Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 490 - Fighting in a Dark Chest

Bai Qu'er raised the Dragon God Bead up high while carrying Bai Qingfu's child and turned around to bring the crowd into the darkness.

Dragon God Bead gave off tranquil light that repelled the darkness. They had to hurry to the relay station in front and seek the protection from the god there.

Beside the chest, the dragon qilin let out low growls to invigorate himself. Qin Mu threw the huge cauldron back to Pangong Tso. When the latter saw one of the legs missing, he shook his head and said, "The cauldron is spoiled, its power is weakened so it probably can't protect us. Luckily I still have other treasures."

He stuffed the huge cauldron back into his taotie sack and took out a huge calabash. He tried its straps around himself with a chuckle. "Cult Master Qin, this is the spirit weapon of my first lifetime. It's called Bloodshed Calabash, and it's the treasure that brought me to fame. It's been a very long time since I've used it. I had always thought to break through and merge what I had learned over the ten thousand years together to refine my Bloodshed Calabash. However, I could never merge so many techniques together."

He carried the calabash on his back since it was about three feet tall. However, he had no legs so the whole image was a little weird.

"Grandmaster, I never expected you to also be someone of ambition."

Qin Mu took out a knife sheath from his taotie sack and secured it on his back. He then took out two Pig Slaughtering Knives and put them inside. "What a pity you changed after seeing yourself unable to become a god and walked down the wrong road."

Pangong Tso looked at his taotie sack and sneered. "Do you think that you wouldn't change? That's my taotie sack!"

"I picked it up from Rolan's Golden Palace."

Qin Mu took out a huge iron hammer and swung it gently. The huge iron hammer hummed, and its head continuously broke up to expand outward. It did so until it was eight feet long, with the handle as the center of the circle,

When Qin Mu stopped using his magic power, the huge iron hammer shrunk back to its original size.

Qin Mu slotted the hammer into a leather buckle on the knife pouch, securing it there. He then took out a bamboo cane and swung it gently as well, creating a series of afterimages. He secured it on his back as well.

Pangong Tso was startled. He then saw him take out brush, ink, and papers, which he stuffed into his sleeves, and even secure a few scrolls to the knife pouch as well. Pangong Tso couldn't help bursting into laughter. "Great Cult Master Qin, are you going to perform a play? Your back cannot even be seen!"

Qin Mu took out his poison pouch and sword pellet. It broke up into eight thousand swords, and he took out bottles of various sizes from the pouch. He applied poison to the swords one by one while saying, "There's no harm in preparing. When I first walked out of Great Ruins, this was how I dressed. Even though it looks crude, it's practical. When I gained status, I stopped looking this crude. However, since this is a life and death struggle, it's naturally best to be as basic as possible!"

Upon hearing his words, Pangong Tso took out seven flags from his taotie sack and inserted them into the ground behind him. He then took out a bronze mirror with a strap which he wrapped around the left arm. It looked like a shield.

He then took out a set of flying daggers and hung them on the inside of his shirt on both sides.

Qin Mu was stunned. Pangong Tso then took out a few sword cases and setting them beside his legs. There was also the most common weapon used on the prairie—knife pellets.

However, Pangong Tso's knife pellets were extraordinary. Their quality far surpassed what the strong practitioners on the prairie used.

He also took out a taiji plate and a buddha shrine with a small buddha. He then took out a thick pillar with glowing rune markings and erected it beside himself.

"Grandmaster, your wealth is still truly astonishing," Qin Mu praised. "Imperial Preceptor and I looted your golden palace so many times yet you still have so many precious treasures!"

Pangong Tso sneered and said, "Once you've lived for ten thousand years, the things you'll accumulate will be even more than what I have! They are here, eyes awaken!"

His eyes blazed brightly, and he executed his heavenly eyes of Buddhism. Next, among the buddha rays, the Dao eyes of Dao Sect actually formed and transformed into the symbol of yin and yang!

Pangong Tso looked into the darkness and saw flickering silhouettes.

"Awaken!" Qin Mu gave a low shout and executed Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill.

Starlight appeared in his pupils, and the sun lit up in the Milky Way. Then, layers of formation took shape. Blind had merged his Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill with number one divine eyes of Founding Emperor Era, those of God Zi Qing, so their power was even great, and the divine arts were even more powerful. However, this kind of divine eyes exhausted much more magic power, so Qin Mu could only barely open Bright Heaven's Eyes, with a total of five heavens.

Because of that, he still mainly used Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes.

The darkness in front of them was too dense, however, and Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes couldn't see far, so he executed Bright Heaven's Eyes.

