Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 551 - Fatty Dragon, Black Tiger, and the Fox

Soon, Qin Mu knocked out a devil divine arts practitioner and stripped his clothes. He changed appearance and just walked flamboyantly through the devil lands while they swarmed toward the abyss.

There had been a sudden change in that area. The activity was noticed by everyone, and the whole city was alarmed. Even though the events happened fast and stopped soon, the power that had burst forth had been extremely terrifying.


Two devil gods flew toward the abyss. Numerous devils who had wings followed right after them.

Qin Mu went against the crowd, slowly squeezing forward. In time, he walked out of the crowd and moved toward the city gate.

He didn't dare to fly as he was in the city of the devils. He didn't know how many devil gods or experts of Divine Bridge Realm and Life and Death Realm were hiding around.

Even the gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven wouldn't dare to be reckless here, so he could only slowly inch forward. While doing that, he became anxious again.

When the two devil gods reached the bottom of the abyss, they would find the fainted Fu Riluo, and it wouldn't take them but a moment to bring him back to consciousness. When the devil god opened his eyes, he would definitely order a lockdown on all cities to look for Qin Mu,

If he couldn't leave before the order for the lockdown was given, he might not be able to escape at all!

The city had once been a divine city of Supreme Emperor Heaven, and it was unbelievably vast. It would take him some time to reach its outer walls.

Qin Mu hurried until he finally came to the city gate. At that moment, a shout came from the abyss. "Respectable king has commanded to immediately lock down the whole city. Restrict all devils from going out!"

"Activate the formation, lock down the city!"

"The ground, the sky, lock down all of them so even a mosquito would have to forget about going out!"

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly as he looked at the city gate. There were numerous strong workers of the devil race pushing the huge city gate forcefully to shut it. On the towers and other tall buildings, formation markings and runes lighted up. They flowed down from the tops of the buildings like water and went toward the city walls.

Once the formation and rune markings on the city wall lighted up, beams of dazzling lights shot into the sky. Between the markings, a huge space barrier began forming in the sky.

At the base of the wall, there were quite a number of rune and formation markings flowing into the ground!

Even the capital city of Eternal Peace didn't have such defensive preparations. If the formation markings in the sky fused with the formation markings in the ground, Qin Mu would have to forget about leaving the city!

He seemed to suddenly melt, turning into a black shadow that moved quickly along the corner of the wall. It was heading straight for the city gate!

Gates were huge and heavy. Even with dozens of strong devil workers working together, they could only slowly push it closed.

The strong workers had cultivated corporeal body divine arts and had boundless strength, not spells and spirit weapons. They only cultivate their muscles, and bones, raising their physical strength!

There were similar strong workers in the army of Heavenly Saint Cult and Eternal Peace Empire. When a couple who had cultivated their strength to the extreme, they could even carry a stone statue that was the corporeal body of a god!

Yet the city gate of this divine city required dozens of strong workers to push it!

The shadow that was Qin Mu leaped through the shadows of the buildings like a phantom. He seemed akin to a spirit that was rushing to the bottom of the city gate. Before it closed, he had to leave or else he would have no way out!

With the effort of the numerous strong devil workers, the gate was about to be closed. There was only a small gap left between the two huge doors.

Suddenly, a shiny bead rolled over and got jammed right between the two doors, preventing it from being closed.

A strong worker beside the door saw this and kicked the bead out of the city. He grumbled and pushed the huge doors shut.

It just that he didn't see that when he kicked, his 'shadow' had rolled out together with the bead, fusing with the shadow of the bead.

The bead continued to roll for over thirty yards. It rolled to the side of the moat and gradually stopped there.

The oval-shaped shadow under the bead suddenly grew limbs, and its two shadow-like arms became longer and longer. They soon put force on the shiny bead, and it rolled forward and dropped into the river with a plop.

After a moment, in the shadow on the opposite the moat, a pitch-black shadow crawled out and moved close to the ground.

Soon, the city gate opened wide and countless devils rushed out of the city. "That person is not in the city. Find him immediately; we can't let him leave our territory!"

Qin Mu hid and dodged, avoiding all the watchtowers. He utilized his Phantom Illusion Technique to its extreme for that. In time, he went up high and looked afar, but he still couldn't see Li City.

'Fu Riluo had brought me to the territory of the devils, but where exactly is this place? How far is it from the human territory?'

The land was vast and the sky was dim. The sun in the east was cold as it gradually became red, signaling the coming of night.

Qin Mu composed himself and hid his figure. 'Supreme Emperor Heaven doesn't have even one star, so it's hard to orient oneself. I can only hurry on my way in the morning.'

The scouts of the devil race searched everywhere while Qin Mu hid here and there. When he was about to be discovered, he killed the devil scout and changed into his thick black iron armor. With the helmet and a long black iron devil spear hanging on the hooks of the horse, he roamed on a Devil Fire Nightmare through the fog of the devil territory.

On the second day, the ugly broken sun lit up as usual, and Qin Mu pushed open the face cover of the black iron helmet to orient himself. He used devil language to steer the Devil Fire Nightmare toward the east.

When afternoon came, Qin Mu raised his head toward the sun, and his face changed drastically. The broken sun in the east had suddenly extinguished!

'Imperial Preceptor, aren't you being a little too efficient?'

