Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 527 - Divine Arts on the Battlefield

'Why would Saint Woodcutter appear here? The sacrificial altar he used seemed to have been long prepared, so could it be that the people of this world were the ones who had summoned him?'

Qin Mu's mind was blown. The sacrificial altar had been buried right in the center of the battlefield so when the two armies clashed, flesh and blood activated it, summoning Saint Woodcutter.

It was evident that this had been long prepared!

Qin Mu immediately remembered Hermit Qing You's saying about Saint Woodcutter reviving a month ago and leaving with his ax. Saint Woodcutter had to have received some news, which was why he woke up from his slumber to use a sacrificial ceremony to descend to this world.

Qin Mu blocked the opponent's attack from behind him, and Gate of Heaven Influence suddenly grew bigger. His body spun, and Gate of Heaven Influence also swirled after, instantly sending many souls to Youdu before they could even grunt.


The tiger god that was carrying Saint Woodcutter jumped off the sacrificial altar and headed straight for the enemy camp. He looked at Qin Mu with astonishment, and a world-shaking voice rumbled. "My lord, that looks like your younger generation!"

From the tiger's back, Saint Woodcutter looked back and saw Qin Mu fighting the Heavenly Devil Horde with the Gate of Heaven Influence. His gaze was bright, and he lighted up the whole area around the sacrificial altar.

"Weird, how did he come to Supreme Emperor Heaven..."

Saint Woodcutter looked away. Wherever the tiger god passed, devils and horses were thrown aside. When the tiger god roared, sound waves burst forth, sending countless devils into the air.

When Qin Mu saw this sight, the dragon qilin's oversized tummy flashed through his mind. He couldn't help envying Saint Woodcutter. 'This tiger god refers to him as his lord, so he should be his mount. He's truly majestic!'

On the tiger's back, Saint Woodcutter raised the ax in his hand and split apart devil gods' divine arts that were flying at him. With a few ups and down, the tiger god carried him into the enemy camp.

From the time the tiger god leaped down the sacrificial altar to when he reached the enemy camp was only a matter of a few breaths.

Saint Woodcutter raised his huge ax, and with a raise and a fall of his hand, the four heads of a four-headed devil god in the camp flew off before he could even get up.

"Ha ti la!"

Devil gods rushed over and circled the tiger god. Saint Woodcutter who sat on its back raised his huge ax. Its light surged forth like a flood.

'Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures!' No, what he executed should be the complete Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique!'

Qin Mu was forced back continuously by the Heavenly Devil Horde and had to move up the altar. While doing so, he'd noticed Saint Woodcutter's attack just then from the corner of his eye. 'His comprehension of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique far surpasses mine!'

Saint Woodcutter wasn't only swinging his ax. His other hand was executing all kinds of divine arts from Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. However, they weren't just single arts, but were combinations of different ones, just like Li Tianxing's Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force. After mastering hundreds of divine arts via comprehensive study, he matched them into a kind of divine art.

If it were others, they wouldn't have been able to see that his divine art was even Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. However, as Heavenly Devil Cult Master, Qin Mu immediately recognized it.

Around Saint Woodcutter, all kinds of strange force fields burst forth and blew the devil gods away. At that instant, a huge ax suddenly went to them and cut off their heads. The strength of its battle power was extremely terrifying.

Qin Mu wanted to observe Saint Woodcutter's divine arts in detail, but more and more of the Heavenly Devil Horde surrounded him. After Saint Woodcutter had been summoned, he went for the head of the enemy and entered the camp to kill devil gods. He ignored the rest of the Heavenly Devil Army, so countless devils were still flooding into the battlefield and killing the enemies.

At this moment, even more, Heavenly Devil Horde flooded over, but the divine arts practitioners behind the sacrificial altar were also pushing forward. The noise of the battle was world-shaking.

In this kind of large-scaled divine arts battle, the power of one man was insignificant. If a person got distracted, they could die under the enemy's attack at any moment.

Qin Mu couldn't waste any more time and abandoned all considerations to just fight with all he had.

The abilities of Heavenly Devil Horde were strangely powerful. The techniques and divine arts of the devils and Eternal Peace were poles apart. The former may be lacking in intricateness of the moves, but they were outstanding in their magic power. Heavenly Devil Horde had its extraordinary points there.

Their corporeal bodies were different from those of the human race. Their eight divisions were as such: fish-scaled webbed frogs, magma giants, beautiful youths, ugly women, scorpion-tailed ladies, eight-clawed women, eight-tentacled mutants, and snake-handed mutants.

These devils had a higher bloodline and were natural fighting machines that had extremely strong battle power. The ones around Qin Mu were the elites and not one was any weaker than him.

More and more Heavenly Devil Horde rushed up the sacrificial altar, and there were as many as ten people. They saw that the Gate of Heaven Influence behind Qin Mu was incomparably strange and avoided it while working together to attack.

Qin Mu fought against them with all his strength, and the eight thousand swords shuttled back and forth. Countless sword lights flooded in when the flying swords scattered like locusts. In a split second, mountains and rivers appeared, forming Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers.

On the sacrificial altar, mountains stretched endlessly, waterfalls fell, and long rivers flowed. The terrifying fights earlier had vanished without a trace.

Yet the next moment, blood flowed out from this picture of mountains and rivers, dying the mountains and rivers red.

They then crumbled, and a magma giant swung a huge hammer after raising from the shattered mountains and rivers.

Qin Mu retreated and raised his hands up high. Carefree Sword flew over, and the other eight thousand swords rushed over. In the blink of an eye, they all merged into Carefree Sword.

The magma giant smashed down with a hammer, and terrifying air currents rushed in all directions, sweeping countless corpses around the sacrificial altars into the air.

