Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 471 - Flaw

True Heaven Old Mother's head began to ache when Qin Mu stuffed the Black Tortoise Bead to her again. If it was to search for someone, why was there even a need for such a treasure to be given to her?

It was clearly another test!

'Is this brat a fox? He has already tested me five-six times and he's still testing!"

True Heaven Old Mother returned the Black Tortoise Bead to Qin Mu with a warm gaze and smile. "If it's just searching for someone, there's no need for such a treasure. Does Cult Master Qin have a painting of Grandmaster?"

Qin Mu was like a blind man, disregarding her charming and flirtatious smile. He quickly drew a portrait of Pangong Tso and handed it to her.

True Heaven Old Mother was very patient. She executed spirit awakening spells to awaken white clouds, mountains, trees, and after asking all of them, she found Pangong Tso's whereabouts after a moment.

"The spells of True Heaven Palace aren't bad at all. If a constable got its hands on them, that person would definitely become a top-notch professional."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor pondered over it. "Maybe we could have disciples of True Heaven Palace enter Eternal Peace to be constables."

"Imperial Preceptor's view is extraordinary," True Heaven Old Mother said gently.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had no expression. "These are just rough ideas. They aren't worth mentioning."

On the way, True Heaven Old Mother took care of Qin Mu and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's meals and accommodation. She poured tea for the two of them, washed their clothes, and cooked. A smile was always on her face, making her look very wise, kind, and considerate.

However, Qin Mu and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor only took it as if it was natural, and Qin Mu even sent her to feed the dragon qilin, that big fatty.

True Heaven Old Mother never said a word of complaint, keeping her gentle and considerate persona. However, she was uncertain.

Qin Mu looked like a natural romantic with his mouth smeared with honey, calling every woman he saw sister. However, he was a block of wood. No matter how she seduced him, he was ignorant and foolish, not reacting at all.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was even more remarkable. He seemed to have no emotions at all. He only knew what he had to do and was completely unmoved by her charms.

As for the dragon qilin, he was the most surprising. He always stared at his food basin and seriously counted every spirit pill in it. Even one less wasn't acceptable.

When he wasn't eating, he would worry about his skin and hair not growing back or his scales filled with tiny black holes from the lightning not returning to normal. He would grumble he wasn't as handsome as before, then think of how to scam some more food from True Heaven Old Mother. He almost blew her head with his endless chattering.

'I'll definitely kill them!'

True Heaven Old Mother wanted to make a move, but when faced with Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, she had no chance.

He never showed any flaw. Even when night came, he also didn't sleep and just sat with open eyes.

After some time, True Heaven Old Mother realized something even more terrifying, which was that when Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was eating, he was executing sword skills when he was picking food with his chopsticks. In the act of stretching his hand forward and pulling it back, that pervert actually executed several hundred types of sword skills!

What was even more terrifying was that the action of taking a vegetable even involved the coordination of his muscles and tendons throughout his body, as well as the transformation of his vital qi. He was always at his best state, and it was so perfect that no flaw could be found!

In comparison, Qin Mu was full of flaws, so she could kill him however miserably she wanted. It would require no effort on her part.

However, if she didn't get rid of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor but went for Qin Mu first, the next one dead would be her.

True Heaven Old Mother didn't dare to make a move and only patiently waited for a chance.

'I don't believe he can always be this perfect; he will definitely reveal a flaw! In this world, even gods can't be without a flaw!'

On the journey, Qin Mu repeatedly consulted Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor regarding sword skills, and True Heaven Old Mother listened attentively, hoping to find a flaw in his sword skills, but she soon discovered that she couldn't understand what they were talking about at all.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's attainments in the sword path improved at a godly speed, and Qin Mu's attainments in the sword skills were also extraordinary, so they were both specialists in that field. True Heaven Old Mother had extremely high attainments in the path of nature creation, but her comprehension of sword skills was far inferior.

The two frequently exchanged blows in midair. Qin Mu would attack Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor who would always have a hand behind his back. With a sword in one hand, he easily blocked all of Qin Mu's attacks.

They were extremely fierce and ever-changing, dazzling the eyes. In comparison, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's sword skills were extremely simple, and what he used were the most basic sword forms. Yet he could always break all the complicated sword skills.

Qin Mu got tired from the fighting so he stopped to rest. He buried himself in thinking about how to improve his sword skills. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor didn't say anything, letting him think silently.

True Heaven Old Mother couldn't help becoming curious. "Imperial Preceptor's sword skills are godly, so why aren't you giving him advice?"

"I can't." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor shook his head. "He has already reached the extremes of sword skills, so for any new comprehensions he will have to rely on himself."

True Heaven Old Mother jumped in shock. Even Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor couldn't give advice to Qin Mu anymore?

"Why didn't Imperial Preceptor seal his divine treasures to fight on the same realm as him?" The eyes of True Heaven Old Mother asked then.

"I don't dare," Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said honestly. "His cultivation is too strong. On the same realm, I could only rely on the power of my sword path to fight him to the death. The density of his magic power could kill me in one move."

True Heaven Old Mother looked at Qin Mu and thought to herself, 'To reach such heights at such a young age, this boy can't be left alive! Otherwise, who will be able to keep him in place?"

Just as she thought that, she heard a world-shattering sound come from Qin Mu's body, dispersing the white clouds in the surroundings. True Heaven Old Mother's heart trembled violently, and her expression turned to one of disbelief.

