Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 51 - Cult Mistress

"Why am I here?’

Granny Si walked out of the straw hut, choking with emotions, "I’ve raised you up with blood and sweat yet you ran away with a vixen without a word, leaving granny alone behind. You still dare to ask me why am I here? Now that you have grown up you rather have a vixen than granny! Little vixen, how do you want to die?"

Qin Mu immediately smiled, "Granny, you’re mistaken. I had met Hu Ling’er unintentionally and heard her bring up Surging River Dragon Palace, therefore, we had gone over to take a look. Because I was studying a real dragon inside the dragon palace, I had forgotten about my surroundings and ended up staying another two days inside."

"It’s not two days but four! Eh, you said you’re studying a real dragon?" Granny Si asked suspiciously. "The little vixen didn’t nourish herself by absorbing your vital qi?"

Hu Ling’er looked away embarrassedly and hid behind Qin Mu as she was also slightly afraid.

Qin Mu roused his vital and smiled, "Please take a look, granny!"

A deep and low dragon roar reverberated out as Qin Mu’s vital qi surged out, turning into a huge dragon coiling around his body. The two dragon’s claws fused together with his arms and as Qin Mu moved forward while giving off a punch, a loud rumble exploded out as the thunderclap burst forth.

Thunderclaps resonated out over and over again in the valley as Qin Mu gave off punch after punch!

"Green Dragon Vital Qi!"

Granny Si was incessantly astonished. She knew Old Ma didn’t impart Rulai’s Mahayana Scripture to Qin Mu. Without a technique that’s suitable for Thunderclap Eight Strikes, no matter how dense Qin Mu’s vital qi becomes, he would never have much attainments in Thunderclap Eight Strikes.

However now, Qin Mu actually managed to punch out the sound of thunder! With his fists like rolling thunder, the only thing missing now was lightning!

Without a corresponding cultivation technique in the Spirit Embryo Realm, it was almost an impossible task to actually achieve this step!

And that wasn’t the most crucial point. It was the Green Dragon Vital Qi!

The green dragon that had coiled around Qin Mu’s body was the Green Dragon Vital Qi which solely belonged to the Green Dragon Spirit Body of the Four Great Spirit Bodies!

This was the third attribute that belonged to Qin Mu’s Overlord Body!

By observing water and fire, Qin Mu’s Overlord Body Vital Qi had gained the water and fire attributes which corresponded to the Black Tortoise Vital Qi and the Vermillion Bird Vital Qi and now he also had the lightning attribute of the Green Dragon Vital Qi!

"Could it be that Mu’er had plucked the little vixen and nourished himself instead, boosting his cultivation? That couldn’t be it! I had never taught him the devil techniques of plucking and nourishing… What’s exactly is going on when he said that he had seen a real dragon?" Granny Si was puzzled.

Qin Mu returned to his original stance and the green dragon which was formed by his vital qi returned back into his body. From the dragon’s head to the dragon’s tail, it was vivid and realistic, just like a real divine dragon.

Qin Mu was also startled and delighted, he didn’t think that he could punch out the sound of thunder!

When the little monk, Ming Xin, had executed Thunderclap Eight Strikes and punched out the sound of thunder, he was beyond envious. Qin Mu could also punch out the sound of thunder by using the Devil God Mighty Force Mudra but he would use up much more energy.

The consumption of Thunderclap Eight Strikes was much lesser and while cultivating Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique which was better in battle, there was practically no consumption of his vital qi while in battle.

Punching out the sound of thunder meant that his power had progressed rapidly once more!

As he described his encounters in the dragon palace, Granny Si was entranced by his story. When she heard that Qin Mu had met skeletons that wore official robes and dry corpses, her gaze flickered and said, "There’s something weird going on with two different kinds of deaths. You must be careful when entering."

When Qin Mu talked about the young dragon and Gu Linuan who had been frozen in the mysterious ice by the dragon bead, Granny Si clapped her hands together and smiled, "There’s something strange with Gu Linuan this old fellow, the skeletons wearing the official robes must have died under his hands and got eaten by him! In the officialdom, everyone is vicious and greedy. How did you manage to trick him?"

Hu Ling’er was impressed. This old lady didn’t even see with her own eyes and had managed to come to the same conclusion as Qin Mu just by hearing his story, could she be a demon fox that had turned intelligent as well?

Qin Mu described how he had learned the Secrets Of Elixir Heart and took out the Junior Protector Sword.

Granny Si took the sword over to examine it and exclaimed in admiration, "The Junior Protector Sword is indeed one of the rare treasures in this world. The Eternal Peace Empire had forged sixteen first rank swords and among them were Junior Protector Sword, Grand Protector Sword, Grand Tutor Sword, Junior Tutor Sword, Grand Preceptor Sword, Junior Preceptor Sword, Three Ministers Swords, White Horse Sword, Crown Prince Sword, Commandery Prince Sword, Duke Sword, Grand Marshal Sword, Sikong Sword and Heavenly Strategies Sword which were conferred to Junior Protector, Grand Protector, Grand Tutor, Junior Tutor, Grand Preceptor, Junior Preceptor to the crown prince, the three ministers, White Horse Grand General, Crown Prince, Commandery Prince, Duke, Grand Marshall, Sikong and Heaven Strategies Grand General. Even though the Junior Protector Sword isn’t as good as an upper first-ranking sword, it’s more than enough to be used as a sect’s legacy treasure for other sects."

