Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 483 - Black Heart

"That's not right, I had clearly worshiped your soul to death. How are you still alive?" Shaman God Kui looked at Xing An who was sitting up and asked suspiciously, "Could your name not be Xing An? That's not right, your soul had clearly disintegrated from my worship earlier. Since your soul disintegrated, you can't be alive! What method did you use to make your dispersed soul gather back together once more? Your divine arts sure is…"

He circled around Xing An while pondering over it. "I felt your soul crumbling just now and another one coming out from your chest to enter your corpse, reviving you. But I have doubts. If your soul died, even if another one was put into your body, you would no longer be you. How did you preserve your consciousness?"

Xing An stood up and looked at Shaman God Kui's primordial spirit with an abnormal gaze while starting to move as well.

Shaman God Kui was circling around him, and he was also circling around Shaman God Kui. Their circles were one big and one small as though they were two stars orbiting around each other.

Xu Shenghua looked at Qin Mu and recalled how he had been defeated once. Back then, Qin Mu had used his qi to guide him, his aura to suppress him, and the changes in his body motion when moving to exhaust him.

That time, Xu Shenghua had suffered a miserable defeat, and before they could even exchange moves once, Xu Shenghua coughed up blood and collapsed to the ground. Afterward, it was that same Qin Mu who treated him and made him owe a large amount of money, so he would have to choice but to forge to earn money.

Now, the method that Shaman God Kui and Xing An were using was similar to Qin Mu's method, but it was even more profound.

Xing An stared at Shaman God Kui full of praises. "Truly wonderful, Shaman God Kui, you are truly a wonderful piece of art! None of the primordial spirits I collected over these years are as strong as you. Shaman God Kui, you shall be the best piece in my collection!"

"Collect me?" The two of them had already walked into the air from the ground. Shaman God Kei sneered and said, "Do you think I'm a god statue made from mud? My magic power is incomparably vigorous and my battle power is unmatched. I'm a not a fake god from the fake celestial heavens, but a god from the true celestial heavens!

"I've wiped out the old dynasty of the fake celestial heavens and countless powerful beings. Wherever I passed by, corpses filled the ground, and the sea of blood has no end! You are merely a little thing that cultivated a strange technique and is going around acting ostentatiously and swindling people, just like a trickster walking the martial world.

"But I know your tricks. What had flown out from the chest earlier was only seven spirits, but no three souls. Your souls are still yours, but you have snatched other people's seven spirits."

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly. 'Xing An's source is his three souls? He had cultivated his three souls to god? In that case, his three souls might not be hidden in the chest.'

Xing An's expression changed slightly as well, and he praised, "Truly wonderful, Shaman God Kui. You are making me admire you more and more. When you worshiped me to death just now, the marvel of your ability was also seen through by me. The so-called soul worship shaman spell doesn't disintegrate the soul of the opponent, but separates the seven spirits.

"The people who are worshipped to death still have their souls, just that they are controlled by you through force. Otherwise, why would there be so many damned souls lingering around your body? Your shaman spell is merely a kind of abnormally strong soul divine art!"

Little Rulai's body trembled, and he said in a low voice, "I see."

Numerous demon monks guarded him while suppressing his souls and spirits which could disintegrate at any time. When they heard what Xing An said, they were instantly enlightened as though they had seen the light.

The paths, skills, and divine arts of Buddhism were different from normal ones. Buddha eyes could allow them to see the damned souls, and they had long seen countless souls plaguing Shaman God Kui. Because of that, they felt that enlightening Shaman God Kui would be a huge merit which could be used to open the twenty heavens of Buddha Realm so they would turn into buddhas.

Just by knowing the name, Shaman God Kui could worship the opponent and scatter their spirits. His shaman spell was incomparably powerful, but they hadn't managed to connect the souls lingering around him to his soul worship shaman spell.

Qin Mu's mind throbbed. Xing An was indeed remarkable!

Shaman God Kui had worshiped him twice. The first time, it was Pangong Tso who had executed soul worship shaman spell and didn't manage to worship him to death. The second time was the worship just now, which 'killed' Xing An straightaway.

After seeing Shaman God Kui's divine art just twice, he managed to see through its marvel!

This kind of aptitude and comprehension was simply remarkable!

'His aptitude and comprehension are no inferior to those of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor! A pity this person uses all his effort in searching for strong practitioners close to god level, gathering the corporeal body pieces of others. If he spent all his effort on cultivating… En, he would have died from old age; after all, the divine bridge is broken… Wait a minute!'

Qin Mu trembled, and a look of disbelief flashed through his eyes.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was an existence that had the strongest comprehension and aptitude he had seen. His boldness was unmatched, so he was famous throughout the world even before the reform. He was acclaimed as the saint that appears once every five hundred years by Old Rulai and Old Dao Master!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was currently in his prime, so there had to be someone with that title before him.

'It couldn't be…"

Qin Mu's expression was weird. Xing An's aptitude was so high that only Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor could be on par with him. Didn't that mean that the saint that appears once every five hundred years during Village Chief's era was Xing An?

'That's very possible! Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor also has the addiction of collecting other people's body parts!"

Qin Mu formed fists. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had collected Cripple's leg before!

In midair, Shaman God Kui suddenly began fighting with Xing An, and the sky above Mount Meru was torn apart by divine arts. Even though Shaman God Kui couldn't worship him to death, he was the primordial spirit of a god. He had incomparably powerful cultivation and divine arts. They were mainly soul divine arts with some other spell type.

