Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 534 - Hard Rock

"Divine Knife Luo Wushuang's arm was cut off by you?"

Everyone in the surroundings found it extremely preposterous. Even the most stable Shu Yao couldn't help bursting into laughter. "Senior Brother Qin who threshes the grains, just focus your mind on forging."

Qin Mu looked away, but his expression became strangely serious. Suddenly, Yu He, Huang Yue, Shu Yao, Sang Hua, and the rest moved a step away from Qin Mu, bewildered.

For that instant, they felt that this youth forging beside them had suddenly become a sword that was about to be unsheathed. Light rays had been about to burst forth in all directions. His acute spirit was threatening, but it was left in the sword sheath without being drawn.

The youth had moved because of natural instinct, avoiding a terrifying fighting spirit and murderous intent.

Clang, clang.

The sound of metal being beaten rang out as Qin Mu went back to the smelting table, focusing on hammering his flying swords.

Everyone couldn't help doubting that if it was their senses that had went wild for a moment.

Meanwhile, on the other side, a female devil beside Zhe Huali took a glance and said in astonishment, "The person in your painting looks like that brat forging on the other side!"

Zhe Huali rolled up the painting and put it away. He said indifferently, "My master has been looking for him for a long time. He said that the reason his knife skills reached such a level was all thanks to him. Old man executed his sword skill for me to see before I left for the lower bound and gave this painting to me. He wanted me to find that person and execute his knife skills to show him."

The female devil couldn't help shuddering as she chuckled. "Your master seems to be quite concerned about him. His order for you is to make this forging brat see how powerful his knife skills are. I can feel the hatred in your master's heart, but there should also be a hint of respect. However, that forging brat is only a youth, so how could he have caught the attention of your master?"

"This I do not know." Zhe Huali's gaze landed on Qin Mu. "Just a few months ago, master even crossed realms to contact me, saying that the person he wanted to find has appeared. He asked me to take a trip to that world to look for him. However, with the incoming big battle, I didn't have the time to go that world. Never did I expect to encounter him here."

He let out a shaky breath and added in a low voice, "For the Knife God to view him so highly, I'd like to meet him very much!"

Qin Mu who was forging revealed no emotions and just continued to forge his flying swords without a care. However, Zhe Huali could still sense that his gaze was making this youth uncomfortable.

When his gaze landed on Qin Mu's body, he could clearly see the youth adjusting his posture.

Zhe Huali smile, unable to quell his excitement. The eye on the demon knife also became excited and rotated a few rounds, increasing in size and becoming bloody.

Suddenly, Fu Riluo's voice rang out. "Heavenly Master, since everyone is already here, let us begin."

"Should we set any rules?"

"Rules? Where are the rules in a life and death struggle?"

Fu Riluo laughed loudly, and in the courtyard, the black spear trembled. The plaza cracked, and explosions came from the ground as ravines spread out in all directions.

The footing of Qin Mu and the rest instantly became unstable. They hurriedly roused their vital qi.

Saint Woodcutter raised his eyebrows, and the huge ax also shook to fight with the devil spear. The collision of the two divine weapons suddenly tore the space in the center of the plaza and stretched it!

Among the world-shaking explosions, the expressions of Qin Mu and the rest changed drastically. The land under their feet suddenly rose high up. They couldn't even stand with two legs if they wanted to keep them, but had to jump on only one because of the expanding land.

The terrain of the plaza under their feet had changed. In an instant, mountains had been raised, and the distance between them was still rapidly growing greater!

The power of the two divine weapons collided and actually stretched the plaza as though there was a boundless power creating mountains from nothing at all!

Ravines crossed each other and mountains rose and stretched into the distance. This kind of magnificent power made the youths look up in awe.

Qin Mu looked at the transformations in front of him in astonishment. The flat plaza was like the blue sea turning into mulberry fields. It was undergoing transformations that could only happen after hundreds of thousands or even millions of years in just a short while!

This was the mighty force of gods and devils, the power that mortals couldn't achieve!

Only now did he see how much power a true god controlled. It was a power that Xing An, a god that was pieced together, could never hope of possessing!

"For Fu Riluo to be able to block Saint Woodcutter, his abilities are indeed extraordinary."

Qin Mu's heart shook when he sensed his flying swords. There was a portion of them that had been being calcined in the Li fire and devil fire, and he hadn't summoned them back in time.

He immediately called them to himself, and the flying swords rose in the distance. They were over twenty miles from him, but he immediately saw a strange sight.

The speed of his flying swords was extremely fast, but the distance between them was gradually increasing!

This was obviously due to the gods and devils as they created a world. The speed at which space was expanding surpassed the movement speed of the flying swords!


Suddenly, the space shook violently and the mountains stopped growing. The space stabilized.

The flying swords came whooshing over, and Qin Mu raised his hand. The flying swords collided and transformed into a sword pellet which spun in the air.

He let out a sigh of relief and looked around. He could no longer see Sang Hua and the rest.

There was an extreme number of mountains in the surroundings, but they weren't especially high. They were like the mountains in the outside world, but shrunk over ten times. Qin Mu sliced a chunk of rock and examined it in detail. He then crushed it into powder.