"It’s so valuable?"

Qin Mu jumped in shock and asked, "How valuable is this sword compared to khakkhara monk staff?"

Granny Si replied, "They’re about the same. Khakkhara monk staff have the blessing of Rulai and Junior Protector Sword is a first ranking official sword which carries the fortune of Eternal Peace Empire, having an extremely strong power."

Qin Mu asked, "He said that the sword arts of Eternal Peace Empire was the number one sword arts in the world but I didn’t learn it. I only learned the sword control techniques of Secrets Of Elixir Heart, was I right to do so?"

"It was the right thing to not learn, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor may be one of the best but Gu Linuan was one of our kindred devils and his sword arts might not reach the standard of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. You have to see whom you are learning sword arts from, no matter how great the sword arts is, if the teacher is bad, it would still be full of mistakes. Look at the little monk, Ming Xin. He had also cultivated Thunderclap Eight Strikes but because his master had taught him badly, he had a flaw in his throat."

With meaningful and heartfelt words, Granny Si said, "Therefore you must choose the best master when learning sword arts. Half-baked masters are a definite no."

Qin Mu was bewildered. Gu Linuan was, after all, a lower first-ranking official, the junior protector of the crown prince, was he a half-baked as well?

"I’m not going to kill you anymore, little fox."

Granny Si smiled, "Let’s go home, Mu’er. The villagers must be worried sick and thought you must have been eaten by a strange beast out on your first hunt. Only granny is smart and knows you had been smitten away by a little fox, therefore, I’ve been waiting here for you. That’s right little fox, granny had flipped through those ancient books of yours and written down a few notes for you. You can go flip through it yourself and avoid cultivating wrongly."

Hu Ling’er was embarrassed and hung her head down dispiritedly, "I can’t read…"

Granny Si was astonished and laughed, "What an honest demon fox. Seeing that you didn’t lay your hands on Mu’er and helped him chance upon an opportunity… Fine, granny shan’t lie to you. If you had followed the notes I had written and cultivate, you will definitely suffer from qi deviation and die miserably. That's the result of fooling around with my child!"

Hu Ling’er shuddered in fear and thought to herself, "Young Master Mu was right. The elderly in his village are all experts in swindling. They’re all old foxes that have turned intelligent!"

Not long later, they had reached Disabled Elderly Village. Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He had no idea when a village had appeared next to Disabled Elderly Village!

The village was obviously newly built and much larger than Disabled Elderly Village. It also had an extraordinary grandeur, giving off a luxurious feel.

Disabled Elderly Village’s houses were all made from ordinary mud walls and had thatched roof which would leak when it was raining. Qin Mu would frequently bring over a washbowl to collect rainwater in the house. Compared to the village that had suddenly appeared beside, Disabled Elderly Village had seemed to be much wretched.

Granny Si’s expression turned dark as she brought Qin Mu towards Disabled Elderly Village without a word.

This new village was right at the side of the village path and at this moment, all sorts of strange people started to walk out and standing at the side of the path. There were the old, the young, males and females.

Every time Granny Si passed by a person, the person would bow and greet respectfully, "Mistress."

Even elders with grey-white hair would also have to bow respectfully and greet her mistress with an extremely humble expression and tone.

Granny Si’s expression turned darker and continued on without saying a word while grabbing Qin Mu’s hand to Disabled Elderly Village. Along the way, Qin Mu was astonished and didn’t know what was going on as he heard "mistress" a few hundred times.

Reaching the village entrance, Village Chief and Apothecary were drinking tea. In front of them was a youth who was enjoying his tea slowly as well with an elder standing by his side.

"Mistress." The elder bowed.

The youth raised his head but his voice was unspeakably old as he calmly said, "Youyou, aren’t you going greet Patriarch when you see me?"

Granny Si’s body turned stiff as she stopped in her steps and bowed, "Greetings Patriarch."

Elder of Discipline looked at Qin Mu and revealed a smile, so much that his eyes were almost closed, "Mistress, is this your son?"

Granny Si stared at him and retorted ruthlessly, "Stop talking nonsense or I’ll tear your mouth apart! Mu’er was picked up by me. He isn’t my son!"

The Elder of Discipline gave an understanding look that made Granny Si itching to beat up him.

Apothecary smiled, "Granny, our good friends from Heavenly Devil Cult have been here for a few days and refused to leave as they have not seen you."

Granny Si’s expression turned even darker, "Mu’er, return to the village first."

"You too, granny," Village Chief said indifferently.

Granny Si frowned as Village Chief said softly, "Since you had entered our Disabled Elderly Village, you are one of us now. Your problems, we in the Disabled Elderly Village would take on with you."

The youth in front of him drank his tea and smiled slightly, "You are still as aggressive as ever, brother. This matter concerns our Cult Master, Cult Mistress, and our holy bible. Even if Disabled Elderly Village wants to take on this matter, I doubt you could be able to do it."

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