Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 526 - Descend

The dragon qilin was stunned for a moment before coming to a realization: Qin Mu had used the method of sacrifice to turn himself into a sacrificial offering. Like that, he transferred himself to another world while his existence was replaced by a devil general of another world to maintain the balance of the two worlds!

'Has Cult Master's calculations reached such a profound level already? How did he calculate that?'

The dragon qilin stared with his eyes wide open. After following the young patriarch for many years, he also had extremely high attainments in calculations. If it wasn't because he was lazy, he would have certainly become one of the top-notch calculation experts in the world.

However, the technique of calculation Qin Mu had used baffled even him.

He knew the theory, but when thinking about how to execute it, his mind was a blank sheet of paper.

The method of sacrifice transformed blood and flesh into energy, transferring them into another world to replace the lifeform in the other world. However, Qin Mu didn't change himself into energy, but transferred himself in a complete state to the other world. There were too many considerations required for that, which surpassed the dragon qilin's scope and horizons.

Qin Mu not only used calculation, but also included Dutian Devil King's method of sacrifice, as well as the methods of space measurement, teleportation. All of that required unbelievable amounts of knowledge. Only part of what he did would be more than enough for numerous divine arts practitioners to study for life.

'Cult Master used himself as a sacrificial offering to transfer himself to another world this time, but how is he coming back?' The dragon qilin immediately thought of the crux of the matter and looked at the devil general who was still in a daze. He then immediately shouted out, "Stand there and don't move!"

The devil general was still confused at what had just happened. He was clearly rushing forward earlier, but it was cleared not through this place. He lowered his head and saw a monster that looked like a hybrid between a pig and dragon covered in scales and an even stranger chest. It was the unbelievably fat monster that had spoken.

The devil general looked around himself, noting the incomparably intense darkness. He muttered, "Ye ke ha ei (What is this place)?"

The dragon qilin lifted the chest up and threw it at that devil general. The creature gave a cold snort and raised his hands to grab the projectile. The next moment, however, the chest opened up and swallowed him with a gulp!


The chest landed on the sacrificial altar with the devil general overturning seas and rivers inside it. He made the chest stagger left and right from the beatings, jumping up and down irregularly.

The moment the dragon qilin threw the chest out, he had risen into the air. When the chest landed, he landed on its top, pressing down on it. The devil general in the chest was extremely strong and nearly blew him off still.

He hurriedly said, "We can't let him out! No matter what, we can't let him out! We have to keep him around so that when Cult Master wants to come back, he can sacrifice him again! But the spirit pills that Cult Master left for me can't last too long... Wait a minute, my spirit pills are all in the chest!"

The dragon qilin let out a miserable cry.


The voice of a bugle horn became more and more resounding as though the instrument was blown beside Qin Mu's ears, nearly deafening him. He turned back to take a look, and violent air current flooded over. The sound waves suppressed it, making his skin ripple.

Behind him were long elephant tusks that were over thirty yards long and filled with steel knives.

Three huge elephants that had devil markings all over its body was pulling a cloud chariot. Its tusks swung left and right, impaling over a dozen devils on the steel knives. Once caught, those people could only flail about with the swinging motion.

On the cloud chariot was a horn of a strange beast that was even longer than the elephant's tusks. It had been hollowed out and turned into a bugle horn at whose end two or even three men could stand. A deafening sound came from that bugle horn.

On the chariot, a devil giant roused his vital qi to blow the bugle horn. The sound was so loud that it spread throughout the entire battlefield.

The incomparably huge cloud chariot disregarded friend and foe, crushing everything in its way with the huge elephant and wheels. They crushed so many devils that were rushing forward that blood and flesh were splattered everywhere!

Qin Mu's surroundings were filled with devils clad in black armor swinging their weapons. Without much thought, he began to sprint frantically in the same direction, toward the battlefield.

"A pu gao nen ham (Who are you)?" A devil immediately realized that Qin Mu wasn't one of them and gave him a puzzled look.

The next moment, his head flew up high.

