Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 491 - Revenge for the Severed Arm

The chest went silent, to the extent that no sound, not even that of breathing could be heard!

Qin Mu could move freely in the darkness, and silently as well.

A drop of sweat dripped down into a pool of blood with a slight sound. The owner of that sweat immediately moved, but pain rushed through their heart. It seemed to have been pierced by a bamboo cane.

Qin Mu pulled out the bamboo cane and advanced silently. The sound of the corpse collapsing came from behind him.

It immediately brought out violent reactions, and the extraterritorial devils in the surroundings attacked, exploding with divine arts and bright spirit weapons toward the area from which the sound had come.

Between the flashes of the divine arts and spirit weapons, Qin Mu moved inside the chest like a phantom, and divine arts practitioners died one by one under his hands. When the light vanished, and darkness returned while the corpses of the divine arts practitioners swayed and collapsed.

The surroundings regained silence once more.

The interior of the chest had a radius of three hundred yards, which was an area of about ten hectares or so.

If several hundred people were scattered over such a space, they wouldn't much feel it, even if one of them was a behemoth like the dragon qilin. Yet to the divine arts practitioners, the space seemed incomparably tightly filled.

Divine arts could reach anyone in an instant, and some powerful ones could even sweep through all corners of the space.

When Qin Mu pulled them all into the chest, everyone had panicked and immediately began to fight, which was why the chest had trembled violently at the start.

Darkness had brought chaos to the group, and to protect themselves, everyone attacked whoever was nearest to them. Because of that, quite a number of strong practitioners died under the hands of their own.

The chaos didn't last for too long though, since their leader was a strong practitioner of Celestial Being Realm who ordered them to stay calm.

That strong practitioner of Celestial Being Realm was smart, but he was killed by Qin Mu the next instant, and chaos ensued once more. Qin Mu used his bamboo cane to kill people, and even strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm couldn't escape from battling him in close quarters.

After the chaos was quelled, someone tried to open the chest to let in some light, but he was stabbed by Qin Mu.

In the meantime, there were a few more life-and-death struggles. Everyone still alive in the chest was fearful for their own safety. They suppressed their breaths, heartbeats, and even the wounds. They didn't want their blood to flow out and notify Qin Mu of their location.

They even had to close their eyes so they wouldn't betray their location in the darkness.

As divine arts practitioners, everyone usually cultivated pupil divine arts which gave off light. Those spots of brightness in the dark world were no doubt the best target for Qin Mu!

He was like a bat in the darkness, appearing and disappearing unpredictably. Any sound would catch his attention and bring its owner death.

In such suffocating darkness lay a devil king who could take lives at any moment!

When the chest opened up to spit out a few more corpses, light shone from above and everyone felt their blood run cold. They all moved, no longer daring to remain in the same spot. After a moment, sounds of divine arts colliding and corpses falling could be heard. Some more people died in the chaos.

"I can't take it anymore!"

One of the 'extraterritorial devils' finally couldn't endure the terrifying atmosphere any longer and mentally broke down. He threw all kinds of divine arts and spirit weapons in all directions while shouting fiercely! "Die, all of you! Die!"

Their power was great and easily covered three hundred yards of space. His spirit weapon was also abnormally sharp. It swept in all directions, forcing the people in the darkness to defend.

In the chest, chaos erupted once more, and fierce shouts rang throughout the place. All kinds of spirit weapons and divine arts rushed around randomly.

After a long time, the divine arts practitioner who had gone crazy panted heavily and stopped. There were no more sounds in the surroundings except for his pants.

"Dead?" The man was stunned. He was surprised and delighted as he laughed loudly. "You guys are all dead! All dead! I've survived, only I'm alive!"


A bamboo cane stabbed his mouth and came out the back of his head.

The chest opened, and its four sides spread out. Light shone down on the three hundred yards of space. Yet within it, there was only Qin Mu, Pangong Tso with a pale face, as well as the dragon qilin who was shivering in a corner.

He had shrunk to the size of three yards and was hiding behind a bunch of racks. His thick skin and flesh were fine, but spirit weapons of all sizes covered his body. Among them, there were even a few swords that obviously belonged to Qin Mu. It was obvious that quite a number of attacks had hit him in the chaos.

