Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 488 - When We Become History

Qin Mu brought the chest after Bai Qingfu, Bai Qu'er, and the rest to the manor of Hundred Prosperities City. On the way, he kept thinking about Pangong Tso's words, and his heart was uneasy.

Even though Pangong Tso was his arch nemesis, he was an old monster that had lived for ten thousand years. His knowledge was vast, and his words made a certain sense.

The era that they were in now had ended at least thirty thousand years ago. High Emperor Era was already on the verge of collapse, so it was a hopeless situation. They had come to this place on Xing An's chest for some reason, but if they did something that changed the history, wouldn't the whole history be rewritten?

If history was rewritten, would Founding Emperor Era have existed, would Eternal Peace still be around?

The most crucial point was, would they still be around?

Any change to a single strand of hair could result in a world-turning change to the 'later generations'!

"Brother Qin, Brother Pan, don't worry. Fomalhaut surrounds and protects the heaven, so their abilities are extremely strong, and the abilities of celestial heavens are even more terrifying. With High Emperor personally overseeing the fight, there will be no problems."

Bai Qingfu invited them to take their seats, and the lanterns were lit up. Dragon beads hung in the sky and lighted the whole place as if it was the day.

Bai Qingfu saw that Qin Mu's expression wasn't too good and guessed that he was worried about the safety of the front lines. He thus consoled him. "Fomalhaut has fought against them numerous times, so they won't let the enemy pass them. Even though the extraterritorial devils belong to a really strong power, our Hundred Prosperities City isn't to be trifled with. Fomalhaut is very strong, one of the four great troops of the celestial heavens."

Qin Mu recalled the skeletons of Fomalhaut's gods in the golden desert and grew even more uneasy. Those gods of Fomalhaut had died in battle while protecting their homeland.

Who knew if that battle was the current one?

'Maybe, we are already part of history, so no matter what we do, things that happened will happen.'

Qin Mu suddenly had a thought. 'Maybe I'm currently situated in the strangeness of Great Ruins. I once experienced the echo of history, so could all this be the echo of time and space? Grandmaster's teleportation divine art couldn't be so powerful as to send us tens of thousands of years ago.

'Maybe, this is merely the echo of time and space due to the strangeness of Great Ruins. The time and space reflected into the future, onto our bodies. After daybreak, everything will vanish and no matter what we do, the history will run its course.'

After deciding that, he calmed down, the boulder off his shoulders having been lifted. He chatted happily with the brother and sister, exchanging pointers on sword skills with them.

The siblings were ineffably astonished. Bai Qingfu cried out, "After the fourteen basic sword skills, there are four more basic sword skills? Who founded them? Who has such talent and passion?"

Qin Mu muttered irresolutely for a moment before telling the truth. "The one that founded fifteenth sword form, sixteenth sword form, and seventeenth sword form was a saint that appears once every five hundred years. His talent and passion are so great that even I admire him endlessly."

"A saint that appears once every five hundred years?"

Bai Qu'er was bewildered and asked, "Brother Mu, is there perhaps a story behind saints that appears once every five hundred years?"

Qin Mu also didn't know much about it. "I've heard that every five hundred years in this world, there will be a genius overflowing with innate talent. He will establish his virtue, merit, and ideas in writing, becoming the saint. That's why he will be called the saint that appears once every five hundred years. As for where this saying comes from, I do not know."

"I see."

The brother and sister came to realization. The wife of Bai Qingfu smiled and said, "Our Hundred Prosperities City is small and doesn't even enter the ranking of the divine cities, so we don't know about such a saying. Old Brother Qin must have come from a big region and know a lot."

Bai Qu'er became anxious and whispered, "Sister-in-law, will he despise me for being a person from a small region?"

Bai Qingfu's wife gave a soft laugh. "Even though Hundred Prosperities City is a small region, you're the little princess of Bai Family, after all, so your status is high enough. Don't worry. What's more, having an affinity with each other is more important than being well-matched in terms of social status."

Only then did Bai Qu'er eased up.

Bai Qingfu was curious. "Old Brother Qin said that the three sword forms were founded by the saint. In that case, who founded the eighteenth sword form?"

Qin Mu blushed and said, "The eighteenth sword form was founded by me accidentally."

