Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 522 - I can!

A few more books were destroyed, and Qin Mu's anger reached its breaking point. First Ancestor Human Emperor didn't treat the efforts of the past human emperor as a thing. The efforts of Village Chief, Human Emperor Qi Kang, and the rest were being destroyed like they were nothing in his hands!

Qin Mu's vital qi shook and suddenly exploded. The scarlet red vital qi transformed into a sea of blood with countless corpses of gods and devils drifting within it.

The second form of Village Chief's sword picture, Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood!

His sword skill was different from that of Village Chief. He had incorporated eighteen sword forms into this move instead of the fourteen. Besides the inferior mood and some flaws, the power of his sword skill had already far surpassed that of Village Chief.

Just as he executed it, First Ancestor's figure rose from the sea of blood. His sword skill split apart the sea of blood, paving a way for him. The corpses of gods and devils danced and became his helping hands as they pounced on Qin Mu.

Bang, bang, bang!

Streaks of blood rand down Qin Mu's body as he flew back. They came from the injuries inflicted by First Ancestor's stabs.

He crashed heavily against a wall of Hall of Human Emperors before sliding down and collapsing on the ground.

The dragon qilin was furious and roared loudly, then pounced at First Ancestor Human Emperor.

The man's five fingers moved. When they spread out, runes burst forth and formed a runic seal that was about three yards big and sealed the dragon qilin's wide mouth.

The qilin true fire in the dragon qilin's mouth was instantly blocked, and he got sent against a wall by a sweep of a sleeve.

The chest rushed forward with its cover open, planning to swallow the man up. First Ancestor Human Emperor tapped the chest with a foot and sent it straight at the dragon qilin who had been sliding down the wall. The two of them tumbled out of Hall of Human Emperors and rolled down the steps.

"You should have seen it now. Your so-called overlord body, your so-called lineage of Founding Emperor, they are nothing more than empty names."

First Ancestor waved his hand and a bookshelf flew into the air. The books in it fell out, and with a sweep of his sleeves, the efforts of the past human emperors turned into paper butterflies.

First Ancestor had an indifferent expression. "These books are just like you, nothing at all. No matter how hard you work, it's useless. So why struggle? Why continue to struggle, to fight for that laughable dream of yours?"

Qin Mu stood up, and his ten fingers moved up and down, tapping on the wounds around his body to seal them up. He then rushed toward First Ancestor once more. "If you couldn't do something, it doesn't mean that I won't be able too! Seal!"





He rushed over frantically and executed Human Emperor Kong Xian's Spell with Words. The word seal appeared beneath First Ancestor Human Emperor's feet, and the word forbid brought him in. The word fix appeared in front of his face, and the word river was like a flood dragon coiling around him. Last came the word mountain which pressed down on his head.

Spell with Words could have five words executed at once, and it was the wonderful technique that Human Emperor Kong Xian had created.

Yet those five words shattered one after another. First Ancestor Human Emperor's palm seemed to be flipping the heaven and earth around when he slammed it down.

Qin Mu roared angrily, his actions full of fierceness. His tendons were like huge dragons coiling around his bones while his spine was like a soaring true dragon.

True Dragon Overlord Body!

He had cultivated the technique from the true dragon's nest after merging it with Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. It had allowed his corporeal body to reach a height never seen before.

It was his strongest corporeal body divine art.

With his right hand turned over as yang and his left hand as yin, the heart of the palms moved to face First Ancestor Human Emperor's palm strike.

Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands!

It was the technique of Third Ancestor Human Emperor, but he had only taught Qin Mu the introductory style of Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands. However, Qin Mu had comprehended the use of overlapping palms by himself.

At that moment, he overlapped the pure yin palm force with pure yang palm force. With yin and yang exploding at the same time, the fusion of the two powers caused their strength to increase exponentially!


Qin Mu stumbled backward. His left hand had been yang and his right hand yin, but when he overlapped them to face First Ancestor's fist, its power had destroyed his yin and yang before he could even unleash his attack. He was blown away just like that!

"The third generation human emperor was also a failure, so you are doomed to fail if you use his moves."

First Ancestor Human Emperor smacked then ground with the wind from his palm. Qin Mu who had just landed floated up uncontrollably from the vibration. Next, he was struck down by a mudra and sprawled onto the ground once more.