He was large. Even if he tried his best to shrink his body, he still didn't lack attacks that accidentally landed on him.

The whole ground was strewn with corpses, each one having died differently. Some were stabbed by a bamboo cane, some had their heads split by knives, some were hung in paintings and had their heads erased. There were even some cows and goats as well as divine arts practitioners who were stabbed into porcupines. There were also people who were crushed by the sword pellet and even by the true dragon's nest.

However, most of them had died under the hands of their own.

The situation had simply been too chaotic. To protect themselves, everyone had no choice but to kill one another. The ones that died under Qin Mu, Pangong Tso, and the dragon qilin's hands were actually in the minority. They made up at most thirty percent.

Pangong Tso wiped away the bloodstains on his face, still feeling a lingering fear.

In the pitch black darkness, Qin Mu had collided with him once. If he hadn't executed the ultimate art of Rolan's Golden Palace so the youth would realize it was him, he might have also been erased by Qin Mu.

In the chaos, he had suffered numerous injuries and gotten rid of quite a number of opponents, but the most dangerous time was still when Qin Mu had gotten close to him.

He had almost lost his life then!

Even though Pangong Tso had escaped from Qin Mu's sure-kill attack, the pit of his stomach still had a bloody hole from a bamboo cane. This came from him avoiding getting stabbed in the heart. His neck had also been forced to bend at a shocking degree to avoid Pig Slaughtering Knife..

Qin Mu might not have attacked him again after recognizing his divine arts, but Pangong Tso had a suspicion that the brat had known it was him from the start. In the chaos of battle, he simply thought to get rid of him as well.

Of course, Pangong Tso didn't have any proof for that so it wouldn't be good for him to bring it up.

Covered in bloodstains, Qin Mu was dragging the corpses out of the chest one by one. He had also suffered numerous injuries and been in an incomparably dangerous situation. He had almost died under the attacks sent wildly in all directions.

Among the opponents, there had been a few strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm. Their divine arts were even stronger than those of others, and the attacks from their primordial spirit were incomparably terrifying. If a single attack had hit, he would have definitely died even if he was using True Dragon Overlord Body.

Still, he had been struck by numerous other divine arts and spirit weapons. If it wasn't for the 'extraterritorial devil' who had suddenly gone crazy, it would have been hard for him to be the last one standing.

Pangong Tso came forward, and the two of them threw the corpses out into the darkness in silence.

Not long later, the chest was cleaned out. Qin Mu hadn't thrown the spirit weapons of the 'extraterritorial devils' out and now put them all into his taotie sack. After that, he called back the spirit weapons he had abandoned during the fights.

Chi, chi, chi.

Lines of blood spurted out from the dragon qilin's body as a few flying swords pulled themselves out and merged with Qin Mu's sword pellet.

The dragon qilin looked at the open wounds that were still spurting blood before looking at Qin Mu. "Cult Master, you struck me?"

"I didn't, don't say nonsense; it was an accident." Qin Mu just denied it.

Pangong Tso hesitated for a moment, then took the chance when the dragon qilin was licking his wounds to execute his knife pellets. A few knives came off the dragon qilin's butt and merged into his knife pellets.

The dragon qilin was furious. "Grandmaster, you also struck me?"

Pangong Tso coughed up blood and looked at Qin Mu who pretended not to see anything. "Accident, it must have been an accident…" He hesitated for a moment, then said, "Cult Master Qin, do you still have dragon saliva? Give some to me, I'm also hurt."

Qin Mu flipped open his taotie sack and took out a few bottles of dragon saliva. Pangong Tso hesitated but didn't dare to take them. He scratched his head. "I suddenly feel frightened of using Cult Master Qin's dragon saliva to treat my injuries. I can't be sure if it'll treat my wounds or if I'll drop dead from poison."

"Don't use if you don't want to." Qin Mu opened up the dragon saliva and smeared it on his wounds.

Pangong Tso looked at the dragon qilin who was currently executing qilin fire to melt the rest of the spirit weapons on his body. When the dragon qilin saw him walking over shamelessly, he was instantly angered and turned his butt to face him, revealing a few deep wounds. "Is licking wounds fun? You want me to lick your wounds? Come, lick my wounds first!"

