Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 547 - Qin Mu's Nightmare

Qin Mu was delighted. The purpose of his visit was to gain experience, to take a look at the strength of divine arts practitioners in the boundless worlds and learn from their strong points. He wanted to grow so that he could fight First Ancestor Human Emperor.

The devil experts in Supreme Emperor Heaven were numerous, and they were the best opponents for him to test his skills!

On top of that, with black tiger god around, there was no need for them to worry about not being able to run away after meeting a devil god.

The black tiger god's speed was extremely fast, so even if he was faced with three or five devil gods, he could still leave easily.

To top it, with the black tiger god's last sentence, even if they created any trouble, he would be the one to take on all of the responsibility. Great Cult Master Qin would have nothing to do with it.

Sang Hua and Yu He also relaxed. With the black tiger god with them, their journey wouldn't be dangerous at all.

Everyone walked down the city tower. Yu He was courageous and careful, more mature than Sang Hua, so she was the first to suggest, "Senior Tiger, since we're going to the devils' territory, it's best if senior wouldn't release your aura. Otherwise, devil gods will show up to stop us.

"It'd be best if you pretended to be a normal divine arts practitioner. The reason why the gods of our Supreme Emperor Heaven can't come is because devil gods are extremely sensitive to their presence."

The black tiger god retracted his aura in and said with a smile, "Don't worry, I won't give the game away and lure the devil gods over. It's your training, so I will only observe from the side and not interfere."

Their footsteps were very fast, so that divine arts practitioners that had slightly lower cultivation couldn't follow. Since Yu He wanted to infiltrate the devils' territory, the people she brought were all elites and experts in the army. They had all experienced life and death struggles before.

When they were near their destination, the sky gradually turned dark as traces of devil qi floated to and fro the forest. The place looked like it was shrouded by grey fog. They could see but not far.

One divine arts practitioner thought to use a flame divine art to light up the way, but he was instantly stopped by Shu Yao. "This is the territory of the devils, so unless you are in a life and death situation, no one should use divine arts that give off light. Otherwise, we will be exposed! Remember, when we encounter an enemy, we have to get rid of them instantly and end the battle. We cannot let the fight continue and risk attracting more enemies!"

Everyone hurriedly acknowledged his words.

"Shu Yao's breadth of mind ain't bad," Qin Mu praised, then turned to Sang Hua. "Have you went to God Suppression Pagoda?"

Sang Hua shook her head, her long braids bouncing in front of her chest. "I haven't had the time. There were simply too many things that needed to be done these few days, so I couldn't get away. There has been no activity from the devils recently, and this terrifies me. Also, Heavenly Teacher had brought away twenty-four gods, and there has been no news of them. I can't have a bad feeling about it."

Qin Mu frowned slightly. Saint Woodcutter had left with the twenty-four gods, but there was still no news of any huge battle. It was indeed strange.

"Be careful. We've already entered the territory of the devils! Ding Yun, scout the path with your primordial spirit!"

Once Yu He gave her commands, a divine arts practitioner sat down in a lotus position and his primordial spirit was projected out. Another divine arts practitioner then came forward to carry him on his back.

Most of them were divine arts practitioners of Seven Stars Realm and could project their primordial spirit. However, without experiencing the reform of primordial spirit in Eternal Peace Empire, their primordial spirits were not too strong enough and couldn't fly too far. However, they could still be used to scout the way.

Everyone hurried on their way. After a moment, Ding Yun's primordial spirit flew back and said, "Two hundred miles southwest from here there's a town. It has about two thousand people enslaved by the devils, but I have no idea what they are constructing.

"There are also some villages nearby with old and young, women and children. However, there are six watchtowers on the way, and they're very high. I didn't dare to examine them in detail since I was afraid the devil divine arts practitioners would detect my primordial spirit."

"How far apart are the pagodas?" Yu He asked.

Ding Yun blushed and murmured, "My calculations aren't good; I never learned before..."

Yu He frowned. "The devils in the watchtower should be divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm or Seven Stars Realm. They are extremely alert, so if we alarm them and news spread, it won't be a few scattered soldiers that will be welcoming us. Strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm or even Life and Death Realm would show up!"

Ding Yun shook his head. "The other places also have watchtowers, and they're numerous as well."

Shu Yao pondered over it and said, "In that case, we can only sneak over secretly and get rid of the devils in the watchtowers. If even one devil notices us in advance, we must all retreat..."

