Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 514 - The First Primordial Spirit Assembly

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor pondered over it. After he was forced by Qin Mu to become the heavenly king of Heavenly Saint Cult, he didn't seem to have done anything much with his new role. It was always Qin Mu and Heavenly Saint Cult helping him without holding back.

Heavenly Saint Cult's ideology and his didn't clash. Since he had received its grace, he naturally had to repay the favor.

"Alright, I'll head to West Earth with a few elders, heavenly kings, and hall masters to recruit more talents for the sacred cult." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sent him out of his manor, but stopped him right after. "Cult Master Qin, as the cult master sacred teacher, you still haven't spent much time with the cult. You are always fooling outside and don't even have time to cultivate.

"Remember not to hold back your advancement in cultivation. In the era of great changes, the paths, skills, and divine arts are changing and seeing rapid developments. When I returned to Eternal Peace not long ago, I was also learning the new paths, skills and divine arts that appeared here. Cultivation is a boat going against the current, and you will fall behind if you don't learn. Cult Master, take note."

Qin Mu's heart moved slightly, and he asked, "You are already a god, but you still have to learn the new paths, skills, and divine arts?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor nodded. "Among the young experts in Cult Master's generation, there is no lack of people with ideas. For sword skills, I have already imparted the three basic sword skills I ad founded, and as for Cult Master's eighteenth sword form, I also imparted it,

"Just these four new basic sword skills were enough to create countless new sword moves. After the cultivation method of Six Directions Primordial Spirit was released, there were even more changes to the paths, skills, and divine arts. The new basic sword skills could only change the sword skills while the change in the cultivation system was much greater."

Qin Mu deeply agreed with him. Founding a sword skill was difficult, but it was even more difficult to change the foundation. When it was changed, countless people would gain a chance to create something new, and it was a great opportunity for them.

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu had founded Primordial Spirit Guide which changed the foundation of cultivation. When it was changed, there appeared countless new possibilities, and many people put their knowledge to work on this new foundation, making the paths, skills and divine arts take the leap forward. Like that, numerous great masters would be born!

However, Qin Mu also had to learn the new paths, skills, and divine arts.

"I suggest you go to Imperial College and the four big academies. Stay in each academy for a period of time and exchange pointers with the young people there."Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sighed ruefully. "The paths, skills, and divine arts see rapid developments daily, and the ideas of the youths are really endless.

"In just a few months' time, I've already grown old and fallen behind times, needing to learn from those youths. In the future, there will definitely be many more of the younger generation who can cultivate to the god realm!

"Two days before you came to the capital, Dao Master Lin Xuan led a bunch of young disciples to Imperial College to exchange pointers regarding paths, skills, and divine arts where I had also learned. When talking with him, I had quite a lot of thoughts and feelings. Yesterday, Rulai Ma had also brought numerous monks and demons over to debate in Imperial College. However, I didn't have the time to go."

"Old Ma is also in the capital?" Qin Mu was delighted. He then asked, "Imperial Preceptor, how many gods are there in Eternal Peace Empire?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was slightly stunned. "Why are you asking this?"

Qin Mu told him about what he had seen in Great Ruins and shared Dutian Devil King's guess. "The collision with the other world may happen tens of thousands of years later, but it could also happen tomorrow, so we have to make preparations. The more gods there are in Eternal Peace Empire, the better it will be. Or else, we won't be able to defend against the opponent!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor muttered to himself irresolutely before asking suspiciously, "You were able to enter the darkness?"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment before telling him the truth. "I was born in Youdu. King Yama said that I can enter the darkness of Great Ruins and not get hurt. I guess what he meant was that I may be a half-devil from Youdu."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor didn't think much of it and said, "If heaven wants to wipe out my Eternal Peace, there's nothing I can do. As of now, the emperor has crossed the divine bridge, and there are over ten gods in the borders.

"I told the emperor that all the gods must be recorded. He has already done that, but to fight against the devil world as dangerous as that, Eternal Peace won't have the strength even in dozens of years. If that day really comes..." He smiled and said calmly, "I'll pass all my responsibility to you."

Qin Mu's heart trembled, for he knew when he heard the determination of sacrificing one's life for the empire. "The devils have been attacking that world in the darkness for over twenty thousand years, so there's no reason that they would win against it tomorrow. Imperial Preceptor doesn't have to worry about it. Paving the roads is more important."

The two people bade farewell.

Qin Mu brought the dragon qilin and the chest to Imperial College which was much more bustling than before. There were quite a number of divine arts practitioners from all the lands, even the prairie and the ice plains.

