Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 501 - Beating Up Grand Master

The past human emperors nodded, sharing the same feeling.

Even though every human emperor looked like they deserved a beating in the eyes of their masters, it was the first time they had met such a human emperor that deserved to be beaten by all of them.

The past human emperors were all top notch practitioners of their generations. It wasn't status that had commanded respect from other sects, but their abilities which were strong enough, sweeping away everyone in their age and rarely finding a worthy match!

Any human emperor which hadn't fought a few rounds with the gods of High Heavens would be too embarrassed to meet their ancestors after dying yet how many people were like this in a generation?

Yet, Qin Mu, against overbearing strong practitioners like them, actually said he was afraid of injuring them. He even said that their techniques and divine arts had already fallen behind times, so how could they endure?

Third Ancestor came closer while saying indifferently, "All the past human emperors are very haughty, and every one of them is overflowing with haughtiness after death, wanting to beat this and that. However, you are still the first one to say we are behind times! Human Emperor Qin, how remarkable."

"Disciple beating master is also common. For example me, I have beaten the old geezer before. However, to beat all the old geezers, Human Emperor Qin's voice is not small. I would like to see if you actually have this ability!" Fourth Ancestor said indifferently.

Third Ancestor gave him a dark look.

Second Ancestor's expression was imposing as he said, "Human Emperor Qin is a living person so how we fight is also another problem. However, First Ancestor has a treasure that should still be around here. It's called Between Life and Death, and it can situate us between life and death, which would be the most suitable to exchange blows."

The past human emperors all frowned. "First Ancestor is not here, so who can use Between Life and Death?"

Second Ancestor smiled and said, "As the disciple of First Ancestor, I'm the owner of Sacred Hall of Five Yang when he's not around, so I can naturally use it. Be quiet, I'm very familiar with this place, even more familiar than with my own home. Wait for me, let me fetch Between Life and Death."

Everyone was slightly curious. They had heard of Between Life and Death but never seen this treasure before. They had heard that it was because First Ancestor missed his wife that he crafted it to create a passage to Youdu so he could meet her there.

However, his treasure didn't have much use or power, so people that crafted these kinds of items were few in numbers. Yet using Between Life and Death for living people and dead people to fight couldn't be any more clever.

Not much later, Second Ancestor came back, and everyone saw that his hands were empty. They couldn't help being bewildered and asked suspiciously, "Second Ancestor, where is Between Life and Death?"

"This is Between Life and Death!"

Second Ancestor's sleeves trembled, and a long river flew out from his sleeves. The huge river flew out of Sacred Hall of Five Yang, becoming wider and wider. It stretched across several hundred miles and floated in the sky above Fengdu City.

Everyone hurriedly walked out of Sacred Hall of Five Yang where they saw a long river floating in the sky. It even had a flying bridge hanging above it. In the river, there was also a decorated pleasure boat that was berthed under the bridge.

Everyone cheered and exclaimed, "To meet with wife, First Ancestor actually exhausted immense magic power to craft this treasure! Go, go, let's go up to the bridge!"

Qin Mu also followed them up. The moment they stepped on the bridge, something strange suddenly happened—he actually saw flesh and blood growing on his body!

Upon coming to the living realm of the dead, the dead were revived and the living were changed into skeletons. Yet the river and the bridge could actually allow him to recover his flesh and blood. It was truly strange!

The past human emperors stood on the bridge, but they didn't shed their flesh and blood too. They still had complete corporeal bodies. From that, it was evident that this was the marvelous ability of Between Life and Death.

'When I controlled Moon Ship to become Moon Guardian, I had to withstand the suppression of the living realm of the dead while keeping a body of flesh and blood. Looks like First Ancestor's abilities are definitely much stronger than those of Moon Guardian!' Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration in his head.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's abilities were profound mysteries. He was no doubt an outstanding talent of Founding Emperor Era!

'However, this Between Life and Death isn't useless; instead, it's an effective implement!'

He blinked, and his heart pounded. He immediately thought of the greatest use of Between Life and Death which allowed Fengdu to interfere with the world of the living, to interfere with reality!