The power of his spell divine arts was incomparably powerful to even tear apart the darkness, revealing the strange faces within it.

For spell divine arts to reach such a level even without a corporeal body, his battle power far surpassed that of Little Rulai.

Yet none of his divine arts could touch Xing An.

That man's speed was simply too fast. He was like flickering light and passing shadows, his speed equal to that of Cripple!

Facing such speed, even Shaman God Kui's divine arts couldn't catch up!

Cripple's speed was number one in the world. If he tried to escape with all he had, no one could catch up to him. He had only failed twice in his life. The first time was when he was discovered by Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor when stealing Emperor's Disk. His leg had been cut off even before he could erupt with his speed.

The second time was when he met Xing An.

Even though Cripple's speed was unbelievably fast, his cultivation wasn't as dense as that of Xing An. He was chased for days until he finally exhausted his cultivation, and his both legs were cut off.

With such a speed, it was literally impossible for Shaman God Kui to hit him!


In midair, Shaman God Kui received Xing An's first strike, and his body trembled. His spirit embryo was almost smacked out of his primordial spirit, and he couldn't help revealing a flustered expression.

A huge bang followed after as he suffered the second strike. Trails of true fire spewed out from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. The degree of separation between his spirit embryo and his soul became even larger.

Bang, bang, bang.

Concentrated strikes rang out in midair, and the spirit embryo in Shaman God Kui's primordial spirit swayed in all directions. Illusions were formed, and the faces were distorted and flustered.

Shaman God Kui actually had no power to retaliate.

'Imperial Preceptor, that sicko, might not even be a match for the current Xing An.' Qin Mu was astonished as he looked at Xing An's chest that was not far away.

Xing An had placed it on the ground, no longer carrying it with himself.

Beside the chest, Pangong Tso lay with his head shrunk back in while clutching the leg to his chest.

'He's a goner… My master is going to be finished. He isn't the match for Xing An, this sicko. I planned to fish up some benefits, but from the looks of it, I won't be able to gain anything at all…'

He took out his taotie sack and stuffed the leg inside. 'Xing An is so smart and cunning; he will definitely force me to attach this leg. If it was poisoned by Cult Master Qin, I'll definitely die. But even if the leg isn't poisoned, Xing An will definitely cut it off and not leave it for me. In that case, why don't I take the chance to slip away… However, darkness is outside so I can't leave…'

While thinking that, he suddenly saw Qin Mu holding a bead the size of a fist. He seemed to be chanting and executing some kind of spell.

However, Xing An was busy beating Shaman God Kui so he couldn't hear what the brat was saying.

"Black Tortoise Bead!"

Pangong Tso stared with his eyes wide open. He recognized the bead in Qin Mu's hand. It was Black Tortoise Bead, one of the four great spirit treasures of True Heaven Palace. However, even in his previous lifetimes when he was Grandmaster, he had only seen the bead and never had the chance to personally touch it.

'This scoundrel is truly a lucky bastard. He actually managed to steal Black Tortoise Bead from True Heaven Palace during the chaos!'

The gesture of Qin Mu's left hand changed unpredictably. Mirages flashed across the sky above and finally transformed into a sword technique which gently tapped on Black Tortoise Bead.

'A move of Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique!'

Pangong Tso's heart jumped slightly. Suddenly, the chest beside him shook, and he felt his hair stand on ends. The bottom of the chest shifted twice, and suddenly a leg popped out from beneath it!

Pangong Tso almost cried out when a few more legs grew from the bottom of the chest, and it shook itself. The chest then actually stood up.

Before Pangong Tso could return to his senses, Qin Mu jumped onto the chest which began running down the mountain. Midway there, the dragon qilin shrunk himself as much as he could. When the chest went past him, he leaped up onto it and sat down.

Pangong Tso was stunned. When he looked at Xu Shenghua, he saw him holding Jing Yan's hand while waving to Qin Mu who was on the chest. It was obvious that he also knew.

'Cunning! This guy even dared to steal Xing An's chest!'

Pangong Tso was going to call Xing An, but he suddenly changed his mind and quickly ran down the mountain on his hands.

The speed of that chest was extremely fast, but just as it was about to rush into the darkness, Pangong Tso leaped and grabbed onto its bottom edge. He was brought into the darkness by the sprinting chest as well.

The chest was filled with divine body parts, so the surrounding darkness was forced back, and the four legs ran quickly through the darkness.

"So it's Grandmaster."

Qin Mu turned back to look and saw Pangong Tso dangling under the chest. He grinned and pulled out his sword. Pangong Tso took out the poisoned leg to defend, and the two clanked from the strike.

"Cult Master Qin, hold it!" Pangong Tso immediately shouted out. "If you attack again, I'm going to scream! I'll see how you escape!"

Qin Mu put away his sword, full of smiles. "What is Grandmaster talking about? We are old friends now, so how could I harm you? Grandmaster, you're about to eat dirt under the chest, so why don't I pull you up."

He secretly gave dragon qilin a kick, and he understood what he meant. The dragon qilin then opened his mouth to gather true fire, preparing to blow Pangong Tso into the darkness after Qin Mu pulled him up. The darkness would then get rid of him for them.

Pangong Tso shrunk back and made himself comfortable under the chest. "I appreciate Cult Master's concern, I like eating dirt so I'm fine staying here. You don't have to pay attention to me."

At that moment, Xing An's furious voice rang out in the sky above Little Mount Meru. "Great Divine Physician Qin, I want to see if your heart is truly black!"

"Definitely black," Pangong Tso's grumbled softly under the chest.

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