Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 537 - The Number One Crow“s Beak in Supreme Emperor Heaven

The cloud vapor above Huang Yue's head steamed, the vision formed from his primordial spirit breathing vital qi in and out. At this moment, his gaze landed on the person on the mountain and the vapor cloud grew. It gained an area of half a field.

The vital qi in the vapor cloud condensed into droplets of rainwater that could be faintly seen falling to the ground. When they landed on the young man's head, they evaporated and went back up into the vapor cloud again. This looped over and over again.

The mountain had been raised by Saint Woodcutter and Fu Riluo's vital qi runes and not made by true creation, so it wasn't too high. Huang Yue scaled it, coming to the mountaintop in a few steps before stopping when he was still over a hundred yards away from Zhe Huali.

"When I met you in the battlefield, I almost died at your hands."

Huang Yue's aura rose dramatically, and his fighting spirit overflowed. Even if he was defeated before, he wasn't the least bit afraid. Instead, his boundless fighting spirit was ignited!

He was a battle maniac and had no fear!

"I've always been searching for you to take revenge for my loss." Huang Yue was excited. "May senior brother give me this chance!"

Zhe Huali turned around and his gaze fell on him. The devil eye on the handle of the demon knife behind his back didn't open, however.

His right foot suddenly shifted, and the tip of his foot pointed diagonally. His feet weren't lined up as he pointed his left foot at Huang Yue and his right foot at another woman that was scaling up the mountain. She appeared in front of them the next moment.

Huang Yue's expression sunk, and he said coldly, "Chan Yuan, don't interfere with my matter; otherwise, I will kill you as well!"

Chan Yuan was also a divine arts practitioner of Supreme Emperor Heaven. Huang Yue and the rest had first rushed toward the place where the ax and spear crossed when they had entered the sand table world. However, when everyone was heading there, the place lost its meaning, so they had all entered hiding.

The only one who didn't hide was Qin Mu.

He had sprinted furiously through midair, and because of his great speed, he'd left a trail of clouds all the way to the border of the sand table world, guiding the others toward him.

Next, Qin Mu hadn't bothered to hide and began hammering iron, luring numerous devil experts into trying to hunt him down.

With the devil experts busy, the experts of Supreme Emperor Heaven had the rare chance to hunt the devil experts that were on the route.

Chan Yuan had noticed this and had stayed guard on the route that had to be taken to get to Qin Mu. She discovered Zhe Huali who was standing on the mountain top and also seen Huang Yue. In delight, she scaled up the mountain, planning to work with Huang Yue, the rank three strong practitioner, to get rid of the devil expert.

"Senior Brother Huang Yue, you and Senior Sister Yu He are both disciples of True God Pang Yu so you should know that the general situation is more important."

Chan Yuan stared at Zhe Huali with a grim expression. She then added solemnly, "This duel isn't just about your personal grudge nor is it a chance for you to chase the extremes of your paths, skills, and divine arts. It concerns the ownership of Li City and the fate of our Supreme Emperor Heaven. No matter if it's me or you, it will be hard for either of us to deal with this person, but together we can take him down!"

"I won't work together with you, so fall back." Huang Ye had a firm expression and shook his head. "Seeing that we are both divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven, I won't kill you. However, if you take the chance to kill Senior Brother Zhe Huali while we are fighting, don't blame me for being ruthless."

His gaze was firm when he looked at Zhe Huali. His desire to seek Dao was incomparably intense, and he chuckled. "If I'm victorious, he will die at my hands. If I'm defeated, he will also be heavily injured. You can take the chance to make your move then and not play with the fate of Li City! You just have to watch; otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Chan Yuan frowned slightly, but she took a step back.

Huang Yue became excited and his aura became even more intense. "Zhe Huali, please guide me!"

"You aren't my opponent. The so-called young true gods of your Supreme Emperor Heaven are merely a joke in my eyes." Zhe Huali's expression was indifferent. "You guys don't know the true meaning of being a true god. You think you're destined to be one just because your corporeal body reaches the level of a young true god. You have no idea that you are still far off. There are three things that make a young true god, and those are the corporeal body, primordial spirit, and path. You guys have only achieved one, but I'm different."

The demon knife on his back trembled gently and hummed. He said leisurely, "Before I came down to the lower bound, I have already achieved two, with only my path still lacking. My descent to pay respect to Fu Riluo as my master is my cultivation in seeking my Dao. Huang Yue, you are obsessed with the paths, skills, and divine arts so you are about to achieve the second requirement. I admire this determination of yours so come together, don't lose your life for nothing."

"Don't look down on me nor my paths, skills, and divine arts! Without destruction, there can be no creation! One can only become stronger when encountering someone stronger! Army Vanquishing Mountain!"

Huang Yue howled and sprinted forward furiously. As he did so, his attack was unleashed, and his fist skill transformed into a divine art. In that instant, countless apparitions of fists appeared and accumulated into a mountain. The next moment, they were like an Army Vanquishing Star!

His fists were so heavy that the wind from them could compress the air and send waves of explosions as though thunder was rumbling.

This move from Huang Yue showed his astonishing attainments in fist skills. When he had fought with Zhe Huali on the battlefield, he had realized his inadequateness and when he met Zhe Huali now, under the pressure of a strong enemy, he was actually able to improve by another step. His divine art Army Vanquishing Mountain was about to reach perfection.

Behind Zhe Huali's back, the demon knife suddenly opened its eye and swirled, expanding while turning the color of blood.

