Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 475 - Sinister Designs

Pangong Tso muttered to himself irresolutely. Qin Mu's suggestion was indeed sincere, but also very scheming. If Pangong Tso went against the oath, it would be equivalent to making his soul worship shaman spell useless.

If he executed it, he would die immediately.

When that art turned useless, his abilities would no longer be that terrifying. His divine art would also become extinct and no one would be able to use it again.

Pangong Tso's threat level and existence would be enormously lowered.

In fact, the reason why Qin Mu could be a match for Pangong Tso and was able to beat him up miserably was because the soul worship shaman spell didn't work on him.

If he was faced with anyone else, even if they were a realm or two higher than him, they would still die under his art. There was no other end result!

Only Qin Mu whose name was fake could withstand Pangong Tso's strongest attack, forcing the other to fight him normally.

"Alright!" Pangong said without hesitation. "Let's make an oath to Shaman God Kui!"

He immediately executed soul worship shaman spell, and an altar appeared behind him. On it was Shaman God Kui's apparition.

The two immediately made an oath to Shaman God Kui, and each analyzed the other's oath to see if there were any flaws. They instantly discovered that they were very clever and there weren't many flaws left, and the few that remained were traps!

'This old/little fox!' the two of them cursed silently in their hearts.

Pangong Tso let out a shaky breath and said, "I hid Shaman God Kui's corporeal body in Yang Mountain in the southernmost side of Great Ruins. His primordial spirit is suppressed at the northernmost side of Yin Mountain. If you go to those two places, you'll find him." He raised his head to look at Qin Mu outside the mirror. "Cult Master Qin, you should fulfill your promise."

"You should have laid down some seal, right? Why don't you talk about it?"

Pangong Tso smiled at him in a way that wasn't really cheerful. "Cult Master, the oath between us did not mention this. What's more, even if I say, would you believe me?"

Qin Mu yawned, still full of smiles. "I don't dare to believe. But me saying that I won't kill you does not mean that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor won't kill you."

Pangong Tso laughed loudly and suddenly transformed into a black shadow that tunneled out from the mirror and returned to his natural form. He smiled and said, "Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is in battle with True Heaven Old Mother, and the two of them are currently at the most important stage. Their abilities are on par with each other and victory is hard to determine."

He walked two rounds around Qin Mu, then suddenly attacked him while chuckling. "Cult Master Qin, the oath between us was that you let me go and don't kill me, but the oath didn't say I can't take this chance to attack you!"

Qin Mu's expression suddenly changed, and he quickly moved back. Pangong Tso attacked frantically while laughing loudly. His moves and forms were all executed to his heart's content, and the humiliation he'd felt before vanished.

Qin Mu found it difficult to defend. The difference between them wasn't big, so if Pangong Tso continued attacking and he continued to defend, Pangong Tso would gain the upper hand and the advantage would keep increasing!

In the end, Qin Mu would probably die under his hand!

"Grandmaster." Qin Mu suddenly pulled out his sword and retaliated with a smile. "My oath said not to kill you, but it doesn't mean that I can't sever an arm or a few legs! Don't worry, little brother, I am proficient in the art of healing, so even if I cut off your head, I can ensure you will survive. At most I will connect your head to the body of a pig!"

Pangong Tso almost got his arm sliced off and immediately fell back, anger rushing to his heart. "You bastard!"

"You bastard!" Qin Mu was also furious. "Didn't you also hide your plans, waiting to scheme against me?"

Pangong Tso dodged here and there in a hurry, then patted his taotie sack, and a sword case flew out. Flying swords soared into the sky and transformed into the sixth writing of Dao Sword.

Seven Unusual Looking Golden Lotuses, Fondness of the Generous Qing Dynasty!

This was the Seven Stars Realm's sword skill of Dao Sect's Dao Sword. The swords flew into seven stars, and they transformed into lotuses which harbored the five elements and accepted the sun and the moon. This art had strangely great power.

Qin Mu shouted and used the sixth writing of Dao Sword. The two sword skills collided, and Pangong Tso flew backward. He suddenly tunneled into the ground, and Qin Mu rushed forward while shouting loudly, "Fatty Dragon, I will injure him and you kill him!" After saying that, he tunneled into the ground as well.

Far away, the dragon qilin had always been watching without coming close. When he heard Qin Mu's order, he rushed over in a panic.

Just as he came to where Qin Mu and Pangong Tso had vanished, the desert exploded ten miles away as two figures rushed into the sky. Just as the dragon qilin hurried over, the two of them flashed with teleportation runes and vanished.

When the both of them reappeared, they were over ten miles away once more. Sword lights clanked as they collided.

"These two fellows who are both proficient in escaping for their lives so how can I catch up to them?" the dragon qilin grumbled.

When he was about to chase after them again, Qin Mu and Pangong Tso's figures vanished once more. Swords filled the sky with sparks, causing blood lights to scatter.

"Cult Master, stop running forward!" The dragon qilin looked forward, and his expression changed tremendously. He shouted out, "It's the battlefield of Imperial Preceptor and True Heaven Old Mother!

Qin Mu chased after Pangong Tso who only thought to escape for his life. With gritted teeth, he rushed into the sandstorm.