Everyone's heart trembled violently. and even Pangong Tso's ashen face filled with astonishment. His heart was full of jealousy and admiration. 'Qin brat is truly powerful, to actually found a basic sword form and change the path and skill of heaven and earth… We're screwed, we're screwed, this reckless brat is imparting the sword skills of the later generation to the predecessors and changing history. We are all going to vanish…'

Qin Mu and the rest talked with cheeriness and wit. Later, he took out the true dragon's nest and invited Bai Qingfu and Bai Qu'er inside where he asked them to help him decode the writings. Even though he had decoded quite a number of them, there were still numerous dragon writings that he couldn't figure out.

Bai Qingfu and Bai Qu'er were of the dragon race. When Bai Qingfu had exchanged blows with him, he had used the divine arts of a true dragon, making it clear that his bloodline was extremely high.

"This is a dragon vein of a true dragon lord?" The brother and sister entered the true dragon's nest and were extremely astonished. Bai Qingfu said, "What a pity that this true dragon lord has been refined into a treasure by someone; otherwise, it could have become a true dragon king by absorbing the power of the other dragon veins! Being refined into a pendant is truly a pity."

Bai Qu'er also said it was a pity. "The dragon ancestor of the celestial heavens was born from the dragon vein of a true dragon lord. His abilities are extremely powerful and he is one of the big shots in the celestial heavens. The power of his abilities is rare in this world and even High Emperor must be somewhat respectful to him…"

It wasn't a treasure that Qin Mu could refine, so Bai Qingfu and Bai Qu'er didn't think too much about it.

The brother and sister helped him clear up the writings of the dragon vein, and Bai Qingfu was ineffably excited from their work. "Old Brother Qin, we can be said to have benefited from you. When you look at it, our Bai Family has taken a huge advantage of you! We learned your sword skills and even learned the dragon writings from the true dragon's nest of the true dragon lord. To you, the dragon language won't make you improve buy much, but our gains are extraordinary!"

What he said was the truth. Qin Mu wasn't of the dragon race, so couldn't cultivate the technique of the true dragon lord as fast and as well as them. When Qin Mu invited them into the true dragon's nest to decode the dragon writings, they gained benefits that even surpassed those gained by Qin Mu.

Bai Qu'er was also full of excitement as she thought to herself happily, 'If he takes the dragon language of the true dragon's nest as a betrothal gift, my father will definitely be overjoyed and promise me to him. I just wonder if he's already married… However, that's fine as well!'

Bai Qingfu and Bai Po'er decoded the dragon language in the dragon's nest little by little and taught it to Qin Mu. However, there were still some writings they couldn't understand.

"If only father was her. His bloodline is even higher, so he definitely could decode all of these dragon writings." Bai Qu'er's gaze flickered as she smiled sweetly. "Brother Mu, stay in Hundred Prosperities City for a few more days until my father returns."

Qin Mu nodded. He was already very satisfied with his gains.

The siblings had decoded numerous marvels of the dragon writings, to the point that only ten percent were left unsolved. The technique of the true dragon lord took a huge step forward and became even stronger!

Bai Qingfu tried executing the true dragon technique, and he felt his cultivation improving rapidly. His foundation was also becoming more and more solid, patching what he was lacking before. This made him exclaim in joy. "Old Brother Qin, if I had cultivated the technique in the true dragon's nest, you might not be able to defeat me on the same realm!"

As the three of them walked out of the true dragon's nest, Qin Mu put it back into the taotie sack. He smiled and shook his head. "Even if Brother cultivated the technique of true dragon lord, you might not be able to defeat me. I'm the Overlord Body, I rarely have a match on the same realm."

Bai Qu'er stared with her eyes wide open, and Bai Qingfu's face was also blank.

"Overlord Body? Old Brother Qin, what's Overlord Body?" Bai Qingfu sought knowledge humbly. "I've mostly moved around the areas surrounding Hundred Prosperities City, only going to the celestial heavens a few times in the past where I heard true god seniors imparting their paths, so I don't know a lot of things. I'm clueless about this Overlord Body, so Old Brother Qin must have traveled wide to know this much. May I ask Old Brother Qin to teach me?"

