Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 556 - First Success of Overlord Body

Qin Mu looked at his back that was leaving, then suddenly asked, "Zhe Huali, don't you want to show me your master's knife skill?"

Zhe Huali stopped and turned his head back to say, "No, I want you to see my knife skills."

Qin Mu smiled and said leisurely, "When you told me you want to let me see Luo Wushuang's knife skills, I knew you were not my opponent, that's because the knife skills belonged to Luo Wushuang and not you. No matter how perfect you cultivated them, they will still belong to Luo Wushuang. Now you want me to see your knife skills, so you finally have the right to be my opponent. Alright, I'll wait for you!"

Zhe Huali left, but his voice still reached Qin Mu. "Don't die. Master Fu Riluo has declared a bounty for you, and numerous disciples of devil gods are waiting on the road in front for you."

'This fellow is much cuter than his master Luo Wushuang. His knife skills have improved a lot as well, advancing at a godly speed."

Qin Mu saw him off and felt a heavy pressure settle on him. His muscles trembled, and he shattered the knife will from Zhe Huali's eyes. There were even crisp cracking sounds as though the man's gaze had materialized!

Such speed was very terrifying!

Zhe Huali's improvement on his knife path was extremely great, and he had the corporeal body and primordial spirit of a young true god. If he entered the extreme boundary of his knife skills, it would be impossible for Qin Mu to defeat him.

He had already stepped into the boundary of his knife skills, so if he took another step forward, he would create his own knife skill, like how Qin Mu had created Calamity Sword. He would also found his own knife skills, and they would be close to the path!

The reason Zhe Huali improved at such a godly speed was because of the pressure he felt from Qin Mu. But now the tables had turned. It was Qin Mu's turn to feel pressured by Zhe Huali.

'The weakest point of my corporeal body is that I'm training all parts separately. My hands are hands, legs are legs, eyes are eyes, and heart is heart. I can't unify all of the power into one. If I could do that, my corporeal body would not be any weaker than those so-called young true gods and young true devils. I would even be stronger than them!'

Qin Mu headed toward the sun while thinking. The reason Zhe Huali, Yu He, and the rest had such strong corporeal bodies was because the techniques they cultivated had been imparted to them by gods and devils. These techniques had gone through years of refinement and could train every aspect of the body to the extreme.

Zhe Huali, Yu He, and the rest of the young experts didn't need to think why their technique had to be circulated in a certain way, just to cultivate it according to the instruction. This was enough for their corporeal bodies to reach an extremely high realm.

However, it was different for Qin Mu. He had only learned the first technique of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique from Village Chief, it had only techniques but no skills or divine arts. He mixed and matched, fusing a whole bunch when he had the chance. Good and bad came out from it, but in the end, his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was King of Rubbish. It was like the clothes of a beggar which were filled with holes and had to be mended frequently.

Later, he had learned Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and comprehended Unity Technique. He then realized from Qin Hanzhen that they were the skills of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

Only at that time could Qin Mu's technique be considered to have taken shape.

When he received the true dragon's nest and merged the technique of the true dragon lord with Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, the latter was patched up in a lot of places.

Yet there were too many patches. Fist skills were fist skills, leg skills were leg skills, and divine eyes were divine eyes. Ultimately, it was still the problem of his technique that had caused his corporeal body to be inferior to those of Yu He, Zhe Huali, and the rest. It was even slightly inferior to that of Sang Hua.

His thinking was all over the place. He could come up with things that others couldn't and think what others didn't dare to think. He wasn't restrained by tradition, so he was able to create Primordial Spirit Guide, the eighteenth sword form, Secrets of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly, and all kinds of other strange techniques and divine arts. It was also why he could create such a huge artifact like Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to connect the two worlds together.

However, it was also because his thinking was everywhere that his technique was lacking.

'I've already settled the problem of my sword skill entering the path; I just need to comprehend along the lines of Calamity Sword. Now the problem is about how to make my technique enter the path!'

