Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 472 - Overwhelmed

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked at the ruin, seemingly worried about Qin Mu's safety. His concern messed him up, and this made him finally reveal a flaw.

The flaw that True Heaven Old Mother had been looking for was right in front of her eyes!


A weird screech came from True Heaven Old Mother's mouth. It was sharp, drawn out, and ear-piercing. Magic power burst out from her body, and all her muscles swelled up. In an instant, her skin burst apart.

Her muscles expanded outwards furiously, and it showed up that Tian Siyu's corporeal body was not her original form at all. Once she released all of her magic power, her god's aura surged out and tore apart the body she had been inhabiting.

At the same time, the flaming desert seemed to come alive, and sand flowed in from around several hundred miles. The sand under Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's feet formed into a swirling huge mouth that threatened to suck him in!

The huge mouth was like an abyss with a terrifying suction force. Sand formed a line, then a sword which stabbed Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor who was being sucked into the ground.

True Heaven Old Mother kept on screeching as her corporeal body swelled up to be three hundred yards tall, as though she was an indomitable giant overflowing with god's aura.

She had prepared for her sneak attack for a long time, and her actions were overflowing with aggressiveness. She looked a complete opposite of the warm and virtuous Tian Siyu that took care of the group during the journey.

Aggressiveness was usually an adjective used to describe men, but in West Earth, women were in charge of the household, so it was more suitable to describe them.

True Heaven Old Mother raised her hand, and the desert around her churned and rose, forming two incomparably thick walls which slammed toward Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor!


Just as True Heaven Old Mother said that word, a sword light pierced the back of her head and left through the heart of her brows.

True Heaven Old Mother was stunned, and the churning desert suddenly went still. The incomparably thick sand walls that were at least several hundred yards thick crumbled, turning back into flowing sand which was as astonishing as a flood.

Under Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's feet, the swirling mouth also stopped turning and returned to being calm sand. The sand swords around him fell from the sky.

"Where is this brat from? This is the sacred wine for the high gods, so how can you touch it?" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor turned his head back and looked at the awe-inspiring True Heaven Old Mother. His voice was gentle when he spoke. "In the mural, the goddess that was kicked by Qin Mu had said this sentence which had a total of twenty words.

"Along the journey, Cult Master Qin had talked a lot with you, and you said each of those twenty words at least once. He's very clever. He knew if he asked you to say that sentence, you would definitely change your tone and style. However, if he broke up those twenty words and put them in numerous sentences, you wouldn't be on guard."

"So you guys hadn't believed me from the very beginning?" True Heaven Old Mother croaked.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked at her with a strange gaze as he shook his head. "Cult Master Qin was reckless to have stuffed Black Tortoise Bead into your hands. I was also shocked. If you had attacked then and executed the power of Black Tortoise Bead, I might not have been able to do anything to you. He had overestimated my abilities and I had no choice but to act natural. You thought that the two of us were testing you, but it was merely that bastard acting on his own. My heart was also palpitating then. You lost many chances."

"That bastard again…" True Heaven Old Mother sighed, and the sword wound in the heart of her brows suddenly erupted with blood. She smiled and said, "However, if you think you can deal with me with just this, you are too simple-minded…"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's face changed slightly. It wasn't blood that was flowing out of the heart of True Heaven Old Mother's brows but sand.

True Heaven Old Mother smiled, and the wound became larger and larger as more and more sand flowed out. She chuckled. "Don't you know, Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique was created by me. This desert is also created by me. Trying to kill me in the place I've created? Dream on!"

Her body collapsed, and her voice suddenly came from all directions. "I had fought over a dozen Sun Ships and Moon Ships here, killing many Sun and Moon Guardian. Do you think my reputation is undeserved?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor rushed into the sky and sprinted straight for the Sun Ship that lay prone on the desert. With his hand on the sword, his sword light was like Perfect Night. When one saw the shadow, they couldn't see the light. When one saw the light, they couldn't see the form!

With shadow, there was no light. With light, there was no form!

Before he could even reach the Sun Ship, it seemed to come alive, raising its legs to stand up. Chains rattled, and the huge black sun actually jolted upward. The sand that had covered it flew into the sky.

The black sun rolled in the sky and created world-shaking rumbles as it compressed the space around it. Bolts of lightning struck everywhere in the desert!

Sun Ship rushed at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. As the huge thing sprinted through the desolate desert, it gave off an unbelievable and ridiculous feeling.

"This was the masterpiece of the Ministry of Heavenly Works during Founding Emperor Era! They created a weapon equal in power to heavenly gods through the power of man, allowing mortals to gain to stand on part with gods!"

In the center of Sun Ship, between the four pillars, a woman that was like a heavenly god slowly rose. Her four arms were outstretched toward the pillars. She laughed in delight. "Yet they were only making weapons for me! They were completely wiped out, all dying under my hands!"


