Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 499 - Heart Torturer Cult Master Qin

In Three Lives Mirror, the time flowed back, returning to more and more ancient days. Then, another world finally appeared. Shaman God Kui and countless gods and devils received orders to descend to the lower bound to crusade against Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens!

At the sight of it, even King Yama couldn't help becoming agitated and rose to take a closer look at Three Lives Mirror. He wanted to see who was the one who had ordered the destruction of Founding Emperor Celestial Heaven!

The memories of Shaman God Kui were shown from his point of view; they were what his eyes had seen. His field of vision was wide, and it reflected the vast scenery of the true celestial heavens. Countless gods and devils vowed before their troops to join the expedition, planning to wipe out Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens.

This kind of sight roused the hearts yet filled them with fear!

After all, there, even an existence like Shaman God Kui was merely an insignificant soldier among the numerous gods and devils of the true celestial heavens!

The vision in the mirror gradually rose as Shaman God Kui looked at the true gods high above. The vast bodies of the majestic beings were limitless. The gods were like stars surrounding them.

Shaman God Kui looked at the mastermind, the so-called Celestial Emperor of the celestial heavens.

King Yama couldn't suppress his excitement when Shaman God Kui focused on an incomparably majestic face. But the mirror suddenly distorted!

Shaman God Kui suddenly became blank as if his memory had been wiped by an ineffable power!

King Yama was astonished and pressed his hand against the mirror!

"Secrets of Light Source!"

On the mirror, the picture stabilized, but the next instant, a huge eye appeared within it. The mirror seemed to be able to swallow all light, causing Shaman God Kui's memory to continuously be erased.

King Yama shouted. His long cape of darkness swirled, and a sword light flew out from it, slashing into the mirror.

In Three Lives Mirror, the time continued to flow back, showing Shaman God Kui's early experiences. By then, all memory regarding the true celestial heavens in his memory had all been wiped out, as if had never existed!

King Yama put away his sword, and the sword light went into his cape, vanishing without a trace.

"There was an extremely powerful existence that sensed us borrowing Shaman God Kui's memory to take a look at him, so he erased Shaman God Kui's memory regarding him." His voice was forceful and sonorous as he said solemnly, "For him to sense Shaman God Kui recalling him and send his magic power through time and space, he's truly incomparably terrifying!"

In Hall of King Qin, a bunch of ghost kings shivered. Being able to sense when someone was just recalling them and be able to just erase that memory?

This kind of divine art was simply inconceivable!

Qin Mu was also astonished. Three Lives Mirror could show a person's entire life, and it was already unimaginable, like a fantasy story. Yet someone could actually detect other people trying to see them like that and erase the memory of the person who'd seen them. Such art was simply too terrifying to imagine!

'Since they were taking trying to pry into that true celestial heavens, could it be that the person who erased Shaman God Kui's memory is the celestial emperor of the true celestial heavens?' Qin Mu secretly wondered.

The remnants of Shaman God Kui's memory appeared in Three Lives Mirror. He was coming back from Youdu where he'd learned spells and divine arts. Numerous ghost kings were with him to observe everything in detail. Some of them held brush and ink, recording the divine arts, paths, and skills that Shaman God Kui had learned in Youdu.

In Shaman God Kui's memory, the celestial heavens had sent out numerous divine arts practitioners with extraordinary aptitudes to enter Youdu to learn. Afterward, all these people had extraordinary attainments.

This showed that the true celestial heavens was greatly related to Youdu.

Qin Mu's heart shook, and he also wanted to go to learn the paths, skills, and divine arts of Youdu.

All of them were very extraordinary. He had only learned Soul Guide of Nine Spectres Sect, but it was incomplete. Even so, it was still extraordinary, able to summon the souls of Apothecary, Granny Si, and the rest back!

When Shaman God Kui worshiped others to death, what he relied on were also the paths, skills, and divine arts of Youdu.

If Qin Mu could learn them wouldn't he have another powerful method to fight?

However, numerous ghost kings surrounded Three Lives Mirror until they were impenetrable. He was still a 'convict' so he couldn't squeeze past them.

Suddenly, King Yama looked at him, and his gaze under the black robe flashed.

Astonished, Qin Mu tested the waters. "King Yama, my predestined lifespan has not yet ended as well..."

"What you have done is too huge, so don't think of running! You executed a Youdu spell and seized a few of my people, violating the law of my Fengdu. Your evil is worse than that of Xing An and you still want to go? King Yama, how should he be dealt with?" God Chi Xiu asked.

"Violating the law of Fengdu, even a prince must be punished the same as the multitude of common people, so he indeed needs to be punished. Solving the divine arts, paths, and skills from Shaman God Kui's memory will require some time, so bring him away for now. I will punish him later by myself!"

God Chi Xiu was astonished. King Yama was going to punish him by himself?

One had to know that even Xing An and Shaman God King didn't were faced with personal punishment!

Even though what Qin Mu had done seemed huge, it could be big or small. The rules of Fengdu were different from those of Youdu; they didn't dabble into the affairs of the world of the living.

To living people, Fengdu was the same as Youdu, they both belonged to the netherworld. If the netherworld interfered with the world of the living, there would be unpredictable consequences.

This was common sense.

Fengdu would not interfere with the world of the living, and Youdu was the same.

This was also the main reason why Shaman God Kui said that they couldn't do anything to him. King Yama couldn't punish the primordial spirit of a person whose predestined lifespan had not ended.

