Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 555 - Parting the Clouds and Mist to See the Sky

Tens of thousands of skeletons and corpses surrounded Qin Mu while rushing toward the east like a flood. Wherever they passed, everything was drowned out.

The ominous land was filled with all kinds of strange things. They were mostly strange lifeforms formed from the grievances or broken souls of divine arts practitioners that had died in the great battle. These lifeforms were born of the divine arts left behind by the gods and devils, so they were abnormally strong as well as weird and terrifying.

It was because the battle had been simply too bitter, and the gods, devils, and divine arts practitioners that had died then were filled with negative emotions which fused with the godly blood, forming the strange place known as the ominous land. The lifeforms in it also had warped mindsets.

During the journey, Qin Mu saw numerous strange objects. There were mountains formed from a mixture of gods and devils' flesh and blood, white bone centipede with hundreds of heads, and a monster with a dragon's head, horse's body, and a long tail which was entirely of bone.

However, no matter how powerful these ominous creatures were, Seven Kills Star Sovereign dealt death to all of them. They were razed by the happy skeleton and corpse army.

The vastness of the ominous land was difficult to imagine. Even though the speed of Qin Mu and the rest wasn't slow, they had to walk for over two days to reach the border.

"Little Friend Qin, you just need to head a bit more and you will leave the ominous land. We can't send you any farther than this." Wei Liao stopped and bid farewell in a traditional way. "Farewell for now."

Qin Mu returned the greeting. "Farewell for now. After I leave, I will definitely go to Fengdu and ask King Yama if he can find a place for all of you. Everyone, wait for my news." After he said that, he turned to leave.

Wei Liao watched him go, then suddenly said loudly, "Little Friend Qin, your surname is Qin too. What's your relationship with Founding Emperor?"

Qin Mu turned back and waved his hand. "Founding Emperor is my ancestor!"

"No wonder, no wonder..." Wei Liao was slightly stunned and followed the figure walking out of the ominous land with his eyes. He then became excited and cheered repeatedly. "My men, let's go, let's conquer this ominous land and rule it. We'll wait for the arrival of Founding Emperor!"

Countless skeletons and corpses followed him and cheered as they rushed into the depths of the ominous land that was shrouded in devil qi.

Qin Mu turned back to look when he left the strange zone. Terrifying vibrations reached him from the ominous land which should have come from Seven Kills Star Sovereign Wei Liao fighting against some new strange creature.

'Even though they've died once, they still fight lustily, repaying the benefaction of their sovereign as bones. Truly a heroic bunch!'

He walked towards the east through the darkness. The ominous land would become the territory of Wei Liao, and it would become like a nail stabbed into the heart of the devils.

'Eh, I still remember that Youdu language!'

Qin Mu blinked. The Youdu language hadn't disappeared from his mind! Could the strangeness of the ominous land still be following him?

Not only that, he could even see the door to the other Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. It was still opposite his original one.'

'So I've mastered Youdu language just like that. Now this is weird…'

He changed once again into Saturn Sovereign, and Gate of Heaven Influence appeared behind him. The ancient book appeared again, and he opened it. He silently read page after page, not voicing a single word, and put all of them to memory.

After an hour, he memorized the book and dispersed the form of Saturn Sovereign. The Gate of Heaven Influence behind him also vanished.

'I've seen Gate of Heaven Influence on the stone statue that was like the overlord body in Ghost Valley. However, that stone statue was not holding a scroll. Out of all the gods and divine arts practitioners I've seen so far, I'm the only one who has an ancient scroll in my hand when I change into my Saturn Sovereign's form.'

Qin Mu pondered it for a time, then he suddenly came to a realization. 'That overlord body in the underground of Ghost Valley must be like Xu Shenghua; they are both pseudo overlord bodies. Only true overlord body would have an ancient scroll in their hand! I shall ask Village Chief about it when I get back. He should know more than me!'

After he decided that, he threw the matter to the back of his head. Youdu language came from his mouth again, and he chanted the contents of the book as he sprinted east.

Devil qi poured toward him and tunneled into the heart of his brows. This made his cultivation of the devil path increase drastically.

This time there was no abnormal situation of the dead coming back to life. That should have been due to the usage of the ancient book. Qin Mu relaxed. As long as he didn't take out the ancient book, the Youdu language would remain as a strange cultivation method. He wouldn't have to worry about disrupting Youdu or being chased by the messengers of death.

As he ran furiously, the devil qi flocked to him like signal smoke. He didn't look like a divine arts practitioner, but a great devil rushing on his way.

Suddenly, he stopped speaking the Youdu language, and the cryptic god language came out from his mouth instead. His devil vitality struck the door of his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure of the devil path. Devil language instantly rang out within his mind, coming from the depths of the nine springs below. The voice was strange and disrupted his devil vitality, preventing him from breaking through the door.

The god language contained a strange power which could contend with the devil language that had suddenly appeared.

Back when Qin Mu had opened his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, he'd heard god language that seemed to come from the nine heavens above and disrupted his Spirit Embryo Breakthrough. He had then borrowed devil voice and buddha voice to forcefully break the wall to be able to cultivate his spirit embryo.

That time could only be considered luck.

