Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 502 - Beating Up Ancestors

On the bridge, the past human emperors had weird expressions. Village Chief had told them that he had made up overlord body, which was a white lie used to motivate Qin Mu, this mortal body, to work hard. And they had believed him.

Yet at the same realm, Human Emperor Qi Kang was actually at a disadvantage from the first move. Afterward, he was beaten up to a point that no mortal body should be able to do with just hard work!

How could it be possible for a mortal body to rely only on hard work to beat a human emperor to such a point?

Because of that, even the past human emperors couldn't help doubting if overlord body truly didn't exist in the world.

On the bridge, Human Emperor Yi Shan's vital qi transformed into a huge hand and poked Human Emperor Qi Kan, who was floating downstream, with a snow white finger that looked like jade.

Human Emperor Qi Kang lay with his arms spread out and stared at the sky with wide eyes. He was motionless, and after being poked, he sank into the water before floating back up.

"Good disciple, have you accepted having been beaten by your grand-disciple?" Human Emperor Yi Shan asked while holding back a laugh.

"Damned old man, don't poke me, let me have some peace," Human Emperor Qi Kang said unpleasantly. "I'm just weirded out by the beating, not that I've accepted it! I just want some time to think about how I've lost..."

Human Emperor Yi Shan burst into laughter and rejoiced in his misfortune. "Still saying that you haven't accepted your defeat?"

Human Emperor Qi Kang flipped over and lay on the water with his butt facing upward, letting the current bring him far away.

Qin Mu couldn't help worrying and shouted, "Grand-master, don't choke on the water!"

Human Emperor Yi Shan laughed. "This brat is always like this when he loses. Ignore him, he's wiping his tears and don't want you to see it."

Qin Mu felt uneasy in his heart. He had beaten his grand-master until he was wiping tears in the river; this kind of thing was somewhat disgraceful. As a youth taught by Disabled Elderly Village, he usually respected the elders, but of course, Cripple and Mute didn't suffer a lack of beatings from him when fighting on the same realm.

"I may have been too heavy with my blows. Grand-master, my fist skills are actually inferior to yours, and I just relied on denser cultivation to overwhelm you, so don't be sad!" Qin Mu jumped on the head of the bridge and leaned on the railing. He stretched himself over and shouted to Qi Kang who was floating away. "I didn't mean to be so heavy with my blows! I saw grand-master's abilities being abnormally strong so my competitive spirit couldn't help arising, and I used my full power straight away. I rarely do that when meeting experts of the same realm nowadays."

He was slightly desolate and looked sorrowful. "After all, I'm the Overlord Body. I thought I could encounter experts on the same realm who could be a match for me, but who knew that grand-master's abilities were a little poor. But this isn't your fault!"

On the bridge, the human emperors held back their anger while watching the young human emperor showing a longing in his eyes as he looked at Qi Kang who was floating down the river. "If only ancestors and grand-masters could be part of the same generation as me, it would've been great.

"If we were born in the same generation, you guys could improve with me and be a match for me. It's a pity you guys lived so long ago and can't catch up to the generation of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and me when we're doing the reform. As a result, your divine arts, paths, and skills are behind times..."

The fists of the ancestors cracked, and they held themselves back fiercely from blowing up.

Human Emperor Lan Po hid her smile while gritting her teeth. The sound was horrifying.

Even though the brat's words were very humble, every sentence could anger living people to death and dead people to life. This made the past human emperors want to just press him down against the ground and beat him up!

"Overlord Body Qin, you have only defeated that brat Qi Kang and are already saying that our paths, skills, and divine arts are behind times. Isn't it a little too boastful?" Human Emperor Yi Shan's tone was stiff even if he spoke with a pleasant expression. "Come, come, let me teach you what divine arts are like!"

Qin Mu revealed a troubled expression when he turned around to look at this great grand-master that was only five feet tall. "Ancestor, the path you took was the path of the divine arts, and they are indeed very strong. However, by being so close to me, you've already died, one, two, three, four... sixteen, seventeen times."

Human Emperor Yi Shan couldn't restrain his anger and raised a ball of lightning in his hands while holding back his urge to smack the brat to death.

"When so close, the experts of Celestial Being Realm wouldn't be able to even take a move from me."

Qin Mu seemed to have no emotion as he continued to talk by himself. "What ancestor cultivates is divine arts. However, cultivating divine arts means you are lacking in regard to the corporeal body. Since we are so close, just the time of a sentence the ancestor speak is enough for me to kill you twenty-thirty times."

Human Emperor Yi Shan almost puked blood, and his face went black. He jumped off a bridge, and a cloud caught his stout figure up as he said angrily, "Rascal's tone is pretty arrogant! Let me pull our distance first before fighting then!"

