Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 546 - The Connection Between Two Worlds

Qin mu exhaled deeply. Seeing Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was like seeing a family member. The man had actually come to Supreme Emperor Heaven from Great Ruins and tested the usability of Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. He was a timely assistant!

Otherwise, it was hard to say how long they would have stayed frozen.

Qin Mu, however, wouldn't have dared to personally enter the bridge to see if it was safe. Both he and the black tiger god were worried that they might be shredded to death if there was an error in the design.

Luckily, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor came.

Their main concern was that they had destroyed the suns, and if Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was unusable, the divine arts practitioners and gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven would probably cripple them if not kill them outright.

Luckily, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor came.

"The sun in the sky..." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor raised his head at the sun that was missing a side and hurriedly looked away. He composed himself before asking, "Cult Master, what is this place? These Dao friends are?"

"Just in time, Imperial Preceptor!" Qin Mu said loudly. "Everyone, let me introduce you! This is the saint that appears once every five hundred years, Imperial Preceptor of Eternal Peace Empire. Truth be told, the divine bridges of Eternal Peace's people have been broken and Imperial Preceptor is the first person to cultivate to godhood. He is also the leader of Eternal Peace's reform! Imperial Preceptor, this is Supreme Emperor Heaven, the first heaven of the thirty-three heavens, and the person in the sky in True God Pang Yu!"

True God Pang Yu and the rest of the gods couldn't help being moved. They immediately landed and greeted Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. True God Pang Yu said with a smile, "So it's the saint that appears once every five hundred years! It's an honor to meet you! Truth be told, I had once heard about the legend of the saint that appears once every five hundred years but thought it was some weird talk. Never did I expect to meet the true person!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor returned his greeting and said humbly, "Dao brother is too polite. I'm merely a small person from the countryside who has never seen the big world before. The so-called saint that appears once every five hundred years is merely the flattering of my small country."

Pang Yu laughed loudly and shook his head. "Imperial Preceptor is mistaken! If your world is a countryside, then our Supreme Emperor Heaven is even worse off. Founding Emperor Era, High Emperor Era—all of them were located right where you are. The reason Supreme Emperor Heaven has fought the devils bitterly for twenty thousand years is also only to protect your world."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's heart trembled violently, and Qin Mu's expression went dazed. They hadn't expected True God Pang Yu to say something like that.

There was too much information in his words, and the two men needed some time to digest it.

"This Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge established contact between the two worlds, which is a good thing to our Supreme Emperor Heaven. If we can't hold on anymore, we shall preserve our full strength to head to the celestial heavens."

Pang Yu bowed to Qin Mu and said sincerely, "No matter if Little Friend Qin can forge another two suns or not, my Supreme Emperor Heaven will remember this great benevolence of yours!"

Qin Mu immediately returned the greeting. "True God is polite. This is what I needed to do, so there's no need to remember it."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor turned his head around and looked at the incomparably complicated Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and sacrificial altar. He sighed in admiration. "Spirit Energy Mutual Shift, it's indeed something Cult Master made. I saw a huge change in the meteorological phenomenon and the ground flooding to the sacrificial altar. A light bridge that was like two funnels connected, and I wondered which devil had broken through to Eternal Peace to create havoc.

"When I came to the sacrificial altar and took a look, I saw truly impressive craftsmanship. The algebra used was extraordinary, taking use of the exchange of spirit energy and the mutual shift of spirit energy. I was suspicious so I came to have a look. It showed up that it was really Cult Master who could have such a marvelous thought."

Qin Mu was greatly satisfied and said humbly, "Imperial Preceptor praises me too much. This is mostly thanks to Senior Brother Black Tiger."

He introduced Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to all of the gods and said meaningfully, "Imperial Preceptor, Saint Woodcutter is also here in Supreme Emperor Heaven."

"Saint Woodcutter!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's heart trembled in agitation. The reason he had started the reform was because of the phrase from Heavenly Saint Cult—for the everyday use of common people.