Now, he did the same thing again, and his attainments in god language far surpassed what he possessed back then. He used the god language to deal with the devil voice from the nine springs below, and everything went smoothly and easily. His devil vitality flowed without obstruction and struck the Spirit Embryo Wall!


Explosions as loud as thunder came from his body when the door to the other Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure burst open. The cultivation of his devil path instantly grew exponentially and attracted even more devil qi, while the devil voice from the nine springs below just stopped.

'There is no spirit embryo of the devil path in this Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure!'

Qin Mu was astonished. His Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure of the devil path was empty, with only a spirit platform. Strange runes of the devil path were carved on it.

"Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique!"

Qin Mu executed it, and the devil vitality in his body surged into the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure of the devil path. Light flashed the, and his spirit embryo suddenly appeared in this Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, sitting on the spirit platform. It started to breath devil vitality in and out.

In almost no time, it formed a devil sun and devil moon.

'Village Chief is truly remarkable! The Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique he taught me can also be cultivated for the devil path!'

Qin Mu was completely in awe of Village Chief. Silently, he exclaimed in admiration, "When can I have so much knowledge and such wide horizons?"

Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique didn't go against the Youdu language that was coming from his mouth. It mobilized devil vitality, and the spirit embryo breathed it in and out. Meanwhile, the Youdu language was leading the devil qi into his body and making his cultivation of the devil path denser and denser.

It rose continuously, and not long later, the forms of the devil sun and devil moon in the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure were basically set. They corresponded with the sun and moon of the other Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, looking like mirror reflections.

When Qin Mu felt that his cultivation was perfected, he rushed at Five Elements Divine Treasure, and a loud explosion rang out, signaling the breaking through Five Elements Divine Treasure. Five element stars of the devil path rose in the sky and flashed with strange devil light.

Qin Mu's Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique became more and more complicated as he circulated it, and his devil vitality connected to the five stars to circulate in a strange way. His cultivation of the devil path grew denser and denser.

'Cultivating at this speed... I'm afraid that in a few days, my cultivation of the devil path will catch up to the god path.'

A number of experts were searching him, having formed into groups for their hunt. There were also quite a few devil experts that had seen Qin Mu from afar but hadn't paid any attention. They had no idea that the fellow that was even more devilish than them could be the Qin Mu they were searching for.

Qin Mu's road had no obstructions as he continued to head east. After walking for some six-seven days, a spot of light suddenly appeared in the sky.

He raised his head and saw that light growing larger and larger, brighter and brighter. A round sun took shake above him and brought some light to the devil territory.

Overjoyed, Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief. "This sun is round and not flat! Imperial Preceptor is truly remarkable!"

He looked at the location where the sun was rising and examined his shadow on the ground. He sprinted another twenty miles and calculated the angle of the shadow. 'I've over ten thousand miles away from where the sun rose. Fu Riluo indeed has remarkable abilities, to be able to kidnap me so far away!'

The sun in the sky was round, and he had the feeling of clouds having parted to reveal clear blue sky. His mood instantly improved.

Suddenly, a god city rose in front of him. There were numerous devils walking to and fro around it.

Groups of devils and horses searched in all directions, stopping even the devils crossing to check their identity. Qin Mu frowned slightly and decided to take a detour.

Yet the clattering of hooves reached him, and a group of devils rushed over, having seen him from afar. "Halt!"

Qin Mu stopped, and the rider in the lead looked at him. He then shook his head, saying, "It's not who we're looking for, let's continue!" The next moment, he rushed away with the other devil divine arts practitioners.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief, but a familiar voice came from behind him. "You brat, I still need a retainer. Come here, be my retainer!"

Slightly stunned, Qin Mu looked toward the source of the voice. He saw a youth carrying a demon knife on his back a short distance away from him. It was none other than Zhe Huali.

Qin Mu walked over, and the demon eye on the hilt of the demon knife suddenly opened. It swirled till it became crimson, then stared at him excitedly. After a moment, the demon eye of closed.

Zhe Huali walked over and said, "Follow me."

Qin Mu hurriedly did as told, and Zhe Huali brought him to the east, leaving the god city behind them. There were numerous posts of inspection, but when the devils saw Zhe Huali, they didn't ask anything.

When they were a hundred miles to the east of the city, Zhe Huali stopped and said indifferently, "You can continue to head east."

Qin Mu heading forward according to his words. Soon, he felt a pair of eyes landing on his body. like two knives stabbing into him!

His muscles went stiff, then twitched twice and shattered the knife will.

When it shattered, it actually gave off crisp clinks.

"It is you," Zhe Huali said from behind him.

Qin Mu scattered the devil qi around him and said with a smile, "Zhe Huali, your knife skills have improved a lot."

The young man's gaze had been like a knife, which gave Qin Mu no choice but to shatter it. After Li City, Zhe Huali's knife skills had obviously improved by leaps and bounds!

"Brother Qin escaping from Enveloping City and even surviving the crossing through the ominous land is truly astonishing. After the parting in Li City, I examined your sword skill in detail. Opening Calamity Sword Skill is truly strong, but I also have my own comprehension," Zhe Huali said indifferently.

"I won't let you die in the hands of other people; only I can kill you! All the disciples of the devil gods in Supreme Emperor Heaven are looking for you. Don't die on the way."

"Much thanks." Qin Mu bowed.

Zhe Huali didn't accept it and just left in a flash.

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