Two rays of divine light shot out from his eyes and struck Qin Mu. The powerful gaze seemed ready to break his back, and the ground in the surroundings was scorched red hot.

Qin Mu flipped up and sprinted away to avoid his gaze. He moved around the hall as though he was flying while divine light gathered in his eyes. Two rays shot out from his eyes and collided with First Ancestor's gaze.


His divine eyes lost and he got pinned against a wall.

"You've met him?" First Ancestor Human Emperor pulled back his gaze and walked to the bookshelf of Third Ancestor. He took down a book, and it was none other than Third Ancestor's technique. "You now know that the technique he spent his whole life to perfect is completely useless and should have been thrown into the toilet a long time ago! The book he wrote isn't even worthy to wipe asses."

Qin Mu slid down from the wall with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He looked at First Ancestor Human Emperor who was tearing up the books and suffered a setback.

It was the first time he had met such a powerful opponent. First Ancestor was using the same realm as him, so they were both fighting with Seven Stars Divine Treasure. The only difference was that Qin Mu's Seven Stars Divine Treasure had already merged with Six Directions Divine Treasure and had no barrier between them, while First Ancestor's divine treasures still had a realm barrier.

From this point alone, Qin Mu's vital qi surpassed First Ancestor by a lot, but when they fought, it wasn't that way at all.

First Ancestor was a person who had no shortcomings. He didn't merge his divine treasures, but his corporeal body far surpassed that of Qin Mu.

He was like a young true god. His fists, legs, muscles, skin, hair, bones, and tendons had all reached realms that far surpassed Qin Mu!

His five viscera and six bowels were abnormally developed, and his heart which was providing the body with blood circulation was also strong. It was like a huge bell ringing as it sent qi and blood to all parts of his body in an instant and made his magic power move even quicker.

His breath was also long-lasting. When he breathed, wind and clouds would sweep past, allowing his lungs to contain even more air. His kidney mobilized the strength of his corporeal body and allowed his body to stay in an incomparably stable state at all times as well.

His five viscera and six directions corresponded directly with his five elements and six directions, merging perfectly with his divine treasures.

His eyes were like the sun and the moon, combining perfectly with the five elements and six directions and transforming into seven stars.

His comprehension of the realm had reached a height that Qin Mu had never seen before too!

His dantian was burning like a great furnace, similar to that of Mute. It was like a brilliantly shining sun that was the source of energy that moved his corporeal body and kept it at peak performance at all times.

This type of corporeal body state was like that of Xing An—flawless. In truth, it was even more powerful!

His primordial spirit had also reached an inconceivable level.

Primordial spirit was the spirit embryo, the spirit of the vital qi. Qin Mu was really proud of his primordial spirit since it was stronger than of everyone else, and his soul was much more stable as well. He could let his primordial spirit roam the void at Six Directions Realm, unlike the others.

He had even dual cultivated with primordial spirit and founded Primordial Spirit Guide. After cultivating in Six Directions Realm for a period of time, his primordial spirit had strengthened, and among his peers, he was matchless. Even Xu Shenghua's primordial spirit was a line inferior to his.

Yet compared to that of First Ancestor Human Emperor, his primordial spirit was much inferior.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's primordial spirit and corporeal body were perfectly matched as one. The movement of his heart led to attacks of the corporeal body, and the movement of his spirit became vital qi divine art. The movement of his will combined these two kinds of attacks into one.

This resulted in First Ancestor's attacks being incomparably fast, to the point that Qin Mu could not withstand them at all. They were always coming at him like the storm!

No matter if it was First Ancestor's corporeal body or divine arts, they were all perfectly united as one. He was the perfect divine arts practitioner.

He was the youth form of a true god!

Yet such a strong being had become a deserter when disaster and war broke out during the end years of Founding Emperor Era!

Even such a strong existence that looked to be unbeatable had become a deserter, afraid to die with his comrades, so how strong did the enemy have to be?

"Stop tearing..." Qin Mu was gasping for his breath.

First Ancestor continued to tear the book apart, turning the efforts of Third Ancestors into scattered pieces. He then said indifferently, "What's the point of leaving them? The people that had written these books are useless, so the books are also useless. They are just taking up space, so isn't it better to tear them up? And you're no different. You will become a useless person like them in the future, for even if you cultivated to my level, you would still be useless."

