Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 517 - Blinded By Greed

Emperor Yanfeng rose in anger as his gaze flickered. "Return my wine to me!"

Xing An sat still with his hand clasping on the mouth of the wine jar. Emperor Yanfeng slowly stretched his palm out, but it was extremely difficult. Just a short distance took him the time of half an incense.

Beside the bonfire, Qin Mu, Xu Shenghua, and the rest were silent as they stared at their palms.

Xing An's palm was extremely stable, and his arm clasping the wine jar didn't move at all. However, the arm that Emperor Yanfeng stretched out was gently shaking, his five fingers trembling non-stop. The impact of each vibration sent to Qin Mu and the rest was hard to describe.

Every time his five fingers shook, it was equivalent to executing a divine art. The high concentration of his vital qi could be faintly seen transforming into incomparably fine flood dragons that were between the vein lines of his arm and palm!

Under his skin, there seemed to be a true dragon coiling and concentrating power. However, its power wasn't always in a tyrannical state, but was tightening and slackening.

What Emperor Yanfeng cultivated was Nine Dragons Monarch Technique that he had once imparted to Qin Mu. The youth had later comprehended another type of Nine Dragons Monarch Technique which he imparted to Ling Yuxiu that passed it to her father as well.

Emperor Yanfeng was also a peerless talent. His Nine Dragons Monarch Technique wasn't any remarkable technique at first, but he had improved it continuously and developed its power to the extreme, making it extraordinary in the end. So much so that the technique could be a match for the three big sacred grounds.

After receiving the technique from the true dragon's nest, he had erased all of his hidden flaws, and his divine treasures had become even stronger than before. The durability of his divine treasures had also received Xing An's recognition as he felt that they had already reached the god realm!

Now that he had crossed the divine bridge and stepped into the realm of god, his cultivation was also denser than before.

When Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu saw the power of the true dragon under his skin tightening and slackening in a regular pattern, their minds trembled violently, and they had many thoughts and realizations.

The Nine Dragons Monarch Technique that Qin Mu had imparted to Ling Yuxiu wasn't the complete true dragon's technique since he hadn't managed to read all of the dragon race's writings. After the help of the brother and sister of Bai Family, he learned the meaning of even more writings and took the technique to another level. However, after returning to Eternal Peace, he hadn't yet had the time to impart the more complete technique to Ling Yuxiu.

For Emperor Yanfeng to cultivate to this step with just an incomplete technique, Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was truly inconceivable! He had cultivated as though he had the entire path.

Yet even if Emperor Yanfeng's true dragon divine art entered the path, it was still difficult for him to move in front of Xing An.

Every inch was a challenge for him. Even though the transformations of all kinds of divine arts were hidden well by him, they were still inferior to Xing An's palm that was steady as a mountain.

Finally, Emperor Yanfeng grabbed the mouth of the jar, but Xing An suddenly flicked a finger toward his palm.

Emperor Yanfeng flicked a finger up as well, and their fingers collided. A slight breeze could be heard moving in the wine jar as though the motion raised by their fingers.

At the mouth of the jar, the two fingers were quick as shadows, exchanging countless blows at a rapid speed.


Emperor Yanfeng's expression changed as his middle finger was broken.

He endured the pain and released his palm with a smile on his face. He slowly fell back and said, "Since senior brother loves the wine so much, I shall gift it to him."

Xing An placed the wine jar down nonchalantly and said, "My liquor tolerance is low and I'm already done."

When the wine jar was placed down by him, Hu Ling'er's wine addiction was aroused, and she walked over to get a whiff of it. She said with a smile, "Since you guys don't want to drink, let me have a taste."

Suddenly, she heard soft wind moving within the wine jar and looked into it. The wine was swirling inside as something seemed to be moving around in it and fighting.

She moved her small head closer to the mouth of the jar to examine it in detail when someone suddenly caught her by her collar, lifting her up.

Qin Mu pulled her back and placed her beside the bonfire. He shook his head and said, "Don't look, it's dangerous. If you want wine, I can get Yuxiu to bring a few jars for you."

"Young master, inside the jar..."

"Is very terrifying." Qin Mu sneaked a glance at the surroundings and said quietly, "There are too many people here. I'll poke it later and show you. It'll definitely be magnificent."

Hu Ling'er couldn't contain her excitement and looked continuously at the wine jar.

The wind within it became louder and louder, which only spiked her curiosity. She kept on raising her head, unable to wait

The fragrance from the wine jar also seemed to be getting thicker and thicker.

Emperor Yanfeng returned to the banquet, and Grand General of Heavenly Strategies came forward to ask, "Your Majesty, is it time to make a move?"

Emperor Yanfeng's brows raised slightly. "You sensed it?"

Grand General of Heavenly Strategies nodded. "A very powerful person. Did Your Majesty clash with him? Let me call Duke Wei over."

By the time he said that, Duke Wei had already appeared behind him and began speaking in a low voice. "When Your Majesty was making a move, old minister felt an abnormal motion from underground; your divine arts had shaken the ley lines. That person had to be very strong, Your Majesty..."

Emperor Yanfeng shook his head, "Don't bother about it. The person was Xing An, and he's temporarily not a threat. However..." He hesitated for a moment. "It's going to be hard on Minister Qin, who is a truly loyal subject. To delay Xing An, he was willing to keep that man by his side. Never did I expect for a Heavenly Devil Cult Master to be so heroic and courageous."

He sighed repeatedly.

"Cult Master said there's a big business?" Si Yunxiang asked while blinking at Qin Mu, "Can we get rich?"

Hu Ling'er was paying attention to the jar of wine from which she smelled a fragrance which made her crave it. However, when she heard the two words get rich, her head didn't move, but her whole body did. She then slowly twisted her small head around. "Big business? Get rich? Young master, what business is it?"

