Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 52 - Sold For A Good Price

Village Chief raised his eyebrows and said, "If we end up in a life and death struggle, I’m afraid the Heavenly Devil Cult would have to suffer a great loss right? So why must we put pressure and be hard on each other? If the strength of your cult was to be cut greatly because of us disabled elderly, I bet the Imperial Preceptor would be glad to see it happen and take the chance to bring the Heavenly Devil Cult into his hands. What do you think?"

The young patriarch nodded, "Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is indeed looking for a chance to subdue our cult and make us pay allegiance to the Imperial Family. However, with the holy bible of our sacred cult missing and our sacred cult master being killed, we are no different from an exterminated cult. If brother remains obstinate, I’m afraid the little village which brother is protecting would have to clash with our sacred cult. Unfold the flags!"

The Elder of Discipline beside him bowed and replied, "Yes, Patriarch. Unfold the flags!"

All three hundred and sixty hall masters took out huge flagpoles and unfolded their flags with a swish, letting the flags fluttered with the wind.

Qin Mu took a look and saw the three hundred and sixty flags becoming wider and wider. Every flag had an area of seven ares.

"Put away the flags," the youth said.

Elder of Discipline shouted, "Put away the flags!"

The huge flags were put away and as the surfaces of the flags vanished, Qin Mu saw tens of thousands of divine arts practitioners behind the flags. Each and every one of them had an imposing appearance and stood upright like spears. Without making a sound, they gave off a sense of incomparable austere!

Village Chief sighed, "The Teleportation Flag of Heavenly Devil Cult surely lives up to its name. Just by unfolding and putting away the huge flags, tens of thousand divine arts practitioners had directly entered Great Ruins. It’s no wonder why Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wants to subdue the Heavenly Devil Cult for himself. If he was to obtain the divine arts of Heavenly Devil Cult, Eternal Peace Empire’s army would sweep the whole world and conquer all the countries!"

Young patriarch sighed, "Without a cult master, our sacred cult is merely like a sheet of loose sand today. For the past forty years, our Heavenly Devil Cult has been in a more and more precarious situation. I reckon that the Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would be unable to bear it anymore and lay his hands on our cult. You and I are the same. We’re both getting old and have not much days left. Now I could only hope that we can choose an outstanding new cult master."

Village Chief’s gaze flickered and said, "And so the cult mistress who had killed the old cult master on their wedding night is your best candidate?"

Young patriarch nodded his head with a bitter smile, "Brother, you should also know how hard it is to choose an outstanding cult master with wise. There may be a lot of followers in our Heavenly Devil Cult but not many are capable of taking over the role of cult master. Furthermore, for one to be able to match up to Cult Mistress is even impossible. Having no alternatives left, we could only search for Cult Mistress and welcome her back to the cult to take over the role as cult master."

Village Chief looked at Granny Si with his head aching, "I have heard that this cult mistress had killed your cult master, Li Tianxing, so why do you want her to assume the role of cult master instead of seeking revenge for the old cult master? Isn’t a huge disgrace to your cult when your cult master was killed?"

The eyes of young patriarch brightened as he smiled, "Brother, don’t forget that we are a devil cult and can’t be surmised with logic. Since the new cult master had killed the old cult master, it just means that the new cult master is more capable therefore we naturally have to support her!"

Village Chief, as well as Qin Mu and Apothecary who were by the side, had queer expressions. There’s actually such a rule in Heavenly Devil Cult?

"Is there such a rule, granny? Apothecary asked.

Granny Si nodded her head in a daze.

Apothecary can’t help asking, "Since there’s this rule, why didn’t you stay in Heavenly Devil Cult to be the new cult master after killing the old cult master?"

Granny Si replied with acerbity, "After I had killed him, I had no face to remain in Heavenly Devil Cult. If I remained there, the devil in my heart would get worse."

Apothecary still didn’t understand. From his understanding, it was already difficult to understand why Heavenly Devil Cult had spent forty years to look for the enemy that had killed the cult master to be the new cult master. It was even much more difficult to understand why Granny Si still had to hide and avoid them.

Village Chief gave a slight smile and told the young patriarch, "If granny doesn’t want to go with you, you can’t take her away."

Young patriarch frowned, "I will be bringing back both Cult Mistress and the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures."

Both men stared at each other.

Village Chief raised his teacup to see the visitor out, "If the visitors don’t leave, I guess I’ll have to exterminate them. There are too many people in Heavenly Devil Cult so I wouldn’t be making coffins for them. The people from our generation are getting lesser and lesser. I really can’t bear to do this."

Young patriarch raised his teacup and drank it all before placing it back down, rising from his chair, "Same goes for me. However there are lesser people in your village, I can arrange for the coffins."

"Hold it!"

Granny Si suddenly spoke and smiled, "Village Chief, Apothecary, return to the village first. I’ll have a talk with Patriarch! If things go sour, we’ll then have a life and death struggle. If things go well, isn’t it great that everyone is happy?"

Village Chief gave Granny Si a glance and she smiled back, "Don’t worry, at most I’ll just be abducted by them."

