Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 545 - Maintain Your Smile

'I can settle this, I can settle this!" Qin Mu consoled himself continuously as his face flickered between clear and dark. "The adults in the village taught me that if I can create trouble, I definitely can settle it as well. I can definitely settle it this time too...

'Let's be real, I probably can't settle it…'

The trouble this time was too big.

Supreme Emperor Heaven had no sun, but Sun Forger God had led the divine arts practitioners to painstakingly construct the half that they raised into the sky. It became the pride of Supreme Emperor Heaven's people, yet the two of them had completely destroyed it.

It wasn't that Qin Mu didn't consider creating a new sun in return to Supreme Emperor Heaven, but that it wouldn't be that easy. Creating a perfect sphere was not difficult, but how was he to turn it into a sun?

Sun Forger God was a chef from Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, a man who controlled the power of the divine fire, so even though his craftsmanship was bad and he had constructed a sun that was unbearable to see, it could still light up and provide warmth to Supreme Emperor Heaven.

This kind of divine fire was probably of an even higher quality than Li fire, so getting the right fire was the biggest problem in reconstructing a sun.

After the black light pillar destroyed the half sun, it pierced through the void. The next instant, the rippling of space could be seen with the naked eye. They undulated and spread through the surroundings.

"The other sun!"

The black tiger god's heart shook as he looked at the ripples traveling to the other construction in the sky.

Under the sacrificial altar, thousands of divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven and gods floating in the sky had their hearts in their throats. They couldn't help clenching their fists tightly, their nails almost piercing their flesh.

The ripples spread and went for the other half sun. When they touched, the sun was squeezed until it was like an oval egg yolk. When the curve of the ripple passed through it, the sun was stretched and became ten or more times longer.

Everyone looked at the sky in fear, but after the ripples, the sun was still hanging in the sky. All the nervous people sighed in relief then.

Suddenly, the now complete-looking sun gave off a loud noise, and a huge piece fell its surface.

The component that had fallen off was as large as a mountain and left a long trail of fire in the sky. Thick smoke billowed as it slid diagonally and crashed somewhere far in the distance.

The sun in the sky had not round to begin with, but now it looked like it had been chewed by a mouth with uneven teeth.

"Junior brother, should we run for our lives?" the black tiger god asked in a low voice.

"Gentlemen, I have two good news to tell everyone!" Qin Mu swept his sleeves up to wipe away the cold sweat rolling down his forehead like a waterfall while still standing on the sacrificial altar. He made himself look righteous and confident before taking a look around the surroundings and saying loudly, "The first good news is that the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge is connected!

"This bridge links Supreme Emperor Heaven with Eternal Peace, so everyone here will have an escape route. Even if we can't defend against the devils, we can retreat to Eternal Peace and save our people!"

Under the sacrificial altar, thousands of divine arts practitioners still had a dazed look as they turned their heads with difficulty to look at him.

After Qin Mu finished saying his first good news, he waited quietly for a moment for everyone to digest this information.

This was to show off his accomplishment.

Supreme Emperor Heaven had never had a path of retreat. If the gods and divine arts practitioners lost, the people could only be treated like food by the devils. But now that Qin Mu constructed Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, he created everyone in Supreme Emperor Heaven an escape route to preserve the legacy of their race.

How huge was this merit?

Qin Mu chose to show it off because it was simply too great. Even if the divine arts practitioners and gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven were angered, they wouldn't beat him and the tiger god to death.

Pang Yu was a true god after all, so he was the first to come back to his senses. He nodded slowly. "Little Friend Qin and Brother Black Tiger created Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge for the people of our Supreme Emperor Heaven to have an escape route. This is indeed a huge merit!"

God Sang Ye and the rest of the gods nodded too. This achievement was truly great.

Besides connecting the two worlds and providing an escape route, the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace Empire could also give assistance, helping Supreme Emperor Heaven last even longer.

At that moment, one divine arts practitioner stuttered, "B-but the sun in the sky..."

Qin Mu's face was glowing with vigor, and he laughed. "This is the other good news I wanted to say. Truly happy news!" His voice was deafening to the ears. "Everyone, your suns were old and dilapidated, but now we can change them for two new suns! Round suns, perfect suns!"

The surroundings were silent.

Suddenly, Sang Ye became excited and raised her two hands up high. "Yay!"

This cheer was piercing to the ears, and her voice soon grew softer and softer. Finally, the long braid girl took note of the situation and gave two coughs to cover her awkwardness. She didn't dare to speak anymore.

"Don't speak." True God Pang Yu maintained a stiff smile on his face as he spoke to the other gods in a low voice. "Maintain the smiles, maintain the composure, don't reveal any murderous intent. They are the disciples of Heavenly Teacher, after all, so we need to keep our faces."

"Will they really help us reconstruct new suns?" one god asked in a low voice while maintaining the smile on his face.

"I have no idea," True God Pang Yu said with a smile. "If they don't, we won't let them leave Supreme Emperor Heaven. However, looking at their expressions that are full of confidence, they might be able to do it."

