Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 558 - Half Moon Senior Tiger

'It's Fatty Dragon! Senior Brother Tiger and the rest are also here! They have come to find me!'

Qin Mu hurriedly sprinted back while refining the antidote. From afar, he could see the dragon qilin swaying and vomiting white foaming from his mouth. His body then went stiff, and his legs stuck up straight into the sky as he collapsed to the ground.

Qin Mu rushed over at his full speed from three hundred yards away. The moment he finished the antidote, he flicked his fingers. The vital qi furnace exploded, and the antidote flew into the dragon qilin's mouth.

Qin Mu's hand techniques changed rapidly as he landed near Fatty Dragon. In a blink of an eye, countless mudras surrounded the dragon qilin's body as though he had grown a thousand arms. He smacked the body of the big fatty to spread the medicinal energy as fast as possible so the dragon qilin's corporeal body wouldn't be hurt.

'Seems like he has gotten fatter again..' When Qin Mu's palm landed on the dragon qilin's body, he felt the rebound of his fat, which made it hard to execute his hand techniques. Upon noticing it, he wondered in bewilderment, 'I didn't leave him too many pills so how did he get so fat? Could I have wronged him? Is he really the type that could grow fat even if he only drinks water?'

Sang Hua, Ling Yuxiu, Si Yunxiang, and Hu Ling'er were all nearby. When they saw a person rushing over, they had planned to defend against him, but once they recognized Qin Mu, they were delighted and waited quietly for him to treat the dragon qilin.

Qin Mu's vital qi steamed as he smacked the big faty countless times to spread the medicinal energy to all parts of his body. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief and take out a towel to wipe off the sweat on his forehead.

'Luckily the poison I made this time wasn't particularly powerful...'

The dragon qilin stared at him with eyes wide open and full of grievance. He had a look of having nothing left to be worried about.

Qin Mu let out a sigh and consoled him, "Don't worry, don't worry, it's not a big problem. You will be able to stand after a while. Your sense of smell will be damaged temporarily, but it will be fine after a day or two. Chest, don't eat him, he's not dead yet... He's really not dead! And you couldn't eat him even if he was dead, so spit him out... Why have you guys come?"

The chest reluctantly spat the dragon qilin out.

Hu Ling'er created a whirlwind to send Qin Mu's smelly shoes far away. She jumped onto the head of the dragon qilin and said with a smile, "After you went missing, Senior Twiger informed Imperial Preceptor, but he said that you're fine and won't die so easily. However, he still ordered someone to inform Heavenly Saint Cult, and Saintess Xiang brought us over.

This girl couldn't pronounce tiger properly.

The black tiger god examined Qin Mu then opened the youth's eyes to take a look inside. Only after such an examination did he relax. "Since we entered the territory of the devils, the princess and the saintess have kept trying to contact your primordial spirit, but they never got a reply. We were afraid of disturbing you, so we stopped doing that after a while.

"We originally planned to go to the ominous land, but before we even reached there, we met numerous devils heading east. They spoke about you heading there, so we tracked them. The dragon qilin was most familiar with you, so he could track your scent, and that's how we found you."

Qin Mu pondered over it before saying, "When you guys contacted me, I should have still been in the ominous land. That place is very strange, which is probably why didn't detect the primordial spirits of Saintess and Sister Xiu. You guys didn't meet any danger since you entered the devil territory?"

Ling Yuxiu picked the dragon qilin and placed him on the chest. "Sister Sang Hua is very powerful; it's all thanks to her that we were able to avoid all the strategically placed towns of the devils.

"Besides, most devils were chasing you, and there we've even heard rumors saying that you heavily injured Fu Riluo. The majority of the devil gods have gathered in the main camp to protect their leader, make sure that no one takes the chance to sneak in and kill him."

Qin Mu burst out laughing. "Isn't the rumor describing me as a bit too terrifying? Fu Riluo was actually hurt by a curse which had nothing to do with me. He has indeed been injured, but he should be fine by now."

Sang Hua looked around and saw numerous devils heading over toward them. She hurriedly said, "Senior Tiger just massacred many devils, and it will attract a devil god or two, so we can't stay here for long. Let's leave this place first and talk in detail later! Senior Tiger, your body is too big and will attract the attention of the devil gods. We need to trouble you."

The black tiger god heard this and immediately shrunk his body to the size of a small tiger that was a foot tall.

The girls looked at one another and all petted it, feeling rather gratified. The black tiger god paid no attention to them.

'Could Senior Brother Tiger have relied on this to reach the depths of the devil territory?' Qin Mu wondered.

They began to walk east, and the chest immediately followed after them.

The black tiger god went next to Qin Mu and raised his head to look at him. "What was that about Fu Riluo being injured by a curse? This rumor shouldn't be fake, but that guy is a true devil, the overlord of the devil race, so how could he be injured by a curse?"

"It's my jade pendant. There's a curse hidden in it. As for what's the exact situation, I do not know it. Saint Woodcutter knows, but he didn't tell me."

Soon, the dragon qilin was finally able to move but his limbs were still wobbly so he couldn't crawl up. He said in grievance, "Cult Master, I'm hungry..."

"If you eat spirit pills now, they will agitate your stomach, and you will only vomit them out," Qin Mu immediately explained.