Qin Mu was about to explain when he heard a loud laugh. "Qingfu, an esteemed guest has come to your Bai Family so why didn't you inform us?"

"Qingfu, I saw you getting beaten! Who told you to be cocky daily? Now you got walloped right in front of the whole city."

Qin Mu looked toward the source of the voices and saw numerous young men and women walking over. They were all in high spirits and looked extraordinary attractive.

Bai Qingfu immediately said, "They are the young experts of my Hundred Prosperities City and are here to laugh at me. Old Brother Qin, let me introduce them to you."

He then did as he said. Once it was finished, he talked about how Qin Mu had founded the eighteenth sword form and how he was the Overlord Body. Everyone was extremely astonished.

A youth stood up while blazing with fighting spirit and shouted loudly, "Overlord Body Qin, you said your Overlord Body is so powerful that can you suppress your peers and is invincible on the same realm, but I don't believe you. Please enlighten me!"

Qin Mu rose with a smile. "I was also thinking of exchanging pointers with everyone here!"

The youth shook and transformed into a human with a bird's head. He soared into the sky while flapping golden wings. Qin Mu rose into the air as well, and the two of them exchanged blows in the sky. The audience watching below were dazzled and erupted in cheers.

Just a moment later, the opposing youth's sword skill was broken and he fell down.

"Let me meet Overlord Body Qin!"

A young woman couldn't endure any longer and attacked. She was also of the dragon race, so the path she took was fierce and overbearing. She was proficient in spell divine arts of her kind, able to make divine arts explode with astonishing power between her fingers and palm.

Qin Mu executed Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scripture. With Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Force, over three hundred types of divine arts burst forth like a sky filled with stars, blowing the young woman back down.

"Superb divine art!"

Praises came from below, and another young man rushed into midair. After a few rounds of fighting, he was cut down by Qin Mu with a knife.

Everyone went forward, but they were all defeated.

Bai Qu'er was really excited and asked softly, "Sister-in-law, what do you think of him?"

"Outstanding, simply outstanding." Bai Qingfu's wife revealed a bitter smile and said softly, "I'm starting to worry about you now."

Bai Qui'er was also troubled and slightly worried.

"Overlord Body Qin is no doubt the Overlord Body!"

Bai Qingfu laughed loudly and invited Qin Mu to take a seat once again. He surveyed the surroundings and asked loudly, "Do you guys feel like Old Brother Qin could fight his way up the celestial heavens and teach those arrogant talents a lesson?"

Everyone laughed in unison. "Could!"

One of the young women smiled and said, "I feel like Brother Qin's techniques and divine arts are literally an era ahead. They are truly strange and wonderful, as well as thought-provoking. It is as though countless possibilities could be created from Old Brother Qin's paths, skills, and divine arts, evolving those of our High Emperor Era to their extremes!"

The other people all nodded and smiled. "We also have this kind of feeling!"

Bai Qingfu then suggested, "Old Brother Qin, after the battle of Fomalhaut ends, let's go to the celestial heavens together and wreck all of those arrogant fellows! Everyone, do you agree?"

"Yes!" The laughter of everyone rushed into the sky.

Qin Mu also laughed loudly and exchanged pointers on paths, skills, and divine arts. He had no thoughts that he might change history.

In the corner of a banquet, Pangong Tso's face was completely ashen. He looked at the dragon qilin who had eaten his fill and the chest hiding in the darkness. He thought to himself 'How is this just changing history? This is clearly stabbing a few holes in it! We are screwed, so screwed. We can't go back anymore. We might even disappear right away…'

He felt extreme fear. 'Even the eighteenth sword form was taught to them by this scoundrel. The sky and the earth are turning upside down! Goddamn Qin brat, I'm going to be sabotaged to death by you!'

In the banquet, everyone was talking and laughing, even becoming dead drunk, stumbling left and right. Bai Qu'er collected her courage and pulled Qin Mu to dance. His face was red, and he couldn't break free of her hold, so he could only dance with her, making everyone laugh loudly.

At that moment, booming sounds came from afar as though the heaven was falling. Among the loud noise, darkness and air currents surged forward and bombarded Hundred Prosperities City, causing it to shake violently.

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