Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 550 - Devil Nature Losing Control

Qin Mu blinked and secretly moved back two steps, but there were still no bad things happening. He moved back another two steps, but everything was still normal.

"This jade pendant... It is indeed a jade pendant from Carefree Village!" Fu Riluo examined it over and over again. His faces were flickering between clear and dark while muttering to one another. "That's not right, not right; he is lying to us! How can a person from Carefree Village be half human and half devil? He is definitely lying to us!"

"This brat is very crafty. He may look honest, but he's actually very scheming. You can't believe his words!"

"However, this is indeed a jade pendant of Carefree Village. If we caught a person of Carefree Village and found that place through him, the celestial heavens would definitely reward us handsomely after we report it to them. They would then certainly give a place for the devils to live peacefully!"

"We can't trust the celestial heavens! Pigs are more likely to fly than them being reliable!"


Qin Mu secretly moved back a few more steps while the three faces of Fu Riluo were quarreling. He suddenly turned around and ran, but the next instant, he saw Fu Riluo before him.

Fu Riluo was still standing on the same spot from which he hadn't moved an inch. The three faces were still quarreling, and Qin Mu couldn't help falling into despair.

Fu Riluo was too strong, so strong that he could distort space and prevent those weaker than him from escaping. Qin Mu couldn't even step away from the jade pendant!

"Carefree Village is very mysterious. It had established a great civilization and large celestial heavens! However, how could Carefree Village have a devil descendant? That's very suspicious!"

"That's right, it's very suspicious. I think we should kill this brat! Let's kill him now!"

"Wait a minute, this jade pendant is weird. There's a seal hidden inside. What is it for? Could it be hiding the secrets of Carefree Village?"

Qin Mu stared dumbfoundedly at the three faces of Fu Riluo. There were actually three different consciousness in Fu Riluo's body, and they were like three different souls. At this moment, they were fighting each other to see who can finish studying the jade pendant first and unravel the secret of its seal.

Qin Mu stood obediently and didn't move. Since he couldn't leave, he decided to be as obedient and honest as possible.

At that moment, he heard voices, some familiar whispers. They were no strangers to him as he had heard them when King Yama had played with his jade pendant in Fengdu.

They were very noisy. It sounded as though countless spirits were hiding in the dark and speaking alluring words with distorted and strange expressions in an attempt to lure him in.

Qin Mu shook his head, but the whispers came closer and closer, as though their owners were sprawled beside his ears and speaking straight into them

He raised his hand to wave them away, but he couldn't touch nor feel those voices in the real world.

The next instant, he felt as though the voices entered his mind. The sound was simply too loud, nearly splitting his mind apart.

Qin Mu tilted his head to the right and patted his left ear as if he wanted to shake the voices out from his mind. However, they grew louder and louder before suddenly overlapping.

HIs head lowered, and he froze. His body swayed back and forth, his arms hanging weakly beside him.

"Hehe, the seal is almost suppressed by us!"

"This thing definitely has some secret!"

"Maybe it can let us discover the marvel of Carefree Village!"

Fu Riluo's three faces were still chatting incessantly when a voice suddenly rang out from the side. "Smash it."

Fu Riluo turned his head around and looked at the source of that voice. He saw Qin Mu with his head lowered just standing there. His body swayed back and forth.

Bewildered, Fu Riluo asked with a smile, "What did you say?"

An incomparably evil voice came from Qin Mu's mouth as he chuckled. "I'm telling you to smash it. Something interesting will happen then. Quick, smash it."

Fu Riluo's three faces frowned. The extent of evil in the voice made him shudder not from the cold. He was the respectable king who was incomparably evil, so it should have been close to impossible to make him find someone else evil or shudder without feeling cold.

"Why aren't you making your move?"

Behind Qin Mu, space suddenly cracked open. With a hum, a huge evil eye opened up, and butterfly-wing-shaped devil light burst forth from it.

The space in the surroundings cracked from the vibrations and looked ready to shatter at any moment. The devil light filled the cracks, creating an extremely bewitching and evil sight.

"Pitiful little things, what a lowly and weak bloodline..."

Qin Mu's voice became more and more evil as it floated around. He was clearly standing in one place, yet he gave Fu Riluo a feeling that he was present everywhere.

The devil god frowned. In Qin Mu's manner of speech, he had become a pitiful thing, someone from a race with lowly and weak bloodline. He couldn't accept that!

However, he felt a hint of danger and fear bloomed in his heart, but there was even more excitement in his heart. "Is this the secret of your jade pendant? The secret of Carefree Village?"

Behind Qin Mu, a second crack in space opened up, and another strange devil eye showed up. The space cracked open again and again, and devil light poured out from all directions.

"Incomparably weak and little existence, lowly and pitiful worm, how dare you not listen to my command?" Qin Mu smiled with his head still lowered. "Shi shi shi, you're seeking death, eh. How should I kill you to make it interesting..."

Fu Riluo's mind went blank when he saw the third eye. It was located slightly above the first two eyes, right in the center between them.

This eye seemed to contain boundless devil fire, but when it wanted to open, it was unable to do so. Only a tiny gap could be seen, but even so, the power of the devil fire hidden inside it made people shudder not from the cold.