The dragon qilin opened his eyes wide to look around, but he couldn't see anything. "Cult master, what do you see?"

Pangong Tso couldn't see too far either. All that was within his vision was a dozen silhouettes walking through the darkness. "Cult Master, there are over a dozen of them, right?"

Qin Mu looked straight at the darkness and nodded with a smile. "There's only over a dozen of divine arts practitioners, don't worry."

Pangong Tso let out a sigh of relief and laughed loudly. "I really thought I would die like Bai Qingfu and his wife, like a bunch of scum. I'm not that noble. Seems like following Cult Master Qin is a lucky sign. I won't die now!"

The dragon qilin also burst into laughter. "Cult Master always turns misfortune into a blessing!"

Xing An's chest also started opening and closing its cover, laughing in its own way.

Qin Mu also smiled and stretched his hand out to point. The chest split apart and fell to the ground.

Xing An's chest used materials like the skins and bones of taotie. The bones were used as the structure for the chest and the skins were wrapped around them.

Now that the chest was spread open, the surroundings with a radius of three hundred yards had become a safe space.

Standing in it, they had the divine light of the chest protecting them and didn't need to worry about the darkness.

Pangong Tso placed all his treasures properly while the dragon qilin looked at the frames of the chest in fear. All kinds of body parts hung on the frames, and when Qin Mu wasn't looking, Pangong Tso sneakily hung his poisoned leg before grabbing two good ones which he stuffed into his taotie sack.

Qin Mu pretended not to see anything and just looked ahead. With his Bright Heaven's Eyes, he saw an army of hundreds of 'extraterritorial devils' behind the dozen silhouettes!

They stood quietly there with a tall silhouette riding a large, sturdy strange beast in the lead. He was looking at the divine arts practitioners sent forward to scout.

Those divine arts practitioners were only to test their abilities!

Qin Mu kept what he had seen to himself and took in a deep breath. His sword pellet slid out of his sleeves and rolled silently to the border of the chest. There, it dug into the dirt and went underground. Fine flying swords spread out within a radius of three hundred yards.


Qin Mu shouted out, and the two Pig Slaughtering Knives came out of their sheath as he grabbed them.

At the same time, over a dozen divine arts practitioners rushed over, and the dragon qilin opened his mouth to roar. Blazing true fire transformed into a flaming pillar which blasted forward. When it exploded, the silhouettes avoided and went to attack the dragon qilin.

He moved his head, and the flaming pillar swept in all directions. One of the men pressed his hands down, and the ground was supposed to rise up. However, under the chest's suppression, it couldn't be lifted at all.

Another person used knife lights with incredibly great knife skills. They swirled frantically around the flaming pillar and sliced it apart. Qin Mu then grabbed his knives and rushed to that person.

The divine arts practitioner was also strong, so he knew life and death was only an instant away when a battle technique practitioner closed in on him. He could only see the other person's knife skills and footwork.

The two of them moved and swirled rapidly like spinning tops. In the sudden rise and fall of the knife lights, the outcome was decided.

"Wonderful knife skills!"

The person's head flew up and landed in the darkness mid praise.

While his corpse collapsed, Qin Mu got struck by the palm of another divine arts practitioners on his chest. However, his body coiled like a flood dragon, and his vital qi transformed into one too to coil around the opponent's arm. Two knives then slashed at an unbelievable speed, throwing out countless knife lights to cut down the enemy!

"Truly wonderful knife skills!" the person praised as darkness swamped his eyes. He could no longer see Qin Mu's knives.


His head landed on the ground and tumbled two rounds. His eyes were still wide open as his consciousness gradually vanished. "To be able to die under this kind of knife skills…"

Pangong Tso's knife pellets floated into the air, and he attacked at the same time as Qin Mu. His knife pellets crisscrossed, and countless knife lights moved close to the ground while slashing out. At the same time, whooshing sounds came from his Bloodshed Calabash as a bloody waterfall soared into the sky, sweeping up a divine arts practitioner that was avoiding his legs severing knife lights.

There were all kinds of bugs in the waterfall which instantly ate him cleanly!

Sounds of collision rang out as another divine arts practitioners moved while stepping on the knives and closed in on Pangong Tso. With a raise of his hand, divine lightning burst forth.

Pangong Tso went against the lightning and swept his sleeves up. Countless flying daggers poured out in a torrent, stabbing that person's face until it was full of blades

The dragon qilin roared angrily and revealed his hundred and twenty yards true form, retaliating by smacking his opponents and biting them to death.

