Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 530 - Jade-like Beauty, Rainbow-like Sword

Sang Hua sat up and turned her back to Qin MU. She unbuttoned her shirt to see the wounds under her snow-white neck. She took out a jade bottle and squeezed out the clotted blood in her wounds before applying the medicine on herself.

"I told you so many things that night that I don't remember them anymore." Her ears turned slightly red.

Actually, that night when she had felt that she couldn't escape anymore, she told Qin Mu a lot of silly things, and some of those words could make even boys blush. However, she had said them daringly because Qin Mu wouldn't be able to hear them anyway.

Unexpectedly, she lived through the night, and when she thought she would never see Qin Mu again, the nonsense she'd spoken that night became a different kind of emotion in her memory. Never had she even considered that she would be able to see the boy in the darkness to whom she had shared everything on her mind.

Qin Mu raised his head to see the sun and barely resisted the urge to fly up the sky to grind the suns into dust. He then went around the girl and stretched out his hand to help her apply the medicine.

Sang Hua hurriedly covered herself up. "Men and women should not touch..."

"I'm an apothecary, and I only want to help you apply the medicine. I treat patients like their parents would and don't have any impure thoughts."

Only when Sang Hua remembered him saying that he was a somewhat famous apothecary that her heart eased. She looked curiously at how he applied the medicine on her, noticing that his hand techniques were indeed well-trained. She asked suspiciously, "Your algebra attainments are very high so why are you also skilled in the art of healing?"

Qin Mu observed the wound on her chest in detail. "I've learned the art of healing for over ten years while I've only studied algebra for three years. When you put it like that, I'm much better at healing."

"How long are you going to look?" Sang Hua said angrily and raised her hands to cover herself up.

Qin Mu hurriedly stopped her and carefully pushed her clothes down to her shoulder. He said, "I treat my patients as their parents would. En, your skin is very white and your shoulders are very smooth... Stop!"

He frowned slightly. Sang Hua's wound was left behind by a devil expert, and there was a divine art and devil qi within it, corroding her flesh and vital qi.

It was hard to stop the bleeding for this kind of wound, and it was difficult to get rid of the devil qi too. The ointment that was applied to the wound had already been pushed black. It was evident that the medicinal energy had also been tainted by the devil qi.

Qin Mu squeezed out the ointment that had turned black and took a sniff. He shook his head.

This kind of ointment wasn't effective.

"Ow! This ointment is for pulling out the poison. After application, it collects some devil qi and has to be changed." Sang Hua cried out in pain and took out a few bottles of ointment. "For this kind of wound, I will have to apply it over a dozen times to completely pull the poison out... Your eyes keep sneaking glances, so let me do it!"

Qin Mu took out some medicinal ingredients from his taotie sack and used his method of refining pills to refine some medicine. "Devil poison isn't poison. The problem is in the vital qi attributes of your god path technique that you cultivated clashing with the devil path technique. The ointment you're using isn't an ointment for pulling poison, but a variant of spirit pills which weren't refined to their best state, so they're in an ointment form. This kind of ointment just gets tainted by the devil qi so it's a waste to use it to pull out the devil qi."

While he was speaking, a pill furnace formed by vital qi appeared on his palm and he just refined his pills within it. He reversed fire and water, mixed them, and used many others kinds of pill refinement methods which dazzled Sang Hua's eyes.

After a moment, Qin Mu dispersed his vital qi and over a dozen pills landed in his palm.

He crushed one and smeared it on Sang Hua's wound. "In my world, I'm Heavenly Saint Cult Master who is called Heavenly Devil Cult Master by the people. I have an understanding regarding the devil path. Devil is born in the heart; whether one is a god or a devil, it's all in the heart. Anyway, l have experience in treating wounds made by divine arts of the devil path."

Soon, Sang Hua felt her wound begin to feel cool, and the devil qi was all pulled out. Her wound started to itch, which was the symptom of the wound starting to heal.

"My wound is healing so fast? Didn't you just say that you were only a little famous in that world of yours?" Sang Hua stared with her eyes wide open before secretly bringing her braids to cover her chest. She asked curiously, "A little famous apothecary can refine spirit medicine to counter the devil qi so quickly?"

Qin Mu handed the rest of the spirit pills to her and grinned. "I was being humble. Actually, I'm not a little famous, but very famous in that world. But you didn't understand it from my words, did you?" He couldn't help feeling pleased. "Most people can't hear it!"

Sang Hua was bewildered. "You aren't going to help me apply the medicine?"

Qin Mu walked toward other people to treat their injuries. "I was only examining the wound back there; you can apply the medicine yourself. Other people need to be saved too."

Sang Hua pulled up her shirt and looked at him who was hurrying here and there. She thought to herself, 'He indeed treats his patients like their parents would and doesn't have any impure thoughts. This person is a rare gentleman, just that he likes to glance around...'

Qin Mu treated the injured divine arts practitioners on the sacrificial altar before looking down at the countless people and Heavenly Devil Horde soldiers lying on the battlefield. There were people moving the injured, and there were others finishing off the devils that were still alive.

The vast battlefield was full of flames left behind by divine arts. They had ignited chariots, collapsed bodies, flags, and spirit weapons standing diagonally in the ground.

Far into the distance, the killing was still continuing.

The world Qin Mu had entered was strangely cruel. Even though he'd passed by many battlefields before, the sight in front of his eyes was still shocking to his heart.

