Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 54 - Three Hundred And Sixty Houses

In the village, Old Ma retracted his fist and asked Qin Mu, "Did you understand what you saw?"

"I understood!"

Qin Mu pondered over it, "Every kind of dragon force represents a different type of strength. By arranging the dragon forces in a different sequence, the force of the fist would be different. With a hundred different green dragons in the force of the fist, once the sequence is messed up, Tempest Of The Nine Dragons would have countless of variations! Once someone else received my first punch, they definitely can’t use the same method to receive my second punch! Even if I unleash a hundred or a thousand punches, the strength in each and every punch would never be the same!"

Old Ma revealed a rare smile, "Previously, your Overlord Body didn’t have any attributes thus you couldn’t cultivate Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra. Furthermore, I had promised Great Thunderclap Monastery to not impart out Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra. Now that your Overlord Body has the attribute of the Green Dragon, I’ll still not impart it to you. However, if you are able to completely comprehend the truth of the fists, it doesn’t matter if you learn Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra or not. You have already obtained the dragon’s grace, form, might, aura and spirit so even if you had never seen the Hundred Dragons Portraits, you can still figure out the marvel of the Hundred Dragons Portraits. With your Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, the power of your Thunderclap Eight Strikes will be no inferior to Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra!"

Qin Mu’s spirit pumped up. Old Ma was usually cold-hearted and rarely praised others, therefore, he was very happy to receive Old Ma’s praise. In addition, Old Ma’s words gave him inspiration and inspired more ideas in him. If dragon force was the main point in Tempest Of The Nine Dragons, then what about the first form, Spring Thunder On The Lonely East Sea?

Could he grasp the essence of this form by observing the rise and fall of the large river surging into the sea and listening to the rumble of spring thunder?

And was Thunder Fingers Of The Pipa Player related to music temperament?

There’s also Kuafa Chasing The Sun and Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky. They must have their own methods of comprehension!

The more he thought, the more he became excited and couldn’t wait to leave the village immediately to roam the world, to observe the wonders of the world and view the mysterious principles of nature!

"Remember to wake up early tomorrow and go to the neighboring village to pay your respects." Granny Si beamed.

Qin Mu was puzzled, "Granny, the people in the neighboring village are from Heavenly Devil Cult. Why do they call you mistress? Why do they want to make you cult master? Why are they going to kill us if you don’t listen to them?"

Granny Si caressed his head and smiled, "You’ll know in the future."

Early next morning, after Qin Mu had breakfast and washed up, he went to pick up another egg only to meet the fury of the hen dragon which fought equally with Qin Mu. Flapping its wings up and down, it used its sword-like feathers to cut down the egg thief while releasing a fire breath. With the green dragon coiling around his body, Qin Mu executed Thunder Fingers Of The Pipa Player to block the sword feathers.

"Mu’er, stop fighting with it and go pay your respects in the village next door." Granny Si said as she walked over and chased away the hen dragon.

Qin Mu immediately followed her. The hen dragon which was left behind came chasing after Qin Mu again but it was scared away by Granny Si’s ominous glare.

Granny Si brought him to the village next door and the Elder of Discipline came to welcome them. As he was measuring Qin Mu, he told Granny Si, "Cult Mistress, everything is prepared properly. Young Master is just required to walk through all three hundred and sixty rooms once and that’s all."

Granny Si blinked her eyes in disbelief, "To pass all three hundred and sixty rooms in a single try? Isn’t that asking too much?"

Elder of Discipline smiled, "If he can’t pass all three hundred and sixty rooms, I would have to ask Cult Mistress to come back with us."

Granny gritted her teeth and asked, "Can he rest?"

"Feel free to rest. There are food and drinks in the room, as well as beds, medicine, spirit pills and everything that he needs."

Granny Si took a look at Qin Mu and gritted her teeth again, "Mu’er, go through all three hundred and sixty rooms to pay them a visit. Remember to call them senior brothers and senior sisters. There’s no need to call them seniors."

Qin Mu nodded as he walked towards the first house and smiled, "Three hundred and sixty rooms, I wonder how long will it take for me to visit them all. Granny, I’ll be going in."

Granny Si looked at his back and suddenly asked, "Mu’er, do you know what will you face after you go in?"

Qin Mu turned back and smiled, "I know. I won’t let them take granny away."

Granny felt a warmth in her heart as she turned back to leave. When she had picked up this child from the river back then, she had never expected the day would come when the baby back then would help her share her burden."

Qin Mu walked into the first level of the first house and saw the room was pretty wide. Inside there was a yellow-faced man. His face was so yellow that it looked like he had just eaten a gallbladder. On his chin was a comb of mountain goat beard and on his hand was an abacus, making him look like a bookkeeper doing accounting.

"Senior brother."

Qin Mu stood still and first paid his respects before removing all his weapons from his back and placed them at the door, "Senior brother please."

The bookkeeper looked at the eleven to twelve years old boy in astonishment and asked engrossingly, "You know what you’re here for? Could it be that Cult Mistress had told you?"

Qin Mu stretched his body and his vital qi surged forward as he smiled, "There’s no need for granny to say it clearly as I knew it naturally!"

As power burst forth beneath his feet, he reached face to face with the bookkeeper in just a step. With the rumbling of thunder from his palm, the youth’s vital qi was unusually intense like fire!

"Don’t I just have to fight my way through from the first room to the three hundred and sixtieth room?"

