Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 53 - Demonstration Of Power

"In that case, you’re going to impart the Heavenly Devil Cult’s legacy bible, the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures to Mu’er?" Cripple asked.

Granny Si nodded her head gently and replied, "He’s better than me. Heavenly Devil Creation Technique is one of the divine arts in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. I used the technique to strip skins and make clothing thus being somewhat evil but I’ve never thought of using Heavenly Devil Creation Technique to counter Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky of Thunderclap Eight Strikes. He was the one who did."

Apothecary nodded, "It was indeed the perfect counter using the Heavenly Devil Creation Technique to bind his soul to himself against Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky."

Granny Si smiled, "Therefore if he learned the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, he could probably bring the devil bible to glory and master some things that we had never thought of."

Mute let out a few sounds and hand signs but Deaf shook his head. "Let’s not tell him. If we tell him, it wouldn’t be as interesting."

The bunch of elderly laughed happily together in agreement.

In Disabled Elderly Village, sounds of thunder rumbled out. Qin Mu and Old Ma’s figures clashed against each other as they both executed Tempest Of The Nine Dragons at each other.


The rolling thunder deafened one’s ears as Qin Mu and Old Ma’s fist collided. With a grunt, Qin Mu fell back with his footsteps like coiled up a divine dragon. It looked like he was falling back but he was actually accumulating strength in his legs.

In just a few steps, Qin Mu had accumulated the maximum amount of strength in his legs and he burst forward at Old Ma like a raging dragon flying out from the abyss!

"Rascal, he even changed the Heaven Pilfering Footwork that I had taught him." Cripple astonishingly exclaimed.

He could see the footwork that Qin Mu had just used was like a coiling dragon shrinking back its body to accumulate strength for its strike. It may look like he was falling back but in actual fact, he was falling back in order to advance, making it abnormally sinister.

His Heaven Pilfering Footwork was exquisite beyond compare but Cripple was used to using it to show off and steal, paying no attention on how to raise the power of Heaven Pilfering Footwork. Cripple’s footwork was mostly used for escaping after stealing and assassinating. Offense was not what Heaven Pilfering Leg Skill was good at.

Qin Mu had made slight changes to his footwork and subconsciously incorporated the spirit of the divine dragon, making his body motion having the momentum of a dragon just like a serpentine dragon.

Bang bang bang—!

A series of collision sounds resonated out. Qin Mu and Old Ma had only exchanged a single punch yet it was very weird as forty-five loud sounds resonated out.

Qin Mu flew backward. In mid-air, his body twisted like a moving dragon, getting rid of Old Ma’s strength and landed steadily on the ground.

"Old Ma is still Old Ma." Cripple exclaimed in admiration.

Old Ma said, "Mu’er, have you comprehended the essence of this move?"

Qin Mu revealed a startled expression and cried out, "The force of your fist is different from mine! The forty-five dragons in the force of my fist were all the same dragons whereas there are forty-five kinds of divine dragons in the force of your fist with each and every one of the dragon force being different!"

"You have comprehended it."

Old Ma gave off a gratified expression, "In the Great Thunderclap Monastery, there are a hundred relief sculptures of heavenly dragons called the Hundred Dragons Portraits. These portraits were sculpted by the first generation Rulai after seeing a hundred kinds of dragons for himself, providing the disciples of the future generations with a mean to cultivate the fist force of Tempest Of The Nine Dragons. When I was cultivating Tempest Of The Nine Dragons, what I saw wasn’t a real dragon but these relief sculptures. Tempest Of The Nine Dragons contains forty-five kinds of dragon forces and requires forty-five dragon portraits yet there are a hundred different kinds of dragon portraits in Great Thunderclap Monastery. Do you know what this means?"

Qin Mu’s heart jolted and cried out, "Every time you execute Tempest Of The Nine Dragons, the dragon force in your fist would be different from the previous!"

Old Ma nodded his head, "Tempest Of The Nine Dragons may look like a simple punch but it actually concealed countless of variation within it. However, these variations are hidden in the strength that’s accumulated in the fist, therefore, people are unable to tell. Take a good look, Mu’er!"

Old Ma gave a punch with his only arm and the roar of a dragon resonated out which was followed by the rumblings of thunder. A dragon-shaped vital qi surged forth and the rush of the raging dragon was like a dragon breaking out from the lagoon and wanting to eat people!

It was then followed by two dragon roars as two dragons rushed out from his fist, twisting around one another. With the bodies of the two huge dragons coiling around each other, they drilled forward continuously!

Three dragon roars reverberated out as the three kinds of overbearing and ferocious dragon forces split monuments and shattered rocks!

It was then followed by Four Dragons Pounce, Five Dragons Devil Purge, Six Dragons Reincarnation, Seven Dragons Thrashing The Sea, Eight Divisions Heavenly Dragons and Nine Dragons Tempest!

Old Ma’s punch unleashed forty-five dragon-shaped fist forces and they were all realistic and vivid just like real dragons.

He had unleashed his punch towards the sky and forty-five green dragons appeared in the sky above Disabled Elderly Village. The forty-five green dragons flew into the sky while accompanied by thunderclaps and crisscrossing bolts of lightning.

Qin Mu raised his head and saw a cloud dissipating and vanished in the skies.

The cloud dissipated and a human head suddenly fell from the dissipated cloud and landed beside Qin Mu’s legs. Qin Mu jumped in shock and saw that it was a monk’s head which he had no idea why it was hiding in the clouds.

