Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 533 - Knife God

Saint Woodcutter looked at the opposite side where a few devil gods had brought their proud students. Those young devil experts were all overflowing with fierce auras. Every one of them had terrifying corporeal bodies and were extremely strong. They were obviously experts that had been through life and death.

He'd fought with the devils before and deeply knew the strength of this race. Purely based on corporeal body, even if the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven had the aptitude of a true god, they would still be slightly inferior.

On top of that, because there were many battles in Supreme Emperor Heaven, they frequently had to fight with the devils, so it was difficult for them to form schools and academies like Eternal Peace did. They also couldn't form large-scale sects, so it was usually gods finding outstanding talents to personally teach them.

There were advantages and disadvantages to doing so. The advantages were that with the personal teachings of the gods and devils, every one of them was elites with extremely powerful abilities. There were no flaws in the inheritance of paths, skills, and divine arts in Supreme Emperor Heaven. Even god level techniques could be passed down. For example Sang Hua, she was personally taught by her father Sang Ye.

The disadvantage was that one person could only learn what their master had to teach and that's it. They found it very difficult to learn other people's ultimate arts. For example, Sang Hua cultivated Sang Ye's technique and divine arts, so she had never learned a divine art that he did not possess. Even if she learned it, the other party wouldn't be able to teach her as diligently as Sang Ye.

By without learning the techniques and divine arts of others, one could only be skilled in a specialized area, but this resulted in the paths, skills, and divine arts of Supreme Emperor Heaven not showing any improvement. They were much inferior to those of Eternal Peace.

Qin Mu was able to see that which meant that Saint Woodcutter could naturally see it too.

He looked at the youth who was still forging and couldn't help doubting himself. 'When I saw him in danger in the battlefield, I executed a divine art that he could comprehend, and he learned it immediately, escaping successfully. By right, this successor of mine should have unmatched talent and have cultivated the technique I had passed down to the degree of perfection, which was why he was able to comprehend my divine art in an instant. Yet why has he become so unreliable now? Could my judgment have really been wrong?'

At that moment, a god walked over and bowed. "Heavenly Master, the Seven Stars Realm's experts of Supreme Emperor Heaven are here!"

Saint Woodcutter looked at them and nodded gently. "Let them come in."

Sang Hua looked around, and her eyes suddenly lit up. "The one who threshes grains, that girl is called Yu He! She's the number one divine arts practitioner of Seven Stars Realm!"

Qin Mu pulled out a sword from the fire wall and examined it. The heat still wasn't there yet, so he stuffed it back in.

Sang Hua was beyond excited. She said to Qin Mu, "Yu He is the disciple of True God Pang Yu and has passed through the test of God Suppression Pagoda. She has slain three devil experts at the level of a young true devil and is acclaimed as the number one in Seven Stars Realm! That's her, the girl who bunned up her hair so high that it looks like a small pagoda. She's very pretty!"

The black tiger god looked over at the girl called Yu He who had a cold expression. She removed her earrings, bracelets, and tidied her clothes. It was evident that she was ready for a life and death struggle.

"She's indeed not bad, an expert," the black tiger god praised. "She removed the extra accessories from her body for her movements to be unrestricted. She can be said to have been forged in hundreds of battles."

"The one who threshes grains, look, look! The top ten divine arts practitioners of Seven Stars Realm are all here... Wait, that's not right, there are two people missing. Could they have died in battle?"

Qin Mu focused on his forging and shook to transform into the true form of Mercury Sovereign. He drew cold water vapor to cool down the sword. He then grabbed the flying sword and poured his vital qi in. Rubbing his hands, he turned the shiny sword into a pellet.

He then nodded in satisfaction.

Sang Hua was ineffably excited. "Look, that's Shu Yao! His master is True God Yan Shuo, but he, unfortunately, died in the last fight with Fu Riluo... However, Shu Yao is indeed abnormally powerful. He has the manner of a master and his technique is overbearing while his divine arts are fierce. What he walks is the route of the corporeal body becoming that of a saint!"

The black tiger god looked at Shu Yao and saw that this youth had a calm bearing that wouldn't be alarmed even if the heaven fell. Even when faced with so many gods and devils, he didn't have a change in expression.