Between Life and Death could interfere with the world of the living and allow the gods of Fengdu to descend on the world of the living. Even though the surface of the river wasn't huge, it was still extraordinary!

Thinking about it, the gods and devils of Fengdu were in tens of thousands. If they descended on the mortal world, who could be a match for them?

'If Between Life and Death was used properly, it's an immensely powerful weapon!'

Qin Mu stood on the head of the bridge and looked at the river flowing toward Youdu. He could faintly see its darkness on the other side. The river was extremely wonderful, and it was obvious that it wasn't ordinary in any way.

In Fengdu City, countless gods and devils raised their heads to look at the huge river floating in the sky. It was gently floating and looked extremely elegant.

"Those human emperors again!" A god lowered his head to look away. He then spoke to everyone in the surroundings. "Ever since these fellows came to Fengdu, more and more of them showed up, and they're becoming more and more arrogant. They are a force of our Fengdu, but I'm afraid only those devils could be a match for them. No need to look, disperse, let them forget themselves in their fight."

"First Ancestor met his wife by sending this pleasure boat into Youdu to guide the souls of his wife out. They would then meet on the bridge." On the bridge Between Life and Death, Second Ancestor's face dimmed. "After the incident of their meetings being discovered by Youdu, the soul of master's wife was taken away by the messengers of death. First Ancestor actually didn't know about this and still stood on the bridge to wait for her, but he didn't see nor hear her for dozens of years. At that time, I had stood beside the river and seen him growing older day by day... Let's not talk about this!"

He roused his spirit and looked at Qin Mu. He chuckled and said with a smile, "There's still an Overlord Body here that says we are all behind times. It's time to let a younger generation know the immensity of heaven and earth!"

Qin Mu was endlessly astonished. "Grand-master, ancestors, you guys also know I'm an Overlord Body?"

On the bridge, the past human emperor all revealed strange smiles and said in unison, "How could we not know? Little Brat Su has told us all about it; we know everything!"

Qin Mu looked at their strange smiles and was bewildered. 'Do people all become so weird after they die?"

Human Emperor Qi Kang smiled with exultation and chuckled. "Little Brat Su said he found an Overlord Body for a disciple who is very powerful, matchless in this world. When we heard about it, we all said that you will definitely beat him to death after you die and make him die a second time."

Qin Mu was puzzled. "Why would I beat Village Chief to death?"

Other human emperors were afraid Qi Kang would let the cat out of the bag and coughed repeatedly. Human Emperor Qi Kang understood and smiled. "Overlord Body Qin, you said we are old, useless, outdated, behind times, can't fight, so now it's time for us to demand justice!"

"Grand-master, I had only said your techniques and divine arts were outdated, but I didn't say the rest..." Qin Mu immediately said.

"Tut!" Human Emperor Qi Kang gave a shout and leaped down from the bridge. He stepped on the river surface and raised his head to laugh. "Enough with the nonsense, let's fight!"

His aura burst forth, and seven explosions sounded out one after another. Seven divine treasures instantly opened one after another. His primordial spirit was incomparably powerful and stood upright on the divine bridge. Stars whooshed and gathered and transformed into a Milky Way to swirl around him. Below the divine bridge was the dark Youdu, and between the heaven and earth were the sun and the moon, five elements. They combined together to become seven stars, each with a god standing upright on them!

Below seven stars was the land formed by the spirit platform, and the six directions was already established!

Human Emperor Qi Kang was incomparably overbearing, and he raised his hand to seal his Divine Bridge Divine Treasure which then vanished gradually. He then sealed his Life and Death Divine Treasure, and Youdu vanished. He then sealed his Celestial Being Realm, and his primordial spirit vanished.

His aura weakened, but the haughtiness remained just as wild. As he stood on the river surface, visions of black volcanoes erupting actually formed behind him!

Human Emperor Qi Kang stretched out his right hand and formed a tight fist. He beckoned Qin Mu with his index finger. "Overlord Body Qin, come over eh!"