The sword pellet flew out from Qin Mu's taotie sack and into his hand. It hummed there, and countless swords rushed out from the two sides of his fist. They created an illusion of a double-edged longsword. Both sides were pointy, and the blade was forty yards long.

Qin Mu rotated his sword in a circle and swept it in all directions. All of the devil soldiers pouncing over instantly turned into limbs flying in the sky. The huge elephant that ran toward him also had its front feet severed and crashed headlong into the ground, snapping its tusks.

Behind, the huge cloud chariot was rose into midair and flipped over as it flew over Qin Mu's head.

The devil giant on the chariot watched him while standing upside down. When he saw Qin Mu, his eyes widened in astonishment. Next, a sword stabbed his head and nailed him to the chariot.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief after he settled the danger of being trampled by the huge elephant and the cloud chariot. He looked back, and his scalp couldn't help crawling.

Behind him were countless huge elephants pulling cloud chariots driven by devils toward the battlefield on the opposite side.

The noise from the heavy feet landing repeatedly on the ground was like thunder rumbling across the battlefield.

Behind the huge cloud chariots, there were numerous strange beasts that were even larger than the huge elephants. They sprinted frantically with fierce-looking devil gods standing on their backs with devil god weapons in their hands.

Those weapons exploded with terrifying power and swept through the sky of the battlefield, humming as they went straight for the gods on the opposite side.

Magnificent and dazzling yet abnormally terrifying ripples wrecked havoc in the sky above the battlefield. The power of the gods and devils' weapons collided and warped space.

All kinds of lights danced in the sky, world-shaking blades of color sweeping to and fro in the sky. Ripples spread in all directions, promising sure death for those flying!

Qin Mu quickly determined his situation, and his expression became grim. The place he was at was right in front of the devil army!

The soldiers located at this position were obviously the lowest cannon fodder, expendables used to rush the enemy's base and test its defense!

Since Qin Mu was located among the expendables and about to clash with the enemy's people, there was a high chance he'd become an expendable too!

"A pu gao nen han?"

A shouted question came from the cloud chariot in the back as numerous devil giants looked at him in suspicion.

"Ku de gei lou (One of you)!" Qin Mu immediately shouted back at them.

Countless devil soldiers jumped out of the cloud chariots, but unlike before, they were the elites of the devil race. They swarmed in like a flood, rushing at him frantically while shouting, "Ha ti la (Kill)!"

Qin Mu no longer hesitated and turned to run. He was confused though. 'I said that I was one of them so why do they still want to kill me?"

The elites were not the lowly devils that were rushing forward as the vanguard. These people had powerful abilities and belonged to the Heavenly Devil Horde. Qin Mu had once fought with it in the living realm of the dead and so knew that their abilities were indeed astonishing.

Heavenly Devil Horde was hidden behind the cloud chariot and would only attack after the lowly devils in the vanguard had barged into the battle formation of the enemy and scattered them.

At this moment, countless people from Heavenly Devil Horde went chasing after Qin Mu, planning to get rid of this human divine arts practitioners that had appeared from god alone knew where.

Shouts came from the back, and the lowly devils received the order to attack Qin Mu who was running away as well.

There was an extremely high number of lowly devils, and they swarmed over like a black flood, drowning Qin Mu out.

"Eight thousand swords!" he shouted out furiously, and the huge sword in his hand suddenly burst forth. Countless sword lights swirled frantically, and the vanguard was instantly sliced into chunks of flesh. The eight thousand swords were like a huge ball of light that rolled around the vanguard, mincing everything in its path.


The rolling ball of light crushed the horde until a strong practitioner of Celestial Being Realm among the lowly devils roared angrily. His body expanded, his bulging muscles bursting apart his clothes and armor. He grew to over thirty yards tall, and swept his huge mace in all directions to get rid of the lowly devils in his way.

His mace was forged using secret techniques and could be separated into thirty-six sections. They were interlocked and spun rapidly in different directions, slicing his own people into pieces.

