Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 557 - Being a Little Reckless, Using a Little Poison

The snow bright sword light burst forth like a small sun and rapidly expanded!

Once it covered over a dozen yards, it rapidly shrunk back. The next moment, it became a sword pellet in front of Qin Mu's heart of brows. It gave off intense rays and burst forth once more!


The sword light that burst forth then surpassed three hundred yards, and the hundred devil experts shouted furiously. They executed all kinds of techniques to block the terrifying sword light. Sounds of collision rang out one after another.

"There's no need to be afraid of him!" the devil expert that had called for breaking Qin Mu's comprehension shouted out. "I have also experience comprehending Dao before. During it, the body will become one with the Dao, so any action would contain the marvel of Dao, making it hard to hit the person. But now that he has left the Dao, he's a mere mortal. We can get rid of him easily."

The flying swords spread out, and everyone had seventy to eighty of them around them, executing all kinds of basic sword forms. Even though the moves were extremely simple, there were thousands of different ways to attack. Different flying swords had different combinations, and the moves everyone received were different.

At that moment, Qin Mu's body moved like a phantom among the eight thousand flying swords, and time seemed to slow down. The flying swords were like petals that were slowly floating in his eyes. The postures, attacks, and divine arts of every devil expert had become abnormally slow.

Like what the expert that had broken Qin Mu's comprehension had said, once a person was forced out of the realm of comprehending Dao, they wouldn't be able to maintain the state of body and Dao as one. However, what the expert didn't expect was that Qin Mu hadn't been comprehending his paths, skills, and divine arts.

He had been comprehending his technique.

He had been entering the path with his technique.

Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was abnormally marvelous from the start and brought Qin Mu incomparably dense cultivation in magic power. It had also allowed his primordial spirit to surpass those of his peers; otherwise, Qin Mu wouldn't have been able to slay four young true devils while possessing ab inferior corporeal body.

Right then he had comprehended his technique and brought it to the level of path, patching up this problem of his.

His corporeal body reached a state of perfection. All his body parts could stand alone or unite, allowing him to combine all of the power and energy in them.

His speed reached its extreme and far surpassed what it was previously. The strong devil practitioners who were defending against the swords could only see a line of Qin Mus sprinting forward.


Qin Mu grabbed a flying sword and stabbed forward with it. Blood suddenly spurted out from the throat of a devil expert who had been defending against the attacks of the flying swords around him.

By the next instant, Qin Mu had already let go of the flying sword and went to the back of the second person. He picked another sword, and it pierced the back of a devil's heart, penetrating all the way to come out the other side.


Qin Mu clashed face to face with a strong practitioner who had rushed out from the encirclement of the swords, and their fists collided. Tempest of the Nine Dragons had burst forth an instant before their fists collided, but even after, it was still rushing outwards despite the fact that the entire arm and all the bones of the strong devil practitioner had broken through the back of his shoulders to shoot off in all directions.

When Qin Mu left and stabbed a sword into the heart of another person's brows, only then did his previous divine art hit the strong devil practitioner and shattered his chest. The back of his shirt blasted into pieces as forty-five divine dragons flew out from his heart, bringing along all his qi and blood!

Qin Mu seemed to have entered a world where time flowed slowly. His improvement covered all areas.

Blood burst out from the fatal spots of the enemies before the power of their divine arts could even burst forth, turning them into blood flowers slowly blooming in the sky. After the power of the divine arts burst forth, Qin Mu was already no longer there.

The divine arts of the enemies had also become abnormally slow in his eyes, and he could see the vital qi transforming into runes before taking the shape of the spell. The explosion of the power of the spell looked abnormally beautiful.

The devil divine arts practitioners were all not weaklings, but disciples taught out by devil gods. They were known as the elites among the devils, and besides having great power, their divine arts were also very intricate. Every instant in which the divine arts changed was extremely dazzling and beautiful.

Qin Mu admired this kind of beauty very much. Under his Nine Heavens Divine Eyes, the process of the divine arts blooming was a pleasure to watch.

It was especially so when fresh blood splattered in midair, forming blood flowers. They decorated the divine arts of the hundred strong devil practitioners, making them seem even more rich and gorgeous.

This time, Qin Mu had chosen another path and used a strange method to construct the path of circulation for his technique, reconstructing it. By perfecting Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, he had not merely improved his corporeal body, but also increased the speed of his vital qi circulation, raising the power of his divine arts!

He slithered among the hundred strong devil practitioners and executed the most basic sword forms without being garish. However, under the sharp increase in his offensive speed and power, the simple moves had become abnormally effective.

In his divine eyes, everyone had become slow. It didn't matter if it were their divine arts or spirit weapons, or the movement of their bodies, they had all become slow. He could clearly see everyone's every flaw.

Qin Mu stopped, and his flying swords came whooshing over. They collided with Carefree Sword in his hand and vanished. Soon, all eight thousand swords became one.

Behind him, countless divine arts exploded, and spirit weapons danced in the sky, destroying the tallest trees of a forest below. Rumblings and explosions rang out incessantly.