Pangong Tso's face turned black as charcoal, and he said carefully, "I just want to borrow some dragon saliva, and am not asking you to lick. If you could pity me…"

The dragon qilin's heart softened. He couldn't bear it and spat out a huge mouthful of dragon saliva. "Lick it yourself!"

Pangong Tso scooped it up and smeared on his wounds.

They treated themselves, and Qin Mu took out some more dragon saliva to smear the wounds on the dragon qilin's butt. But even after resting for quite a while, their legs were still sore.

In the darkness, sounds of footstep reached them, and Qin Mu struggled to get up. He executed Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes, and a figure with a blood-red cape showed up in the darkness.

Pangong Tso also stood up shakily and opened the huge bottle gourd behind him. A waterfall of blood flew up and hung in the sky.

The dragon qilin tried to push himself up, but his weak limbs couldn't hold up his body. He felt better sitting down so he just remained like that and breathed his true fire.

Qin Mu's arms hung down, unable to raise the sword pellet. He could only flick his finger so that Carefree Sword would fly out to float near his fingertip. It was incomparably fine.

A youth was walking over with a long knife on his back. However, he didn't walk all the way to them. Instead, he stopped and looked carefully at the hundreds of corpses between them.

In the darkness, the monsters disregarded him. It seemed to only be effective against the people of this world. To a visitor from outer space like him, they were no threat.

"To kill a troop of scouts of my celestial heaven's Spirit Elite Guards, you are very powerful!" The youth carrying the long knife shook his cape which was full of fresh blood. He looked at Qin Mu across the darkness and said solemnly, "I'm Luo Wushuang of Spirit Elite Guards. Does your distinguished self dares to announce their name?"

Pangong Tso chuckled. "Luo Wushuang, Spirit Elite Guards? Never heard before. Little brat, you seem capable, come to your death!"

The youth with the long knife was indifferent. "I admire everyone here, to actually kill so many experts by relying only on two people and a pig. Your abilities can't be weak to have achieved that, but they were just scouts. Spirit Elite Guards is the army which selects the best from the elites among the younger generations of the celestial heavens and is not something to which these scouts could compare.

"You guys, the ground beetles of High Emperor, having such abilities is truly worthy of respect so I've asked for your names to let your reputation live on after you die. But since you guys don't want that…"

He pulled out his blade and slashed down against the wind. The knife light seemed like it was practiced thousands of times as it landed down against the wind. It grew from one to two, to four, to eight, to sixteen, dividing in sequence. When the whole bunch came in front of Qin Mu and the rest, they already filled the sky with knife lights!

Pangong Tso shouted furiously and closed his palms together. The blood waterfall transformed into a blood buddha which faced the knife lights. They shattered it. However, with the impact of the blood buddha, the knife lights were unstable for an instant.

Yet Pangong Tso sat down on the ground and panted heavily. He had no more magic power left.

Qin Mu flicked his finger up, and Carefree Sword flew out, stabbing through the net of knives and coming to the youth's side in an instant.

He tried to use the last of his strength to execute his sword move since he could no longer defend himself. The dragon qilin roared, and the scales on his body flew out. They were like tens of thousands of huge shields that rose up before Qin Mu.

The youth was moving unpredictably to avoid the sword light as he raised his knife to defend. His knife skills had reached perfection, and there was a grandness to it.

Qin Mu used up the last of his strength and vital qi to move his sword. The eighteen sword forms changed unpredictably, and when the last move was executed, the youth gave a grunt; his arm which had been holding the knife was severed.

He grabbed it and immediately retreated, getting a mile away in an instant.

"Who are you? Report your names!" he shouted out sternly.

Qin Mu speculated that his vital qi was about to be exhausted and couldn't reach a mile away, so he just called back his sword. Carefree Sword swirled quickly around him, making it seem as though he still had strength remaining.

"Heavenly Saint Cult Master, Qin Mu." He smiled and added leisurely, "Beside me is Grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace."

Pangong Tso's expression changed slightly.

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