Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 529 - Sun Creator of Supreme Emperor Heaven

The two halves of the Heavenly Devil General fell from the sky before he had even breathed his last. When he landed], he twitched a few times.

He was an expert of Celestial Being Realm and had even grown four heads. Qin Mu had used Moon Jade Eye to slice him into half, but with his powerful lifeforce, he didn't die from that right away.

His four heads stared ruthlessly at Qin Mu, but he gradually ran out of energy and died.

In the surroundings, numerous divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven couldn't wipe away the astonishment on their faces. They stared blankly at the big boy that was calculating by himself in the bloody battlefield.

The fiendish Heavenly Devil General had been a great expert of Celestial Being Realm, and a famous young strong practitioner among the devil race to top that. His abilities were profound and ineffable, so if he had made his move, hundreds of people would have probably died on the altar. Yet he had been stopped.

"Who is this?" a divine arts practitioner of Supreme Emperor Heaven asked in a low voice.

Beside him, someone said, "He was Devil God Fu Riluo's disciple, and among the devil experts of Celestial Being Realm, he is ranked number seven. He was known as a strong practitioner that would grow into a true devil, the most favorite disciple of Furiluo..."

"No, I'm talking about him."

"I have no idea..."


The long braid girl pulled Qin Mu up with a smile. "You just killed Fu Yuxiao. This fellow had a very high position among the devils of Celestial Being Realm. You've done huge merit!"

Qin Mu took a glance at the corpse with astonishment. "His position was high? No wonder then that he was so powerful. If I hadn't learned that move from Saint Woodcutter, I probably wouldn't have even been able to take a blow from him."

He squatted down again and continued to calculate.

The long braid girl looked at the jade eye and asked suspiciously, "How did you kill him? This eye..."

"It was made by gods during High Emperor Era. They constructed the formation on the moon to use its power," Qin Mu said before focusing on his calculations once more. "Fu Yuxiao had four heads which controlled his body as the same time. This would result in a conflict of consciousness, but when he encountered something, his four heads didn't control his body separately.

"His reaction should have been muscle memory. I just needed to calculate it according to his divine arts and moves and what his muscles would do when he's in danger. After knowing that, I activated this Moon Jade Eye. When he jumped into the sky, he would collide with the ray and kill himself."

The long braid girl stared at him with her eyes wide open, astonishment evident on her face. He would jump into the attack to kill himself?

Calculations could be used like that? How had he calculated it?

"Do you have any experts skilled in algebra here?" Qin Mu opened his taotie sack, and the calculation spirit weapons flew back inside. He frowned and said, "To build the world bridge, a lot of calculations are needed. If it was just me doing it, I reckon I'd need half a year to calculate the equation for sacrificial spirit energy conversion and shifting. Only then would I be able to establish the space algebra model for the bridge that stretches across the two worlds."

The surroundings were silent.

After a moment, the long braid girl asked in an astringent voice, "What did you just say? Equation?"

"Equation. Mathematical equation is used to find the variable... Variable? You guys don't know what's variable? Variable is the unknown. I algebra, it's the unknown quantity."

Qin Mu raised his head and looked at the expressions of the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven. These people looked at him as though they were listening to a heavenly book.

He couldn't help having a bad feeling and probed, "You guys don't have Ten Computational Canons here? The most basic nine writings of calculation? Also never learned them before? How about Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery? Have you learned Computational Canon of Native Woman? You should have learned the Circulatory Cycle Stars Array Equation at least, right? This is the calculation regarding meteorological phenomenon!"

Everyone in the surroundings shook their heads in a daze.

The long braid girl said, "What's the use of learning calculations?"

The other people nodded and said with smiles, "We're always fighting on the battlefield so where would we find the time to learn this? The fastest way to raise our abilities is to train, learn divine arts, and comprehend them!"

Qin Mu looked at them with anger. "You guys don't calculate meteorological phenomenon? You guys should have calculated the trajectory of the stars in the sky at least, right?"

Everyone's expression grew weird, and Qin Mu was bewildered by it. Suddenly, a divine arts practitioner said, "There are no stars in the sky so what do we calculate?"

Qin Mu was stunned and raised his head to look at the sky.

The sky of Supreme Emperor Heaven was pitch black, without any stars, just two halves of a sun.

Qin Mu saw some large scale constructions on the broken surfaces, but they weren't complete. The half suns were actually forged. They weren't naturally formed!

The thing that made him not know whether to laugh or cry was that the halves weren't even round!

When he had come here the last time, he didn't see any sun since it had been night time. Only this time did he see that the sun of Supreme Emperor Heaven was made up of two separate halves, and neither of them was even circular! One was a little cubic, the other a little oval, and both distorted in some areas!

Qin Mu wanted for nothing more than to fly to the sky and destroy the two suns!

Even if Eternal Peace's astronomical phenomenon were fake, they were all formations, and the gods and devils that had constructed them to trick the people were extremely serious. No matter if it was the sun or the moon, they were all round and without any flaws.

Even the stars, constellations, and galaxies in the sky were made quite vividly, hiding their fake nature from Dao Sect's Daoists for twenty thousand years. As a result, Dao Master Lin Xuan's Dao heart had collapsed the moment he realized this secret.