The cloud below him feet lifted him up and went upstream urgently. After five or six miles, Human Emperor Yi Shan felt that the distance was about right.

However, he suddenly remembered how fast Qin Mu's sword skill was and felt that the distance wasn't too safe either, so he got three more miles back. When he remembered how fast Qin Mu's speed was and how easy he had caught up to Qi Kang earlier, he distanced himself by another two miles.

'I can't move back anymore, or they will think that I'm scared of losing to my great grand-disciple…'

Human Emperor Yi Shan looked back and since the distance was too far, the bridge had already become a fine line and Qin Mu was a dot on the fine line.

Human Emperor Yi Shan blushed. Running so far in a short while was indeed a cowardly act.

"Come down, eh!" Human Emperor Yi Shan had a steady heartbeat and his voice was vigorous; he looked exactly like Human Emperor Qi Kang.

On the bridge, Second Ancestor shouted, "Yi Shan, you've forgotten to seal your divine treasures!"

Human Emperor Yi Shan's face turned red again. He was too nervous and as a result, had forgotten to seal his divine treasures. He immediately sealed his three great divine treasures and shouted again in high spirits, "Come down, eh!"


Qin Mu jumped onto the river.

"Connecting Walls Tapping Blue Mountains!"

Human Emperor Yi Shan made the first move, and in his wide sleeves, his five stubby fingers were moving up and down. Instantly, over ten miles of river beneath his feet exploded, and water formed into blue mountains. The ridges and peaks piled up into a range while rumbling.

The huge river transforming into blue mountains might look beautiful, but this was a divine art that secretly contained a killing intent!

Yi Shan's divine arts had entered the path, but different from other people's divine arts, his wouldn't explode with power if they weren't activated. Only if one was inside his divine art, a slight movement could activate an overwhelming disaster!

The blue mountains that were rising fiercely instantly came to Qin Mu's side, and he couldn't help becoming excited. He was so excited that every speck of his vital qi was trembling, even more active than usual!

'This is... the source of Village Chief's first move! Village Chief's Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers is from this move of Human Emperor Yi Shan. From divine art to sword skill, Village Chief is indeed a genius!'

Qin Mu was beyond excited and couldn't help howling. "True Dragon Overlord Body!"

Too excited!

He had suffered numerous times under Village Chief's Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers back when he had learned this move for the first time. At the time, he had been defeated repeatedly under Village Chief's hands. Now that his horizons and knowledge were no longer like before, meeting the origin of Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers made him feel like he was competing with Village Chief once again.

He was so excited that he couldn't help executing True Dragon Overlord Body. His vital qi grew boundless, and every strand of it that leaked out of his body presented a different dragon form.

True Dragon Overlord Body was the strong corporeal body divine art that he had comprehended by combining the cultivation method of the dragon race from the true dragon's nest with Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His vital qi changed into dragon vitality which shook the surrounding space, forming all kinds of strange dragon markings. They looked like runes and talismans as they lighted up continuously on his body!

He was using corporeal body divine art to fight against a spell divine art!

Qin Mu rushed straight ahead. He stepped on the mountains while sprinting straight for Human Emperor Yi Shan who was over ten miles away.

Boom, boom, boom!

His fists and legs moved swiftly. Hundreds of true dragons danced around him and roared powerfully, smashing the mountains and rivers to smithereens. He let the divine art of Human Emperor Yi Shan bombard him, but it could not break through the defense of his True Dragon Overlord Body.

Human Emperor Yi Shan's expression changed drastically. The fellow was actually so powerful that he could use his corporeal body to break through the divine art. Yi Shan then immediately changed his divine art and attacked frantically while thinking to himself, 'Let me see how you break this! You are in for a beating if you come here!'

Mountains crumbled and transformed into rising waves. On the bridge, the past human emperors felt the raging fighting spirit from Qin Mu's corporeal body assaulting their faces with gales and fluttering their clothes.

"This kind of corporeal body divine art is even stronger than that of Second Ancestor," Third Ancestor said solemnly. "Tuo Yu, you're skilled in formation calculation and your attainments in algebra are unmatched in this world, so can you calculate where his flaw is?"

In Human Emperor Tuo Yu's eyes, countless formations lighted up and dimmed as he frantically calculated the arrangements of all kinds of dragon markings around Qin Mu's moving body. Based on them, he calculated the transformations of the dragon markings on his skin. From there, he calculated the vital qi circulation in his body, the movement of his muscles, and the operating method of his power.

He then calculated the operating path of Qin Mu's technique and the circulation path of his vital qi in his divine treasures.