Emperor Yanfeng had ordered the four big academies to split the pressure on Imperial College so River Tomb Academy, Surging River Academy, Li River Academy, and Heavenly Saint Academy were also flourishing. They had a lot of scholars, but compared to Imperial College, they still lacked some experience.

"Cult Master Qin!"

"Grand Chancellor Qin!"

News of Qin Mu's arrival immediately spread throughout the Imperial College, and Dao Master Lin Xuan brought numerous Daoists over. Old Ma also brought his monks while Gu Linuan brought imperial scholars to welcome him. His friends in Imperial College also came forth to welcome him. Qin Mu hurriedly greeted all of them in the bustling Imperial College.

"Grand Chancellor Qin was a scholar of our Imperial College's Scholar's Residence, and even then I've known that he was definitely going to be extraordinary and soar like a true dragon!" Gu Linuan's face glowed as he smiled. "Who would have thought that Scholar Qin would become the grand chancellor of Heavenly Saint Academy? Come to think of it, I'm honored as well!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Lord Gu, I've come to seek knowledge once again so I'm still your little scholar!"

Gu Linuan was greatly moved. "Lord Qin, don't say it like this! Come to think of it, we are old friends. Back when I met you at Surging River Dragon Palace, I already knew you were extraordinary; otherwise, I wouldn't have given you my Junior Protector Sword. That's what people call having a sharp eye for recognizing pearls, gifting the treasured sword to the hero. The fate between me and Lord Qin has started from Surging River Dragon Palace! Hahahaha!"

Everyone was lively, and Qin Mu paid his respects to Rulai Ma and Lin Xuan before exchanging conventional greetings with Wei Yong, Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong, and the rest. The devil ape was also among them so it was naturally incomparably lively.

Wei Yong, Chen Wanyun, and the rest had gone to train in the army during the past two years, and their cultivations had also improved rapidly. They had grown into people who could take charge of a section, and Qin Mu was happy for them.

There were also other experts in Imperial College that had long found success and went to other places to become officials.

The devil ape appearing in Imperial College was, however, out of Qin Mu's expectation.

When Xing An had created a ruckus in Little Thunderclap Monastery, Little Rulai couldn't take a worship from Shaman God Kui and his soul had scattered. Devil Ape Zhan Kong then led the monks of Little Thunderclap Monastery to Great Thunderclap Monastery as per Little Rulai's instructions. The journey there had been arduous.

When they came to Great Thunderclap Monastery, the arrival of so many demon monks naturally invoked quite a commotion.

As Little Rulai's disciple, Devil Ape Zhan Kong was on the same seniority as Old Ma. A human and a demon discussed buddhism on the golden peak of Mount Meru with countless monks standing below.

The devil ape's words were few, but every word he said was like a pearl. He only had three to five words in a sentence, but each one was shocking and made the men reflect deeply. He made the eminent monks on Mount Meru speechless to the point that they could no longer debate.

This lasted for three days until all the monks fell back in defeat. Luckily, a bearded general of Eternal Peace came up the mountain. When he went to the golden peak and took off his armor, he called himself Monk Ming Xin and debated with the devil ape for a few more days. Only then did Great Thunderclap Monastery gain back some face.

Monk Ming Xin didn't have many words, and all he talked about was about the life of people. He didn't talk about any classics nor any buddhist teachings. However, his words held deep meaning and made everyone feel that what he said was buddhism which was really brilliant and varied.

Their debate had shocked the world.

Old Ma praised the two of them for their eloquence and unfettered debate, then took the demon buddhist scriptures from the devil ape and recognized the demon monks as part of Great Thunderclap Monastery. The two houses merged into one.

This incident was a huge matter in Eternal Peace Empire and spread throughout all the sacred grounds and academies. It was known as the Dao Debate on Golden Peak and grew to be very famous as an anecdote for a period of time.

During that time, Qin Mu had been running from Xing An, so he hadn't managed to witness the happenings on Mount Meru. As for whether or not they were true to the legend, he didn't know.

This time, Old Ma bringing the devil ape and Monk Ming Xing, as well as a bunch of other monks over, was also a huge matter that shook the city. With Dao Master Lin Xuan bringing numerous Daoists as well, it could be said to be a grand occasion!

After the commotion, everyone sat down in Hall of Supreme Learning. When Qin Mu said he was there to seek knowledge, everyone couldn't help being astonished, and Gu Linuan had also thought that he had only said it out of courtesy before. Never would he have expected that Qin Mu was really there to seek knowledge.