Qin Mu stopped, his expression turned blank. He went into a daze.

Suddenly, his vital qi flowed out and quickly formed his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure in front of him. It showed up with all details, and even the sun and moon were constructed. Next, his vital qi flow spread outwards, raising metal, wood, water, fire, and earth stars. The spirit platform expanded into a large field and established the six directions. The five stars and the sun and the moon orbited around each other.

With this as the foundation, Qin Mu's fingers came together, and he refined his qi into a thread to surround his spirit embryo, five elements, six directions, constructing the circulation path of his vital qi continuously.

After a moment, he had an incomparably complicated network of his vital qi circulation. It resembled blood vessels surrounding the three great divine treasures to form the shape of a human body.

The was the path of circulation of his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

His technique was extremely complicated, which was why the network he had constructed was also extremely complicated.

Qin Mu measured and fixed some places that had mistakes. Next, his vital qi flowed out to create his bones and organs before creating the flesh, blood, tendons, and blood vessels in the incomparably complicated human body network.

His five fingers spread open, and the human body in front of him became ten yards tall. It was incomparably clear.

As Qin Mu walked around it, he got rid of the overlapping branches and combined some paths of circulation, making his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique less complicated. Then, he examined it thoroughly and added some paths where his vital qi circulation couldn't reach when he was training his corporeal body.

The more places he fixed, the more paths he removed.

Qin Mu became more and more excited. His spirit embryo was moving quickly throughout his body to survey its structure as he was continuously tweaking the vital qi human body.

After a long time, his spirit embryo returned to his divine treasure and sat on the spirit platform. Qin Mu's hands separated, and the flesh, blood, and bones of the vital qi human body dispersed one after another. Only the vital qi network and the structure of three great divine treasures remained.

His devil vitality then flew out and constructed the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure of the devil path, corresponding to Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. With the two as reflections of one another, he continued to modify.

When he felt they were perfect, Qin Mu executed this new Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique that had undergone a complete revamp by him. He carefully experienced what was lacking when he circulated it and did modifications on the vital qi human body. He tried continuously to make his technique even more perfect.

His vital qi circulation gradually became less complicated and more effective. After the improvements, it could refine basically every corner of his corporeal body.

'My technique is still not perfect enough! In regards to the circulation of the devil vitality, there are still many places that can be improved! The vital qi circulation in the divine eyes is also another extremely complicated matter.'

After trying everything out, he discovered numerous places in which he was lacking. He cared for nothing but improving himself at that moment.

"Qin Mu!"

Suddenly a few devils took notice of him from afar. One of them laughed loudly in delight. "We've traveled far and wide to look for you only to find you easily. Today is the day when I, Tuo Shu, shall claim my achievement! Qin Mu, fight me!"

Qin Mu paid him no attention, his ten fingers moving up and down as he improved the network of the vital qi human body while continuing to move forward.

Tuo Shu frowned and flew up. Two huge black wings spread out, and he flew over while flapping them.

Qin Mu didn't notice at all. Tuo Shu cried out and came to only dozens of yards in front of the youth. Suddenly, he flipped around, and countless feather swords flew out from his wings, all aimed at Qin Mu!

"Disciple of Devil God Xiu Qi, Asura Division Tuo Shu, much obliged!"

Tuo Shu announced his name but he saw that Qin Mu's footsteps did not change in the least, and he also paid no attention to the feather swords. However, when they came to his side, he suddenly moved in a peculiar manner and avoided the countless feather swords. The devil's sword skills actually couldn't hurt him at all.


Qin Mu passed by, his eyes still focused on the network of the vital qi human body in front of him. His vision was filled with vigor, and his five fingers were gently raised. The network of the vital qi human body dispersed, leaving only the two networks of the divine eyes formation formed by the vital qi.

In the center of the network was a cluster of stars. The sun was in the center, and the outer layer was the system of formation markings of the heavens.

This was the divine eyes technique that Blind had created by fusing his Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill with Zi Qing's number one divine eyes.

