Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 482 - Battle on the Golden Peak

Above the surrounding mountains, demon clouds surged and rose from the temples. The eminent demon monks all rode on their clouds toward the golden peak, overflowing with murderous intent.

Xing An's aura was strong enough for nearly all the monks in Little Thunderclap Monastery to learn about his arrival, so they hurried over.

Xing An stood on the golden peak of Little Thunderclap Monastery as though he had come into an unmanned territory. He disregarded the numerous demon monks rushing over and smiled. "Why is everyone coming to die? The only one on this mountain that needs to die is only Great Divine Physician Qin. Let us settle our grudge first."

Pangong Tso was delighted and took two steps forward with his hands. He raised his head and said ruthlessly, "Divine Physician Qin, Senior Brother Xing An is calling you, so why aren't you coming up to die?"

Jing Yan looked at Xu Shenghua and in with a low voice, "Young Master…"

Xu Shenghua frowned. He had no good ideas in such a situation. Little Rulai couldn't sacrifice all the experts of Little Thunderclap Monastery, so he definitely wouldn't help. His own cultivation was also much inferior to that of Xing An, so he was completely helpless as well.

Qin Mu raised his hand and stopped the devil ape who was about to rush forward. He took a step forward and probed, "Senior Brother Xing An, if I free you of your hidden symptoms, could I escape death?"

Pangong Tso seemed to have heard the most ridiculous thing and burst out laughing. "Little Qin brat, you are daydrea—"

"Alright." Xing An was delighted and said, "If you can free me of my hidden symptoms, it's not a big deal to let you off."

Pangong Tso was flabbergasted. He turned his head around and stuttered, "Senior Brother Xing An is joking, right?"

Xu Shenghua was also flabbergasted. It took him a moment to come back to his senses.

"I don't really have to kill him. To me, it's natural for a prey to fight back. The previous time, his partners had fought back and injured me, forcing me to have no choice but to retreat. As a matter of fact, I extremely admire them. However, if Divine Physician Qin doesn't want to die, h will have to return all the body parts to me," Xing An said leisurely.

"Alright! But some parts I have already returned to their owners." After he said that, he took out the true dragon's nest and took out all the body parts that he still possessed.

"That's nothing. Since you returned them, I'll just have to take them back."

Xing An walked forward and checked all of them one by one. When he checked up to the leg that Qin Mu had poisoned, he hesitated for a moment. When he raised his head to look at Qin Mu, his gaze flickered. "This leg seems to be different compared to before. Divine Physician Qin, I'm also skilled in the art of healing, and this leg had definitely been touched."

Qin Mu went forward to check it and scratched his head. "I had attached this leg to someone before. Look, I made an incision here."

Xing An narrowed his eyes and examined his expression, but he simply couldn't see any flaw. However, he was still fearful if Qin Mu's expertise.

"Grandmaster, I still owe you a leg, so connect this one back first." He threw the poisoned leg to Pangong Tso whose face turned yellow. "Qin brat, you poisoned the leg, right? Tell me honestly! Senior Brother Xing An, can I not accept this leg? I'll definitely die if I attach it! Let's not talk about the incision. I don't want anything he even came close to!"

Xing An took the leg back and said indifferently, "I gave it to you, but you didn't want it. Now I only owe one leg."

Pangong Tso grunted, conflicted. He then said, "Give it to me still. Let me check if there's poison first…"

Xing An threw the leg to him and opened his chest where he put away the rest of the body parts. His then looked at Qin Mu before going to Xu Shenghua and finally the devil ape. He was full of praises at the sight. "Everyone here is a talent, so if I came to reap harvest once you guys achieved success, wouldn't that be fun? Grandmaster, you need to cultivate hard as well. Don't let the younger generation ride over you."

Pangong Tso's chest was blazing with fury, but he had nowhere to vent. He gave a dull grunt and kept quiet.

Xing An looked at the golden alms bowl which had already been taken out of Qin Mu's painting by Little Rulai and the other monks. It was hanging in the air with Shaman God Kui standing on a tiny devil cloud, his arms crossed. The lower half of his body was a dark cloud that was suppressed in the alms bowl.

Shaman God Kui looked at Xing An and sneered.

"Shaman God Kui, Grandmaster once used your primordial spirit to worship me," Xing An said with a smile. "I shall give you another chance now, worship me again. Let me see if you can kill me by worshiping."

"Your true name is already revealed, so it's easy to worship you to death. However, I'm not in a hurry. I still want to see how you jump up and down and show all of your ugly sides. Everyone on this mountain will find it hard to escape death so why should I be impatient?"

Xing An smiled lightly and looked at Little Rulai. "The main dish should be eaten last. Shaman God Kui is the main dish while Rulai Yuan Ding is the appetizer. Rulai, are you going to fight back?"

Little Rulai put his palms together and said, "Senior Brother Xing An had said my name in religion in front of Shaman God Kui so I'm destined to head to heaven. Even if I don't die under the hands of Senior Brother Xing An, I will still have to die under the worship of Shaman God Kui. To a monk, the four elements are vanity so it's not a big deal if you take away my cultivation. It's just that if I die, Little Thunderclap Monastery will probably be wiped out. I don't bear to see my demon race getting wiped out, so Senior Brother Xing An, please."

His aura suddenly became incomparably vigorous and his body trembled. The buddha rays behind him formed rings with the twenty heavens in them.

At that moment, the aura of Little Rulai was like that of a mountain covered with buddha treasures that were incomparably heavy. Behind him, a primordial spirit leaped out. It had a huge head and small body. Lumps covered its head with round glaring eyes whose gaze was incomparably bright. There was also a goat's horn that was curving upwards on its forehead!

