Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 481 - Twenty Heavens of Buddha Realm

Xing An was carrying his chest as usual. He was still a youth in white, just like the Xing An that Qin Mu had met in the fruit forest. Yet the two of them looked completely different, like two people who had no connection with one another.

Qin Mu's heart shook. The only person in the world that he might fear, besides Eternal Peace, was Xing An.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was a saint and had his own principles when doing things. People who blocked his path would be gotten rid of, but as long as one didn't get in his way, he would remain their good friend.

Xing An was different.

His only goal was to collect. It was the collecting of the corporeal body parts of strong practitioners that had reached god realm in a certain area that urged him on!

His hobby was to take things he wanted from other people, but he wouldn't kill them. Instead, he would rear them in hopes for a second harvest.

He was unimaginably strong.

Heavenly Saint Cult was still not Heavenly Saint Cult of old, but all the strongest experts in the world were gathered there. It could be said that half of Eternal Peace Empire's strong practitioners had gathered at that time, along with over a dozen flood dragons that were of Divine Bridge Realm. Yet all of them had suffered a miserable defeat under that man's hand. In the end, they had to rely on the supplement Qin Mu refined to achieve victory.

Even so, Li Tianxing, the previous cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult, had still died in battle, leaving Granny Si alone.

After that battle, the people who were severely injured had to lie in beds for over ten days.

Xing An's battle power was something Qin Mu had never seen before.

On top of that, Xing An was brimming with innate talent and had comprehended all kinds of paths, skills, and divine arts to extremely high realms. His creation technique was taught to him by Pangong Tso and even Qin Mu didn't reach his height!

This kind of existence was too terrifying.

Qin Mu turned back to look at the golden peak and saw buddha rays rushing into the sky. The demon monks on the mountains nearby were in all kinds of poses. They all sat or crouched and some even stood on one leg, their wings spread. Most were in different poses and with different expressions. They were currently executing buddhist skills together with Little Rulai to enlighten Shaman God Kui.

In the sky above the golden peak, buddha rays condensed into physical substance, and like a golden flood, it gathered to form a golden lotus platform. On it, twenty heavens appeared with buddhas and gods of all sizes. They were all awe-inspiring and reserved. Dharma was widespread, the activity was astonishing, and the buddha voice vibrated endlessly!

'Such glorious and imposing Dharma is completely useless in front of Xing An,' Qin Mu thought to himself.

Since Little Thunderclap Monastery's experts were all suppressing and enlightening Shaman God Kui, they didn't have time to care about Xing An. And even if they did, they wouldn't be his match.

'Even though Little Thunderclap Monastery has a few great demons of cult master level, when faced with a terrifying character like Xing An, they could only delay for time. Based on Little Rulai's character, he might not even help me.' Qin Mu composed himself. 'The only one I can rely on now is myself. Poison, Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique, I wonder if they could deal with him…'

He was not too confident.

Xu Shenghua and the devil ape also noticed what was happening and hurriedly flew over.

"Who's the one carrying the chest?" Xu Shenghua was astonished and asked in a low voice, "How strong! Is he a god?"

Qin Mu's expression became solemn. "He's much harder to deal with than a god. Every part of his body is on the god realm, and that includes his blood, his primordial spirit, and his vital qi. Besides, I have yet to find his source…"

Xu Shenghua jumped in shock. "True God?"

"No, but close." Qin Mu gritted his teeth.

Xing An walked up the mountain at a leisurely pace while carrying the chest. Pangong Tso had clamped the blood vessels in his legs and was sprinting frantically up on his hands to catch up with him.

As for the two buck legs, he didn't go and pick them up.

"Old Brother Xing An, now you know I wasn't lying to you, right?" Pangong Tso smiled and said, "I sensed its presence here, so the bald donkeys must have kidnapped my master's primordial spirit. Look at those buddha rays, those lawless fellows must be trying to purify my master."

Xing An shook his head. "They aren't trying to purify him, but to enlighten him. Little Rulai is a divine arts practitioners with a decent cultivation, on par with Daoist Ling Jing. When I chased after that guy for his divine blood, he said that Little Rulai had already cultivated vital qi that's equivalent to that of a god. I feel Little Rulai is worthy to be added to my collection as well; however, hidden symptoms had already shown up on my body by then so I didn't lay my hands on him."

Pangong Tso supported himself with his hands after him. Even though Xing An's footsteps looked slow, his speed was very fast. This tired Pangong Tso out.

He smiled apologetically. "After you receive my master's primordial spirit and kill Great Divine Physician Qin to take your revenge, will you fulfill your promise?"

"Don't worry, I will definitely give you what I promised," Xing An said indifferently. He had a strange gaze as he thought to himself, 'After he attaches the two legs, I'll chop them off again. This way, I won't be breaking my promise.'

Buddha rays shone even brighter on the golden peak, and the lotus seemed to be lifted up by an immense strength. The buddha rays under the lotus throne flowed over in all direction like a flood, giving off deafening sounds of waves crashing against coastal cliffs!

"Bald donkey, a strong practitioner has come to the bottom of the mountain. I'm not going to play around with you guys anymore!"