Gu Linuan then immediately invited the divine arts practitioners from all halls in Imperial Preceptor to talk about their comprehensions. The Daoists and monks of Dao Sect and Great Thunderclap Monastery also came forward to talk about their own attainments. For a period of time, all kinds of never before seen divine arts, paths, and skills flooded the room, and even Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming endlessly in admiration. He was in awe at the creativity of these divine arts practitioners.

After two days, Ling Yuxiu and Ling Yushu came to the capital for debriefing. When they heard about what was happening in the Imperial College, they joined in to discuss the reform and new developments in the paths, skills, and divine arts.

After a few more days, the younger generations from the other four big academies had also hurried over. The scholars of Heavenly Saint Academy were led by Si Yunxiang. The scholars of River Tomb Academy followed Qin Feiyu who was the disciple of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, the directorate of River Tomb Academy.

Yuyuan Chuyu brought the scholars of Surging River Academy, and as for Li River Academy, its grand chancellor was Ba Shan. Li River was the farthest away, and a talented person was needed to build the academy up, so the emperor had appointed Ba Shan with that position.

The younger generation of the four big academies gathered in Imperial College, and it grew even more bustling. To everyone's surprise, Wang Muran, Mu Qingdai, and Long Yu of Little Jade Capital hurried over after a few more days as well.

Before they could even be seated, they heard laughter. "The moment I heard Cult Master has come to Imperial College, I hurried over, but I still seem to be late!"

Qin Mu hurriedly rose to welcome the newcomer with a smile. "Brother Xu, I hope you were well since the parting at Little Thunderclap Monastery?"

Xu Shenghua brought Jing Yan over. "I didn't hear news of Cult Master for a long time and seeing you well finally puts me at ease."

Everyone was seated, and Imperial College was extraordinary bustling. The divine arts practitioners of all the factions talked about their skills and paths, their cultivations and primordial spirits. All kinds of strange thoughts and wonderful ideas were voiced. They alarmed Emperor Yanfeng and the court officials so much that they came to listen as well.

Qin Mu, Ling Yuxiu, Si Yunxiang, Daoist Lin Xuan, Devil Ape Zhan Kong, Ming Xing, Xu Shenghua, and Wang Muran were all invited up to the stage to talk about their paths, skills, and divine arts. The collision of different types of thoughts and ideas intoxicated the audience listening below.

They all had unique attainments in primordial spirit, and by voicing all the strange thoughts and marvelous ideas, they provoked even more creativity.

"I've had a thought!" Qin Mu suddenly said with a smile. "Eternal Peace is becoming bigger and bigger, which makes it hard to communicate when we are located in the north, south, east, or west. However, primordial spirit can travel fast and move millions of miles in an instant. If we could communicate with primordial spirits, wouldn't that save us all that time of journeying around to meet up?"

His suggestion was instantly met with numerous approvals from the youths in the audience. All of them started to rack their brains to think of ways for different primordial spirits to communicate and voiced them without restraint.

Emperor Yanfeng and Duke Wei looked at each other in dismay. Duke Wei said, "They were still talking normally earlier, but now they've begun to talk nonsense. The primordial spirit moves too fast, crossing millions of miles in an instant, so it's hard to gather it together. It's hard to control the primordial spirit and even know where it has gone, so what talk could there be about communication in a specific place with it?"

Emperor Yanfeng smiled and said, "Let's look and see."

After a moment, Duke Wei and the rest stared with their eyes wide open, dumbfounded. In front of Hall of Supreme Learning, as everyone discussed how to draw various primordial spirits together, all kinds of techniques were easily created. This made Duke Wei, Emperor Yanfeng, and the rest of the older generation exclaim endlessly in admiration.

Qin Mu in the meantime was tidying up the ideas, and after a long time, he finally created a new technique on the foundation of Primordial Spirit Guide.

He imparted the technique to everyone which filled them with excitement. They immediately reconstructed Hall of Supreme Learning and added all kinds of rune markings in its interior.

"Everyone, let's go a thousand miles north, south, east, and west to hold a primordial spirit assembly!" Qin Mu said excitedly.

The ten million scholars in Hall of Supreme Learning rose with an uproar and left into the distance. The Imperial College instantly emptied out. Only the emperor and the officials were left, looking at the empty hall.

After two hours, Qin Mu's primordial spirit suddenly appeared, its body gigantic. His consciousness shook slightly as he stated, "The first primordial spirit assembly begins!"

Bang, bang, bang!

Primordial spirits instantly appeared in Hall of Supreme Learning, gathering altogether.

Ten million primordial spirits sat down in the void.

Outside, Emperor Yanfeng and the rest were speechless for a long time, staring blankly before themselves.

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