The dragon qilin was silent for a moment, then said, "Cult Master, this little dragon risked his life to search for Cult Master in the devil territory, yet you harmed me..."

Qin Mu blinked, but didn't say anything.

"Still hungry," the dragon qilin said.

Feeling helpless, Qin Mu could only take out a few spirit herbs to match with Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills.

"I like Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills. I don't like the taste of Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills."

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows, but suppressed his anger. He placed aside the pills he had matched and found the herbs for Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills.

He finished refining them, and the dragon qilin opened his mouth, waiting for him to feed him.

Veins popped out on Qin Mu's forehead, but he threw two pills over, and the dragon qilin crunched them. "The taste isn't right, it's not as delicious...." the dragon qilin said suspiciously.

"The toxin injured the nerves that control your smell and taste, so food doesn't feel the same when you eat it," Qin Mu explained.

"Cult Master, give me the spirit pills. I'll eat them when my senses recover."

Qin Mu handed the Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills that were done to him. The dragon qilin hid them inside the chest then said weakly, "I'm still hungry. I want to try Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills. Maybe they won't be as hard to swallow."

Qin Mu took out the herbs he had matched moments before and refined a furnace of Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills, and the dragon qilin tried two. "The taste seems to be much better; they aren't as bad. Cult Master, can you refine two more furnaces?"

"Eating so much, be careful of getting stuff to death! Look at how fat you've gotten! Even the chest can't carry you anymore!" Qin Mu said with his anger finally bursting forth.

The dragon qilin looked as if he had nothing to live for and said resentfully, "I'm poisoned, and I don't know if I can even taste the flavor of the Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills again. It's a pity my mother left early, and Patriarch has also left..."

Qin Mu couldn't bear to see him like this and refined another two furnaces of pills for him. The dragon qilin no longer muttered after that.

Upon sneaking a glance back, Qin Mu saw that the fellow didn't eat many pills. He secretly opened up the chest and stored the excess inside.

'What has Fatty Dragon experienced during these days I wasn't around?' Qin Mu was puzzled.

The dragon qilin lay on the chest quietly. He took out a book and grabbed a brush with his claws, then carefully wrote something.

Qin Mu fell back to take a look, but the dragon qilin hurriedly covered up. Smiling, Qin Mu said "Fatty Dragon also knows how to work hard. Ling'er, you should learn more from him."

Hu Ling'er had been hugging her tails and licking their fur clean. When she heard his words, she said seriously, "I've been studying along Grandpa Deaf these days, and he praised me for my knowledge!"

The black tiger god jumped onto the chest and moved over to look at the writings.

The dragon qilin didn't dare to be arrogant and let him sit between his front claws. The black tiger god took a look and burst out laughing. "This also works?"

"Of course it does!" the dragon qilin said with a serious expression. "I have basically mastered hu— En, the path of controlling humans. This technique of mine will definitely shine in the future!"

The black tiger shook his head. "You spend too much effort on these little things and don't use them on the right path. For example, there's completely no need to eat Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills or Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills, cultivating by yourself is more useful than anything!"

"Has Brother Tiger eaten spirit pills before?" the dragon qilin asked.

The black tiger shook his head again. "My lord said that cultivating by oneself is the true cultivation. No one has given me any spirit pills before."

The dragon qilin took out a Fire Element Divine Vitality Pill. "Try this."

The black tiger god ate one and said in astonishment. "Such a good taste? So much better than normal food!"

The dragon qilin sneered at him. "Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills taste even better! Try a Scarlet Fire Spirit Pill!"

The black tiger god ate one, and his body shook. He couldn't help the tears falling from his eyes.

"Now you know how good they are, right? Because you didn't learn my technique, that's why your lord is lazy. Your own cultivation is the true cultivation? That's because you're not hardworking and have too few tricks! You're being subdued by him instead of you being the one who is subduing him. Only by learning my Human Rearing Scriptures can you eat well."

The black tiger god looked at Qin Mu and said with a smile, "Junior brother, Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills indeed have a nice taste. Can you give me a few furnaces?"

Qin Mu looked at him in bewilderment., "Senior brother, you're already a demon god, so why do you want to eat?"

"The taste is not too bad, I can eat them as a snack."

Qin Mu frowned and asked patiently, "What are the attributes of senior brother's demon vital qi?"

"Gold and water."

Qin Mu calculated for a moment and wrote down a recipe. "This is for Gold Water Mixed Vitality Pill. It has gold qi and water qi inside, which can raise your gold and water vital qi. I also used complimenting spirit herbs to increase the fragrance and flavor. Senior brother, me making the spirit pills for you is not a solution. You're a god so you make them yourself. I will teach you how to refine."

The black tiger god was delighted and said with a smile, "Begging someone is never better than relying on oneself. If I can learn to refine pills, I indeed won't need to trouble you!"

Qin Mu taught him how to refine Gold Water Mixed Vitality Pills and gave him some herbs. The black tiger god was incredibly intelligent and managed to learn quickly. He refined the pills pretty well.

Not long later, the black tiger god came to him to ask for some more medicinal ingredients. Qin Mu gave him them.

When the next day arrived, Qin Mu had a feeling that his demon god senior brother had become fatter. He wondered if it was just his misconception.

However, when the little black tiger lay next to the dragon qilin, he didn't look fat at all, so it was probably just a trick of the light before.

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