Qin Mu's spirit was highly stimulated, and he was highly concentrated on improving the path of his vital qi circulation, so he paid no attention to Tuo Shu who he had just passed.

Tuo Shu's wings were like knives with which he slashed repeatedly. His body flipped and tumbled as he used different techniques. Sometimes he swirled to slash horizontally while at other times he spun like a top. His knife skills were incomparably intricate.

Feather changed into swords, and the devil danced around Qin Mu. His sword skills were also extremely intricate.

Devil God Xiu Qi was known as Knife and Sword Absolute. As a disciple, Tuo Shu was also cultivating both knife and sword.

However, Qin Mu's body twisted, and his footsteps became more strange. He walked out of Tuo Shu's range of attack before the other could even manage to land a hit. The devil couldn't help becoming stunned.

The other devils rushed over, and they all attacked together. They were all experts and proud disciples that the devil gods had diligently taught. One devil roared fiercely and transformed into a magma giant. Devil flames surrounded him, and balls of devil fire danced around his body.
He punched, and the devil fire exploded with world-shaking power.

Another devil divine arts practitioner had a devil dragon coiling around his body. It flew off him and danced here and there. In just a breath's time, it covered dozens of yards. When it breathed in and out, its attacks were strange and unpredictable.

There was also an eight clawed woman that spat out webs which were incomparably sharp. She laid down a huge formation.

After a moment, all of them were left in a daze. They couldn't touch Qin Mu at all.

He had stepped into the spider threads and entered the killing formation, yet he avoided the relentless attacks of the spider lady and walked out like nothing, leaving the spider lady in a daze behind him. He then came face to face with the magma giant. Stepping on his fist, he walked up his arm to his face and left down his back.

The devil expert that cultivated the devil dragon divine art didn't even manage to touch him and just saw the excited human brat brushing past him.

Cold sweat rolled down everyone's forehead. Tuo Shu chased after Qin Mu who was in front of him while shouting sternly, "Inform the other experts!"

The magma giant gave a loud roar and punched his fist into the sky. A ball of devil fire exploded and transformed into a blazing devil eye that had an area of dozens of fields.

Many devil experts in the distanced were alarmed and all rushed over.

In no time, a hundred devil experts were chasing after Qin Mu, and one had a huge river surging in midair. It held the water of Yellow Springs refined into a spirit weapon. The river rushed at Qin Mu, but he stood on the tip of the river and got sent far away.

"Earthquake Heavenly Stars!"

A strong devil practitioner raised his hands up high, and meteors came falling from the sky. As they rushed down with billowing smoke, they crashed onto the ground and caused huge tremors. Qin Mu walked through the meteors without any injuries.

"Life Taking Spirits!"

An old woman waved her white bone banner, and countless spirits flew out. They shuttled back and forth, flooding Qin Mu. Seconds later, walked out of them without a scratch.

"Blood Skeletons!"

Another person opened up his calabash, and countless bloody skulls flew out. They pounced at Qin Mu, but they also couldn't keep him back.

"A bunch of idiots!" Suddenly a devil expert sneered and said, "There's no use attacking him now that he is comprehending his Dao. Those strange vital qi eyes in front of him are his comprehension, so destroy them!"

Everyone's spirit was roused, and they threw their divine arts in that direction. The huge eyes constructed by Qin Mu's vital qi were instantly shattered.

Everyone was delighted when they saw the muddle-headed Qin Mu finally stop. He slowly raised his head.

"You guys..." Qin Mu was still slightly confused, but it quickly changed into anger. He seemed to be smiling yet not smiling, crying yet not crying. "You guys dared to disturb me when I was comprehending my technique..."

The devil expert that had made everyone aware that Qin Mu was comprehending his Dao immediately became excited and shouted, "Now that he has been broken out of his comprehension, his body movements and divine arts are all much weaker. Kill him!"

Everyone pounced over.

Sword light shone, followed by Qin Mu's furious voice.

"You guys are seeking death!"

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