Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 505 - Weak Old Thieves, Unable to Withstand a Single Blow

Qin Mu's face blackened. Only after a moment did he remember that he had no face to turn black.

Heavenly Devil Cult's tradition seemed a little different from what he had imagined. Not only was there no three knives and six holes punishment for assassinating a cult master, it was actually a kind of traditional 'virtue'. The cult masters treated assassinating the cult master to take their position as an honor!

"I never assassinated anyone. I was chosen by Heavenly Saint Patriarch who promoted me to the cult master," Qin Mu said while holding back his temper.

"Master! Master!" Cult Master Yu Lian waved to a young girl. "Little Cult Master is here, and he's a freak! He actually didn't assassinate the previous cult master and just stepped up to the position of the cult master!"

The young girl walked out of her palace and headed over to their side. She then said in astonishment, "There actually was such an incident? You didn't seduce your master, spoil their Dao heart, or make them lose to you in a fight?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "Nope. It was Heavenly Saint Patriarch who made the decision and passed the position to me."

"Spoiling the tradition of my Heavenly Saint Cult!" The young girl was charming, with two big silver and glittering earrings on her ears. But she had a slight look of disdain toward Qin Mu as she said, "Fighting with brains and brawns with the master is the fine tradition of my Heavenly Saint Cult, and you actually threw away this tradition! How boring! If you don't challenge the master, how can the next generation become stronger than the previous one? Your position as the cult master as not attained through proper methods!"

Qin Mu was flabbergasted and didn't know what to say.

The young girl should have been from Si Family, and according to the sequence of the past cult masters, she should be Cult Master Si Yuanwei, an ancestor of Granny Si.

Si Family rarely had a cult master, but there were still one or two. Si Yuanwei was one of them.

"I was originally the saintess of the sacred cult, but then I made Cult Master Fu Yun fall crazy in love with me and spoiled his Dao heart. Cult Master Fu Yun then sighed ruefully and said that the sacred cult would definitely be even stronger in my hands, so he enlightened me and expounded my wisdom. Yet you relied on Patriarch's assistance to get the position of the cult master, so you are illegitimately conferred!"

Cult Master Zu Yang sneered. "Grand-mistress, the one that passed the position to him is my little senior uncle, so now you know how wrong it was to pass the position to little senior uncle, right? Little senior uncle spoiled the long lasting tradition of my Heavenly Saint Cult after becoming Heavenly Saint Patriarch! This little cult master didn't get rid or even heavily injure the previous cult master and still had the face to visit us!"

Si Yuanwei's face turned slightly red. "I thought Little Wen Yuan looked handsome and would spoil my Dao heart, seizing the position of the cult master from me, so I never expect your master to assassinate me. However, Wen Yuan really broke my heart by doing such a thing. Isn't he already dead? We can then get him over to ask... Master Hu Jun, have you seen Wen Yuan?"

A bewitching handsome man walked over with a smile. "I've seen him just now. He was being bothered by a huge skeleton which said to come from the world of the living. It wrapped around him and wept, making him cry a great deal as well. He should be somewhere wiping his snot now. This is..."

"Our sacred cult's new cult master," Si Yuanwei said heedlessly. "His position of cult master didn't come properly! It was actually not fought for but passed down! How embarrassing!"

"Something like that actually happened?" Cult Master Hu Jun's face turned cold and he sneered. "Of course, each age brings forth a new genius on this noble land, and each generation is worse than the previous! The men of today have sadly degenerated, and even a sacred cult master's position is no longer even fought for. Do you have a firm hold of your empire?"

Qin Mu remained patient. "Fellow cult masters, I was supported by the hall masters of three hundred and sixty halls and the protectors and the heavenly kings. Only then did I ascend to the position of the cult master. Truth be told, the sacred cult has flourished more and more in my hands and far surpasses the past..."

"Big words!" Another few past cult masters walked over, and a handsome man sneered when he heard his words. "Flourished more and more? I've heard that Eternal Peace Empire is the one in power now in the world of the living. It has annexed the world so how are you making the sacred cult flourish? Are you going to betray the cult to seek glory, allowing the emperor to become the cult master?"

Qin Mu held back his anger and smiled. "Who is this?"

The handsome man spread open his folded fan and said, "You have not gone to Hall of Yue Guang on my Saint Arrival Mountain? I'm Cult Master Yue Guang!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly and said, "I've never paid my respects to the rotten woods in the halls before. On Saint Arrival Mountain, I only respect Woodcutter, Founding Master, and also the three kings. Other cult masters in my eyes are merely flies and not worthy of my respect."

"How daring!"

Another few cult masters came forward and Qin Mu looked over. All of the people were all handsome men and pretty women. It created an obvious difference between Heavenly Devil Cult and Hall of Human Emperors.

No matter if it was men or women, anyone could be a human emperor in Hall of Human Emperors since they didn't care about their looks, letting their complexions grow old. They would rarely preserve their youth.

But the cult masters of Heavenly Saint Cult were different. Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures had Seven Writings of Creation, and cultivating them could allow one to preserve their looks forever. They could even return their appearance back to when they were youths.