"He's much steadier than the one who threshes grains that looked around in wonder all the time. This Shu Yao is also an expert," the black tiger god praised.

Shu Yao walked over. He was an extremely earnest youth, and his bearing was extraordinary calm.

The few people beside him were also extremely unordinary. Every one of them, no matter if it was a boy or girl, they all had thick murderous aura surrounding them. All of them should have just come from the battlefield.

Sang Hua was excited to the highest level. "These people that could walk out of God Suppression Pagoda are all young experts, and each of them is legendary! That's Huang Yue over there. He has been through numerous big battles and is known for his outstanding military service! He's also the disciple of True God Pang Yu and was the fastest to pass through God Suppression Pagoda. It's just that his ranking is a little low, at rank three!"

Qin Mu put away all the flying swords he had finished refining while stuffing all the others into Li Fire to continue working non-stop.

The black tiger god looked at Huang Yue who was obviously a martial maniac. Even under such a situation, he was still cultivating. He didn't forget to execute his technique even when he was walking, and clouds floated above his head.

His technique was very strange, and he had already cultivated his primordial spirit. Even though he couldn't project it yet, he could already have it breathe vital qi in and out.

The clouds above his head were visions formed from his primordial spirit condensing his vital qi.

"The cultivation of this man is extremely dense!" The eyes of the black tiger god lit up, and he praised, "Another martial maniac, but his thoughts are very pure. He doesn't have any other thoughts besides growing stronger, so his frame of mind is naturally great! The one who threshes grains and long braid girl, you two should learn from him."

Sang Hua knew that he was giving her pointers and hurriedly nodded.

The black tiger god looked at Qin Mu who took out another bunch of flying swords to stab them into the fire. He smacked another one with his hammer to refine away the impurities within it.

The black tiger god's complexion turned black.

Yu He looked over and her gaze landed on Qin Mu who was busy forging his swords. She frowned slightly and asked Sang Hua, "Junior Sister Sang Hua, this person is?"

Sang Hua looked at her in admiration and replied with a smile, "This is Qin Mu; he's from another world. His Qin is the Qin from threshing grains. Senior sister, you've become world famous in the battle in Shi City..."

Yu He's expression fell. "However, Shi City still fell into the enemy's hands. The devils' abilities are indeed slightly stronger than ours. However, the divine arts practitioners of my Supreme Emperor Heaven are no weaker than the devils who are just relying on their numbers!"

Shu Yao walked over and gave Sang Hua a gentle smile. "Sister Sang Hua, you haven't entered God Suppression Pagoda yet, right? I see your abilities are also extraordinary and have improved a lot since we last met. You will definitely be able to pass the test of God Suppression Pagoda."

Sang Hua's chest brimmed with pride.

Shu Yao looked at Qin Mu and slightly frowned. He asked in a low voice, "This is?"

"Qin Mu who threshes the grains."

Yu He felt helpless. "He's from another world and his temper is a little weird. He came all the way here to forge."

Sang Hua blushed and said in a low voice, "Qin Mu is very powerful. He has a gate that I've never seen before. Wherever it passes, nothing will live. He killed many experts of the devil race. He also has a Moon Jade Eyes that killed Fu Yuxiao in one shot. His attainments in algebra are extremely high, but his medical expertise is even higher. His forging is also better than his algebra..."

"Fu Riluo's disciple Fu Yuxiao was killed by him?"

Everyone was astonished and they all looked at Qin Mu only to see him still forging. Yu He said with a calm expression, "The treasures of this Senior Brother Qin are truly extraordinary."

The others all nodded. Fu Yuxiao was famous among the younger generation as an expert of Celestial Being Realm. For Qin Mu to be able to kill Fu Yuxiao, it had to have been due to the power of that so-called Moon Jade Eye.

"It isn't entirely the credit of the treasure, since it was accomplished only because of the one who threshes grains very high attainments in algebra. He said he had relied on algebra to calculate the next step of Fu Yuxiao to be able to shoot him... "

While saying that, Sang Hua became less and less confident.


Everyone shook their heads, and Huang Yue said indifferently, "What use is algebra? Not only will it not increase one's battle power, but it will also take up the time from cultivation."

