Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 50 - Little Fox Demon

Qin Mu was filled with gratitude as clasped his hands and bowed to the ground, "Thank you senior for your teaching. Junior will engrave them in my memory."

Gu Linuan smiled, "If you know gratitude then quickly cultivate and slay the soul of the mother dragon! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me."

Qin Mu immediately executed Secrets Of Elixir Heart. Secrets Of Elixir Heart requires one to see their dantian as a piece of field. To plow the dantian and plant sources of fire. When the ten suns rise in the sky above the dantian, they would nourish the sources of fire and strengthen them, turning the dantian into a furnace that’s blazing with raging sacred fire!

Once it attained a minor success, could one be considered to master the basic of elixir heart.

When the elixir heart attained minor success, one’s sword would follow one’s thoughts when they control sword, allowing the heart and sword to be as one.

It was easy to say but difficult to accomplish. To nourish the sources of fire into the sacred fire wasn’t that easy and to cultivate elixir heart was even more difficult, therefore elixir heart was split into nine transformations. As long Qin Mu can cultivate the first transformation, his skill in using qi to manipulate sword would surpass his previous ability and no doubt, catch up with the soul of the mother dragon!

"Hmm, your foundation is very solid!"

Gu Linuan was astonished. In just a short time, Qin Mu had already plowed his dantian and planted his sources of fire. The ten suns had also risen together and started nurturing the sources of fire.

This showed that Qin Mu’s cultivation was rather dense. If it was any other ordinary practitioners, they would probably have difficulty in planting the sources of fire much less making the ten suns rise. Only by consuming spirit pills and miraculous medicine continuously could one sustain their vital qi to plant enough sources of fire.

Qin Mu didn’t even need to consume spirit pill and miraculous medicine and was able to fill his entire dantian with sources of fire in one shot. In addition, he still had plenty of vital qi left to turn them into ten suns shining down onto his dantian. It was extremely scarce for people to have this kind of cultivation in the Spirit Embryo Realm!

"With his horrifying cultivation speed, he won’t need ten days or two days, just one day and he would be able to attain the first transformation of the Secrets Of Elixir Heart, slaying the dragon and freeing me out of here!"

Gu Linuan’s gaze wavered, "Such an outstanding young genius, I don’t really want to kill him just like this."

He gave a regretful sigh in his heart, "However the Great Ruins is the land gods abandoned. Even the bugs here are guilty much less the humans and they all have to die. Besides, I’m also hungry. I haven’t had anything to eat in the past fifty years…"

The time Qin Mu took to attain the first transformation was shorter than Gu Linuan had expected. It had already passed midnight and the sky outside gradually grew brighter as sunshine penetrated through the Surging RIver’s water and shined on the underwater dragon palace.

Qin Mu stood up and a thought flashed through his mind. Suddenly, his vital qi which was coiled around the Junior Protector Sword pierced through the dense fog with a swoosh, flying to and fro as swift as lightning!

Shii shii shii—

The piercing sounds of Junior Protector Sword sounded out as Qin Mu instantly control the sword to stab a hundred times repeatedly, dazzling one’s eyes.

Even though he didn’t know sword skills, just a simple stab from him was already much scarier than Qian Qiu, the disciple from Li River Sect which was known as sword sect!

Secrets Of Elixir Heart was indeed extraordinary!

Qin Mu once again expressed his thanks by bowing to Gu Linuan sincerely, "Thank you senior for imparting your skills. Junior will remember senior for as long as I live."

Gu Linuan laughed heartily, "You are also extremely talented to be able to thoroughly comprehend and cultivate the first transformation of elixir heart in such a short time. However, the little fox at your side isn’t as fast as you. Quickly now, manipulate the sword and slay the mother dragon!"

Gu Linuan was beyond elated. With his freedom in sight, even great experts like him can’t help swaying their minds by worrying about their personal gains and losses."

"This kid had such high talent and had also saved me, I somewhat can’t bear to kill him…"

At this moment, Qin Mu turned around and left, bringing the Junior Protector Sword out of the dragon palace as his body vanished in the thick fog.

Gu Linuan stared blankly and didn’t come to terms with what had just happened. Qin Mu had already brought the Junior Protector Sword and Hu Ling’er out of the dragon palace without even hesitating a step.

"You better come back!"

Gu Linuan roared in rage, "You broke your promise rascal! I had imparted my techniques and gave my sword to you, why don’t you slay the mother dragon?"

Outside the palace, Qin Mu’s voice sounded further and further away, "Senior, the mother dragon had indeed used the dragon bead to kill numerous practitioner that had entered this place, however, the dragon bead would only turn them into dry walking corpses. But, in the dragon palace, there are many corpses that didn’t die at the hands of the dragon bead as they had not turned into dry corpses and had become skeletons instead."

