaven Palace. With the White Tiger Bead, our Liu Family's God Burial Valley can also become a sacred ground of West Earth!"

Numerous black coffins escorted the golden coffin in their withdrawal from True Heaven Palace.

'Little Sister Liu Zhenqing is extraordinary and might just be able to create a corpse sacred ground.' Qin Mu continued to head further into True Heaven Palace while thinking to himself, 'However, I shouldn't call her little sister since her age should be similar to that of her mother Liu Ruyin. They should both be four to five hundred years old."

In the depths of True Heaven Palace, there was a spirit treasure that had an astonishing power. Vermillion Bird Bead incinerated everything through which its true fire passed. Only the palace of True Heaven Palace itself was left untouched.

There were people from the influential families pouring forth towards the power of Vermillion Bird Bead. It was evident that they planned to take hold of it before Xiong Xiyu and her daughter could take it for themselves.

"So it's Cult Master Qin."

From another huge hall, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked out with a rare smile. He nodded to Qin Mu in acknowledgment.

Qin Mu walked forward and asked in doubt, "Imperial Preceptor, with your current abilities, stealing the three great spirit beads isn't difficult yet you disregard the treasures of True Heaven Palace. What exactly are you searching for?"

"The history." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked to another palace while saying leisurely, "The treasures of True Heaven Palace belong to West Earth and I won't fight over them. To me, even though the treasures are tempting, the history of True Heaven Palace is the true wealth. Cult Master Qin, there's no need to fight over those things and struggle for power. Follow me and let's witness the history of True Heaven Palace."

His intention was for the youth to come with him.

"Imperial Preceptor's setup is extraordinary. If I was greedy for the treasures of True Heaven Palace, wouldn't you despise me?" Qin Mu said.

He followed Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to the other palace.

True Heaven Palace's palaces were grand and majestic. Even though the war was still ongoing with all kinds of divine arts and spirit weapons flying in the sky, the ground level was perfectly fine.

"Dao Sect, Great Thunderclap Monastery, Little Jade Capital were all losers. But even they recorded their history, so how could the winner not immortalize their own victorious history?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked into a hall where numerous disciples of Yu Family hid. They immediately attacked, but Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor just waved his hand and their abundant strength seemed to have lost meaning. They crashed against the four walls of the palace, unable to move.

"I have already seen the history recorded by Dao Sect, Little Jade Capital, and Great Thunderclap Monastery. Now I would like to see the history written by the winner."

Imperial Preceptor waved his hand again, and the numerous women of Yu Family that were pressed against the walls couldn't stop themselves from moving to the sides so the murals behind them were revealed.

Qin Mu looked at the murals and saw a painting with a god descending from the sky on a cluster of palaces. The god looked somewhat similar to Ba Gou.

In the second painting, Ba Gou came to meet a female god which was on equal footing with him and functioned as his rival.

"She's none other than the founder of True Heaven Palace, True Heaven Old Mother." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor expression became one of deep thought. "Since she was able to stand on an equal footing with Ba Gou, she shouldn't have been killed by a single strike from me… It's a little strange."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned when he recalled the wooden god statue he had seen in the desert. Its face was similar to the appearance of True Heaven Old Mother.

He looked to the next painting, but Ba Gou's figure was no longer there. The third painting was of True Heaven Old Mother using Vermillion Bird Bead to transform the ground into a barren desert filled with fierce flames.

"The flaming desert!"

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes. The amount of magic power required to change an area of tens of thousands of miles into a flaming desert was simply terrifying!

"Cult Master, do you think someone with her abilities would be killed by me in one strike?" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor asked.

Qin Mu shivered. "She's still alive!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor nodded. "The True Heaven Old Mother I killed in one strike was most probably just a god's statue. Her path of nature creation has myriads of changes and she could even awaken mountains and rivers to become moving lifeforms, so creating a fake body couldn't be considered hard for her. Could she be somewhere around here?"

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