The primordial spirit had goat's hooves yet its head looked like that of a qilin. It was solemn and dignified, with an extraordinary presence.

Upon meeting its gaze, everyone's hearts filled with guilt and they didn't dare to look at it directly.

The long horn was straight and incomparably sharp. When Pangong Tso saw it, his face changed tremendously and fear was born in his heart. He immediately avoided the primordial spirit's gaze.

He had sinned too much and felt like he could be struck by that horn at any time.

"So eminent monk is a xiezhi who has achieved his path." Xing An was delighted at seeing his prey and praised it. "No wonder your cultivation is so strong! You are even considered a sacred beast! Even though I have a large collection, I don't possess such a sacred demon like you."

Little Rulai shouted out, and his vital qi exploded. Lightning gathered in the sky and burst among the surging demon clouds, forming a divine bridge that shone with rays of light that lit up the mountain range.

His xiezhi primordial spirit leaped up and came to the end of the divine bridge to stand among the demon clouds. Lightning bathed its body, so it looked to be half buddha and half xiezhi as though it was a xiezhi god. The primordial spirit became larger and larger, its hand pressing down to cover half of Little Mount Meru.

Xing An's body didn't move as his own divine bridge stretched across the sky. His primordial spirit stepped on the divine bridge and rushed to the great buddha primordial spirit in midair.

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. Xing An's primordial spirit had changed again; it was completely different from one in the battle at Heavenly Saint Academy.

This time, his primordial spirit was a tortoise-backed Daoist that had a flying serpent coiled around him.


Ten thousand lightning bolts burst forth, and the primordial spirits clashed in midair. Snow bright lighting struck in all directions. Every strike created nets of lightning, clearly distinguishing the between two attributes.

Dark was the shadow of the mountains, trees, and various hall, while white was the light of the lightning.

Little Rulai moved, and Xing An also didn't stay still. The two divine bridges in the sky moved along with them, the primordial spirits also changing their location.

After a moment, a loud explosion rang out, and the xiezhi god fell from the divine bridge and crashed into the golden peak. Terrifying air currents burst forth in all directions and shook everyone.

Blood leaked out from the corner of Little Rulai's mouth, and he shook his robes to pull the winds into his sleeves to prevent them from injuring the demon monks on the mountain.

"I've lost. Senior Brother Xing An, just take my cultivation."

Little Rulai pulled his primordial spirit and divine bridge back. His face was pale white, and the demon monks in the temple hurriedly rose into the sky and rushed toward the golden peak with murderous intent.

Little Rulai sat down in the lotus position, and his corporeal body became large to restrain everyone. "Junior brothers, once my divine treasures are taken, it will be hard for me to escape death. After I die, go to Great Thunderclap Monastery. Rulai Ma of Great Thunderclap Monastery is my disciple's nephew. He has a wide breadth of mind and will take you guys in."

The demon monks felt grief and cried bitterly as they prostrated themselves on the ground.

Xing An pulled back his primordial spirit and divine bridge while saying leisurely, "Why is everyone griefing? I don't like to kill. I'm only taking Rulai Yuan Ding's cultivation and not his life, so there's no need for grief. On top of that, I'm also taking away Shaman God Kui's primordial spirit. Don't worry, your Rulai won't die. Rulai Yuan Ding, please open up your divine treasures."

Little Rulai was calm while his body trembled violently as loud rumbles burst forth. The divine treasures in his body opened one after another, and intense treasure light burst forth from his body, lighting up the entire mountain. He said solemnly, "Senior Brother Xing An, feel free to take it."

As Xing An walked up, the sky turned black as the darkness flooded in from the west. It swamped the towering mountains and precipitous ridges, drowning out Great Ruins.

Xing An looked at the darkness above Little Mount Meru and said, "Great Ruins is truly mysterious."

He walked forward with his hands gently pulled to the sides. Sword lights flew out from his palms and were about to slice Little Rulai's divine treasures when Shaman God Kui laughed loudly. "Yuan Ding, take my worship!"

The tiny devil cloud above the golden alms bowl suddenly transformed into a sacrificial altar. Shaman God Kui's primordial spirit then bowed his head in worship.

Little Rulai's face changed tremendously while Xing An sneered. "Trying to kill him in front of me? Dream on!"

The sword lights in his hand slashed down, and Little Rulai's body was instantly wrapped by trails of mysterious light. It formed layers of seals, and countless runes transformed to trap Little Rulai.

When Shaman God Kui bowed on the sacrificial altar, Little Rulai gave a dull grunt. Even with Xing An's seals, his primordial spirit was almost worshiped out of his body. His primordial spirit had split apart, and his soul nearly scattered.

Xing An's expression changed. He pushed a palm forward and smacked the sacrificial altar.

Shaman God Kui laughed loudly and rose to worship him. Xing An's primordial spirit trembled, and his soul instantly disintegrated. He collapsed to the ground without any breath left.

The golden alms bowl gave a loud crack and split into pieces. Shaman God Kui's primordial spirit jumped out while laughing loudly. "Mere mortals, just clay chickens and pottery dogs, unable to withstand a single blow. You thought I wanted to kill Yuan Ding to throw your face, but it was you I wanted to kill! Good disciple, come over!"

Pangong Tso hugged the leg he had been given and shivered.

At that moment, Xing An's chest moved, and his eyes opened up. He sat up straight with a smile. "Superb shaman spells!"

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