Qin Mu looked at the sacred cult masters. They were mostly young men and women who looked beautiful. Even the young patriarch looked young and paid attention to his appearance.

"Little Cult Master also most likely didn't pay his respects to me, Feng Qiangu in Hall of Qiangu, right?" Cult Master Qiangu walked forward and sneered. "Your position of the cult master was passed down and not snatched using your own strength. Your origin is improper and you still dare say that we are flies and don't deserve respect. What do you have that deserves our respect?"

"That's right, you are illegitimately conferred so how do you have the face to visit us and meet your ancestors?"

"You don't even respect the rules of the sacred cult and show no respect to us, your ancestors. Aren't you deceiving the master and destroying your ancestors at such a young age?"

"Little Cult Master..."

This continued for a while.

"Silence!" Qin Mu shouted in anger when he could no longer take it.

The surroundings became quiet.

Qin Mu laughed loudly and unfolded his robes to both sides while saying loudly, "When I succeeded the position, the followers' livelihood had been close to destitution, and there were many things waiting to be done. This was the mess that the previous cult master, Li Tianxing, had left for me. After stepping into my position, I reformed the merits and drawbacks, allying us with Eternal Peace to expel Buddhism and inflict serious damage on Dao Sect, causing these two big sacred grounds to concede defeat.

"I changed the laws and cleared the way, expanded the teachings, set up School Hall, founded Heavenly Saint Academy, gathered the paths, skills, and divine arts of all sects and cults in the world to correct the reputation of my cult!

"I've founded the eighteenth sword form and established the primordial spirit in Six Directions.

"The men of my cult are now located prominently in the ten thousand miles from the east to the west. The highest one is Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and the lowest ones are commoners and pawns. In all levels of society, there are people of our cult!

"With my cultivation of Seven Stars Realm, I've already achieved this much!" He looked around the past sacred cult masters of Heavenly Devil Cult and sneered. "What about you guys?

"Under your hands, the sacred cult had fallen into the devil path and was called Heavenly Devil Cult, being scolded and dismissed by everyone!

"What is called the path of the saint is none other than the everyday use of common people yet you had taken a perfectly fine path of the saint and refined it into the path of the devil, turning it into the devil cult. A saint has to established his virtue, his merit, and his ideas in writing, so what have you guys done?

"I respect Saint Woodcutter for imparting his scriptures on the rock and imparting skills to all ages.

"I respect Founding Master for expounding the wisdom of an ancient sage, founding a cult and establish his ideas in writing.

"I respect the three cult masters of Hall of Three Kings who sacrificed themselves in moments of danger to preserve the inheritance.

"But what about you guys?" Qin Mu sneered. "What merit have you established? What virtue? What ideas? Misinterpreting the teachings, cultivating devil techniques, making Heavenly Saint Cult have to carry the reputation of a devil cult! How do I have the face to meet the ancestors? Have the merits you guys established been as big as a finger of mine? Are you guys qualified to be cult masters? Qualified to be sacred teachers? I'm not here to find you guys, since you guys are mediocre and don't even possess the face to meet me!"

The surroundings went silent.

The sacred cult masters of Heavenly Saint Cult were even more numerous than the human emperors of Hall of Human Emperors, but most of them had died miserably so their cultivations hadn't been high enough to enter Fengdu, thus the number of sacred cult masters in Fengdu wasn't that much higher.

Even so, there were close to thirty cult masters gathered, and they were another huge force in Fengdu that few people dared to provoke.

Qin Mu's long speech had blown everyone's mind, and the situation had grown terrifyingly cold.

Suddenly, the young patriarch's voice reached them. "What's happening? Everyone's here! I'm late, I'm late!"

Qin Mu looked over and saw cold sweat on the young patriarch's forehead. He was hurrying over with the large skeleton of dragon qilin following closely behind him.

The young patriarch hurried over and squeezed into the crowd. The cold sweat on his forehead grew as he chuckled. "Cult Masters, how did a simple talk escalate into a quarrel? This is the current Heavenly Saint Cult Master, outstanding talent in the present age that holds to the teachings on the rocks. Cult Master Qin is here to find me, so let's go, go, come to my place for a seat. The disciples of the sacred cult had burned quite some good things for me."

The Heavenly Devil Cult Masters in the surroundings were motionless.

Cold sweat rolled down young patriarch's forehead as he tugged onto Qin Mu's clothes. He gritted his teeth and said, "Your words are too ruthless. Lower your head and apologize to the ancestors..."

"Apologize? There's no need for that." Cult Master Zu Yang laughed loudly and said leisurely, "Cult Master Qin's small body could actually explode with such astonishing words that were so loud that even the deaf could hear. We were all stunned."

The young patriarch's expression changed slightly. Cult Master Zu Yang seemed to be angered, for the more pleasant his smile was, the greater was his fury.

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Cult Master Zu Yang is trying to imply something so why won't he speak his mind."

The young patriarch was very anxious while Cult Master Zu Yang just smiled. "The cult master of Heavenly Saint Cult should be good in a fight and not talk with a glib mouth. Your position of the cult master was attained improperly, but since Li Tianxing is already dead, why don't we old bones substitute him to test you. Let's see if you have the right to be the cult master sacred teacher!"