Zhe Huali stretched his hand to pull out his knife and slashed at Army Vanquishing Mountain. Instantly, knife light burst forth and collided with the fist apparitions. The knife light ricocheted and seemed to transform into ten thousand knife lights in an instant, forming a knife mountain that broke Army Vanquishing Mountain!

Ten thousand knife lights suddenly merged. The one then came for Huang Yue's head.

He clasped his hands to grab it, but the demon knife suddenly split into two and Huang Yue's expression changed slightly. Flesh grew under his armpits and two arms clasped the second knife light.

Before he could even let out a sigh of relief though, the two demon knives separated into four.

Huang Yue shouted angrily and more flesh wriggled under his armpits. Four more arms grew out to grab the knife lights that were slashing toward him.

Then, he looked in despair as the four knife lights separated into eight to slash him.

Chi, chi, chi, chi.

The new knife lights slashed down, and Huang Yue lowered his head, looking those that had vanished into the ground. Four long and straight wounds appeared on his face, growing longer and larger.

Zhe Huali shook his demon knife and gently sheathed it on his back while Huang Yue split into several pieces.

He then looked at Chan Yuan who had a grim expression and was slowly moving back.

"Go, I don't kill a woman," Zhe Huali said indifferently.

Chan Yuan still didn't relax and continued to move back calmly. When she was a mile away, she turned and ran furiously for her life. At that moment, Zhe Huali's muscles tensed up, and he sprinted forward with all his strength. With a loud explosion, he surpassed the speed of sound and pulled out his knife with both hands to slash straight down!

The knife instantly reached Chan Yuan's back. She turned in the air, throwing out her sword pellet which expanded outwards. Before the flying swords could even shoot out, the knife cut her from the top of her head!

Zhe Huali stopped and put away his knife, turning to leave.

"I need to have the man from the painting see my master's knife skills, so I cannot be injured and had to slay you from the back." With a calm expression, he tilted his head to listen for the source of the hammer. "Woman, the instant you turned around, your flaw was the biggest. Never show your back in front of me."

Behind him, Chan Yuan fell down.

On the other side, mountains crumbled as two figures were fighting fiercely among them. Mountains with blade-like precipices were pierced through and shattered into runes, vanishing into the air.

The battle ended very quickly, and Yu He touched the wound on her face. Her opponent had died, but he had still injured her.

She raised her head and looked at the knife light which flashed and disappeared in the sky, then knitted her eyebrows.

'Zhe Huali, you and the blacksmith are equally showy, but I don't have absolute confidence that I can defeat you!' She turned to leave. 'I need to find junior brothers and sisters before eliminating you!'

The sand table world was vast, making it hard to find other people.

There were battles erupting at several mountains. The divine arts practitioners met the experts of the devil race, and they naturally used all of their strength to slay their opponents.

That was why after any two people from opposing sides met, the battle would usually end in a short while. The divine arts practitioners would end up either dead or crippled, making the situation quite grim.

However, even if it was just for a short while, it was enough time for them to fight over a dozen miles. Everywhere they passed, mountains were cut and even crumbled. The destruction they caused was quite a sight.

There were even some who used huge divine arts to destroy an area of a hundred miles, which was terrifying.

Of course, this was the sand table world and not the real world. If it was the world outside, even though the divine arts practitioners on Seven Stars Realm weren't weak, they didn't have such destructive force.

The place where the ax and spear crossed was one of tranquility.

Sang Hua set up her trap excitedly and lay in ambush. She quietly waited for enemies to fall into her sure-death trap.

Time passed by slowly. After two hours, the young girl popped her head out from her hiding place with her two long braids hanging down.

Another two hours passed, and Sang Hua sat down on the head of the ax. Her palm supported her chin while she swayed her legs in utter boredom.

Another two hours passed, and Sang Hua lay down on the ax. She looked at the sky while wondering, "Where is everybody?"

She suddenly sat up, a little crazed. "Where have they all went? Isn't this place where everyone was sure to fight? No matter if it's friend or foe, someone just come here!"

Outside the sand table world, the gods and devils looked at the battle inside with both delight and anxiousness. It hadn't been long, but plenty of battles had already been fought.

When Qin Mu had killed three devils and lay down on the ground as a corpse to lure the fourth opponent, most of the devil gods couldn't help becoming nervous. They were all breaking out in cold sweat for the female devil that was hiding in the mountain top nearby.

Luckily, she wasn't tricked and just turned to leave. Most of the devil gods let out sighs of relief then.

"My lord, he is truly your successor!" the black tiger god stated with excitement.

Saint Woodcutter was expressionless while Fu Riluo smiled. Their gazes met before shifting away.

When everyone saw Zhe Huali slaying the two young experts, Huang Yue and Chan Yuan, with two knives, most of the gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven couldn't help breaking out in cold sweat. They were truly worried for the other divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven.

However, the most worried one was still Sang Hua's father, God Sang Ye. He gripped his fists tightly, his palms all sweaty.

'Good daughter, don't come out, just stay there obediently...'

God Sang Ye stared intensely at the place where the ax and spear crossed and saw Sang Hua jumping down from the ax. His expression couldn't help changing, and he chanted to himself, 'Don't go out, don't ever go out.'

Sang Hua ran out.

'Don't meet an enemy, don't meet an enemy...'

A female devil was heading over straight for her.

God Sang Ye nearly fainted. 'She's going to die...'

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