But it was even worse for Supreme Emperor Heaven, since their half suns had been made extremely sloppily!

With a blank mind, Qin Mu shook his head. The impact that this sight brought him was even stronger than the first sighting of Sun Ship. Of course, it had been a shock brought by the superlative craftsmanship while this one was the shock brought by the sloppiness of the craft!

"Not even one star. You guys indeed don't need Circulatory Cycle Stars Array Equation..."

Qin Mu nodded repeatedly, and the dragon qilin came to his mind. 'The divine arts practitioners of this world don't have high attainments in algebra, I I had only brought Fatty Dragon along, things would be much easier for me…'

The divine arts practitioners of this world were fighting daily because of the invasion of the devil race. If they wanted to live, they had to continuously improve their abilities. The best way to do so was to train their divine arts, strengthen their bodies, and forget better spirit weapons.

Algebra to them wasn't very important, and it was even something extremely dry and dull. It didn't improve their abilities at all, so throughout the generations, their attainments in algebra grew worse and worse.

More and more divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven came to the sacrificial altar and looked down from above. They all took out longbows and pulled the bowstrings to shoot downward. Arrow lights pierced through the battlefield and killed many devils.

There were some divine arts practitioners that were raising sword pellets and knife pellets to attack the enemies from afar as well.

Qin Mu suddenly thought of something and asked in a hurry, "How did you guys forge this sacrificial altar?"

The long braid girl was also skilled in archery and pulled her bow to shoot enemies. "The sacrificial altar has existed for a long time. I heard from my dad that it was left in Supreme Emperor Heaven for the day we could no longer last. At that time, we could summon a god sacred teacher who would come forward to help us.

"Now, Supreme Emperor Heaven is on the verge of falling, so the gods of Brilliance Injured City placed the altar in the center of the battlefield. With the deaths of everyone fighting, they sacrificed enough blood and flesh..."

Her face fell. Many people who were sacrificed were divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven.

"A sacrificial altar left behind from twenty thousand years ago." Qin Mu looked at Saint Woodcutter who was fighting far away. Over there, the battle was even more intense. Saint Woodcutter was bringing down the enemy's camp!

"The sacrificial altar should have been left behind by Saint Woodcutter for Supreme Emperor Heaven to summon him when won't be able to withstand the attacks any longer. In that case, his goal should be to drag the time for Eternal Peace..."

Qin Mu set up his Moon Jade Eye and adjusted the direction. Light rays shot out and killed experts of the devil race.

The range of Moon Jade Eye was even greater than that of the bows, and its power was superior as well. He killed the strong practitioners of the devil race with ease, and Qin Mu targeted mostly the generals. Once they died, the devils lost their leaders and with no command, it became hard for them to form any steady push forward.

Even so, more and more Heavenly Devils were flooding toward the sacrificial altar. People had no time to just shoot the devils far away and were forced to hit whatever was beneath them.

Under the sacrificial altar, corpses piled up into mountains, but the black swarm of devils still continued to come for them. They were about to reach the top of the sacrificial altar.

Qin Mu put away his Moon Jade Eye and grabbed his sword pellet to guard the sacrificial altar. The two parties fought fiercely on the top of the altar.

The Heavenly Devil Horde was abnormally brave. Its soldiers weren't afraid of death, and if it wasn't for the extraordinary abilities of Supreme Emperor Heaven's divine arts practitioners, it would have been difficult to block their attacks.

Beside Qin Mu and the long braid girl, divine arts practitioners started to fall one by one. Even Qin Mu and the long braid girl's situation was bad. They had nearly died a few times under the attacks of the enemy.

Less and less of their own remained on the sacrificial altar, and soon, only twenty-thirty were left. Suddenly, a world-shaking shout came from afar, and the devils flooding toward the altar listened to the news. They then quickly fell back.

It was like a burden had been lifted off the shoulders of everyone on the sacrificial altar. They took in deep breaths and collapsed onto the floor. All of them were covered in blood.

Behind them, a resounding call of the bugle-horns and drums rang out. An army of tens of thousands rushed out of Brilliance Injured City to chase after the escaping devil army.

The long braid girl struggled to get up, wanting to chase after the deserters of the devil army, but her legs wobbled, and she could only sit down once again.

Qin Mu looked at the army of Brilliance Injured City that was rushing into the distance. As he did so, he suddenly recalled something. "We've been through life and death twice together, yet I still don't know your name. My name is Qin Mu, what's yours?"

The long braid girl lay in a pool of blood while looking at one misshapen half of a sun. She calmed her breath and said, "My name is Sang Hua. That day, I said many things to you, but you couldn't hear anything. I was lucky to have you beside me, and it was only because of it that I was able to endure through the fight. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to last that long. Guess!" She turned around with two small dimples in her cheeks. "Guess, what did I say to you?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "There were two worlds between us; I couldn't hear anything at all."

Sang Hua looked at the sky. "Look, the sun is really big. Our Supreme Emperor Heaven had no sun, but these two were constructed by us with the help of a god. We called him Sun Creator, but before he completed them, Sun Creator God was killed by the devil gods... These suns are very magnificent, right?"

"En, magnificent..." Qin Mu acknowledged against his will before curiosity got the better of him. "So what did you say to me that night?"

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