Qin Mu almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood. He had told Imperial Preceptor to assist Supreme Emperor Heaven in designing two suns, so the broken sun's disappearance from the sky was definitely linked to him!

This had to be because Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor found the sun unbearable to look at and summoned all of the divine arts practitioners to Supreme Emperor Heaven to get rid of the thing and reforge it.

With the sun gone, it was almost impossible for Qin Mu to orient himself!


In Li City, flames blazed and lit up the darkness. With the light of Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge connecting Supreme Emperor Heaven with Great Ruins, numerous divine arts practitioners were pouring in from Eternal Peace. They had built a huge factory beside Li City and begun forging giants as well as all kinds of components day and night.

True God Pang Yu fetched the blueprints that nobody understood. They displayed Sun Great Furnace and were left behind by Sun Forger God. The god hadn't had time to finish forging the second sun before he was assassinated by the devils, but luckily his blueprints had survived.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor summoned numerous divine arts practitioners skilled in algebra and recalculated, improving the blueprints. He set extremely high requirements for precision.

What the divine arts practitioners of Li City were forging was the Sun Great Furnace.

"My lord, I've lost junior brother..."

On the city tower of Li City, the black tiger god tumbled to the ground and transformed into a little black tiger that was only a foot tall. It had black and yellow stripes running down his body. He lighted up a stick of incense and prayed respectfully.

The smoke of the incense rose in spirals and condensed into a cloud above him. It transformed into Saint Woodcutter's face which was staring at him expressionlessly.

The little tiger bowed his head and glued his ears together at the back of his head, not daring to speak.

After a moment, Saint Woodcutter's voice reached him. "What do I need you for?"

The black tiger god felt his blood run cold and hurriedly said, "Don't worry, my lord, I will definitely find Junior Brother Qin!"

After the smoke dispersed, Saint Woodcutter's voice spoke again. "I've gone to the world of the devils, and I'm temporarily unable to return. If I come back and don't see that disciple of mine, you shall stay in this form forever and can forget about turning back!"

The black tiger god let out a sigh of relief. At this moment, he heard a crisp and loud voice from afar. "Fatty Dragon, even though young master is in this world, won't you starve if we don't find him after you had eaten all your spirit pills in one go?"

There was a chuckle, and another muffled voice spoke. "Sister Ling'er, you might not have noticed, but when I had painstakingly snatched back some of my spirit pills from the devil general in the chest, I've only dared to eat a spirit pill a day! I've already starved to the point that I'm only bones. Look, take a look, I'm much skinnier than before! To prevent young master from not being able to recognize me, I had decided to eat all of the remaining spirit pills. Yet even so, I'm worried that I won't recover to my previous state..."

"I've heard young master is lost. If we can't find him, you'll starve to death!"

"Cult Master is so clever, how could he be lost?"

The black tiger god looked toward the source of the voices. He first saw a huge chest, then a behemoth with a huge tummy. When he walked up the city tower, his fats were jiggling randomly. It seemed like a huge monster that had the bloodline of a dragon and a qilin.

On the head of this fatty sat an adorable little girl that looked to be five or six years old. She had six snow white fox tails behind her, and there were two furry ears on her head.

Sang Hua, Yu He, and the rest were following behind. There were two young girls he had not seen before among them.

The little girl with the furry tail and furry ears saw him, and her eyes couldn't help shining brightly. She jumped down from the big fatty's head and giggled as she rushed straight for the black tiger god. She clapped her hands and said with a smile, "What a cute little tigwer, let me hug you!"

The black tiger god smelt the odor of a fox, and his face turned black. He trembled and transformed into a beautiful and big black tiger that was over thirty yards large. He roared toward the sky, and his god aura and fierceness assaulted the surrounding area.

The expression of the little fox demon changed drastically, and she turned around to run toward the unfamiliar girls. She jumped into the embrace of one of them before starting to bawl. "Big tigwer..."

The young girl turned the demon fox away from him while the big fatty sat down on his buttocks and raised his head to look at the behemoth in front of him in awe.

Sang Hua hurriedly went forward and said, "Senior Tiger, these few are the friends of Cult Master Qin."

The black tiger god dispersed his god aura and fierceness before transforming back into a black tiger youth. He retracted his sharp claws and his ears flapped twice. "I've been scammed by a fox in my early years so I can't meet a fox demon, pardon me."

Little fox demon popped her head out and said with a smile, "I don't scam people." She collected her courage and walked out from Ling Yuxiu's back to examine the black tiger god. "Can I touch your ears?" she asked with curiosity.

The black tiger god hesitated before lowering his head. "I've scared you just now so I'll let you do it."

Hu Ling'er touched them and exclaimed in admiration, "How soft! You guys, try touching!"

Ling Yuxiu hesitated. "Wouldn't this not be good?" After saying that, she encouraged herself to try it and cried out in astonishment. "They're really very soft and smooth!"

The other girls also stretched out their hands to touch, and the black tiger god felt somewhat comfortable. However, he still didn't think it was proper. He was a demon god after all, and it was quite embarrassing to be touched like this.

However, it was indeed very comfortable.

The dragon qilin came forward and planned to have a try as well. The black tiger god immediately raised his paw and pressed the fellow on the ground.

After a moment, everyone was satisfied, and the black tiger god asked, "How do you guys plan to find Junior Brother Qin?"

"Very simple, Primordial Spirit Assembly!" Si Yunxiang said with a smile.

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