Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 487 - When We Enter History

"The twenty-six thousandth birthday of High Emperor?"

Qin Mu was stunned. The year in which he was born was twenty thousand years after the fall of Founding Emperor Era which had lasted for some ten to twenty thousand years itself. Didn't it then mean that they were thirty-forty thousand years back in time?

One teleportation from Pangong Tso had sent them that many years back?

Under the chest, Pangong Tso was also at a loss. An indescribably weird feeling took shape in his heart. He had merely executed his teleportation flags with the last of his magic power before it ran out, so how could he have teleported himself thirty-forty thousand years back?

It had to be a dream!

He was about to pinch himself when a sharp pain came from the place where his legs had been cut off, and he couldn't help crying out in pain.

Qin Mu pulled out the long sword that he had stabbed into his broken leg and muttered, "It's painful, so this isn't a dream. Could we be experiencing another echo of history? We are currently in another of those things?"

The girl in front of him had seen him stab the youth with the broken legs under the chest and was angered. "You, how could you bully a handicapped person? What's the point of having good looks if you're like that? Cruel guy!" Once she said that, she turned to leave.

"Good sister, wait a minute!" Qin Mu said in a hurry to stop her.

When the girl heard him, she couldn't bear to reject him. She stopped and turned around to see him coming close and raising his hand to cup her face.

The girl blushed and squirmed under his touch. "What are you doing? We just met for the first time so how can we be so intimate? And you are very weird. You have a weird chest and a huge pig, and you bully even a handicapped person. My father and my brother won't like you… My father is very powerful, and my brother is also very powerful, so they will beat you to death. Don't be like this…"

Qin Mu was dumbstruck. His mind was blown as though the lightning from heaven had struck his head. "It's real! You are a living person, one of flesh and blood! This isn't an echo of history! We have really returned to the past, back to High Emperor Era… Is time travel really possible?"

The girl was puzzled by his words and asked, "What are you saying? What's an echo of history? What past? What's time tra—"

Before she could voice all the questions she had, a young couple nestled against each other walked over. The young man of the pair cried out in astonishment, "Qu'er, this is?"

The young girl blushed and said in a low voice, "Brother, I think I have someone I like…"

Pangong Tso crawled out from under the chest, planning to bewitch the dragon qilin into licking the wound on his broken leg when he was struck by a thunderbolt from the girl's worst. He spat on the ground. 'Liking him just like this? So what if he's attractive? He's impressive-looking but useless…'

Qin Mu was in a daze. When the young man saw it, he couldn't help shaking his head. He whispered to the young girl called Qu'er, "This person doesn't look like he has any spirit. There are so many talented youths in the world so why should you like him?"

The girl beside him smiled and said, "Sister, don't listen to your brother, he always likes to introduce those so-called talents and doesn't care about who you like. That reminds me, how long have you known each other?"

The young girl lowered her head and said bashfully, "Only just…"

The woman covered her mouth with her sleeves, speechless.

"Just met and you already like him?"

The young man laughed from extreme anger and gave Qin Mu a dark look. "The daughter of our Bai Family should be a hero of the current times. Do you think you are worthy of my sister?" he shouted out.

His aura burst forth, and it was truly worldshaking. Bright rays of light shone behind him, and the primordial spirit of a human with a dragon's head and a dragon's tail gradually rose from them. It radiated a heart-gripping aura.

Pangong Tso opened his mouth wide and looked it in astonishment. "True Dragon Primordial Spirit! That's not right, shouldn't it be Green Dragon Primordial Spirit? He isn't of the four great spirit bodies, how could it be…" he cried out.

Qin Mu woke up and also looked at the youth's primordial spirit. His heart trembled as he thought, 'Of course, this world doesn't only have only the four great spirit bodies, there are also others.'

The youth stretched out his hand. which mixed with the dragon's claws and shook, to grab Qin Mu. Lightning was twisting around his hand. "Come, let me test your abilities!"

As his claws moved, the texture of his corporeal body transformed as all kinds of rune markings appearing on it. In a single strike, a hundred types of divine art transformations were actually hidden between the moving fingers. His attack belonged to the extremely top notch corporeal body divine arts!