His expression grew scornful, and he walked to Second Ancestor's bookshelf and took out a book to rip it apart. He sneered. "They treated High Heavens as their rival. Hehe, High Heavens? High Heavens are merely dogs! But they couldn't even defeat dogs, so what talk can there be about a counterattack? You're also a useless person. You can't even defeat me, so what bullsh*t ambition, what bullsh*t dream? Quickly go home, find a woman, and give birth to a baby..."

Qin Mu pounced over while shouting angrily. The spirit embryo in the heart of his brows merged with his soul to form his primordial spirit. He combined his corporeal body and primordial spirit as one since he'd noticed the reason why First Ancestor was so powerful and immediately used it for himself.

"I told you not to tear anymore!"

His speed increased drastically, and his palm force became boundless and terrifying. However, the next moment, he was sent away by First Ancestor once more.

"Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force!"

Qin Mu pounced over again. Boom! He was blown back again.


Bang, bang.

Dull thuds of heavy strikes came from Hall of Human Emperors for a while. They stopped only after quite some time had passed.

First Ancestor Human Emperor looked at Qin Mu who was crawling up with difficulty and shook his head. "You still haven't given up? You're different from the previous human emperors. They were lied to by their masters and had no choice but to become human emperors. If they had received my permission to not become human emperors, they would have definitely been overjoyed and given up their positions in delight. What about you? You were lied to as well, weren't you?"

Qin Mu stood up shakily and sealed the wounds on his body. He wiped away the blood on the corner of his lips while panting heavily. "Village Chief didn't lie to me. He told me before that there are no benefits in becoming the human emperor and I might even be chased, becoming the target of everyone which would put me in constant danger..."

"Then why do you still stand?" First Ancestor was puzzled. "Why don't you give up? Why do you want to do something that doesn't benefit you? Are you dumb?"

Qin Mu grinned. His teeth were already dyed red by blood. "If no one does it, wouldn't there be no more hope forever? If you don't want to do it, why don't you let me do it?"

"Because you are dumb!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor attacked him, each of his blows heavier than the one before. He shouted angrily, "You are a dumbass that doesn't know how to give up! You will only give your life away! There will be countless enemies like me in the future, and if you can't even fight against me, how are you going to fight them? My mistake shouldn't be born by the later generations! Give up now!"


Qin Mu took the blow head on and stumbled backward. First Ancestor's attacks came to patter him like the storm. Each strike was as heavy as a mountain and as sharp as a blade. "Give up! Give up! You better give up now!"

Qin Mu tumbled out of Hall of Human Emperors. When he was about to crawl up, First Ancestor had already come to his side. He crossed a mudra as heaven and a mudra as earth and threw him away again.

When Qin Mu crashed between two burial mounds, First Ancestor suddenly appeared to step on his chest. "Have you given up?"

Qin Mu grabbed his ankle and pulled him away. He stood up once again and rushed at him while shouting, "The title of human emperor isn't what you gave yourself, but something given to you by all of the races! You can't take it back!"

"Human emperor is fake! Let me break the illusion in your heart!"

With a cold gaze, First Ancestor stretched out his hands to grab Qin Mu's neck and raised him into the air. Qin Mu grabbed hold of his hands by force and encircled them like a huge python before flipping him over.


He was blown into midair by First Ancestor and fell back down once again.

First Ancestor stood up and came to the straw hut. He sneered and said, "It is these useless people who created the illusion that the human emperor should sacrifice and struggle for the people that a hot-blooded youth like you was pushed into acting rashly. Let me destroy their corpses, turn the skeletons of these people angling for fame to dust!"

He barged into the closest straw hut and crushed the tombstone of Second Ancestor into powder. He then grabbed Second Ancestor's skeleton.

"You dare!"

A gale whooshed in as Qin Mu roared angrily. First Ancestor turned and raised his palm to face the punch that was coming for him. It was a bloodied fist, a fist that brought along boundless anger and whose fingers were trembling.


Countless bolts of lightning struck First Ancestor's face, blowing him away.

The straw hut exploded, and a bloodied man caught Second Ancestor's skeleton and placed it properly before giving his respects. He then shot out like an arrow released from a bow after First Ancestor who was in midair!

"If you can't, then let me do it! I can!"

A dull crashing sound came from afar as a gray cloud rose into the sky.

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