Qin Mu thought about it, then asked, "Whose vital qi is the most durable, the strongest?"

Everyone looked at him. Their mouths opened, but they didn't say anything. Yu He and Shu Yao hesitated for a moment, but kept quiet as well.

"If one's vital qi is strong enough, they can execute a sword pellet from a hundred miles away. In such a way, we can destroy the devils in the watchtowers without giving them a chance to react!"

Everyone's mouth stayed wide open, but they didn't speak.

Qin Mu was bewildered. When he thought to speak again though, Sang Hua, who was more straightforward than others, said, "Brother Cult Master that threshes the grains, aside from Senior Tiger, among all of the divine arts practitioners, isn't your vital qi the most durable and strongest?"

Everyone hurriedly nodded.

"We are all impressed that Cult Master could slay four strong devil practitioners in the battle of Li City, so if you continue to be humble, it will be fake," Shu Yao said helplessly.

Qin Mu scratched his head, only then remembering in what ways he surpassed Yu He and Shu Yao. Besides sword skill divine arts and primordial spirit, the other was his vital qi cultivation.

"Alright, I'll clean the watchtower. Follow closely behind me!" Qin Mu got up and tapped the heart of his brows. "Primordial Spirit Projection!"

His primordial spirit flashed and vanished.

"What a strong primordial spirit!"

Everyone, including Yu He, jumped in shock. Qin Mu's primordial spirit had been cultivated into substance and was no inferior to the primordial spirit of divine arts practitioners of Celestial Being Realm. It was truly powerful!

'Even though I'm the number one among Supreme Emperor Heaven's Seven Stars Realm and have reached the standard of a young true god in many fields, my primordial spirit is still inferior to his,' the woman thought.

Sang Hua went over to pick up Qin Mu up so they could hurry on their way, but she saw him begin to run forward. His speed gradually increased, leaving her dumbfounded.

The black tiger god strode after Qin Mu. "Stop staring. This is Spirit Control Spell, a spell by my lord. Quickly, follow!"

Everyone hurried to do as told. When they caught up to Qin Mu, his primordial spirit suddenly floated back and returned to his body. He smacked his taotie sack, and a sword pellet flew out. It spun and suddenly rushed through the air at an extremely fast speed.

Qin Mu suddenly increased his pace and rushed forward furiously. With a boom, he actually surpassed the speed of sound, no longer keeping a low profile.

Yu He and the rest of the divine arts practitioners frowned. Qin Mu could catch the enemies off guard, but the sound would definitely travel to the other watchtowers.

When Ding Yun had scouted the way, other than the six watchtowers that they had to pass, there were also other watchtowers that were not on their path. Qin Mu had made a loud noise which would alarm the other pagodas and reveal their group, giving them no other choice than to retreat.

Yu He gritted her teeth. "Let's follow!"

Everyone hurriedly increased their speed and ran furiously, raising their speed to the extreme. Explosions rang out as all of their speeds surpassed the speed of sound. However, the people in the group were not equal in strength.

Yu He, Shu Yao, and Sang Hua were the fastest, even faster than Qin Mu. The three of them caught up to him and looked forward. The sword pellet had already come to the first watchtower!

That sword pellet was still over thirty yards away, but countless swords had flown out and rushed into the watchtower. Over a dozen of the others suddenly pointed downwards and went close to the ground. In the meantime, the rest merged back into the sword pellet. It didn't pause for a moment though, continuing to rush forward.

Qin Mu was also doing the same, and he saw the second watchtower moments later. There were a couple devils drinking merrily under it while two others looked around from the top.

The dozen swords that were flying close to the ground flew over, and the devils that were drinking didn't even have time to react. Their heads flew off, and the swords rushed upwards with blood light, colliding with the sword pellet that flew out from the watchtower.


Qin Mu flew over, and furious wind swept past the watchtower. He rushed to the third watchtower.

Yu He, Shu Yao, and Sang Ye followed after him and came to the third pagoda. Qin Mu suddenly stopped, but his sword pellet had already rushed toward the fourth watchtower.

Qin Mu's feet were not perpendicular nor were they spread out. With his right hand forming a sword technique, his vital qi streamed through his body, and he staggered around like a drunk. His sword fingers stabbed into nothing from time to time while keeping with the sword techniques.