The path of the saint was what he was chasing his entire life!

And to become a saint, he had to first establish his virtue, his merit, and his ideas in writing. That was what he had done.

He didn't think that the legendary existence would be in such a place, so how could he not be agitated?

He wanted to meet this senior that had brought him to the path of reform.

Qin Mu rarely saw him being this perturbed and smiled. "Saint Woodcutter is not here now, but fighting the devils with the twenty-four gods. Imperial Preceptor, you have just come and don't understand Supreme Emperor Heaven. Once I tell you everything, you will know how wonderful is this Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge."

He then added meaningfully, "The inheritance of Supreme Emperor Heaven's paths and skills had never been broken."

"What?" Disbelief filled Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor face, and he cried out, "The inheritance of the paths and skills has never broken? You mean their techniques, skills, and divine arts were all preserved completely? Impossible! Look at that sun in the sky! Such a standard of algebra is thousands of miles inferior to ours. It's even worse than what the scholars of Imperial College could do!"

The black tiger god pouted while thinking, 'This saint that appears once every five hundred years is also a fellow who hasn't cultivated his frame of mind as well. Just a piece of small information is enough to agitate him so much. His expression has changed drastically, making it hard for him to control his emotions. The so-called saint doesn't live up to his reputation!'

Feeling slightly awkward, Qin Mu muttered, "It is indeed a little unbearable to look at..."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sneered and said, "How is it just unbearable? All I want to do is to bring a knife up to even the sun! If the scholars of Imperial College forged such a rough artifact, I'd definitely expel them and send them back to recultivate!"

In the surroundings, all of the gods filled with embarrassment. They looked at one another speechlessly.

With helplessness in his voice, Qin Mu said, "Imperial Preceptor, lower your voice. Even though the algebra of Supreme Emperor Heaven has downgraded, their inheritance of paths has never been broken. With my abilities, among the divine arts practitioners of the same realm, I can only rank in the top ten."

"Cult Master is being humble, right?" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor asked suspiciously.

Qin Mu gave it some thought and said honestly, "I was indeed a little humble. However, Supreme Emperor Heaven does have numerous divine arts practitioners that have the corporeal body of a young true god. Their speed is faster than mine, their strength is greater than mine, their reactions, power of the divine arts and divine eyes, and even their techniques surpass those of Eternal Peace."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor exhaled deeply and composed himself.

The reason why he was so agitated was mainly because there was a huge gap in the inheritance of Eternal Peace's paths, skills, and divine arts!

This huge gap had appeared twenty thousand years ago. At that time, the paths, skills and divine arts had become incomparably rough and couldn't form a system at all. Hall of Human Emperors, Dao Sect, Great Thunderclap Monastery, and Heavenly Saint Cult were imparting what they knew in all directions, but due to limitations of such an action, the paths, skills and divine art they imparted weren't complete.

Dao Sect and Great Thunderclap Monastery had suffered destruction in the calamity while Hall of Human Emperors had only one successor every generation. Heavenly Saint Cult was established after the incident and only then started to impart its paths.

Little Jade Capital was also constructed at that time, but since it didn't meddle in worldly affairs, there was no ancestor walking the world to impart their path.

With time, other sects had slowly formed, and their paths, skills, and divine arts could be said to be established from no foundation at all. Afterward, there were fights between sects, between righteous and evil, which threw the world of Eternal Peace into chaos. The sects fought each other with no end, and the three big sacred grounds stopped interfering. They kept to themselves, making the interactions between paths, skills, and divine arts their biggest concern.

The chaos lasted until Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor assisted Emperor Yanfeng with the reform. Only then did things change. The fights between the sects and righteous versus evil were turned into the battles between the sects and Eternal Peace Empire's benefits.