The bookkeeper immediately raised his hand to block and felt a giant force bashing him, causing him to uncontrollably fly back and crash into the wooden wall behind him, falling into the courtyard. He stabilized himself after sliding dozens of yards.

He was astonished and angry at the same time as he looked through the hole in the wall to see Qin Mu walking to the door to pick up his weapons before proceeding to the next room.

"Why am I sulking at a child?"

The bookkeeper broke into laughter from his anger soon after and shouted loudly to the others in the wooden building, "The rest of you better be careful. This little kid is very shrewd. His vital qi at Spirit Embryo Realm is extremely dense and is at least two times higher than mine at Spirit Embryo Realm. Take care not to fail miserably!"

"Denser than yours by two times?"

A tinkling female voice rang out in astonishment, "With this kind of cultivation, as expected of the young master. However, I wonder how his spells are."

Qin Mu walked to the next house and pushed open the door. In the room was a scholar swaying his head as he was enthralled by the book in his hand.

"Senior brother." Qin Mu greeted.

The scholar gave a wary expression and smiled, "You’re going to land a sneak attack on me when I return your greeting? I’m not giving you the chance to."

"Qi ke duo!"


The sound of thunder burst forth and violent tremors could be felt. Splinters filled the air as the scholar flew backward, shattering the woods and into a towering tree.

The scholar landed on the ground and warned in a loud voice, "Be careful, this little brat has powerful abilities and is proficient in the incantation of the devil, which is even more unpredictable than our sacred cult’s incantation.


Just as he had finished warning, a senile private tutor flew out from the wooden building and tumbled onto a stone pillar, unable to restrain his anger, "Bullshit! I was tricked by you and only focused on defending his devil incantation, giving him the chance to use Great Thunderclap Monastery’s techniques to almost injure my soul! Don’t be tricked! He uses the Thunderclap Eight Strikes of Great Thunderclap Monastery!"


An angry female voice sounded out from the fourth house, "Old Xie, you sabotaged me! What he used was the Heavenly Devil Nature Technique to seal my three souls and seven spirits! Don’t you dare run away after touching me all over and spoiling my reputation, little brat!"

Qin Mu’s face turned slightly red as he walked out of the fourth room. The hand technique of Heavenly Devil Nature Technique required to touch the other person’s perineum, chest, and navel. These three spots were the private parts of a woman, therefore, it was not easy for Qin Mu to do it. It was very obscene especially at the perineum.

"I’m still too young to understand all these." The cowherd boy of Disabled Elderly Village blinked his eyes innocently as he said silently to himself.

In the fifth room, a man who was skinny like a bag of bones looked at Qin Mu as he walked over and sneered, "No matter what kinds of devil methods you use, you can forget about passing through me. Victory Loathing Golden Toad Technique!

As he walked to Qin Mu, he took in a deep breath at the same time, creating a croaking sound. The sound grew louder and actually sounded like the croaking of toads!

Qin Mu was startled. The skinny body of the Heavenly Devil Cult’s hall master gradually bloated up. His original skin which was like a bag of bones slowly inflated into sturdy muscles with the more air he sucked in!

The Victory Loathing Golden Toad Technique walked path of demon transformation, to imitate the Victory Loathing Golden Toad. Victory Loathing Golden Toad was a unique breed in the strange beasts. Normally it was only as big as a washbowl, but when it was puffed up with air, its body could be expanded up to a hundred times bigger, and it even could swallow ferocious tigers and lions in one bite.

Once he executed Victory Loathing Golden Toad Technique of Heavenly Devil Cult, his strength would become limitless and his vital qi would become especially dense. The degree of enhancement wasn’t as terrifying as the golden toad but it was still no small matter!

As the Heavenly Devil Cult’s hall master took in a deep breath, Qin Mu was also sucking in air as well. However different from Victory Loathing Golden Toad Technique, his chest didn’t bloat up, but the breath he took in was terrifying. Almost all the air in front of him was sucked up by him, causing the air at the sides to fill up the void. This actually resulted in a small breeze in the wooden building which even shook the windows!

The hall master’s vital qi became extremely violent as he finished taking in his breath. His whole body was bulging with muscles that were like rocks, stretching his shirt so much that it seemed that it could split apart anytime soon!

His body also gradually grew higher until it reached four yards, making him seem like a small giant!

Whereas Qin Mu’s body remained the same without any changes.

"Victory Loathing Golden Toad Technique had a matchless strength and could shatter you in one punch! Croak—"

The hall master raised his palm and it became as big as a palm leaf fan and as red as blood. With a blood red glow shining in the room, the air nearly exploded with his punch that was aimed at Qin Mu.

Similarly, Qin Mu gave a punch as well. The big and small fists collided into one another and in that instant, the whole wooden building tremored violently.

The hall master gave a grunt as moved a step back. The muscle on his arm squirmed as if a dragon had tunneled in and was traveling under his skin towards his heart at a rapid speed!

His expression changed as he raised his other arm chop down on his arm to split the dragon in half. With another step back, his arm bulged again and it seemed like two dragons were squirming under his skin, causing him to quickly chop down again!

When he took his fourth step back, the wall behind him was shattered and with his fifth step, he had landed on the ground outside the building. He took another four steps back and leaned on a huge tree which suddenly trembled violently. The trunk of the tree was reduced to powder as the crown of the tree collapsed.

With the wood shavings flying around the air, a picture of nine dragons controlling the tempest surged out from the back of this hall master which was accompanied by thunder and light as well as the furious roar of nine dragons.

He wasn’t able to intercept the ninth layer of force from Tempest Of The Nine Dragons.

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