Qin Mu also came where the wind blew violently, sweeping sand to form a terrifying sandstorm. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed in the sandstorm while sand, like countless small spirit weapons, almost broke his skin. It was very painful.

"True Dragon Overlord Body!" Qin Mu shouted out.

He showed the result of merging Nine Dragon Monarch Technique and Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His vital qi was like a dragon which coiled around his body. His blood vessels flowed at great speed ceaselessly. His muscles were exploding like lightning and thunder when they moved.

Sand in the wind hit his body and bounced against it. He didn't feel much pain anymore.

Two rays of light shot out from his eyes, and before the sand could come into eyes, it was vaporized by the divine light.

Qin Mu looked around, but his gaze couldn't see far. However, Pangong Tso was not far away. Qin Mu immediately went forth to attack him. Below Pangong Tso's feet was a huge shield with tortoise markings. They glowed, and a magnificent tortoiseshell pattern appeared around his body, protecting him with layer after layer of defense.

The number of treasures he possessed was unimaginable.

When Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor invaded the golden palace, Pangong Tso had to have taken most of the spirit treasures he had gathered over the ten thousand years. The tortoiseshell pattern shield was obviously an extremely strong unusual treasure.

The two men found it hard to stabilize themselves in such a fierce sandstorm, and their bodies were swept around by the terrifying wind. Even their spirit weapons couldn't fly too far away or they would be swept away.

Lightning struck in the desert and landed around the two of them. Suddenly, a terrifying pulse came sweeping over, and the two trembled violently before being flicked upward. That was the fluctuation of the space that was sometimes high and sometimes low. Their bodies were also sometimes pulled out and sometimes squeeze in, changing from eighteen feet to only five feet in height. It was unbearable.


A huge black sun rolled past by them, still surging with heat, igniting the sand and wind in the surroundings. The flames turned into fire tornado that was extremely quick and violent.

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso couldn't stabilize their bodies and got swept into it. The incomparably thick fire tornado swirled rapidly and rushed them into the sky.

Ding, ding, ding.

The swords clashed over a hundred times until a horizontal slash suddenly sliced apart the fire tornado. Qin Mu and Pangong Tso's bodies spun rapidly, but before they could stabilize themselves, a sand snake that was three hundred yards thick gave off a deafening roar before pouncing at them with its mouth wide open.

Qin Mu sprinted frantically while Pangong Tso was tumbling through the air on the other side. He barely avoided the incomparably thick sand snake and heard the rumblings from when the sand snake tunneled into the ground, causing the two of them to puke blood from the vibration.

True Heaven Old Mother and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's battle was simply too fierce. They couldn't endure even the aftershock raised by the two gods and could die at any time in the sandstorm.

Pangong Tso rushed out of the sandstorm after avoiding the sand snake. However, at that moment, deafening footstep rang out. Qin Mu and Pangong Tso fell in a daze.

A huge land was moving in the desert. Wherever it passed, space would warp and create ripples from the vibrations.

Space couldn't normally be seen but once it was crushed by Sun Ship, one could actually see its ripples!

"Run—" Pangong Tso screamed but his voice was drowned out in the sandstorm.

Qin Mu tried to sprint away, but even when he executed Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs, he couldn't run fast. The wind was simply too strong.

Incomparably strong god's aura rushed over, and the two of them puked blood from the impact. Even Qin Mu's True Dragon Overlord Body and Pangong Tso's tortoise shield couldn't withstand it.

One has to know that both their cultivations were definitely at the peak of Seven Stars Realm. They were only one step away from Celestial Being Realm, but the god's aura from the sandstorm was too strong.

Bang, bang.

Qin Mu stuck to a leg of Sun Ship and couldn't move away. His face creased numerous times from the wind, and the ripple in space suddenly stretched his body to be over twenty feet long. Qin Mu felt his brain becoming fine and sharp. Even his sight became strange.

Beside him was Pangong Tso who was also pulled into a long noodle as he held onto the leg of Sun Ship with all his might.

After that wave, the power of the wind decreased, and their bodies bounced back. Qin Mu raised the sword with both his hands to swirl rapidly, slashing along the legs of Sun Ship toward his opponent.

Pangong Tso stepped on the tortoiseshell and raised his sword to defend. He then grunted, and a deep cut was opened in his leg.


Ripples came from Sun Ship again and this ripple was bursting outwards, bouncing the two of them out and squeezing the two of them into a round ball.

At that moment, Qin Mu saw a sword light slicing apart the sandstorm. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked onto Sun Ship among the terrifying ripples, and his sword light split the head of True Heaven Old Mother who was between the four pillars. However, True Heaven Old Mother revealed a cruel smile at that moment, and the huge black sun came toward the back of Imperial Preceptor.

The black sun crushed nearly everything on Sun Ship and rolled off its end, flipping Sun Ship over to tumble a couple times before stopping.

Qin Mu was lifted off by the terrifying storm, which was still surging frantically, sweeping up and swallowing more of the flaming desert. Even the dragon qilin was swept up as he struggled helplessly. Soon though, he and Qin Mu resigned themselves to fate and let the storm blow them away.

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