Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 535 - Black like Iron

The waist of the alluring woman was soft as though it was a willow branch in the wind. She swayed left and right as she walked toward Qin Mu and chuckled. "How tough could you be? I've seen it just now that your speed is the slowest. Even though it isn't much slower, it showed that your corporeal body's attainments are slightly inferior. But even a slight difference is a world of difference in abilities."

Her feet stopped just right before the flying swords that were hidden in a circle around him.

The flying swords that Qin Mu had put underground were the first form of Sword Picture, Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers. The girl just needed to step forward, and Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers would activate, shredding her apart. She would become a bloody waterfall in the picture of mountains and rivers.

However, for her feet to stop just before the trap, she should have noticed that something was wrong.

The corner of Qin Mu's eyes twitched, and he praised. "How smart. Good sister, what's your name?"

"My name is Tapo Xiangyun, and I'm the disciple of True Devil Qian Tapo." The woman was bewildered by his actions though. "When the people of Supreme Emperor Heaven meet the devils, they always shout at us angrily and never smile. How could you be one of them, calling me good sister the moment you meet me? If all of the people of Supreme Emperor Heaven were like you, I wouldn't have to kill so many divine arts practitioners. I'm actually curious, what is your background?"

Qin Mu opened his mouth to answer, but Tapo Xiangyun stomped her feet that moment. The ground trembled, and flying swords instantly broke into the surface!

Qin Mu's face changed slightly, and he raised his hand to grab them. All of the flying swords gathered in his palm and turned into a sword pellet that was about to land in his hand.

While he was retrieving his sword, Tapo Xiangyun rushed forward at a speed that was no slower than that of his flying swords. Before Qin Mu's sword pellet was even formed, spider legs appeared behind the woman's back and stabbed forward, scattering the sword pellet apart!

The woman was incomparably smart, and her spider legs attacked like the storm, breaking the sword pellet to not give Qin Mu any chance!

"You're truly the weakest one, and I shall claim the first blood!"

Tapo Xiangyun burst into soft laughter as two incomparably sharp bone spikes appeared in her hands. She stabbed them toward Qin Mu's chest!


Just as she did so, she felt that something was wrong. She saw Qin Mu's smile becoming stiff and falling down into a pool of ink.

But he was not the only one to change. Even the Li fire and the devil fire behind him also turned into ink!

Tapo Xiangyun hurriedly looked back and saw herself in a frame. Outside it, another Qin Mu was walking calmly toward her.

Only then did she realize that she had entered a painting when she was pouncing at him!

"This is a painting? How could a drawing move and even speak? How did I not see any flaws?"

Tapo Xiangyun was astonished. She leaped up, wanting to jump out of the painting, but she remained trapped inside. Everything was blank besides the ink on the ground that was yet to dry.

The woman hissed, and the eight claws behind her back stabbed ruthlessly toward the outside.

Chi, chi, chi. The spider legs pierced through the painting, and Tapo Xiangyun was delighted. She wanted to tear apart the painting and jump out.

Yet at this moment, Qin Mu blew a mouthful of air, and the painting fluttered away, landing in a wall of fire that was in that direction.

In the thick Li fire and devil fire, miserable shrieks could be heard as the painting burned into ashes. They formed the shape of a spider lady who was still struggling. In time, she collapsed in the flames and there was no more movement.

"Sister Xiangyun, I would have liked it very much to have a fair fight with you, but there are too many experts and I have to save my stamina for stronger opponents," Qin Mu said apologetically. "You are indeed very strong, but you are still not my opponent..."

Suddenly, the ground under Qin Mu's feet rose up and threw him high up.

A giant's footprint appeared in the moving ground, and the moment Qin Mu was kicked up, incomparably sharp stone spikes shot out from the ground toward him!

While he was in midair, his sword pellet came flying over and countless flying swords spiraled to shred all the stone spikes. When he was about to locate the enemy's position, the ground exploded once more, and a huge hand formed from magma grabbed at him.

Qin Mu punched down. With a loud explosion, a huge volcano rose up and erupted. The power of the punch was instantly increased drastically.

The punch and the huge hand collided, and the magma rocks instantly shattered. They flew in random directions and tumbled continuously to gather together once more to form a palm.

It closed into a first as devil fire burned in the places between the rocks.

"The magma giant from Heavenly Devil Horde?"

When Qin Mu was up, his arm was almost broken. He looked down only to see the ground trembling violently. A Heavenly Devil Horde transformed into the shape of magma to break out of the earth.

When this person landed on the ground, he roared loudly, and Qin Mu's body that was in midair was struck by soundwaves which had materialized. They pushed him into the wall of fire."


The magma giant sneered, thinking to leave, but suspicion bloomed in his heart, and he turned his head back. Up ahead, Qin Mu was floating in the wall of fire. However, he had now become a bull-headed mutant with a thick tail.

"This kind brother, could you finish saying that word before you leave?"

Qin Mu walked out of the wall of fire. The devil fire and Li fire flowed out from the wall with him and transformed into two fire dragons on which he stepped.

Qin Mu's expression was cold. "It's not weakli, but weakling!"