The black tiger god gave a cough and said solemnly, "Everyone, go and calm down your minds first. There will be fierce battles later! My lord has already fought with Fu Riluo numerous times just now, but the outcome was hard to determine, so a new idea was brought up. The younger generation shall fight to determine the ownership of Li City! We'll need to use everyone's abilities if we'll want to take back Li City!"

Shu Yao looked at Qin Mu who was still forging and said with a frown, "How can we calm our minds with this senior brother forging over here?"

The others all nodded.

The black tiger god looked at them helplessly. "Please pardon him. His frame of mind isn't like yours, so he needs to rely on forging to stabilize it."

Suddenly, Huang Yue's gaze fell with intensity on the other side, and his voice grew slightly hoarse. "Zhe Huali, Fu Riluo's proudest disciple! I've met him on the battlefield, and in the darkness, I almost died in his hands. Luckily, reinforcements came on time."

Shu Yao also stared at that young devil expert. The knife on his back trembled, giving off knife cries. The young expert then said in a low voice, "I've also exchanged blows with him and lost. Maybe only Senior Sister Yu He can defeat him..."

Yu He's gaze landed on Zhe Huali and she shook her head. "I encountered him in the battlefield just now. Even though we were broken up by the battle formation after two moves, it was enough for me to determine his abilities. I'm not a hundred percent confident in defeating him... You guys must be careful when fighting him!"

The black tiger god looked at the young expert of the devil race and was slightly stunned. Up ahead was a cultured and refined youth. Based on his appearance, one couldn't see that he was a devil at all.

'That's not right! He isn't a devil, but a human!' The black tiger god's heart trembled slightly, and he instantly realized Zhe Huali's background. He said in a low voice, "He's not only the disciple of Fu Riluo, but someone from the upper bound!"

Yu He, Shu Yao, and Huang Yue were all astonished. They wanted to ask for details, but the black tiger god leaped into the sky. He said to Saint Woodcutter, "My lord, something is wrong with the origin of that Zhe Huali. He's not a devil, so he should have come from the upper bound!"

Saint Woodcutter nodded and looked at the other side. He said solemnly, "Fu Riluo, it seems you are also related to the so-called celestial heavens. This disciple of yours is from the upper bound. I wonder which high god is he the disciple of?"

Fu Riluo laughed loudly and said leisurely, "Zhe Huali has a stable foundation and his devil technique is right behind mine. His abilities are outstanding, and he is the disciple that I think the most highly of. However, your guess isn't wrong, and his background is great. He has another master, and you also know him. This person is the Knife God who calls himself Wushuang. You've exchanged blows before."

Saint Woodcutter's expression sunk, and he nodded. "Divine Knife Luo Wushaung, the top general of Spirit Elite Guards. He's indeed an old friend. Never would I have thought that you would actually become related to him."

The ears of Qin Mu who had been forging suddenly twitched, and he placed the iron hammer in his hand. He raised his head and asked Sang Hua, "What guards? What Wushuang?"

"Spirit Elite Guards, Luo Wushuang."

Yu He said indifferently, "My master True God Pang Yu had mentioned him. Luo Wushuang is a broken arm knife god of the ancient times, a true god with very powerful knife skills! He only has one arm, but his knife skills have reached perfection!"

Qin Mu was stunned. He suddenly recalled the night forty thousand years ago and the Luo Wushuang of the Spirit Elite Guards that he had encountered.

That night, he had stood on the chest to cover for the escape and cut off one of Luo Wushuang's arm.

Could the two Luo Wushuangs be the same person?

Qin Mu hurriedly looked at Zhe Huali, and Shu Yao smiled as he inquired, "Senior Brother Qin who threshes the grains, why aren't you forging anymore?"

Qin Mu didn't answer, and Zhe Huali on the opposite side immediately felt his gaze. He raised his head, and their eyes met. Qin Mu's gaze landed on Zhe Huali's back where he saw a long knife that was very demonic and evil. There was an eye on its hilt.

That eye suddenly opened and stared at Qin Mu.

Zhe Huali saw Qin Mu's face and was slightly stunned. His expression filled with disbelief, and he took out a scroll from his chest. He examined it and took another look at Qin Mu before suddenly smiling in delight.

Qin Mu's gaze was fixated on that demon knife when he said solemnly, "Sister Sang Hua, if I tell you that the arm of Divine Knife Luo Wushuang had been cut off by me, will you believe me?"

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