It was the sound of a divine treasure's wall breaking, but the intensity was like when breaking through Celestial Being Divine Treasure!

Bang, bang, bang.

Light burst forth from Qin Mu's body and transformed into seven stars that circled around him. It consisted of qi of pure yang that was like a blazing sun, qi of pure yin that was like a clear and bright moon. There was a huge Mars, Saturn emanating with earthy yellow color, Venus flashing with white rays, Mercury overflowing with water vapor, and Jupiter giving off the qi of green dragon. All of them were surrounded by electricity.

Each of the Sevens Great Stars had a god standing above them. They were of all kinds of strange shapes: one had a cow's head and human body, another had three legs and a bird's head, while the third had a tiger's head and a leopard's tail. The Seven Great Star Sovereigns had all kinds of strange shapes.

Qin Mu's body trembled violently, and a primordial spirit that was fifteen yards tall appeared behind him. His hands were raised without holding anything, but the seven stars floated above them.

True Heaven Old Mother cried out in astonishment. "Such a strong primordial spirit! He's on Celestial Being Realm so why did the vision of Seven Stars appear?"

"Did you hear how terrifying the sounds of his breakthrough were?" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor let out a shaky breath while his eyes turned bleak. "I always thought I was a straight line and didn't have any shortcomings. Only now do I know that I am not. He is that straight line while I'm a triangle. Overlord Body, could it really be that strong?"

True Heaven Old Mother was bewildered. She was astonished by the alarming vision of Seven Stars Breakthrough, since the noise it produced shouldn't have been so shocking.

However, what shocked her most was the Overlord Body.

She had never heard of such a constitution!

"Imperial Preceptor, what is the so-called Overlord Body?" True Heaven Old Mother asked sincerely to be enlightened.

"Overlord Body comes from an ancient legend." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's spirit was aroused. "This was told to me by a senior so let me tell you in detail. Legend says that there can only be one Overlord Body in the world…"

They chased after Pangong Tso for some five days which Qin Mu used to stabilize his Seven Stars Realm. His cultivation became denser and denser. At the same time, when he opened Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, and Seven Stars Divine Treasure, the power of his cultivation was almost at the level of the dragon qilin.

The fatty was nervous and felt greatly threatened. 'Crap! If Cult Master's cultivation catches up to mine, I will be useless! Where will I be able to find another high-quality meal master like Cult Master Qin?'

True Heaven Old Mother let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "We aren't far from Grandmaster now."

Qin Mu looked up and around them. He was surprised to find the flaming desert in front of them. "Pangong Tso must have run out of West Earth already. He's indeed Grandmaster, and no one can match his ability to escape. If not for Sister Siyu, he would have escaped again."

The flames before them blazed high. The moment they got close to them, all kinds of strange markings appeared on Qin Mu's body, crawling all over him.

The corners of True Heaven Old Mother's eyes twitched, and she asked in concern, "Cult Master Qin, these markings on your body…"

"I guess it's a kind of curse." Qin Mu paid no heed to it. "The last time I came here, these markings appeared all over my body. They went all the way to the bottom of my heart and no matter what, I couldn't get rid of them. Only when I walked out of the flaming desert did they automatically vanish."

"Even on the bottom of the feet?"

True Heaven Old Mother's mind trembled violently, and she almost cried out in excitement. 'Royalty! He's royalty!"

She had killed countless nobles from the abandoned people of Great Ruins, but royals were only those with the bloodline of Founding Emperor. She had never killed a person like that before!

'He is not a noble of Great Ruins; he is royalty!'

True Heaven Old Mother was delighted, and all her sense of humiliation from the past few days vanished without a trace. She had traveled far and wide looking for one, but it had come to her himself! The higher-ups were most worried about the royals. If she could get rid of him, she'd be able to achieve meteoric success and leave the shithole that was this world to enjoy life in the upper bound!

Her gaze flickered. 'Even though this brat is easy to deal with, he's the most important one! His life far surpasses the life of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor in terms of worth! But before taking care of him, I need to get rid of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor! It's difficult to deal with him normally, but after entering the desert, I will have a way to do it! Grandmaster, I will have to trouble you.'

She cast a spell to gather the sand, awakening sand giants to ask them about Pangong Tso's location.

The dragon qilin increased his speed as he ran into the distance.

By next morning, the dragon qilin reached a well-preserved ruin in the desert. There was a huge Sun Ship as well as a sun that was half buried next to it.

True Heaven Old Mother smiled. "With this Sun Ship, Pangong Tso will find it hard to escape even if he wanted."

Qin Mu's spirit rose, and he smiled. "Imperial Preceptor, Sister Siyu, stay here to watch the grounds. Don't let him run away again. I shall find Pangong Tso that brat!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked at him. "You don't need my help?"

"No need!" Qin Mu's speed increased, and he soon landed in a collapsed hall in the ruins. He laughed loudly. "Pangong Tso, a friend from afar came to see you so why aren't you coming out?"

"Qin brat, you really can't stop haunting me!" A figure soared into the sky from the sand. With a thump, it landed on the other end of the hall. It was a youth, and it was none other than Pangong Tso. He was full of mettle and laughed loudly. "You have come right on time. My cultivation has increased greatly these days, and I can finally achieve my long-cherished wish, to cut you into pieces and make you kneel before me!"

True Heaven Old Mother was staring at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's back all the while, and at that moment, she finally saw a flaw in him!

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