The sword pellet crashed into the watchtowers, and countless flying swords shuttled in all directions like flying fish. They killed all of the devil divine arts practitioners standing guard. In some time, the pellet broke through the fourth, fifth, and sixth watchtowers.

The other divine arts practitioners hurried over to the four people. When they stopped, Ding Yun projected his primordial spirit and chased after Qin Mu's sword pellet. He saw that after it had broken through the sixth watchtower, it separated, and the eight thousand swords split into two groups before forming two slightly smaller sword pellet and flying in the opposite directions.

Ding Yun was shocked, but his primordial spirit chased after one of the sword pellets. He saw that it was following a set pattern and moving in an arc at a terrifying speed. All of the devils in the watchtowers were slain without any time to react.

When the sword pellet had come to the last watcher, Ding Yun finally heard the boom that was caused by them moving faster than the speed of sound. But, it wasn't loud anymore. The devil divine arts practitioners stretched his head out to look, but behind him, the sword pellet flew into the pagoda and burst forth with sword light, drowning him out.

Ding Yun immediately called back his primordial spirit. When he returned to his corporeal body, he saw the sword pellet flying back. There was another one whooshing back as well.

The two sword pellets clinked in front of Qin Mu and became a slightly bigger sword pellet before landing gently in his hands.

"Fortunately, I was able to accomplish the mission." Qin Mu raised his head and smiled.

Everyone gasped for air. They had suddenly stopped and had yet to look around the,.

Shu Yao looked at Ding Yun who nodded. "In a radius of one hundred and fifty miles, any watchtowers that could have heard the rumblings have all been destroyed by Cult Master. Places that are farther couldn't have heard the noise from here."

"One hundred and fifty miles?"

Yu He's expression filled with disbelief. Qin Mu had only mentioned a hundred miles just now, but he had actually destroyed all the watchtowers in a hundred and fifty-mile radius. His vital qi cultivation was too strong!

'Looks like he was indeed being humble,' she thought secretly to herself.

"Let's go over quickly! Cult Master, you've controlled so many swords, do you need to rest?" Shu Yao asked.

Qin Mu shook his head. "No worries, my vital qi is still abundant."

Shu Yao jumped in shock and exclaimed to himself that Qin Mu was a pervert. Everyone went past the destroyed watchtowers in a hurry. Soon, they weren't far from the small town which Ding Yun had mentioned earlier.

Everyone covered their traces and looked forward, their hearts trembling.

In front of them, the place could no longer be called a small town. Instead, it was a giant altar that was no smaller than the sacrificial altar that Saint Woodcutter had used to descend!

Thousands of strong humans were constructing it under the supervision of devil soldiers.

The sacrificial altar had already been half constructed, and numerous devil divine arts practitioners were carrying buckets of fresh blood to imprint rune markings.

"Hasn't the devils already opened the barrier of Supreme Emperor Heaven? The world barrier between Supreme Emperor Heaven and the devil world can no longer stop the descent of the devils, so why are they still constructing a sacrificial altar?"

Qin Mu was puzzled. He then said in a low voice, "Unless, the god or devil they are planning to summon is not someone from the devil world? Could it be..."

He thought of Zhe Hua Li's origin, and unease filled his heart.

Zhe Huali was Luo Wushuang's disciple who came from the so-called true celestial heavens!

"There's a strong practitioner of Celestial Being Realm here! Everyone look away, don't let him notice you!" Shu Yao hurriedly said.

Everyone did as told. Beside the sacrificial altar, a strong devil practitioner had a primordial spirit of over thirty yards standing behind him. He was tall and strong, and his primordial spirit seemed to sense something for it looked around. However, it didn't notice anything abnormal.

Qin Mu took out a mirror and used it to reflect the surroundings. "The devils here aren't numerous. Besides that Celestial Being Expert, the others should not be hard to deal with..."

At this moment, he saw a figure walking out from inside of the sacrificial altar, and his expression instantly changed.

"Fu Riluo!"

Qin Mu's palm was shaking as Fu Riluo in the mirror walked out of the sacrificial altar and raised his head to look straight at him.

"Run..." Qin Mu croaked in a hoarse voice.

Fu Riluo who was in the mirror took a stride forward and walked out of the mirror. His body became bigger and bigger, like a nightmare descending.

"Run quickly!" Qin Mu shouted out sternly.

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