"Could it be some demon had killed this monk and brought his head into the clouds?"

Just as Qin Mu was guessing, a few more thuds came and he saw two arms and two legs landing on the ground with the torso landing outside of the village.

"It’s not the works of a demon!"

Qin Mu’s heart shook, "The monk was hiding in the clouds!"

Mute, Deaf, Butcher and the rest of them in the village were used to see strange occurrences so they paid no attention to it.

Old Ma didn’t seem to realize he had killed a monk and raised his head to look at Devil Cult Patriarch in the eye, demonstrating his prowess.

A demonstration of power to Devil Cult Patriarch and to intimidate many of the strong practitioners of Heavenly Devil Cult!

In the neighboring village, the young patriarch had a slight change in expression, "The divine arts of Great Thunderclap Monastery is indeed remarkable but it’s still slightly lacking in experience compared to Old Rulai. I know who the one arm is. The relinquished disciple on Great Thunderclap Monastery, Ma Wangshen, Venerable Ma. Back then he fought his way out of Great Thunderclap Monastery, making a name for himself. I didn’t expect him to live in seclusion here. We can’t look down on this little village."

Elder of Discipline looked at the body that had fallen from the sky, "This is a monk of Great Thunderclap Monastery which was killed by Ma Wangshen. This is weird. Why is a monk from Great Thunderclap Monastery doing here?"

The young patriarch smiled, "He’s probably stationed here to keep an eye out for Ma Wangshen. This is a small matter. Rulai is old and will no longer leave the mountain. On the other hand, the youth’s fist skills are pretty interesting and had a high standard. He clearly hasn’t learned Rulai’s Mahayana Scripture yet he can unleash the full power of Thunderclap Eight Strikes…"

In the village, Old Ma retracted his gaze and continued, "Mu’er, what did you see in my punch?"

Qin Mu held back his questions. Not only were the shapes and sizes of the forty-five green dragons different, even the species of the dragons were totally different, truly a shocking sight for Qin Mu.

Suddenly, Old Ma once again executed Tempest Of The Nine Dragons. Forty-five different green dragons surged into the skies, violently raising the wind and clouds which was accompanied by lightning and thunder.

Old Ma gave off punch after punch, increasing the amount of the dragon-shaped fist force in the skies. Within a radius of thirty miles, it was densely packed with green dragons dancing in the breeze!

The green dragons formed a gorgeous formation in the skies, with their bodies intertwining each other to form a gigantic dragon coil. With the dragon’s head facing outwards, it gave out a loud roar!

The roar of ten thousand dragons shaking the heaven and earth!

This was no longer demonstrating to Qin Mu the profundity of Tempest Of The Nine Dragons and was instead a bare demonstration of power. Demonstrating his power to Great Ruins, demonstrating his power to Heavenly Devil Cult and demonstrating his power to everyone that harbors ill intentions to Disabled Elderly Village!

Qin Mu gawked at the sight. The others in the village were full of admiration as they nodded repeatedly. The followers of Heavenly Devil Cult in the neighboring village had a slight change in their expression as they admired endlessly. Young patriarch instructed the cult followers beside him, "Show some courtesy next time if any of you meet Ma Wangshen alone."

Elder of Discipline whispered, "Do our Heavenly Devil Cult need to be scared of a small village like this?"

"Scared is an overstatement."

Young patriarch smiled slightly, "They are already disabled and crippled. Their abilities are no longer what they used to. However, there are still two of them that are on the same level as me. One of them is the limbless man and the other one is the blacksmith. The rest of them are slightly stronger than our twelve cult protector elders and our Four Great Cult Heavenly Kings. I’m afraid Saintess is the weakness of them all. Do you see the butcher with only the upper half of his body left? If you have seen him before, he will definitely leave a deep impression on you because he had a title called Heaven Knife!"

Elder of Discipline's heart tremored as he looked at Butcher with disbelief while muttering, "That’s Heaven Knife? Wasn’t he already dead?"

"I had also heard that he died."

A Cult Protector Elder chipped in, "I’ve heard that he went insane and pointed his knife at the heavens, slaughtering his way up. Someone saw the figures of gods in the skies and this lunatic slaughtered his way up to them. From what I’ve heard, the skies were filled with dark clouds at that time and the knife lights pierced through the thunderclouds. Not long after, Heaven Knife’s corpse fell out from the sky. If this butcher is indeed that Heaven Knife, how exactly did he survive?"

Young patriarch replied, "With a being like him, it’s hard for him to die even if he wanted to die."

Elder of Discipline asked puzzledly, "Patriarch, why did you agree cult mistress to make this little kid our young cult master? I don’t see anything spectacular in his power."

"This youth’s power is indeed not particularly spectacular and is still a greenhorn as of now. However, who are those people around him?"

Young patriarch beamed, "The strong practitioners around him are exceptionally terrifying. They were all all-powerful beings that have their own talents! This youth is their child and they’ll impart everything they had learned in their lifetime to him. In addition, with me teaching him our cult’s Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, hehe, if he becomes the sacred cult master of our cult, it would be our sacred cult’s profit!"

Elder of Discipline gave a gasp of admiration and asked, "Brilliant, Patriarch. However, why does Patriarch wants to test him?"

Patriarch asked him back, "What if he is a dumbass? Therefore there’s still a need for a test. Inform all three hundred and sixty hall masters that they are only to use their abilities of Spirit Embryo Realm! We’ll wait for him to enter the village tomorrow!"

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