Qin Mu looked at the numerous divine arts practitioners and gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven that had black faces, and cold sweat poured down his back. There seemed to be a flood about to break through a dam there, right about to surge out.

"Junior Brother, they don't look happy. Did they realize that we don't know how to create the divine fire to ignite the sun?" the black tiger god asked in a soft voice.

"Shut up, senior brother." Qin Mu maintained a stiff smile and spoke through gritted teeth. "Just maintain your smile and act as if we can create the suns."

The black tiger god did as told, then spoke through the gaps of his teeth. "This is the first time we activated Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge so we don't even know if it had really connected with the sacrificial altar in Great Ruins. If it didn't succeed, would they count the two debts together and beat us to death?"

"Shut up, senior brother!" Qin Mu almost couldn't hold the smile on his face. "Now that Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge is set up, can we enter Great Ruins from here?"

"If something goes wrong when we cross the bridge, we might be ground into pieces and come out as a pile of minced meat on the other end," the black tiger god said softly.

Cold wind blew through the silent surroundings.

In Great Ruins, the sky was about to turn dark.

Stone giants were walking through a forest with raised huge stone hammers to smash the ground. They were leveling the land. Along the journey, towering trees uprooted themselves and actually walked like humans. They opened up a path and planted themselves back on both sides of the road, forming two rows.

After the stone giants paved the way, thousands of women went through the road. They were dressed in clothing of all colors that made them look like beautiful flowers. They were chit-chatting while squarish stone slabs floated through the sky and automatically landed under their feet.

Behind them, tree giants were using wooden hammers to secure the stone slabs, interlocking them regularly and leveling the road.

Behind the tree giants, Heavenly Works Hall Master led numerous divine arts practitioners of his hall to imprint runes. Every slab was gained rune markings which would make the road more durable. The road wouldn't fall out even when chariots and huge beasts travelled on it.

Using stone slab to pave the road made it much more convenient to repair them in the future. They just had to take out any faulty piece and replace it with a new one.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Xiong Xiyu walked side by side. They were searching for stone statues and moving them to the side of the road. It was even better when they found village, since they would move them and their people closer to become towns in the future.

Before they moved any stone statue, they offered incense, which was very important. It was what Qin Mu had told Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, so the speed of paving the road was slightly slower than what Qin Mu had predicted.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Xiong Xiyu, the True Heaven Palace Master, had been busy for quite a long time. They had paved the road all the way to the territory of Great Ruins by then, and in just another month's time, they would reach Border Dragon City. When that time came, they would already be close to Eternal Peace Empire.

Qin Mu knew many people in West Earth and was friends with all the influential families. Paving a road to Middle Earth was a huge project, but all of the influential families had supported this idea and sent quite a number of divine arts practitioners to assist.

"Let's take a break!" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor took a look at the sky and said loudly, "The darkness is about to arrive so quickly go to the stone statues. Don't move around at night!"

Everyone hurriedly did as told and started fires to cook their meals. The girls were chatting excitedly about the men of Eternal Peace. They took glances at the divine arts practitioners of Heavenly Works Hall and laughed softly. The divine arts practitioners blushed and didn't dare to speak.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor gazed at the setting sun. Even though Qin Mu had thrown all the responsibility and dirty work to him while he went out to play, he didn't have any complaint.

When conquering West Earth, he had also thrown all the dirty work to Qin Mu, and the youth had done a very good job.

At that moment, the sky shook, and a beam of black light descended from the sky. It spun down frantically and hit the ground

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's face changed slightly, and he looked toward the place where the black light had landed.


It hit the ground, and the land trembled. Vibrations reached even their feet. It felt like some terrifying monster was about to break out from the earth!

"Imperial Preceptor!" Two beams of light shot out from the eyes of Heavenly Works Hall Master as he looked toward the abnormal change. His expression changed drastically, and he shouted loudly, "There's a huge change in the meteorological phenomenon! The ground is surging into big mountains which is probably the work of a demon!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor got up and said solemnly, "You guys stay here. I will go and take a look."

The darkness surged around, but Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked through it until he came to where the black light had fallen. Its energy was exhausted, and a beam of blue light rushed into the sky from underground, piercing through space. The blue light formed a passage of flowing light.

What had released the blue light was a huge sacrificial altar that looked like a mountain. At this moment, all of the runes on it were lighting up one after another.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor examined the sacrificial altar that had suddenly risen up. He muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment before walking up and entering the blue light.

In Supreme Emperor Heaven, the smiles of Qin Mu and the black tiger god were icy. In the sky, the smiles of True God Pang Yu, God Sang Ye, and the other gods were also no different. Everyone had gone still for quite a period of time.

Right then, from the light in the center of the sacrificial altar, a lanky figure of a middle-aged man walked out. He looked around in bewilderment, then his gaze landed on Qin Mu.

"So it's Cult Master Qin. What remarkable thing have you done this time? What is this place?"

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