Flying snakes formed from sand rose from the desert. With their incomparably thick bodies, they tunneled here and there in the desert. They rushed at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor!

"Can you feel it? Can you feel my magic power rising?" True Heaven Old Mother ordered Sun Ship to sprint forward frantically and smashed the black sun against Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor while laughing. "Let me show you what's true despair! Eyaaaaa—"

Piercing screeches reverberated in the desert. What accompanied them was a huge moving ship that swung the black sun and incomparably thick snakes that surrounded an incomparably small human.

The sight was astounding.

True Heaven Old Mother was extremely unreasonable, and her body was huge, much larger than Sun Ship. In comparison, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was insignificant. True Heaven Old Mother had chosen to use Sun Ship to overwhelm him, and every strike of hers was beyond imagination. Her attacks were everchanging, and the sea of sand boiled. The entire desert was her body, her weapon!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor continuously moved back, breaking the attacks of True Heaven Old Mother repeatedly. As he retreated, however, the distance between him and Sun Ship was becoming smaller.

True Heaven Old Mother became nervous. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked to be at a disadvantage and Sun Ship which was closing in on him looked to have the advantage, but it wasn't really the case. She didn't have the upper hand and sensed great danger before her.

If she and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor got closer and closer, what awaited her when they got a certain distance from each other would be that middle-aged man's fiercest attack. Closing in on him would definitely result in her demise!

But it was impossible for her to stop halfway. Only by borrowing the energy of Sun Ship could she possess enough magic power to subdue him, but there was a huge disadvantage to it, which was that she needed to stand between the four pillars and hold onto them.

It limited her own body's movements. If Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor closed in on her, she could only offer her head.

But if she didn't borrow the magic power of the ship and the four spirit beads, her battle power would be inferior to that of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

This meant that she had to stay a distance away from Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and kill him before he could get close!

The shorter the distance, the closer she got to her demise.

True Heaven Old Mother's magic power became even more violent, and her attacks became even more concentrated. She closed in step by step while Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was continuously forced backward, but not far enough. Every hair's breadth closer was a hair closer to death.

True Heaven Old Mother's screeches became louder and louder while sweat poured down her back in rivulets.

Sun Ship and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor left the ruin, leaving Qin Mu and Pangong Tso standing on the opposite ends of a worn down hall.

True Heaven Old Mother rose in revolt and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor killing her in one sword had raised quite a commotion. This had scared Pangong Tso, nearly making him choose to run away once more.

How powerful was Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor?

The battle at True Heaven Palace had made Pangong Tso completely forget about his plans to fight with the heroes of the current times. Now he just wanted to cultivate the divine bridge and kill the other by paying respect to him.

However, when he saw True Heaven Old Mother escape when Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor stabbed only a sand giant, he let out a sigh of relief and forgot his thoughts of escape.

When he saw True Heaven Old Mother take hold of Sun Ship and suppress Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, he was delighted.

Pangong Tso smiled and said leisurely. "Cult Master Qin's calculations are truly brilliant. You've Imperial Preceptor and True Heaven Old Mother to find me. I know what you were thinking, it's no less than killing two birds with one stone. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor will land a sneak attack and assassinate True Heaven Old Mother while you will take the chance while I was shocked to assassinate me. Truly a superb plan, but man's plans lose to those of gods. You didn't expect True Heaven Old Mother's abilities to be simply too strong. This was your first mistake."

With his hands behind his back, he said leisurely, "Your second mistake was thinking too low of me. You treat me as a normal divine arts practitioner, and that's your biggest mistake. I've experienced over ten reincarnations, and the speed of my cultivation is beyond your imagination. The speed at which I improve is also beyond your imagination!"

His aura burst forth, and violent vital qi distorted the air in the surroundings, forming tornadoes in the worn down hall. They raised countless bricks and even swept up the thick pillars. The sight was astonishing!

"What abilities do you have to face me?" Pangong Tso asked in a shout. The power of his cultivation had improved tremendously compared to what it was when they had met at the desert. He could be said to have improved at godly speed!

Pangong Tso walked over in a stride, and apparitions of gods appeared behind his body, forming layers of paradise. His body was golden like that of a buddha when he executed Rulai's Mahayana Sutra and reached Sarasvati Heaven!

Pangong Tso lifted his hand and raised wind and thunder. The latter boomed as the palm crashed toward Qin Mu like a deluge of heavenly flowers!

Qin Mu raised his hand.


Half of the hall collapsed, and Pangong Tso went down with the collapsed part of the hall, sprawling onto the ground.

Qin Mu stomped on the ground. The rest of the hall collapsed, and a huge pit formed beneath him. Pangong Tso had fallen deep into the sand.

Qin Mu tilted his head and asked, "Grandmaster, what did you say?"

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