"Fire Element Star's Mars Sovereign?" The magma giant looked at him with doubt. "Mars Sovereign can control fire, but only god fire, how did you control the devil fire? Do the humans really have such an intricate technique? That's not right, you're using the technique of the devil path! You're also a devil?"

He got more confused with each revelation. Qin Mu had transformed into a mutant with a bull's head and a human body. The form of Mars Sovereign clearly had a god's body, but devil flames were flowing out from him as he controlled the devil fire.

On top of that, there were flowers of flame markings on Qin Mu that looked like fire burning, and one of the two fire dragons under his feet was a devil dragon!

Only a devil could control such an intricate divine art!

Beyond the sky, Saint Woodcutter and the black tiger god saw this sight, and the latter's eyes filled with suspicion. He asked in a low voice, "My lord, do you feel that?"

Saint Woodcutter gently nodded. "I can feel it. Appearance is born from the heart while the devil is born from the heart. The devil appearance is born from his face."

The black tiger god was puzzled. "But I clearly feel something weird is in his body; he seems partly a devil, not purely human... My lord, you're lying again, right?"

Saint Woodcutter frowned slightly and shouted at him, "When have I ever lied?"

The black tiger god opened his mouth to speak, then shut it when he saw the gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven behind him. 'I need to save some face for this old liar...'

Saint Woodcutter's gaze flickered, repeatedly returning to Qin Mu's body. His thoughts were unknown.

He pulled back his gaze and turned to Fu Riluo on the other side. The devil god was also watching Qin Mu, seeming quite interested.

"Half devil? His magic power is actually so powerful, a match for Su Mo's disciple Shi Quansong. He's using his magic power to supplement what he is lacking in strength and corporeal body." Fu Riluo smiled and said, "Heavenly Master, your successor is an interesting youth, half devil..."

Saint Woodcutter was astonished, but he said indifferently, "What devil? He is a human who had merely cultivated a technique of the devil path. Who knows them better than me?"

Fu Riluo gave a gentle laugh and didn't speak anymore.

The magma giant took in a long breath and his body expanded little by little as he rushed toward Qin Mu. "You're still merely a weakling! Your corporeal body has yet to reach the level of a young true god. Even if you've cultivated the forms of the star sovereigns, you will still collapse in one blow!"

Qin Mu's vital qi was close to violent as the two dragons under his feet sprinted forward. The stars gathered together behind him while shining brightly. They formed a galaxy in each star was connected with the others with a trail of silver light.

If one's gaze was clear enough, they would see that there were gods standing upright on each and every one of the stars.

The starlight connecting them was the rays giving off by them.

They weaved and formed a strange forcefield.

It was the divine art that Li Tianxing had created after comprehending the Unity Technique of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force!

In terms of divine arts, Qin Mu had never seen a more intricate one among those who were yet to become gods!

The magma giant sneered, and his huge fist came toward Qin Mu. With a loud boom, mountain rocks crumbled and Qin Mu fell. Turning his body around, he rushed over once more.

The magma giant roared furiously, and the devil flames on his body burned even fiercely. He suddenly took a step to rush at Qin Mu, and they collided once again. The twin dragons under Qin Mu's feet were squashed into pieces by the repelling force, and he fell back.

Rocks flew off in all directions from the magma giant's body, but the next moment, trails of devil fire pulled them back. That devil fire that flowed through his limbs was like his blood, but also like his tendons. It was very strange.

However, at this moment, a sword pellet flew over and merged into his magma body with the rocks.


Eight thousand swords exploded, slicing through the rocks and the devil fire. In a split second, they flowed through the whole body of the magma giant like river water and severed all his joints.

The magma giant was stunned for a moment before collapsing to the ground.

Qin Mu also crashed to himself, but he flipped himself up right away. Blood was leaking out from the corner of his lips, but he still rushed over frantically and danced in the sky with eight thousand swords. As he was running, he was also tapping furiously with his sword fingers.

On the ground, countless rocks and devil fire were tumbling about to form two thick rock legs. They mixed with the devil fire to flow up and accumulate continuously. The waist was rapidly formed, and the body of the magma giant was about to be reconstructed.

His lifeforce was extremely strange. He was one of the few races that could reconstruct their bodies.

"Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers!"

Eight thousand swords instantly formed mountains and rivers of light. The moment the magma giant reconstructed himself to the neck, he was swallowed by the mountains and rivers and ended up as countless shattered rocks.

Qin Mu sprinted over furiously. With his left hand as yin and his right hand as yang, he crossed them as he pressed down on the sword picture formed by Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers.

Yin Yang Heavenly Flipping Hands, Overlapping Hands!

The overlapping palm force of yin and yang exploded, and the qi of pure yin and pure yang merged with the sword picture. Yin lightning and yang lightning exploded, sending the shattered rocks in all directions. Finally, the last bud of devil fire was extinguished.

Qin Mu held onto his knees with both hands and spat out a mouthful of bloody phlegm. He tilted his head and saw another devil expert walking out from the mountain to the side. He then grumbled angrily, "Another one? I've already fought two matches, so can't you find another person to fight?"

The devil expert walked over with a slight smile. "Who told you to hammer your iron for no reason at all?"

Qin Mu's face was black like iron.

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