That devil officer swept everyone away and raised his huge mace over Qin Mu. He could hear endless clinks as the eight thousand swords gathered rapidly to form a huge shield, blocking his attack.

The body of the devil officer swayed, and two bangs rang out as two more arms popped out from under his armpits. They caught the huge shield in place while his other two hands raised the mace high up to smash down once more.

Qin Mu transformed into Saturn Sovereign. Behind him, Gate of Heaven Influence, which was dozens of yards tall, appeared and opened up. The gate protected his back by taking the souls of all the devils rushing at his back into Youdu.


He raised his hands and sent his palm against the devil officer. Both of their magic powers burst forth along with their divine arts. Before the mace of the devil officer could even land, his body was blown into the air by Qin Mu and sent into a bunch of devils. Some of those lowly beings died straight away.

But by then, the fastest of Heavenly Devil Horde had already reached them. A knife pellet flew through the sky, heading straight for Qin Mu's face.

That knife pellet spun frantically, and countless devil knives flew out, slashing at him frantically!

"Heavenly Spirits Escarpment!" Qin Mu shouted out, and his hands pushed forward.

Chancellor Ba Shan's Heavenly Spirits Escarpment was easily executed, and stars spread out like chess pieces. Sun, moon, and the five element stars were the main seven stars. They were the biggest and transformed into a light screen which caught the curved blades in the air.

Next, Heavenly Spirit Escarpment suddenly shattered.

Qin Mu gave a dull grunt and stumbled backward. The first person from Heavenly Devil Horde who had rushed over was a handsome youth of the asura race among the eight divisions of the heavenly devil. He stretched his hands out, and countless curved knives flew over to form a knife pellet in his hand.

The asura swung his hand, and his knife pellet rang as it formed two long knives. At the same time, the other curved knives in the knife pellet became incomparably fine and flew out through the gaps of his fingers like flowing sand to swirl around him.

The asura raised the curved knives in his hands and attacked Qin Mu like a whirlwind.


The two of them clashed, and Qin Mu moved to shake off the strength of a blow.

'What strength!'

The asura was also blown back. He took a fraction of a moment to compose himself, then rushed toward Qin Mu at an even faster speed.

Qin Mu took a step and pushed forward with a palm. The light in front of him wavered, and his vital qi transformed into a fix word. The asura's body froze for a moment. When he was about to move again though, Qin Mu's sword swept across him, and a heart flew into the sky.

"Even though you're very strong, you're still slightly inferior to me."

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes as even more Heavenly Devil Horde people came to his side. Every one of them was no inferior to the asura, which made his scalp crawl.

At that moment, however, a world-shaking bang came from the battlefield; it was the collision of the two armies. In an instant, flesh and blood flew into the air.

The sky suddenly turned dark, and in the center of the battlefield, a sacrificial altar rose through the gore. The rising land threw Qin Mu and the Heavenly Devil Horde soldiers away.

Qin Mu looked over in a hurry, and his heart couldn't help leaping in shock. That sacrificial altar was used for blood sacrifice and was quite similar to the one he had made to teleport himself to this world.

The main use of the giant altar was clearly to use the flesh and blood in the battle as sacrifices for a powerful existence from another world!

'This sacrificial altar is hundreds of times larger than the one I made… Who could have buried it here?'

When he landed on the ground, he was drowned out by the Heavenly Devil Horde before he had time to think more.

The sacrificial altar at that moment lit up, and countless runes swirled on its sides, shining in all directions. Blood light streaked across the sky, rushing up to blow a hole through the clouds.


A huge ax descended from the sky, followed by a gorgeous and fierce tiger. Its body was surrounded with all kinds of gorgeous divine markings.

"My lord!"

The fierce tiger roared, and a familiar figure appeared on its back. Qin Mu looked at it with a blank expression. Because of his distraction, he was almost gutted by the Heavenly Devil Horde.

On the sacrificial altar, he had seen a familiar person holding an ax while riding the divine tiger.

It was Saint Woodcutter who had imparted his teachings on the rock.

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