After a moment, everything returned to silence.

Then thumping sounds rang out as corpses of the devil experts collapsed left and right.

Qin Mu gently rubbed Carefree Sword in his hand, and it turned into a sword pellet. He turned around and looked at the only standing devil expert on the battlefield.

It was none other than the person who had suggested to everyone to break him out of his comprehension.

At that moment, the devil's legs were shaky, and huge beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. Fear was written all over his face.

Qin Mu put away the sword pellet, and his vital qi flowed out to reconstruct the path of vital qi circulation in the divine eyes. However, no matter what, he couldn't enter that state of comprehending Dao.

The devil expert looked at him blankly, not daring to move.

The more Qin Mu wanted to enter Dao comprehension, the more he couldn't do so. Agitation grew within him, and he shattered the divine eyes formed by his vital qi with a punch.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

He became frantic and struck forward furiously. In an instant, a series of thunderclaps rang out, their sound incredibly concentrated. The air in front of him became a wall which slowly grew thicker and thicker, until it was visible to the naked eye. The wall was pushed forward by the wind from his fist, causing trees to collapse and rocks to shatter. Among the flying sand and rolling stones, the wall was sent over ten miles away, and a chasm was plowed open.

Qin Mu finished venting his anger and suddenly turned his head around. The corner of his eyes landed on the devil expert. "You were the one who told them to break me out from my comprehension? You're very smart, aren't you!"

The devil expert looked at him in a daze, then his will to survive suddenly defeated his fear. He let out a scream and rushed into the sky, transforming into a trail of devil qi to escape.

Qin Mu shook his head and layers of formation markings appeared in his eyes. The Milky Way in his pupils swirled frantically.


Two beams of light from his eyes shone, intercepting the devil qi. A head, two legs, and half a body fell.

"Talk some more!" Qin Mu left angrily and shattered a rock that was the height of a human with a kick.

After a moment, new figures descended from the sky and landed around the battlefield. In the lead was a devil god with a strong aura.

"Master, Devil Xi Jue's disciple is dead!"

"King Yan's disciple has also been killed!"

"Devil King You's disciple as well!"

"There's also Xiu Qi's disciple here!"

"Devil King Liu Ye's disciple!"

"Master, sixth junior brother has also been harmed!"


The devil god gave an angry roar, and violent wind blew through the forest. The fog in the sky tumbled before vanishing straight away.

"You've killed so many elites of my devil race and nearly created a gap in the ranks of our Six Directions and Seven Stars Realm practitioners. Since you dare to behave so atrociously in front of my people, you can forget about walking out of the devil territory! Pass down my orders, release the Youdu divine dogs to search for him. Spare no effort to find him!"

A devil expert of Celestial Being Realm hesitated for a moment. "Master, Fu Riluo's orders were that if we're able to capture him alive, we should capture him alive. If we can't, it's best to leave a complete corpse. Respectable king has said that the body of this human holds a big secret..."

The devil god swept a cold gaze over, and the devil expert immediately shut his mouth. He hurriedly passed down the orders.

Qin Mu heard roars from afar, and his heart shook. He couldn't help muttering that the devils were all brave and good in battle. They were all battle maniacs and liked to show off their martial prowess. The best way to do it was to kill strong practitioners, so among those that were chasing after Qin Mu, the most excited ones were the experts of Seven Stars Realm.

However, in a single battle, most of the devil gods' disciples of Seven Star Realm had died in his hands.

In that case, what level strong practitioners would be chasing after him now?

He wasn't considered far from the frontlines, and the number of strategic towns and soldiers grew gradually. From them, Qin Mu soon how powerful were the devils.

Large black dogs were leaping through the mountains behind him as though they were flying. They carried five to six strong devil practitioners while sniffing around for his trail. From afar, they looked like small hills with two heads. Their eyes were like big red lanterns, and their bodies were filled with muscles.

They didn't have just two eyes on each head, but three. The one on the forehead even shot out beams of red light from time to time, scanning the surroundings.

Qin Mu's expression became grim. Numerous devil dogs had already found his scent and were gathering together to head toward him.

'I need to poison them. Only with that can I escape!'

He flipped through his taotie sack and found some medicinal herbs. This time, he didn't use his vital qi to transform into a pill furnace to refine the pills. Instead, he took out a sealed furnace and refined his poison there.

Qin Mu held his breath and sealed all of his pores. After thinking about it, he took off his shoes and opened up the sealed furnace. He carefully took out some poison and scattered it on his shoes while thinking, 'Even though I don't have the time to refine poison that could poison a devil god, poisoning the devil dogs shouldn't be a problem.'

He threw down his shoes and left barefooted.

After a moment, tiger roars shook the land, and Qin Mu hurriedly turned back to take a look. He saw a god's aura spreading out as a black tiger tore apart the devil dogs and the strong devil practitioners that were on them.

"Brother Tiger! I can smell Cult Master's scent!" the dragon qilin said in the distance. His voice was filled with delight. "Come follow me... Cult Master's shoes are even here. What a smelly shoe... Crap... I'm poisoned..."

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