Qin Mu retreated in a hurry and avoided the strike. The youth gently touched his five fingers together, and the space next to Qin Mu exploded with claps of thunder, blowing him high up into the sky.

The youth leaped up and sprinted straight at Qin Mu.

Pangong Tso raised his head to look upwards in astonishment. 'This person with the surname Bai is from the dragon race! Otherwise, he couldn't have cultivated the corporeal body divine arts of the dragons to such an exquisite level! He isn't old yet he has already cultivated to Celestial Being Realm. Were all the people of High Emperor Era so powerful?'

Pangong Tso was, after all, an old monster that had lived for ten thousand years. He had roamed overseas and met experts of the dragons. He knew how strong they were, and that for a person to cultivate to Celestial Being Realm at such a young age was truly rare.

The girl Qu'er panicked and said in a hurry, ."Brother, stop hurting him!"

Beside her, the woman stopped her and said with a smile. "Your brother is doing this for your own good, to see if this youth is worthy for you. Once your brother approves of him, your father won't stop you guys. Think, if your father was the one making the move, your little lover here would end up with countless broken bones."

Bai Qu'er came to that realization and smiled. "Sister-in-law is still the clever one. However…" She had a worried look. "Brother is so powerful. What if he hurts him…"

The woman smiled and said, "Don't worry. Your brother has strong cultivation and knows how to act appropriately. He'll use the same cultivation level as your little lover, so he won't hurt him."

In the air, Qin Mu sprinted here and there, but the young man's abilities were simply so strong that it was terrifying. With the trembling of his fingers and palm, the corporeal body divine art that burst forth was way stronger than spell divine arts. The range of his attacks was up to three hundred yards, and they were also extremely fast, quickly forcing him to open all his divine treasures.

Bang, bang, bang!

Three consecutive explosions rang out in his body, and the young man revealed a disappointed expression as he shook his head. "Six Direction Realm? Your cultivation is too weak. Fine, I'll fight with you on Six Direction Realm and see how's your aptitude and comprehension!"

He sealed his Celestial Being Divines Treasure and his Seven Stars Divine Treasure. The primordial spirit behind him instantly vanished, but even so, his battle power was astonishing. The transformations between his fingers and palm were unpredictable as he attacked Qin Mu.

Pangong Tso watched it unfold with astonishment. 'This young man of Bai Family has extremely great talent, and his corporeal body divine art is above mine. When fighting on the same realm, I wouldn't be able to win… However, isn't that rascal Qin on Seven Stars Realm?'

As he thought that, a world-shaking explosion rang out in midair, and the young man with the surname Bai was blown away by Qin Mu like a shooting star. A stream of light streaked across the sky above the majestic city.

The two girls below were stunned.

However, Pangong Tso looked as if he found it natural and thought resentfully, 'Qin brat that rascal is on Seven Stars Realm, and I'm also on Seven Stars Realm. If I took a punch from him head-on, even my bones would break, yet you genius faced it with Six Directions Realm? See how tragic you are now?'

The young man came back at an even faster speed and shouted angrily, "Six Directions Realm can't have such strong magic power and corporeal body! You are definitely on Seven Stars Realm, so I'll fight you on Seven Stars Realm!"


The young man was sent flying once more, and a god that was standing upright on a building stretched out his hand to catch him. With a smile, he said, "Young City Lord Qingfu was blown back again. Have you met your match?"

The young man Bai Qingfu laughed from anger as he flew away from the palm and rushed toward Qin Mu. "So what if your magic power is vigorous? See my divine arts!"

He sprinted all the way back, and his fist skill transformed unpredictably as he attacked Qin Mu with a sky full of dragon claws.

Gale and thunder came pouncing on Qin Mu's face, and his clothes fluttered. There was a sense of something fierce about to pounce on him. He immediately threw aside his distracting thoughts and executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His eyes lit up, and he couldn't help becoming excited. "How are the paths, skills, and divine arts of High Emperor Era compared to the later generations? Let see the result once and for all! Tempest of the Nine Dragons!"

The two of them clashed, and ripples instantly spread out. The dragon-shaped streams of air flowed in all directions at great speed.


Suddenly, dragon-shaped energy burst forth in all directions, and ten thousand dragons roared. The dragon energy scattered around in the air and fought one another.