"My trip to Fengdu with Senior Brother Xing An has given me a treasure called Between Life and Death. It can link Fengdu and the world of the living."

Qin Mu took a glance at Xing An. This expressions of this man who had always been calm changed drastically at that moment. It was obvious that he had recalled his humiliation in Fengdu.

Qin Mu gave a slight smile and said, "The business I want to do is in the world of the living. There are numerous primordial spirits of gods and devils in Fengdu who may be dead, but who are still living well in Fengdu. Some of these gods and devils still haven't had their wishes fulfilled, but are stuck in Fengdu and unable to leave. Because of that, most of them would be willing to pay a big price for the people in the world of the living to do stuff for them.

"There are many things I have to do so I don't have much time, which is why I want to use this treasure to open a path for divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace to accept missions from the dead. This is a training and also cultivation. They could even get rich from it."

He smiled and said leisurely, "The gods and devils of Fengdu can even impart techniques and divine arts to divine arts practitioners who had completed their wishes or pay them in Fengdu gold coins to enter Fengdu. What concerns me, I plan to take a travel fee from the divine arts practitioners that enter Between Life and Death to cover my expenses."

"Techniques and divine arts of gods and devils?" The faces of everyone beside the bonfire changed in unison, and their hearts all shook.

They didn't know what Fengdu gold coins were, but the techniques and divine arts of gods and devils were definitely something that moved their hearts!

One had to know that Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was a technique that could turn one into god or a devil, and this kind of technique was the bible of Heavenly Devil Cult.

The Dao Sword of Dao Sect and Rulai's Mahayana Sutra were also techniques that could turn one into a god or a buddha, which was why they could become the big sacred grounds.

Even if the techniques and divine arts of the gods and devils in Fengdu were inferior to those of the three big sacred grounds, they were still no small matter!

"Ever since Cult Master Qin established divine bridge's space algebra model and spread Secrets of Magpie Bridge, Secrets of Mysterious Guide, and Secrets of Divine Crossing, the divine bridge is no longer the biggest obstruction to becoming a god," Long Yu said.

"Not having techniques of the god realm is the true obstruction! Truth be told, these few days, there were quite a number of old seniors that had come to Little Jade Capital to seek techniques, but what we have in my Little Jade Capital is at most of Divine Bridge Realm. There are no techniques above them."

Dao Master Lin Xuan nodded and said, "Our Dao Sect also doesn't have the god technique of Pre-Celestial Supreme Mystery Technique. These words from Cult Master Qin have moved my heart."

The biggest problem for the strong practitioners in Eternal Peace Empire was that once the impassable path was paved, they didn't have any techniques they could cultivate and they didn't know how to continue.

If Qin Mu could really use Between Life and Death to link both worlds together and allow them to receive techniques of the realms beyond, it would be an immeasurable merit. It would be worth it no matter how much money he asked!

Even Xing An was slightly moved. However, thinking about how Fengdu suppressed him, he could only give up on that thought.

'These younger generations, if they can really receive the techniques after god realm, it'll be hard to tell if I'll be the one taking their body parts or if they'll be the ones dispersing my souls when the time comes.'

His gaze flickered, and at that moment, his murderousness had indeed awakened for a second. However, he was still a great master, so he suppressed it in no time.

Si Yunxiang and Hu Ling'er's breathing became heavy, and their eyes turned bright. The same thought appeared in both of their minds: 'We're getting rich! Our wealth will rival the empire's! 'Once Between Life and Death is set up, even the emperor won't be able to resist taking a trip to Fengdu!'

Hu Ling'er raised her two furry ears and flicked them back and forth in excitement. "Young master, how much should we charge the emperor?"

Si Yunxiang also was filled with excitement. "The old immortals of Little Jade Capital, the monks of Great Thunderclap Monastery, the old Daoists of Dao Sects are all plump lambs waiting to be slaughtered!"

Monk Ming Xin, Daoist Lin Xuan, Wang Muran, and Ling Yuxiu's faces turned green. Before they could even say anything, Si Yunxiang and Hu Ling'er looked each other in the eyes and remembered something at the same time. They asked in unison, "Young master, if we are collecting money from the world of the living, what about the world of the dead? We can also collect money there!"

"Blinded by greed! You two are not generous at all! Leave some income for other people," Qin Mu said while shaking his head. "I had handed the collection of money there to the past human emperors of Hall of Human Emperors. The income is theirs, so you can forget about it."

Si Yunxiang and Hu Ling'er were slightly disappointed. Hu Ling'er's tails that had stood straight moments ago drooped down. However, when she thought of how she was going to get rich, her tails went up once more.

The sky started growing white, and the banquet was dispersed.

Qin Mu waited for everyone on the mountain to go back before pulling Hu Ling'er to run a distance away from the wine jar. He then tossed a small stone inside it.

The stone fell into the wine jar, but for a moment there was no reaction.

Hu Ling'er grew suspicious. "Young master, could you have been wrong?"

Qin Mu shook his head and turned to look at Xing An who was beside him. "Senior Brother Xing An, this jar..."

"Is being suppressed by mem," Xing An said indifferently. "If you want to release the power inside it, I can do as you wish. How many such jade mountains are there in your Imperial College?"

"Don't release it!" But by the time Qin Mu began saying that, Xing An had already released his magic power and was looking at him with a strange smile. "Great Divine Physician, I also hold grudges."

Qin Mu felt his hair stand up on ends and pulled onto Hu Ling'er to run away. "We can't stay in the capital anymore. The emperor is definitely going to behead me. Let's go, now!"

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