Village Chief nodded his head, "Apothecary, Mu’er, we shall go back first."

Granny Si waited for them to return to the village before sitting down in front of the young patriarch and commanded, "You may withdraw, Discipline."

"Yes, Mistress."

Elder of Discipline bowed and slowly withdrew.

With her bright eyes, Granny Si looked at the young patriarch as he sighed, "You were originally our cult saintess. Your magnificent aptitude was also peerless in your generation. I actually objected when Li Tianxing had wanted to marry you."

"But you didn’t stop him."

Granny Si sneered, "Li Tianxing is my master, and it is against the ethics of a human relationship for a master to marry his disciple. Our sacred cult claims ourselves to be saints and yet are we throwing away the ethics of human relationship?"

Young patriarch frowned, "I knew something was wrong when Li Tianxing wanted to take you as his disciple. I was afraid the more time he spent with you, he would be completely smitten by you and lose his wisdom. And as expected, he was so smitten by you that he discarded his old wife that had been married to him for a few hundred years just to marry you."

Granny Si grinded the remnants of her teeth and chuckled, "If you know that he’ll be smitten by me then why did you let him take me as his disciple? You should be the one taking me as your disciple, Patriarch! If I was your disciple, all these things wouldn’t have happened!"

"I was afraid the more time I spent with you, I would be smitten as well."

Young patriarch gave a bitter smile, "When I first saw you, you were only thirteen years old yet my heart pounded violently for a few beats. It was then I knew I couldn’t take you as my disciple. I was already old, I didn’t want my famed reputation in my lifetime to be ruined in your hands. I would be mocked by everyone if a master ended up loving his disciple."

He gave a sigh and continued, "It’s rare for people to not be smitten by you once they see your true appearance. The longer they spend time with you, the deeper they sink."

Granny Si continued to grind her teeth and asked with a vague smile on her lips, "If that’s the case, why do you still want me to be the cult master? Aren’t you afraid I would ruin the sacred cult?"

Young patriarch replied, "You’re the best candidate. I also feel that you, being a femme fatale, would definitely raise a havoc in our sacred cult when you become the cult master. For the past forty years, while searching for you, we had also found a few youths with outstanding talents however they were all not as good as you. They were all still slightly lacking to be the cult master."

He gave another sigh and continued depressedly, "Once you’ve seen the best, you’ll always feel something is lacking when you see other good ones."

"I’ll not go back."

Granny Si grinned, "But I can return you a cult master which comes along with the cult’s legacy holy bible, Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures."

Young patriarch’s expression wavered as he asked, "Return us a cult master? What do you mean by that?"

In the Disabled Elderly Village, Qin Mu, Village Chief, Apothecary and the rest gazed steadily at every action Granny Si and Devil Cult Patriarch made. It was surprisingly unexpected when both of them seemed to have an enjoyable conversation as they heard laughter and chattering.

As Granny Si and Devil Cult Patriarch were talking, Granny Si suddenly looked back to the village which was followed by Devil Cult Patriarch who revealed a smiled before turning around to say something to granny.

After a while, Granny Si walked back into the village with small steps and smiled, "It’s done."

"It’s done?"

Everyone had a queer expression. Cripple who was suspicious asked with his face brimming with smiles, "When do we start fighting?"

"There’s no need to fight."

Granny Si gave a few blinks, "However they will be staying here for a short while and leave after a few days."

Everyone became stern. For the Heavenly Devil Cult to leave only after a while, what exactly are they planning?"

Granny Si grinned and continued, "Old Ma, Mu’er said his Overlord Body Vital Qi had the attribute of Green Dragon, you can check if he had any improvement."

"The Overlord Body Vital Qi can imitate Green Dragon Vital Qi as well?" Old Ma was astonished. "Mu’er, quickly come here to spar with me!"

Qin Mu immediately went over.

As Apothecary looked at the two people exchanging blows, he shifted over to Granny Si and whispered, "Granny, did you sold Mu’er?"

Granny Si gave a few innocent blink and replied unflinchingly, "Why do you say that? How would I sell Mu’er?"

"How much did you sold him for?" Cripple came forward and asked curiously.

"Devil Cult Young Cult Master."

Granny Si was decrepit as she sighed, "Let them put a title on him first. I will be giving away the cult’s legacy devil bible, Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures as well. They’ll see how well he grows in the future. If it’s pleasing enough then he would officially be the sacred cult master. How’s this price?"

Cripple’s eyes lit up and his breathing became ragged, "Such a good deal? Why didn’t you find me earlier, granny? You can sell me instead!"

Granny Si smiled, "It’s easy if you want to be the sacred cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult. You just have to take a walk in the neighboring village and meet all three hundred and sixty hall masters as well as Twelve Cult Protector Elders, Left and Right Guardians, Four Great Cult Heavenly Kings, Eight Great Inspectors and a Devil Cult Patriarch."

Cripple’s face turned as white as ashes, "For Mu’er to become the young cult master, he will also have to suffer one round in the village next door?"

Granny Si sighed helplessly, "They want to check the goods first. Without checking the goods, how would they be at ease to make him the young cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult?"

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