Moments later, the rock turned into fine rune markings which gave off their final glow before dispersing with the wind and vanishing completely.

"They are indeed not real."

Qin Mu straightened his back and looked around. The mountains which stretched up and down into the distance should have been materialized by Fu Riluo and Saint Woodcutter using runes. Their abilities didn't seem to have reached the level where they could create real matter.

Suddenly, Fu Riluo's voice boomed as though it was thunder from outer space. "In battles of life and death, there are no rules! This sand table will be their battlegrounds, and each side will have ten people in total. The side that comes out victorious will be the winner! How is this suggestion?"

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. 'Sand table?'

He raised his head to look toward the source of the voice and saw Fu Riluo and Saint Woodcutter's incomparably huge faces beyond the sky. They looked like planets in outer space.

'This means that even though the plaza looks countless times larger, it should still be the same from the outside.'

Qin Mu was endlessly astonished. This kind of thing was simply beyond his imagination!

Upon coming, he had already calculated the size of the plaza.

It had a palace on each side. They were most likely located in the left yin and the right yang.

Qin Mu had walked all the way down the main road, then went up the steps to enter the plaza. It was not even a hundred yards in width and had a length of a hundred and fifty yards. Both sides had steps which led to the palaces beside.

If one looked down from the sky, the two palaces and plaza would present the divinatory diagram from Li Divinatory Trigrams, so Li Fire was born.

Now, the interior space of the plaza had been expanded numerous times, but to the outside world, it still looked a hundred fifty by a hundred yards. It was still the divinatory diagram from Li Divinatory Trigram with the two big palace halls.

To Saint Woodcutter, Fu Riluo, Pang Yu, and the rest of the gods and devils, Qin Mu was located on a small sand table. All of his movements could be clearly seen like the markings on the palm.

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes. Now he had two roads to take. One road was to retreat back to the side of the big palace hall and continue to use Li Fire to refine his swords. The other road was to head to the center of the sand table world.

That place was where Saint Woodcutter and Fu Riluo's spear were. Instead of searching around, it would be better to go somewhere where everyone knew others would head too.

As long as they were smart, they would realize that the first to reach the place where the axe and spear crossed would have the upper hand. That was because being a step earlier would allow them to set up traps and formations while waiting for others to deliver themselves!

'I refined three hundred and sixteen swords; that's enough for me.'

Qin Mu moved, swiftly increasing his speed to rush toward the center of the sand table world. Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs were executed to their extreme, and he became as fast as flowing light!


His speed surpassed sound, and the wall of air in front of him exploded like a white cloud. Vapor brushed his face as he passed through it.

At that moment, Qin Mu heard loud explosions and looked in the direction of the noise. Figures in the distance had also broken through the speed of sound and left behind vapor clouds among the mountains.

The circular vapor clouds gradually spread out in an extremely eye-catching manner.

There were a total of nineteen clouds, and they betrayed nineteen experts with incomparably powerful corporeal bodies surpassing the speed of sound at the same time!

It was evident that they had all realized that if they were a step earlier than the others in reaching the place where the ax and the spear crossed, they would be at a great advantage and hold the upper hand!

Veins popped on Qin Mu's head. Only now did he realize that he was the slowest among the twenty people in the sand table world!

Even Sang Hua's speed was actually a bit faster than his!

The nineteen experts were all people who were equivalent to young true gods. The techniques they cultivated allowed their bodies to reach a height that surpassed Qin Mu!

Just like that, the speed that Qin Mu was so proud of finally lost to experts on the same realm!

Suddenly, Qin Mu stopped and turned to leave. Everyone was heading to where the axe and the spear crossed so that place would be the most dangerous place instead. Everyone couldn't shake each other off in speed, so the result of running there would be a collision of twenty divine arts practitioners. In the end, it would become a huge and messy brawl.

In such a chaotic situation, it was easy for accidents to happen. Even if he possessed better abilities, he could be surrounded and killed.

Since it was like that, he might as well not go there.

The next moment, the nineteen figures that were rushing toward the place where the ax and spear crossed suddenly turned invisible and vanished. He couldn't see where they went.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned, and his expression became grim. 'The ones that have survived for so long in Supreme Emperor Heaven are indeed not stupid and have all thought of the same thing. Interesting, I've finally met my match... In that case, I won't look for you guys, but will wait for you to find me!"

His body suddenly broke through the air and sprinted straight to the borders of the sand table world. Over there was a wall of fire that was dozens of miles high and the burning palace hall formed the wall between Li Fire and the devil fire.

After a moment, the sound of iron being beaten came from the sand table world. It could be heard ten miles away.

In no time, Qin Mu saw the first person coming over. It was an alluring girl with a graceful posture.

"The ten divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven are all powerful, but you're the weak link." The alluring girl looked at Qin Mu's back and giggled. "I don't have the confidence to deal with the other people, so I could only come to take the first credit."

"Sister." Qin Mu turned his head to give her a radiant smile. "You might have stubbed your toe on a hard rock."

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