Gu Linuan was startled, "When did you discover that rascal?"

"I had discovered it the moment I entered the dragon palace."

Gu Linuan gritted his teeth and retorted coldly, "Are you really only twelve? A twelve-year-old boy could notice all these things? To understand what had actually happened? To also beat me at my own game without batting an eyelid?"

"Junior is only twelve years old this coming autumn. I’m only eleven now…" Qin Mu’s voice became softer and softer before vanished completely.

Vulgarities started to spew out loudly from the dragon palace, landing in the ears of Qin Mu and Hu Ling’er.

Hu Ling’er peeked her head out from his chest and asked puzzledly, "Young Master Mu, how did you know he had evil intentions?"

Qin Mu explained, "When we had just arrived, did you notice the numerous skeletons other than the dry corpses that had fallen out from mid-air when I used the monk staff to force back the fog?"

Hu Ling’er nodded her head. She had noticed the dried up skeletons wearing official robes being crushed by the dry corpses landing on them.

"The skeletons’ clothing were official robes."

Qin Mu continued, "Gu Linuan had said that he had brought numerous disciples into the Great Ruins for training and discovered this underwater dragon palace. His disciples should have been killed by the dragon bead but if that’s the case, the essence and blood in their body would have been sucked out instead, turning them into dry corpses and not skeletons. If they weren’t killed by the dragon bead then how did they die?"

Hu Ling’er suddenly came to realization and immediately replied, "Gun Linuan had a very peculiar black banner in his other hand! During the process of getting sealed, he must have used the black banner to kill his disciples."

When he was sealed in the mysterious ice by the dragon bead and was unable to escape, he knew he would be stuck here for a long time. Conflicts happened over and over again among the officialdom. Even though they were his disciples, they were all officials of Eternal Peace Empire and had no master and disciple relationship. These people might not even inform the Imperial Family to come rescue him. After all, an empty seat that belonged to the tutor of crown prince was always beneficial to everyone."

Qin Mu nodded his head, "Since the Imperial Family might not rescue him, he could either give up or go through to the end by absorbing all the essence and blood of his disciples to prevent himself from dying from hunger after being sealed for too long. However his method was different from the dragon bead of the mother dragon, it was more peculiar and had absorbed the flesh of his disciples as well, turning them into skeletons. Did you remember when we just entered the dragon palace and my monk staff had kept ringing?"

Hu Ling’er remember the time when she was prone on Qin Mu’s pants and was shivering tremendously. Qin Mu had even asked her to move her tail away.

I had thought it was the thoughts of the dry corpses that had affected the khakkhara monk staff, thus causing it to jingle non-stop. However dry corpses don’t have conscious so I thought it was the impure thoughts of the mother dragon’s soul. What was weird was when I reached Gu Linuan’s side, the monk staff stopped ringing so it would definitely not be the impure thoughts of the mother dragon’s souls and was Gu Linuan’s instead.

Qin Mu continued, "The reason why the monk staff stopped ringing was because Gu Linuan had no more impure thoughts. Since we have the khakkhara monk staff protecting us, he won’t be able to eat us so he would just have to use us to set him free!"

Hu Ling’er was flabbergasted. Only after some time did the little fox stammered out, "Y-young master, a-are you really only twelve years old?"

"I’m only twelve after autumn." Qin Mu gave an honest smile.

"You must be a fox demon too right?"

Hu Ling’er became excited, "You must be a male fox that had turned intelligent. The kind that’s extremely clever!"

Qin Mu began to grumble, "You had no idea how I had spent my childhood! Since young I have been swindled by a bunch of old men and old lady, even before I had come out for hunting, granny had tricked me to grab an egg from the chicken coop. There was a hen dragon inside which I had no chance of winning! After getting chased and beaten by the hen dragon wherever I ran, granny took the chance to sneak over and grabbed the egg!"

After a while, they safely passed through the pool and walked out of the dragon king’s temple.

Hu Ling’er raised the demon wind with her spell and Qin Mu traveled on the wind as they returned to the straw hut in front of the waterfall. Qin Mu was in a rush to return to the village so he bid goodbye to Hu Ling’er who smiled, "Why are you in a rush back when you are so dirty and smelly now? There’s a pool beside my waterfall where you can take a shower first. I shall wash your clothes and let them dry. Won’t it be better if you are wearing clean clothes? Furthermore, there are still some doubts about cultivation I have to consult you on."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and wanted to reply her, however, Granny Si cold laughter sounded from inside the straw hut, "Shower? Cultivation? Is it to pluck yin to nourish yang or pluck yang to nourish yin?"


Qin Mu was astonished and surprised, "Why are you here?"

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