The amount of calculation required was too much, and they were all complicated, but Human Emperor Tuo Yu was unruffled and had plenty of strength left.

He was the strongest formation expert of his era, and his attainments in algebra even won over the Dao Master of that time. As he debated with Dao Sect, none of them was unconvinced!

By then, the past human emperors had already seen how powerful Qin Mu was and speculated that they would only be in for a beating on the same realm. Being defeated was a small matter, but it was a huge matter when considering the humiliation of it.

That was why they had no choice but to ask Human Emperor Tuo Yu to first calculate Qin Mu's flaw so they could get a chance at a victory.

This was an act of helplessness.

"He has a flaw."

Human Emperor Tuo Yu's eyes lighted up. Meanwhile below, Qin Mu was like a hot knife going through butter as he sprinted straight for Human Emperor Yi Shan.

Human Emperor Tuo Yu said solemnly, "His flaw is at his human center. Wait a minute, it has shifted, it's now at the left shoulder, no, it's at the back now..."

"Where is it exactly?" Human Emperor Lan Po asked angrily. "Great grand-master, can you do it or not?"

Human Emperor Tuo Yu was about to speak when Human Emperor Yi Shan below executed his strongest divine art which was God Sealing Finger. It attracted everyone's gaze.

God Sealing Finger sealed the vital qi and primordial spirit by attacking the soul. This was the divine art that Human Emperor Yi Shan used to fight against the gods of High Heavens and even succeeded time and time again!

When he tapped with his finger, waves weren't raised and wind didn't blow. Qin Mu had already come before him, and the two of them were only a mile away; however, that strike reached the heart of Qin Mu's brows instantly, giving him no time to react!

"Nice!" Everyone on the bridge praised in unison. "A finger from god! Let's see how arrogant can Little Overlord Body still be!"

At that moment, the heart of Qin Mu's brows split apart, and a tiny spirit embryo appeared. It merged with his soul and transformed into a primordial spirit. Layers of formations swirled frantically in its eyes as the Milky Way coiled around and the sun erupted. Two rays of light shot out while humming. One of them broke through the God Sealing Finger by Human Emperor Yi Shan as easily as smashing rotten wood!

Such a powerful primordial spirit made everyone on the bridge stared down with their eyes wide open. They saw the other ray of light shoot toward Human Emperor Yi Shan's chest and broke through his body protection divine art, causing a flaw to appear!

"Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers!"

The vital qi around Qin Mu's body that was raging like dragons suddenly transformed into countless flying swords that drowned out Human Emperor Yi Shan. The imposing mountains and rivers made up of ten thousand swords rumbled loudly as Human Emperor Yi Shan was stabbed all over before falling headfirst into the river.

"Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood!"

Suddenly, the ten thousand swords merged, and the long river instantly seemed as though it was dyed with blood. Countless heads of gods and devils floated up, creating a terrifying scene of bloodshed.

Qin Mu shifted sideways and slashed down with his sword. Human Emperor Yi Shan rose from the sea of blood and floated downstream.

After a moment, the vision vanished, and the river water became clear again. Qin Mu looked at the bitter face of Human Emperor Yi Shan who floated away. The white-haired and plump elder stared at him with a look of dying with a grievance.

Qin Mu scratched his head and started, "Ancestor Yi Shan..."

Human Emperor Yi Shan made a splash as he flipped over to face down while his butt faced the sky and floated away silently.

'Found it!'

Human Emperor Tuo Yu's eyes lit up, and he said in delight, "His flaw lies in his dantian, the third one counting from the end of his backbone! That's the source of his flaw!"

"I'll go beat this rascal to death!" Lan Po was full of zest as she carried her basket while jumping down the bridge. She sprinted straight for Qin Mu with a smile. "Little Qin, let granny fight in spirit weapons with you!"

Human Emperor Tuo Yu hesitated for a moment, feeling that he might have missed something. Suddenly, he slapped his head and cried out, "I'm wrong! He only has three divine treasures and not four! He had merged Six Directions Divine Treasure and Seven Stars Divine Treasures into one! I calculated according to the circulation path of four divine treasures so the flaw calculated is thousands of miles away from the true flaw..."

"Say no more!"

The raging river calmed down, and under the bridge, Human Emperor Lan Po floated by with all kinds of spirit weapons from her basket scattered around. Bitterness was written on her face as she gritted her teeth while saying, "Say no more, great grand-master. The moment I made my move, I knew you had calculated wrongly!"

Human Emperor Tuo Yu's face turned red, and he looked to the other human emperors on the bridge. "I will not calculate wrongly now... What are these expressions? I really won't calculate wrongly now!"

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