Qin Mu's heart started to pound as though he was delighted at seeing a prey. He couldn't suppress his excitement, but he still hesitated. "Second Ancestor, Third Ancestor, our human emperor bloodline doesn't have any three knives and six holes punishment for beating up our grand masters and ancestors, right?"

The past human emperors smiled. "We aren't a devil cult like Heavenly Devil Cult so why would we have three knives and six holes punishment? Just go!"

Qin Mu relaxed and took a step. Landing on the river surface, he said solemnly, "Grand-master, if I offend you..."

"Just fight if you want to fight!" Human Emperor Qi Kang shouted out and stepped forward with a punch. The visions of the volcanoes behind him instantly became extremely violent as they suddenly erupted. Flames blazed, and black smoke and ashes rushed into the sky. They filled the sky as the river started to boil!

The vibration from his fist power and fist will actually cause the river water around Qin Mu to rise up. It separated it into droplets strung in a line, gently vibrating up while flowing into the sky.

Human Emperor Qi Kang rushed into the river water that was flowing up with his fist becoming bigger and bigger, becoming more and more overbearing. His aura became even more violent!

Formation markings swirled in Qin Mu's eye, and the Milky Way in his eyes wrapped around the sun. He could clearly see Human Emperor Qi Kang's face colliding with the droplets of water and the process of the droplets exploding on his face and splattering out.

Blind's Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill!


Violent vibrations came from the river surface, and Qin Mu's fist collided with Human Emperor Qi Kang's fist. Their clothes fluttered backward. The magma and flames from the volcanoes by Human Emperor Qi Kang looked like they were suddenly snapped as they soared into the sky. They were sent straight back by a hurricane!

Human Emperor Qi Kang's expression changed drastically, and he felt an unbearable feeling in his chest. "Such sick vital qi cultivation..."

The river water that was flying in the air suddenly paused, and Qin Mu's fist changed into palm with his vital qi going berserk!

"Eight thousand swords!"

The droplets of river water in the sky were pulled over and transformed into fine swords. Eight thousand swords executed the seventeen sword forms, changing unpredictably to attack Human Emperor Qi Kang together.

Human Emperor Qi Kang's expression changed, and he rose into the air to retreat. His body fell back freely as though he was a swan goose flying on the river surface. He went up and down thrice, his body movements extremely strange. He avoided the transformations and attacks of the eight thousand swords time and time again!

Qin Mu took a step forward, his speed unimaginably fast. He raised his hands, and countless water droplets landed in them to form a long sword which slashed down.


Countless sword lights burst forth from his sword, and the swords that were like a storm drowned out their target.

Human Emperor Qi Kang gave a shout and rose into the sky. He waved his hand, and apparitions of palms filled the sky. Suddenly, the sound of swords breaking through the air rang out as the swords formed by Qin Mu swirled and sliced open his palms. Instantly, the two palms were like sieves.


Qin Mu's huge foot stepped heavily on the river surface, and a stream of river water soared into the sky like a water dragon. Qin Mu stretched his hands for a grab and used the water dragon as a spear, moving along with it. Countless traces of a spear stabbed Human Emperor Qi Kang who was in midair.

He was hung on the spear before being swung up by Qin Mu to be smashed ruthlessly onto the river surface. It exploded.

The water dragon spear in Qin Mu's hand dispersed, and he raised his hands high up toward the sky. Thunder and lightning crisscrossed to transform into a lightning dragon which struck where Human Emperor Qin Kang had fallen!

"Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force!"

Qin Mu raised his hand to throw a mudra out, and behind him stars filled the sky, forming the terrifying great overarching divine art force field. The apparition of three hundred and sixty gods appeared in the force field, all of them striking with their palms.

This strike had no sound.

The huge river trembled violently and warped in the air. This came from the three hundred and sixty different palm forces erupting at the same time, forming a distorted force field.

Qin Mu pulled back his hand, and after a moment, Human Emperor Qi Kang rose from underwater and floated down the river, passing by the long bridge of life and death.

On the bridge, the past human emperors stretched their heads out to look, then turned to each other in dismay. After a moment, Fourth Ancestor said softly, "About Overlord Body, was Little Su lying to us? Could this world really have an Overlord Body?"

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