Fu Riluo slowly raised his head and looked at the three evil devil eyes that were rising slowly. In a few moments, he saw a majestic devil god that was blazing with the devil fire of Youdu. He was looking down on Fu Riluo from high above.

The devil god lowered his head with difficulty and looked at Qin Mu. His other two faces were trying their best to rotate their eyeballs and to see what exactly was happening around him.

"This is impossible, this is definitely impossible!" Fu Riluo's throat went dry, and he spoke to himself in a hoarse voice. "It's impossible for your body to have such a powerful primordial spirit of a primordial devil! This isn't logical..."

"Destroy the jade pendant for me!"

Qin Mu suddenly raised his head up, and his pupils were completely black. Black devil fire burst forth from them like butterfly wings, and his terrifying words used frightening devil voice to assault its target.

Fu Riluo felt violent wind hit him in the face, and his clothes fluttered backward. Wrinkles formed on his face from the vibrations, accumulating together.

In his surroundings, sand and rocks flew from the violent devil voice that had formed a black storm!

He narrowed his eyes and took a good look around. There was also an eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows, but it hadn't opened yet. There was only a small gap at the bottom.

"This is... You were born in Youdu!" Fu Riluo instantly came to realization and screeched. "You..."


A huge fist crashed against his body, and Fu Riluo coughed up blood. The surrounding space crackled, and majestic mountains passed by him in a flash. In the next instant, his body fell into the abyss and crashed into an altar in the middle of construction.

It crumbled on the spot, and rocks flew in all directions. Fu Riluo couldn't help becoming furious, and three growls escaped his mouths. His body began growing once he stopped restraining it. His muscles expanded outward, and he stretched out his hand to grab the devil spear. He was about to soar into the sky when the world suddenly turned dim.

Fu Riluo didn't stop to think and just stabbed his devil spear upwards. He was a true devil of the devil race and was an existence that was revered as respectable king by the other devil gods. Even though his skills couldn't be said to be matchless, he was a top-notch practitioner in Supreme Emperor Heaven. Only Saint Woodcutter's ax could block his devil spear.

Yet when the incomparably thick devil spear collided with the huge fist, it actually bent from the crushing force!

Fu Riluo grunted, and the body of the spear slid backward in his hands, slicing his skin open and painting the shaft crimson.

Soon, he could withstand it no more, and the devil spear flew out from his hands.

"Destroy that jade pendant!"

With the roar, another huge fist crashed ruthlessly onto Fu Riluo's body. His bones shook and cracked, then went numb. Devil blood spurted out from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth as he flew backward.

Bang, bang, bang. Dull thuds rang out as his huge body crashed into sacrificial altars which could not stop his momentum.

At that moment, he saw light, the light of Qin Mu's eyes. They were two beams of devil light.


Two flames swept forward like light pillars and hit Fu Riluo's chest. It exploded, revealing his insides.

He was a true devil, so he had a strong cultivation and astonishing lifeforce. He hurriedly sealed his wounds, but he still went through countless altars.

As rocks flew in all directions, he saw Qin Mu leaping around with a strange posture, passing through the rubble in the air and closing in on him rapidly.

Fu Riluo's momentum gradually weakened, and he finally stopped when he reached the last sacrificial altar. He was completely stuck within it.

He raised his head with difficulty and saw Qin Mu in front of him with an evil expression on his face. He was currently examining him with interest.

Fu Riluo revealed a hint of smile with difficulty and said in a hoarse voice, "Let me tell you a small secret..."

"What secret?" Qin Mu tilted his head. "I love to hear the little secrets of others before they die. Quickly, tell me!"

"I will"—Fu Riluo raised his palm and smacked the youth's head—"return the jade pendant to you!"

Qin Mu's expression changed drastically. "You wish to scheme against me? I will kill you, you little s—"

Suddenly, the violent aura around his body faded, and his eyes regained clarity. The eye in the heart of his brows closed unwillingly, and the face of the primordial devil's primordial spirit behind him distorted before vanishing.

Fu Riluo let out a sigh. At this moment, the jade pendant that was stuck on Qin Mu's forehead dropped to the ground.

Fu Riluo felt his blood run cold and exerted all his strength before relaxing again. "Luckily it didn't shatter..."

He fainted with a smile.

After a moment, Qin Mu climbed up and looked around groggily. When he saw Fu Riluo embedded in the sacrificial altar, he couldn't help jumping in shock.

When he saw all of the destruction at the abyss, he couldn't help feeling a lingering fear.

'Saint Woodcutter was right, once the jade pendant leaves me, a great curse will be unleashed. Even this true devil Fu Riluo was beaten to such a state. Looks like this curse isn't simply just heavenly lightning or heavenly fire!'

The youth's gaze flickered, and he turned to run in a hurry. 'Let me take this chance when he has fainted to quickly get away.'

After taking two steps, he turned back and searched around for his jade pendant. He put it on and only then did he leave.

'Luckily I didn't lose it! The curse in this jade pendant is very useful, so it would be a pity if I lost it!"

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