When Qin Mu became Heavenly Devil Cult Master, he led his sacred ground in support of Emperor Yanfeng whole-heartedly and crushed Dao Sect, Great Thunderclap Monastery, and all of the other rebellious forces. Only then did the fighting stop for real. With all the techniques united, Eternal Peace Empire's paths, skills, and divine arts could take a huge step forward.

Qin Mu had then spread the space algebra model for all the divine arts practitioners to have a chance to become gods and break free from the limitation of the human body.

Yet even so, Eternal Peace Empire's foundation was weak, and the cultivation system was incomplete. Those who could cultivate to god realm were in the minority, and there weren't many strong practitioners.

The construction of Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge by Qin Mu allowed Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor too see the arrival of a new generation!

"Cult Master has done a huge service to the people of Supreme Emperor Heaven and a huge service to the people of Eternal Peace!" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor suddenly bowed to the floor and said sincerely to Qin Mu, "I thank you on behalf of all living beings!"

Qin Mu hurriedly returned his greeting. "I don't dare. The devils are attacking Supreme Emperor Heaven, and it won't be able to withstand them for much longer. Once it is invaded, the devils will go for Great Ruins and Eternal Peace. If we helped these people, they could last for a bit longer."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor got up and said solemnly, "After I return, I will definitely send a memorial to the emperor to ask him to assist Supreme Emperor Heaven!"

Qin Mu smiled at him. "In that case, this matter shall be handled by Imperial Preceptor and True God Pang Yu. You guys can set the regulations for the people to come and go through Supreme Emperor Heaven. You should also decide how Eternal Peace can support Supreme Emperor Heaven and how to exchange pointers regarding paths, skills and divine arts."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was silent for a moment before saying, "You're going to wash your hands off this too?"

Qin Mu stretched his back and said with a smile, "Brother Tiger and I haven't rest in days so we need to sleep for a time. I also need to go out for training. This kind of matter is better settled by Imperial Preceptor. That's right, about the sun, see if you can help them with that as well."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor could only nod before shifting his gaze to True God Pang Yu. "Dao brother, even though there's no complete cultivation system in Eternal Peace, the reform has accomplished a lot in the paths, skills, and divine arts, and Supreme Emperor Heaven will certainly find things to learn as well. With the interaction between the two worlds, numerous experts will definitely be born."

True God Pang Yu instructed a few gods to protect the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge while smiling. "Imperial Preceptor, let's go to Li City to discuss this in more detail."


Qin Mu saw them off and let out a sigh of relief. "Senior Brother Tiger, let's go rest now."

The two of them returned to the tower and lay down on the ground to sleep like logs. When Qin Mu woke up, the sky outside was bright. As he washed up, the black tiger god also woke up.

"What spirit pills does senior brother eat? Let me prepare your meal," the youth said.

"Spirit pills?" The black tiger god licked his paws to clean his face and shook his head. "I don't eat that, so you don't have to trouble yourself. As a god, I just cultivate daily without any need for food. Anything that can fill the stomach is fine."

Qin Mu was stunned. He thought of the dragon qilin and couldn't help becoming sorrowful again.

After the two of them had breakfast, Sang Hua, Yu He, and the rest came in search of them, and Yu He said, "Cult Master, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor has already gone back, and he said that the divine arts practitioner army and gods of Eternal Peace Empire will be coming over in a few days' time."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief. "Is there any news of Heavenly Teacher?"

Yu He shook her head. "Now that Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge has been constructed, my master True God Pang Yu gave the order for normal people to withdraw out of Supreme Emperor Heaven. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor will prepare soldiers and flying ships to receive them in Great Ruins. We came to find Cult Master because we plan to infiltrate the devils' territories to help the people there migrate."

Qin Mu turned his head to look at black tiger god and probed, "Senior Brother, helping the people in the devils' territory migrate isn't considered creating trouble, right?

The black tiger god shook his head. "We even shot the sun down, so who cares about barging into the devils' territory? It cannot even be considered a small matter. With me around, you guys can be at ease. I assure you that nothing will go wrong!"

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