Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 484 - Overlapping Worlds

Xing An's voice came from the top of Mount Meru in one instant, but from much lower in the next. He was going to chase after them.

He didn't care about all the other stuff like killing his enemies or not, but his own chest was a different matter.

The anger in his voice couldn't be suppressed as he laughed. "How dare you!"

Beneath the chest, Pangong Tso muttered under his breath, "The brat's guts are the biggest…"

"You actually dare to collude with the Qin to steal my chest! Grandmaster, how dare you!"

Xing An's voice sometimes came from the left and sometimes right. It was obvious that he couldn't find Qin Mu and the chest's location under the invasion of the dark, so he had to run here and there. Even so, with his speed, searching a radius of a thousand miles was no problem for him.

Finding Qin Mu and the big chest was only a matter of time.

"Do you think I won't kill you? You are too childish!" When Xing An started to speak, his voice came from a hundred miles west, but when he finished his sentence, his voice was coming from a hundred miles south.

Pangong Tso's face turned green and he ground his teeth. "How is it my fault? I didn't work with him to steal your chest. I just took the chance to run away!"

On the chest, Qin Mu was astonished. 'Xing An managed to get rid of Shaman God Kui so quickly? Such abilities are truly terrifying!'

Below the chest, Pangong Tso grunted and muttered to himself, "My master really has lived these years for naught… However, Xing An won't be able to refine his primordial spirit that easily to add to his collection. Cult Master Qin, I have a great idea. It can get rid of my master and Xing An at the same time!"

Qin Mu spoke from atop the chest. "I know what you mean. You plan to go to Yang Mountain in the south of Great Ruins to unseal Shaman God Kui's corporeal body. Xing An is yet to refine the primordial spirit, and I reckon he separated his spirit embryo and soul to suppress them separately.

"Shaman God Kui is a god after all, so when he regains his corporeal body, he just might be able to break free from Xing An's suppression. The complete Shaman God Kui will not be weaker than Xing An, but stronger. Is what I said right?"

Pangong Tso nodded repeatedly before realizing that Qin Mu couldn't see him.

"Cult Master Qin is truly my greatest enemy!" he praised. "Cult Master, with an enemy like you, I will have nightmares when I sleep."

"Cult Master, I think he's scolding you," the dragon qilin said.

"That's a generous praise. However, if Xing An might not be able to fight against a complete Shaman God Kui, the danger to everyone else would be immense, and that will be extremely terrifying. But if..."

He couldn't help worrying. If Xing An added Shaman God Kui's primordial spirit to his collection, that would be a great danger as well.

If Xing An could refine the primordial spirit of Shaman God Kui, wouldn't he be able to kill whoever he wanted? Of course, Xing An had his own principles. He wouldn't lay his hands on people that didn't catch his eyes, like people who didn't have an area in which they reached the realm of god!

With his hobby, all of the strong practitioners that reached god realm would probably be worshiped to death by him so he could peacefully cut off their divine limbs.

This would definitely be a catastrophe, and the impact on the paths, skills, and divine arts would be beyond measure.

"If these two guys could die together, that would be good…"

Qin Mu sighed and approved Pangong Tso's idea. He urged the chest to hurry to the south.

"You guys can't escape!"

Xing An's voice was sometimes far and sometimes close. The darkness of Great Ruins at night was so dark that even with his remarkable abilities he couldn't find any traces left behind by the group.

Not much later, Qin Mu saw the shadow of a heavenly moat in front of the chest. A crashing of water came from the darkness, and from the noise, he guessed that there was more than one waterfall.

They were before an extremely dangerous cliff.

"Eh, this is that broken cliff at the source of Surging River!"

Qin Mu had the chest come to the edge of the cliff so they could look down. From there, he saw bright light coming from the wall of the cliff. He didn't know what was glowing.

His heart stirred slightly. The last time he had come there, he had brought Xiong Xiyu and her daughter. At that time, he had seen the heavenly moat splitting the west and east of Great Ruins into two halves. The height of the cliff had reached thousands of yards.

It was a cliff formed by a terrifying earthquake which tore the whole of Great Ruins apart, forming a huge fracture that stretched from the north to the south.

The source of Surging River were the waterfalls of the broken cliff. The waterfalls gathered together to form the majestic river that flowed for tens of thousands of miles, reaching even Eternal Peace where it was the river with the fastest current.

On top of that, Qin Mu had also encountered a strange incident.

When he and Xiong Xiyu encountered fog on the river, they saw a desert and numerous gods forging the palaces of deities. They were the gods of High Emperor Era who had received an order from High Emperor to transform the desert into plains. After that, they saw the gods of High Emperor Era cutting a canal for Surging River.

However, what was most weird was that when they saw High Emperor Era being buried, the gods of another era walked over from the fog.

They were Founding Emperor and his ministers encountering the bizarre fog when they were surveying the area, sighing at the demise of an era.

Their experience had become strangeness that Qin Mu encountered.

The echoes of two histories overlapped at the source of Surging River and formed an inconceivable sight.

At that time, Qin Mu had deduced that there might be entrances to other worlds in that area and even saw the time and space of five worlds overlapping!

'I wonder, what strange things happen after night descends on Surging River?'

He was uneasy yet full of anticipation. He had Xing An's chest walk down the cliff, and Pangong Tso, who was under the chest, hurriedly grabbed on one of the chest's legs so that he wouldn't fall off.