The young patriarch hurriedly tugged on the corner of Qin Mu's shirt, signaling for him to reject.

"To fight on the same realm? Truth be told, I just beat everyone in Hall of Human Emperors." Qin Mu gently pushed his hand away and said with a smile, "All the human emperors of Hall of Human Emperors are top-notch figures and fighting them was tiring. As for fellow past cult masters, if we are fighting on the same realm..." His voice grew indifferent. "Come up all at once."

The sweat rolled down young patriarch's forehead like rain.

The expressions of the past cult masters changed drastically, and Cult Master Yu Lian chuckled. "Cult Master Qin is enthusiastic, but for us to go all together, aren't your too haughty? For example, let me first test Cult Master Qin's methods."

Qin Mu shook his head. "Your realm isn't enough. One realm as one heaven, one frame of mind as one pass. I stand on top of the pass while looking at all of you, seeing everything clearly. I'm asking all of you guys to come together because I'm respectful of the elderly. If Cult Master Yu Lian wants to fight me alone, wouldn't you be overestimating yourself?"

The young patriarch sighed and took in a long breath before saying solemnly, "Cult master sacred teachers, you have to keep your promises when you speak. Everyone seal your Celestial Being, Life and Death, and Divine Bridge, these three great divine treasures. As for whether you guys want to fight alone or go together, it's all up to you guys. Anyway, I'm not the sacred cult master so just do what you like."

Cult Master Yu Lian was the first to seal his three great divine treasures and take a step forward. With a shout, his devil technique burst forth. His Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures walked down the devil path, and he was truly a great master of the devil path. He had comprehended the paths, skills, and divine arts in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to the extremes of the devil path. Taking one step was a series of specters!

'Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures are merely an incomplete writing of my Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique yet it was still refined into the devil path by you.'

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes and struck out with a palm. He was fast as lightning in hitting the specters. "Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force!"


Cult Master Yu Lian flew back and created a human-shaped hole in Hall of Zu Yang. Next, a series of rumbles rang out from the hall. Cult Master Yu Lian had crashed through over a dozen walls and still couldn't stop. Finally, a mushroom cloud appeared ten miles away. It was impossible to say how many things he had hit before coming to a stop.

Everyone was yet to come back to their senses when Qin Mu moved and came to the back of Cult Master Zu Yang. The man's reaction was extremely fast, and he pounced forward, transforming into a shadow that stuck to the floor.

Qin Mu stomped the floor, and the ground split apart, creating a deep ditch. Cult Master Zu Yang's true body was shaken out from the black shadow form, and a knife slashed down straight at his face. He shouted in anger, and black tortoise body appeared. The huge shield split when it met the knife and he got blown away with two halves of the broken shield.

Qin Mu rushed into the group of the past cult masters and moved around like a phantom. Everyone was astonished, but they didn't waste time before retaliating upon sensing his attacks.

Bang, bang, bang. A series of explosions rang out when Cult Master Yue Guang's divine art hit Feng Qiangu's body, and Feng Qiangu's devil sword stabbed into Si Yuanwei's chest. In an instant, everyone was in a mess.

The young patriarch immediately moved back to avoid being caught by the fray. He then saw the ground splitting and shattering. The entire Hall of Zu Yang broke into pieces under the attacks of numerous divine arts, and the broken hall floated into the sky. Everyone was leaping around the debris. Their heads were sometimes up and sometimes down. Sometimes they were shadows on some pillar, and sometimes they transformed into flying or jumping beasts!

"What you used is Dao Sword of Dao Sect, you traitor!" A past cult master roared angrily as he suffered hundreds of swords. He then collapsed headfirst.

"Scoundrel, this is Great Thunderclap Monastery's technique!"

"This is the divine art of Little Jade Capital!"

"What sword skill is this?"

Bang, bang, bang!

Figures fell down while the shattered palace rose higher and higher. On the glazed tiles and the vermillion rafters, Qin Mu and Cult Master Hu Jun's bodies crossed. Qin Mu used Secrets of Seal Word to seal the five senses of his opponents. He then turned around and used Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands, and with a raise and lowering of his palm, he made Cult Master Hu Jun puke blood as he fell.

The glazed tiles of the huge hall split apart as Cult Master Yan Ji came over. But what welcomed him was a huge divine art from Qin Mu, Celestial Cave and Milky Way Hanging From Jade Heaven!

The ten thousand stars brought a terrifying palm force to descend from the sky, breaking through Cult Master Yan Ji's divine art like it was rotten wood. Qin Mu's palm ruthlessly smacked him down to the ground with a Milky Way.


In the air, numerous crumbling fences and dilapidated walls fell down, and the ground shook violently. Where numerous Heavenly Devil Cult Masters had landed, there was a huge palm that had an area of three to five fields.

"Weak old thieves, unable to withstand a single blow." Qin Mu landed on the ground and dusted off his clothes. He looked at the dumbfounded young patriarch and smiled. "Patriarch, let's go to your place for a talk."

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