After a moment, Qin Mu cut down the last enemy and kicked his corpse out. He spat a mouthful of blood and phlegm. The cultivation of those divine arts practitioners had not been that high. They were mostly on Six Directions and Seven Stars Realm. There was also one expert of Celestial Being Realm that was wrapped by the dragon qilin. The primordial spirit of that person was strong and he almost raised the dragon qilin to throw him into the darkness.

Only with Qin Mu and Pangong Tso working together with him did they manage to kill him in the three hundred yards space.

Pangong Tso had been hit by a few divine arts and his face was dirty. He might as well not hide it from Qin Mu and attach the two divine legs to his body.

Qin Mu turned a blind eye to it and said with a laugh, "Grandmaster, do it faster, the opponent won't give us a chance."

"The opponent?" Pangong Tso laughed. "Didn't we already kill all of them?"

He raised his head to look into the darkness and couldn't help becoming stunned when he saw black silhouettes rushing over through the darkness. He hurriedly turned in preparation to run, but darkness was behind them, so he didn't move.

"No way out!" Pangong Tso turned his head back and cried out loudly, "Cult Master Qin, there's no way out! I was screwed by you!"

Qin Mu went to stand in the center of the space and sheathed his two knives. With a thump, a Sun Jade Eye landed beside him and he shouted, "Cross the border and you'll die!"

"Boasting shamelessly!"

A divine arts practitioner of the extraterritorial devils rushed over, and a sword light suddenly flew out from underground. It passed close to his chest before piercing his head.

The divine arts practitioner rushed a dozen more steps before collapsing in front of Qin Mu.

He smiled and repeated the same words to the hundreds of extraterritorial devils outside. "Cross the border and you'll die!"

"I'll kill you!"

A giant wielding a huge shield in his hands leaped up and threw the shield under his feet to block the sword lights that were surging up at him. At the same time, he roared angrily and his body transformed into the form of a tortoise-backed god that had a huge snake coiled around him. He landed in the space within the chest and threw a punch. The flying serpent hissed and coiled around his fist.

Zheng, zheng!

Two knife lights crisscrossed horizontally and vertically, and the giant split into four pieces.

Qin Mu wiped away the blood on the knives and grinned. "Cross the border and you'll die!"

"Two of you and a pig taking up three hundred yards of space and you want to block my army?"

A strange beast walked over. On it, the leader of the extraterritorial devil group took off his mask to look down at Qin Mu. He sneered and said, "Seeing how your cultivation isn't weak and you have the courage, I won't let you die with an intact corpse! All soldiers listen up, trample over them!"

The extraterritorial devils came flooding over and drowned out the three hundred yards of space.

Eight thousand swords broke through the air and transformed into the first form of Sword Picture, Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers. They sent everyone in the space of three hundred yards into the Sword Picture!

The leader laughed coldly, and his primordial spirit rose into the air. His magic power burst forth and blew away all the flying swords, breaking Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers!

Pangong Tso was pale white as he looked at this existence that could easily break Sword Picture. His heart was in despair as he muttered, "Even a general of Life and Death Realm is here, so there's no way out. I can't run anymore…"

"There's a way!" Qin Mu shouted out, and a bright light burst forth, stabbing into the eyes of the general. The instant he put Sword Picture in place, the light of Sun Jade Eye penetrated the heart of his brows and came out the other end!

The other divine arts practitioners rushed toward Qin Mu and drowned him out. Sun Jade Eye was blown away by a few divine arts and rolled aside.

Hope was renewed in Pangong Tso's heart, and he welcomed the hundreds of people with a fierce face. "Die!"

"Die!" the dragon qilin roared and his scales erupted, flying out from his body.

Bang, bang, bang!

The three hundred yards of space quickly folded and closed up. Several hundred extraterritorial devils were packed into the box along with Pangong Tso, Qin Mu, and the dragon qilin.

In the darkness, the chest gave off a faint glow while inside it was incomparably black darkness. There was no light at all. Loud strikes rang out inside the chest as something kept on hitting each other.

Terrifying sounds of battle came from the chest. Knives were slicing flesh and divine arts exploding. Fresh blood kept leaking out from the chest.

After a long while, the chest finally became peaceful again.


A bloody hand pushed open the chest, and a head popped out. Its owner wanted to climb out, he was stabbed by a bamboo cane the next moment. The bamboo cane pierced out from the heart of his brows before getting pulled back.

The chest spat the corpse out.

The peace returned once again. After a moment, dull sounds rang out. The chest opened up again and threw more corpses out.

"When fighting in a black world, whoever is blind will win!" In the chest, Qin Mu stood with his bamboo cane in complete darkness. "My master was just that—a blind man!"

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