On top of that, Qin Mu was still the human emperor, so God Chi Xiu had thought that King Yama would save the face of the previous human emperors, raising him high up before gently putting him down, concluding the entire incident with just a few scoldings.

But from the looks of it now, it looked like he was ready to behead Qin Mu and punish him as an example to others!

"Follow me." God Chi Xiu escorted Qin Mu out. When they were outside the hall, he said softly, "When King Yama comes later, just apologize. Don't worry, nothing will really happen to you, since you have someone above."

Qin Mu relaxed and thought to himself, 'Village Chief's face is sure big. Come to say of it, he just died not long ago and he's already a ghost hero?'

Outside the hall, Xing An was like a huge ball filled with the heads and various other body parts. They rolled around, squabbled, and fought. He was being tortured miserably by the limbs on his body.

Suddenly, Xing An saw Qin Mu being escorted out from Hall of King Qin. He sneered and said, "Divine Physician Qin, looks like what you did is still worse than my crimes. I'm already released yet you are still being escorted. You have done too much evil, so you deserve what you have now!"

Qin Mu stopped and asked, "Xing An, what's your predestined lifespan?"

Xing An was slightly stunned and sneered. "I'm a true god, so my lifespan has no end! What predestined lifespan then?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "What I'm asking is how much predestined lifespan do you still have in your original body. In Fengdu, you are only left with the lifespan of your original body. If the lifespan of your original body is up, you will be counted as dead."

Xing An's heart trembled violently.

God Chi Xiu flapped his wings and said lazily, "Once the predestined lifespan is over, there's is still the age of death. Predestined lifespan belongs to your corporeal body while the age of death belongs to your soul. Don't worry, once your predestined lifespan is up, you can stay here forever."

Xing An was terrified. He tried his best to leave Fengdu, but how would the people who had died under his hand let him off?

Xing An couldn't move a step and instead got dragged toward the city by the hatred of the dead.

"King Yama, you are not a man of your words!" Xing An said sternly. "You want to trap me here and reap my soul!"

"He let you go, it's just you that can't leave." Qin Mu shook his head and said, "Senior Brother Xing An, you still don't understand King Yama's meaning? If you want to walk out of Fengdu, the only way is to throw away the body parts of others. Only by using your own body can you walk out. Otherwise, you will die of old age here!"

Xing An's heart trembled violently.

Making him throw away the divine body of other people was nothing less than denying what he had sought all his life. It would turn all his ideals and attempts to make his corporeal body and primordial spirit as strong as those of a true god useless!

"Are you willing to die of old age here or are you willing to risk your life?" Qin Mu asked. "Ever since you realized you had no hope in becoming god, you lost your fighting spirit, right? From then on, you were no longer the saint that appears once every five hundred years, but just a pitiful bug, hoping to take other people's parts to improve oneself, yet you didn't know that all of it was for naught after you died! All your hard work, after coming here, is merely something you can see, but not something you can touch. It has no value and will instead become an obstruction. What's not yours will never be yours!"

Xing An's Dao heart shook. Even when Cult Master Li Tianxing had used his Dao heart to strike his Dao heart, he hadn't been injured at all. Yet now, just a few words from Qin Mu had caused a flaw to appear in his Dao heart!

What he thought was his was actually not his in this end—this was the greatest blow to him!

"The path of god, I have already laid it out for you." Qin Mu stood in front of him as a skeleton and looked very minute. However, he had a bearing that made Xing An look up to him. He said indifferently, "If you give up on these body parts that don't belong to you and take back your own body, you can still become a god and walk your own path. Chest, are there still any body parts in your stomach that haven't become human?"

The taotie behind him shut his mouth tightly, but the dragon qilin pried it open with effort. He stretched his head in to look in the taotie's stomach and said, "Cult Master, there are indeed a few body parts inside!"

"All body parts changed into humans in Fengdu except for yours, you have yet to die," Qin Mu said. "Chest, spit them out to return to him. Let him walk back with his own limbs."

How could taotie be willing to?

The dragon qilin's muffled voice came from its stomach. "Cult Master, I've been eaten up again!"

Qin Mu was furious, punching, and kicking the taotie. "Spit him out, spit him out now!"

The taotie was unmoved. After a moment though, it reluctantly spat the dragon qilin and the body parts out.

The dragon qilin immediately hid behind Qin Mu. The huge chest terrified him.

Qin Mu threw the body parts at Xing An's face and said indifferently, "Release them, take back your own body and you will live. Otherwise, you die. Fatty Dragon, Chest, let's go, let him think it over."

Xing An was silent. The dozens of limbs were beating him frantically again, trying to tear him apart and drag him to death, yet he was still unable to make a decision.

To deny the hard work of his whole life and to admit he was wrong—he still couldn't do it.

Yet he also knew about torturing a man's heart rather than cutting up their body. Even though Qin Mu's cultivation and abilities were far from his, he had already defeated him in the battle of Dao hearts. Qin Mu had completely crushed his Dao heart, and he couldn't fight it back anymore!

"Cult Master, will Xing An give up those divine body parts?" the dragon qilin asked as he turned back to look.

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "That would depend on his courage. If he returns to his corporeal body, he will only be able to live for a few more years, and it's impossible to say if he could become a god in such a short time. Yet if he doesn't change back, he will die of old age here. I also don't know—"

At that moment, a resounding laugh suddenly echoed. "Chi Xiu, I've heard my grand disciple has been captured by you?"

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