In the meantime on the golden peak of Little Thunderclap Monastery's Little Mount Meru, Little Rulai was sitting in a lotus position while all the monks surrounded him with sorrow on their faces. The devil ape knelt with his eyes wide open. Suddenly, tears started rolling down his cheeks and crashed onto the ground.

"I rebelled and came out of Great Thunderclap Monastery because my master was unfair, choosing my senior brother to succeed as Rulai and not me. Since all lives are equal, why only humans can be Rulai and not demons? Since Dharma is equal, why can Rulai only be men and not women?"

Rays of light shone on Little Rulai's face as he smiled. "My cultivation was no inferior to that of my senior brother and I didn't really fancy the Dharma of the human race, so I was indignant. I wanted to build a sacred ground for the demon race, I fought my way out of Great Thunderclap Monastery to build Little Thunderclap Monastery. Great Thunderclap, Little Thunderclap—they are both thunderclaps.

"Even though they elaborated on Dharma differently, they are both Dharma. Shaman God Kui worshiped my soul to death, and I don't have Xing An's abilities so now my soul is about to scatter. Zhan Kong, fetch khakkhara over."

The devil ape knelt down with the khakkhara staff held up with both hands.

"My senior brother imparted Rulai's Mahayana Sutra to you because of khakkhara, and because of him, I've taken you in as my disciple. Great Thunderclap Monastery, Little Thunderclap monastery, because of you, they are going to be related once again."

Little Rulai raised his hand, and the khakkhara staff floated into the air. "You are the junior brother of Great Thunderclap Monastery's Rulai Ma. After I die, bring all the monks on the mountain to Great Thunderclap Monastery. Rulai Ma will take all of you in."

He took out a kasaya and a scripture. After placing the scripture on top of the kasaya, he gave them to the devil ape. The khakkhara staff then landed down and pressed on the scripture.

"Tell Rulai Ma this, Dharma says all lives are equal, so why are demon sculptures in the temples always the mounts of Buddha and Bodhisattvas? Isn't our demon race equal?"

Little Rulai's souls and spirits started to break apart and drift away. "Then ask him, if the demon race is equal, why is Dharma only written by humans? Can't demons write Dharma too?

"After that, ask him again, saving humans is an achievement and virtue, so shouldn't saving demons be an achievements and virtue too?"

"Ask him, if eating humans is taking the life of a living creature, is eating demon taking the life of a living creature too? Plants, trees, they can all become demons, so is eating them taking the life of a living creature as well?"

"If he can't answer those questions, hand him this scripture written by me, this demon rulai. He will then take all of you in."

Little Rulai put his palms together and said with a smile on his face, "After I pass away, bring this mortal flesh of mine to Great Thunderclap Monastery. Ask Rulai Ma if I can enter Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda as well." When he finished saying that, his soul scattered.

"Demon, master!"

The devil ape prostrated on the ground, and the monks all started reciting the Great Compassion Mantra in unison.

"Little Rulai founded Little Thunderclap Monastery with his own strength and made it into the only sacred ground in Great Ruins. It's also the only sacred ground of the demon race," Xu Shenghua said in a low voice. "There was no demon race in the Dharma yet he let the demon race have their own Dharma. How is his frame of mind not that of Rulai? Yan'zi, I would like to go take a look at the buddha of the humans and the buddha of the demons."

"I"ll follow you to Great Thunderclap Monastery. Since big fella will be bringing all these demon monks through Great Ruins, their journey will probably be full of danger. We can also look after them," Jing Yan said.

"There are numerous experts in Little Thunderclap Monastery, so it won't be too dangerous for them to cross Great Ruins. The one in danger is probably Cult Master Qin. He stole Xing An's chest and even brought Grandmaster with him. This Cult Master Qin…"

Veins started popping out on his forehead while Jing Yan only smiled. "You are very envious of him? Envious that he's living an interesting life?"

Xu Shenghua nodded. "However, I'm not like him. Even though I envy him, I don't wish to go through his kind of life. I hope he can make it through this."

A huge chest was giving off a faint glow while many little things were glowing on the side of the cliff too. Darkness shrouded everything, but at that place, there was actually still light, and this made Qin Mu click his tongue in wonder.

The chest stopped on its way down the cliff when it came to a spot with light. Qin Mu examined it in detail, and he couldn't help revealing the astonishment that appeared on his face.

The ball of light wasn't given by any creatures or treasure. What was shining from the crack in the cliff was actually sunlight!

Qin Mu leaned against the crack and tried to look inside. He saw green plains, a clear sky, and a blazing sun hanging in the sky.

Pangong Tso also took a look at another crack. He was also incredibly astonished.

When the dragon qilin saw the situation, he also tried to take a look as well. He then said in bewilderment, "There's another world hidden in the broken cliff?"

"It's not a world that's hidden, but this crack in the broken cliff that's connected to another world." Qin Mu tried different poses, but he couldn't see more. "I knew this place was bizarre since there are five worlds overlapping… Shh!"

Suddenly, two incomparably thick beams of lights swept down from the top of the cliff, humming as they swept passed them. They didn't notice them who were on the wall of the cliff.

'Xing An's eyes!'

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief when the two beams of light suddenly separated roughly a hundred miles away. The beams of light shone onto the cliff as they slowly searched bit by bit!

Qin Mu was stunned. "Xing An dug his eyes out and now they are flying in the sky in search of our location!"

His scalp started crawling, and he shivered when he thought about such a thing.

"Cult Master Qin, there's a big crack over here!" Pangong Tso said.

Qin Mu hurriedly moved the chest to where he had pointed, and they all went inside the large crack.

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