The two stepped on the dragons and passed by the majestic gods in the city. Those gods watched while smiling at their fight, exclaiming endlessly in admiration.

In the city below, countless passersby stopped to raise their heads to see what was happening. There were also quite a number of people who flew into the sky to get a better look.

A god smiled and said, "The rest of you go down, don't disturb them. Let me light them up and let you guys see more clearly." Once he said that, his eyes shone, and two thick pillars of light shone onto Qin Mu and Bai Qingfu.

Suddenly, another god walked over. His features were might, and his eyes were those of a dragon, mighty and extraordinary.

"City Lord Bai," most of the gods greeted.

That god waved his hand and looked at Qin Mu. "This youth is very remarkable, though his methods are from Buddhism. However, how is his magic power that vigorous? His technique also has the aura of my dragon race. Weird, truly weird…" he said with astonishment.

Bai Qingfu fought for a long period of time, but couldn't gain any advantage. "Cross swords with spirit weapons!" he then shouted out.

Dragon-shaped vital qi flew out with a dragon bead swirling inside it. Countless sharp swords instantly flew out of the dragon bead and attacked Qin Mu like dragons!

The youth had held a portion of his magic power back as his intention was to see the paths, skills, and divine arts of High Emperor Era. Because of that, he hadn't used his full strength. However, Bai Qingfu's dragon swords were abnormally sharp, so he had no choice but to execute his full power.

'Even though his sword skills are exquisite, there are only fourteen basic sword skills. He hasn't jumped out of the marvel of the fourteen basic sword skills.'

Qin Mu took a glance and saw the real situation of Bai Qingfu. He smacked his taotie sack and his sword pellet flew out. He caught it, and eight thousand swords flowed out from the gap between his fingers like flowing sand!

In midair, sword skills clashed, and Bai Qingfu grunted. He suffered over a hundred sword wounds and fell from the sky.

Qin Mu straightened a finger, and countless flying swords flew back, gathering together in the air above his finger. They then transformed back into a spinning sword pellet.

"Superb sword skill!"

Cheers erupted from the surroundings, and Qin Mu looked around to see a hundred gods gathered around. Their majestic figures flickered against the contrast of the night sky.

Astonished, Qin Mu greeted his surroundings.

A loud laugh rang out as a middle-aged man took wide steps in the air as though he was walking on flat ground. He came right to Qin Mu who was forced to raise his head to look up at him.

"Truly a young talent!" The middle-aged man laughed loudly. "Whose disciple are you? Your abilities are truly impressive and you seem to be cultivating the abilities of my dragon race."

Qin Mu's thoughts ran through many options before he hurriedly said, "I'm Qin Mu and I came to this place by accident. I have received a dragon's nest with some writings of the dragon race, so I have cultivated techniques of the dragon race."

Bai Qingfu flew over and praised him sincerely. "Truly superb abilities. You could stand out as brilliant even in the celestial heavens. Old Brother Qin, this is my father, Bai Yuting, the city lord of this Hundred Prosperities City."

Qin Mu immediately greeted him.

Suddenly, the sound of battle drums came from the darkness outside. Bai Yuting's expression became grim, and he said solemnly. "It's from Fomalhaut! The extraterritorial devils are invading again. Leave four men to guard the four gates while the rest follow me to face the enemy!"

He led all the gods into the distance.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. 'Fomalhaut? Wasn't that god's skeleton that I awakened the high official of Fomalhaut?"

He looked in the direction where Bai Yuting and the rest had left and saw countless bright lanterns coming from the darkness, forming a silver line. It was Fomalhaut, a divine city in the sky.

"Ever since the sky turned dark, evil devils frequently invade, but there's no need to bother," Bai Qingfu said. "Old Brother Qin's sword skills are even superior to my fist skills; I wonder if you can teach me?"

Qin Mu smiled at him. "I have some dragon writings that I don't understand and would like Brother Bai to teach me as well."

When they landed on the ground, Pangong Tso's expression changed slightly when he heard what they were saying. He immediately shook his head at Qin Mu and transmitted his voice to him anxiously. "Be careful of changing history or we might not be able to get back!"

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