Shaman God Kui's voice was world-shaking, and his rolling devil qi rose into the air. The pitch black qi dispersed the buddha rays, and the lotus covering the golden peak shook from the impact. Above it, the twenty heavens were also shaking, and the apparitions of gods and buddhas in the heavens were flickering as though they could vanish anytime.

"Stabilize the formation!" Little Rulai's ordered from below the lotus. The demon monks of Little Thunderclap Monastery chanted loudly with resounding buddha voice. Buddha rays surged out from the surroundings, becoming even more intense.

Buddha rays condensed into hoops and flowed toward the golden lotus. These trails of buddha rays were like the roots of the lotus, fluttering over from the golden peak and the other mountain peaks.

Shaman God Kui yelled angrily in a cryptic devil voice. It was extremely awkward-sounding yet had exotic prosody. This stunned Qin Mu. 'This isn't the devil language I learned before; its syllables are similar to the Youdu language! Is Shaman God Kui really from Youdu?'

He didn't know much about Youdu language. He had only learned one sentence before, taught by Dutian Devil King. As for whether or not it was Youdu language that was coming from Shaman God Kui's mouth, he wasn't clear.

The devil voice from Shaman God Kui's mouth became even more resounding and sinister. Suddenly, a door appeared beside the lotus throne. Traces of black light leaked out and fought against the twenty heavens.


Piercing sounds rang out and a gap actually opened up. Then, buddha voice came bombarding over and shut the door.


Shaman God Kui's body suddenly expanded and rose up from the golden alms bowl. He lifted up the lotus throne and shouted angrily, "If not for my disciple scheming against me and separating my corporeal body and primordial spirit, how would I have been suppressed by you bald donkeys!"

The two sides were stuck in a deadlock. Little Rulai then shouted out, and a sarira flew out from the heart of his brows. It rushed into the apparition of the twenty heavens.

They were only apparitions, but the sarira seemed to fly for a very long distance inside.

In the apparition of the heavens, a buddha suddenly grabbed that sarira and held it in his hand. He then let go of it, and the sarira floated in the air. Under its shine, the lotus throne and the twenty heavens seemed to condense into physical substance.

The buddha voice from those twenty heavens instantly became resounding and made Shaman God Kui kneel down.

Xing An's eyes became bright and his breath became hurried. He praised, "Grandmaster, your master is indeed remarkable. The quality of his primordial spirit is extremely high; I want it! The monks are not bad as well. Looks like Little Rulai's vital qi is as that Daoist Ling Jing said and has reached god realm. His Dharma is so dense that he's about to open the twenty heavens."

Pangong Tso's heart trembled slightly, and he cried out, "Senior Brother Xing An, what you mean is that Little Rulai is almost able to open up the buddha realm?"

"I had once barged into Great Thunderclap Monastery to hold Old Rulai captive while I snatched Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda which had numerous Rulai corporeal bodies that had reached god realm."

Xing An walked to the golden peak, disregarding Qin Mu, Xu Shenghua, and the devil ape. He raised his head to look at the lotus throne and Shaman God Kui and said leisurely, "However, even though Old Rulai was not my match, with the resonation of Dharma which activated those corporeal bodies of the past rulais, he forced open the twenty heavens of Buddha Realm.

"Tsk tsk, it was truly strong and I barely managed to leave. Great Thunderclap Monastery and Dao Sect both are extraordinary and have a dense foundation, so it's hard to barge in them. Even though Little Rulai's cultivation is high, he doesn't have Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda. With just a mountain full of demon monks, he can't open the twenty heavens of Buddha Realm. However, he sent his sarira to Buddha Realm to guide the power of true buddha over, which is not easy."

Qin Mu greeted Xing An and said in astonishment, "Great Thunderclap Monastery still has such methods?"

Xing An slowly stroked and severed the trails of buddha light under the lotus. The lotus instantly withered, and the twenty heavens also gradually faded and vanished.

Little Rulai and the rest of the monks jumped in shock and turned to look at Xing An. Little Rulai got up and signaled for the monks to not move recklessly while he walked over.

Xing An was unconcerned and turned his head over to greet Qin Mu. "That's right, Great Divine Physician Qin."

Even though he had a deep grudge with Qin Mu, he was still very polite and didn't forget his etiquette. Qin Mu was full of admiration for him.

Pangong Tso also came to the golden peak. With his hands propping his body up, he smiled. "Old Brother Qin, I trust you have been well since we last met?"

"Thanks to your blessing, I'm very well," Qin Mu said. "Grandmaster, your master, Shaman God Kui, is right here and most of the soul bugs in his body have been refined. When enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hate. Aren't you afraid of your master worshiping you to death?"

Pangong Tso stood on the ground with his two broken legs and returned the greeting with a smile. "How would it make sense for a master to worship the disciple? Right, master?"

The sound of teeth grinding came from Shaman God Kui's mouth.

Little Rulai walked over and Xing An greeted him. "Xing An pays his respects to Rulai Yuan Ding."

Little Rulai's face changed slightly, and he returned the greeting. "Is Senior Brother Xing An here to take my life?"

"I'm not. I'm here to take Divine Physician Qin's life, Shaman God Kui's primordial spirit, and Rulai Yuan Ding's vital qi cultivation. I rarely kill. Besides this little brat who needs to die, everyone else can live as long as they don't retaliate," Xing An said with delight.

Qin Mu kept quiet in anger.

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