"The art of healing can't save this world?"

Qin Mu shook his head. His healing could only save a few people. If he wanted to get to all the injured in this battlefield, he would need months. There was one small battle every three days and one big battle every five days. He didn't have the ability to heal everyone at such a rate.

He raised his head to look at the sky. The irregular suns in the sky dimmed and became red.

The two suns were fixed and never moved. It was probably also set that at a certain hour they would just start to dim.

'The god that created these two suns had good ideas, but his attainments in algebra weren't high…' Qin Mu looked away, feeling that the suns were burning his eyes. 'Too ugly! If I continue to look at them, I won't be able to resist going to repair them...'

He moved slowly around the sacrificial altar while mobilizing his vital qi to execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His spirit embryo and soul merged to form primordial spirit, combining his spirit and body into one.

His primordial spirit stepped on the spirit platform and united the six directions. With sun and moon above his head, his vital qi moved, flowing through all parts of his body. His hair fluttered gently.

In the fight, he had seen what made the divine arts practitioners of this world so powerful. Experiencing life and death of the battlefield had subconsciously changed his mentality for the better.

Since the battle with First Ancestor Human Emperor, he had been depressed. When fighting, he couldn't even execute his moves and was scolded fiercely by Butcher.

It wasn't because he didn't dare to make a move. He just felt that no matter what move or what divine art he executed, they were all wrong.

The reason why they were wrong wasn't because his confidence had suffered a setback from facing First Ancestor Human Emperor. The problem lay in the fact that the clash had raised his horizons to a height he had never imagined before.

When standing there and looking down on all the moves and divine arts he had learned before, he saw flaws everywhere!

His horizons were high, but his foundation wasn't enough for him to change and enter the next realm, so he could not execute any moves or divine arts. He felt that they would be broken anyway and he would die in the next instant.

He had treated his opponents as First Ancestor Human Emperor which was why he had this kind of feeling.

Yet on the battlefield, Qin Mu didn't have the time to think about all that. The situation there changed every instant, so he couldn't care if there were any flaws in his moves. He could only execute them and kill all the powerful enemies or die.

After the battle, Qin Mu felt that he had stepped to the threshold of a huge transformation.

As long as he crossed that gate, he would definitely see a piece of blue sky, a vast road ahead of him!

His body began to shine with splendid sunlight as his vital qi moved within him, connecting the spirit embryo, five elements, and six directions. The sun, moon, and stars gave off light that lit up the divine treasures, turning him into something like a person of light.

Even the Celestial Being Divine Treasure in his body shone until the door to it could be seen.

Meanwhile, below Six Directions Divine Treasure, a deep and dark door was also faintly discernible. It was the door of Life and Death Realm which connected to Youdu.

Qin Mu walked at a steady speed. In Little Jade Capital, he had observed the divine treasures of Little Jade Capital's God Qin Chongming for quite a long time.

From then on, he had begun to improve his divine treasures and patch up whatever he was lacking.


The vital qi in his body shook and gave off waves of dragon roars. Dragon qi coiled around his body, worming in and out to temper it. Suddenly, with his hands as knives, Qin Mu attacked while walking around the border of the sacrificial altar.

The wind grew louder, and knives fell like rain: Midnight Battle across Stormy Cities.

The sun rose and jumped out of the surface of the sea: Sun on East Sea Thousand Layer Waves.

A golden knife adorned with white jade pierced the night with its light through the window: Man of Fifty Years yet Nothing Made Carrying Knife in Eight Wilderness All Alone.

After a crisis comes hope, and the whole journey becomes nothing but smoke!

In the vast and bloody battlefield, Butcher's knife skills suddenly became very moving and alive, reflecting the calamity of the world.

Qin Mu's knife skills became faster and faster. Suddenly, the knife lights vanished. The wind, the rain, the sun, the sea, they all vanished as well. Qin Mu put his fingers together into a sword, and his vital qi vibrated to form a sword thread. He gently flicked and smeared it, his sword skills incomparably exquisite. Suddenly, they became faster and faster. In the blink of an eye, his long sword swept through the air and danced above the sky of the sacrificial altar like a silver flood dragon,

Qin Mu walked around the sacrificial altar while the sword light sweeping through the air, becoming faster and faster, more and more urgent.

The calamity of Supreme Emperor Heaven had allowed him to gain something, and this subconsciously made him release all of his emotions. He learned through his sword skills, through his vital qi!

Third form of Sword Picture, Calamity of High Emperor.

Yet when the calamity was at its fiercest point, Qin Mu suddenly dispersed all sword light and his sword finger suddenly tapped at the heart of his brows. It not only touched the physical place on his body, but also the heart of his spirit embryo's brows.

All his spirit, sword qi had been gathered in his finger.

He had comprehended what calamity meant.

Calamity was a disaster in which people struggled for their lives. It was finding hope in hell, a hero like Butcher using his knives to carve it for people, a human emperor like Village Chief undertaking hardship and toiling for everyone throughout his life, and also the struggle of people behind the back of a hero.

It was the life of burying the dead every day.

Qin Mu's two fingers stabbed forward, and a rainbow-like sword stretched across ten miles.

In the sky, one of the half suns had dimmed, and only the sword light could be seen.

While it shone in the sky, Qin Mu stood on the sacrificial altar in a daze. That move had had nothing to do with Village Chief's Sword Picture. Suddenly, the youth felt that he had his own path.

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