Qin Mu held his sword in both hands against that magma giant's hammer that spun as fast as the wind. Only a clink was heard when they collided, but Qin Mu trembled violently as he got sent into midair.
At that moment, the magma giant was sliced into two along with his hammer!

Before Qin Mu even landed on the ground, he saw an eight-clawed woman opening her claws wide. The corpses in midair were blasted apart, and the blood covered the surroundings, drowning the youth.

Qin Mu swung Carefree Sword, and it separated. Eight thousand swords combined to form two long knives which crossed each other. Knife lights created something akin to a moon in the sky.

The moonlit knife lights merged into one and suddenly exploded. Rays of light shot down like meteors.


The blood fog was cut, and the eight-clawed woman saw starlight. Her claws tapped it, and sounds of collision rang out. Moonlight and starlight penetrated her body, dismembering her.

The sixth form of Butcher's Pig Slaughtering Knife Skills: The Long Knife Hangs Below the Moonlight, Among the Stars the Heavenly Horses are startled.

Qin Mu loosened his grip on the sword, and the two long knives flew up to separate into countless flying swords that circled around him to block the thousands of devil knives coming at him.

Flipping his hand to strike out with a mudra, the knife skill devil expert that was attacking runted before exploding into pieces.

Boom, boom, boom.

Thunder rumbled and exploded over ten miles. Wherever Qin Mu's Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands passed, people and horses were overturned.

With another mudra from his main hand, the ice froze the land for over ten miles. An index finger tapped on the heart of brows, and the flying swords followed the path of Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands to spiral forward and make blood to flow like the river!

Spiral Sword Form!

Suddenly, two huge pythons coiled around Qin Mu and twisted crazily. A snake woman had jumped into the air and bound him with her arms which were snakes.

Qin Mu raised his head, and two rays shot out from his eyes. Holes opened up in the chest of the snake woman, killing her, but the snake arms still brought him to midair as well.

Below him, an ugly woman suddenly slammed the calabash behind her, and its mouth opened. With a whoosh, blood-colored devil qi spewed out and went straight for Qin Mu.

"True Dragon Overlord Body!" Qin Mu shouted out furiously and broke free of the snake arms. With a mudra, the apparition of a volcano suddenly appeared behind him. It stood tall as it suddenly erupted!

Magnetic Raging Inferno Palm!

He smacking his palm in the direction below himself, and the blood-colored devil qi was incinerated along with the ugly woman.

"Superb divine art! Among the divine arts practitioners of Seven Stars Realm, you can place in the top ten!"

Qin Mu was astonished when he heard the stiff voice. He looked down and saw a great general of Heavenly Devil Horde running up the sacrificial altar with his head raised to look at him.

That Heavenly Devil Great General had huge flags behind his back. While rushing up, his body suddenly shook, and four heads, as well as eight arms, popped out. He held long knives which crossed each other. His footsteps changed unpredictably as he killed all the divine arts practitioners on his way.

"Primordial Spirit Projection!"

The Heavenly Devil Great General smacked the back of his knife against his head, and a primordial spirit that was thirty yards tall leaped out from his body. It roared toward the sky and raised its hand to blast a mudra at Qin Mu. It was almost half a field wide, with markings coiling around one another within it and displaying all kinds of devil markings that were glowing bright before dimming at intervals.

Devil markings danced, but before they even came to Qin Mu's sides, devil runes that looked like chains appeared around him to bind him.

Yet he definitely couldn't receive the power of that palm!

Carefree Sword and the other flying swords were flying back, but they were too far away to save him.

At that moment, Qin Mu saw that Saint Woodcutter's five fingers come together and all kinds of divine arts from Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures merge into one. Their power burst forth and blew a devil god into pieces.
Inspiration struck Qin Mu, and he also put all his five fingers together.

His Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique instantly circulated in a strange pattern. His spirit embryo and soul merged together, the five elements shone brightly, the six directions became one, seven stars rose into the sky, and the sun and moon rotated.

Bang, bang, bang!

Boundless energy flooded out from Qin Mu's body and snapped the devil marking chains around him. He then raised his hand to welcome the fierce palm from the Heavenly Devil Great General's primordial spirit.

Qin Mu grunted and bounced up high into the sky where countless divine arts, as well as weapons of the gods and devils, were wreaking havoc. If he went any higher, he would definitely die miserably!

Countless runes appeared around his body and swirled around him. Just as Qin Mu was about to fly into the forbidden area in the sky, he vanished.


He fell over ten miles away. The terrifying palm force from the Heavenly Devil Great General's primordial spirit had made him tumble and crash into a bunch of divine arts practitioners that were rushing forward.

Qin Mu tumbled dozens of times before stabilizing himself.

Countless divine arts practitioners rushed past him. Soon after, they raised all kinds of spirit weapons into the air before sending them to the ground diagonally like rain, completely covering the land before themselves. It was hard to say how many devils had died from that avalanche of spirit weapons.

'I'm still alive?'

Qin Mu hurriedly checked his body and discovered that even though he was covered in injuries, the sure-kill attack from that Heavenly Devil Great General had not injured him. He couldn't help being surprised and delighted.

'That move of Saint Woodcutter has unbelievable power! Could he have known I was in trouble and purposely executed this move for me to learn and survive that sure death situation?'

He stretched his hand out to grab emptiness. Carefree Sword brought the other flying swords back before they changed back into a sword pellet in his palm.

Suddenly, a crisp voice came from behind him. "I seem to have seen you before!"

Qin Mu turned back and saw a towering god behind him. On its shoulder was a girl with two braids. Her head was tilted as she examined him.

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