Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 564 - Little Overlord of Youdu

'There's still one suspicious point from Qin Fengqing's incident, and that is that Earth Count had already sealed him. By right, all of his divine treasures should have been sealed so he wouldn't have been able to cultivate or even open his divine treasures, let alone become a divine arts practitioner.'

Elder Messenger of Death paced around while thinking about the matter. 'He could only live like a mortal till his body stopped functioning, which is for around hundred years at most. Yet how was he able to open his divine treasures?"

Earth Count had sealed Qin Mu's devil nature and his memory. His god nature was also sealed along with it.

During the process, Earth Count's voice had formed a seal on Qin Mu's divine treasures. It was an accidental act, and the suppression was a side effect of sealing his god nature and devil nature.

The seal hadn't been meant to be that terrifying, but it ended up cutting off his path of cultivation.

This also meant that there was no god or devil nature in Qin Mu's body. All of his divine treasures, no matter whether they were god or devil, were sealed and could never be opened. It was thus impossible for him to cultivate and improve himself.

After Qin Mu went to the world of the living, he should have led a life like a normal human being and spent his life ordinarily.

Yet his divine treasures had opened. To make matters worse, he had also cultivated so fast that he had already opened Seven Stars Divine Treasure and even merged Seven Stars and Six Directions into one.

At first, he'd opened the divine treasures of his divine path while now the speed of his devil path cultivation was as though he had the assistance of a god!

It was extremely strange.

Opening Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure requires one to rely on their abilities. Nobody else could help even if they wanted to, so he could have only relied on himself. Yet the seal on his divine treasures was a hundred times harder than those of an ordinary person.

This was because if he tried to break the Spirit Embryo Wall, he would activate Earth Count's seal, and the Nine Heavens God Language of Earth Count would come from above. And if he tried to open the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure of the devil path, he would encounter Earth Count's Youdu Devil Language.'

Elder Messenger of Death couldn't think of an explanation no matter what. He wasn't omniscient and omnipotent, and he also couldn't return to the night when Qin Mu had consumed the blood of the four spirits.

He didn't know that on that night, there had been an old man whose limbs were severed sitting beside the bonfire in Disabled Elderly Village and speaking to the fiendish villagers around him. "My guess is that Mu'er has another type of constitution, one that combines the strength of the four great constitutions—an Overlord Body!" he had said at that time.

With that sentence, a legend had been born, turning the impossible possible.

The villagers of Disabled Elderly Village found even more blood of the four spirits, going all out for Qin Mu to consume as much as possible. The youth had also worked much harder as he had the belief of being invincible in his heart.

He was the overlord body, the strongest spirit body!

If he couldn't open his divine treasure, it would definitely be because he wasn't working hard enough and didn't deserve the title of Overlord Body!

And like that, Earth Count's seal got thinner and thinner from his grind, and he learned the devil and god languages. He then used the instant when the god, devil, and buddha languages crossed to break open his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure!

From then onwards, his future had become bright.

Earth Count's seal was still there, and his devil and god nature were still sealed. However, the even stronger belief to grow that flooded out from the tiny body was something that Earth Count and the other big shots in Youdu would have never expected.

The story of a legend had begun from a white lie by an elder who looked like a human rod and lay beside a bonfire that night.

'Besides that, there's also the weird incident from that time he was exiled out from Youdu and left in Great Ruins. What had happened back then?'

Elder Messenger of Death shut his eyes, then opened them after a long moment and took out Youdu's Life and Death Book. 'What happened must be related. I should find that woman who had carried him away back and ask her about what happened. If she's still alive, I can locate her with Life and Death Book, and if she has died, her soul should have returned to Youdu...'

He flipped through Youdu's Life and Death Book, and his expression slowly became grim.

The woman's name had already been removed from the Life and Death Book. This meant that there were two possibilities. First, her soul might have scattered, just like that of Seven Kills Star Sovereign. When souls ceased to exist, their names would automatically vanish from the Life and Death Book.

Second, her soul had landed in Fengdu or some other place that was similar to Youdu.

'What exactly did she experience?'

Elder Messenger of Death sighed and closed the Life and Death Book. His body shook, and he separated a number of himself out. They each got into a boat to leave.

'Now the little overlord of Youdu is much cuter than in the past. I like this brat call Qin Mu more and don't want to see Qin Fengqing again. However, the seal has already become loose once, and celestial heavens is also looking for him. If the seal breaks in the future and Qin Mu turns back into Qin Fengqing, I'm afraid Youdu will be in danger…'

In Li City, Qin Mu opened his eyes in a daze, his face damp. Qin Yu's little dragon was lying on his face and licking his cheek.

Qin Mu pinched the tail of the little thing and lifted him up. The small dragon raised his head and climbed onto his arms. It went up his shoulders and hung himself down from his ear.

Qin Mu took a pail of water to wash his face, and the little dragon also took the chance to bury his face in the water. It sucked in a mouthful and spat it out to play around.

Qin Mu walked out of the cabin and stretched his back. He had been sleeping on the ship the whole night. Hu Ling'er, Ling Yuxiu, Si Yunxiang, and Sang Hua had woken up early and were cooking. Upon seeing him awake, they greeted him.

The chest clattered over and rubbed against Qin Mu's legs. It opened up and showed him the bones it had collected.

The dragon qilin bit onto a huge basin and walked over. He wagged his tail and placed the basin at Qin Mu's feet.

"Fatty Dragon, haven't you hid a few furnaces of spirit pills in the chest?"

Qin Mu took out an apron and went to help the girls cook. He said with a smile, "Let me do it."

"Cult Master even knows how to cook?" Sang Hua asked with astonishment.

"Cult Master is an expert in cooking; the dishes he makes are delicious! During the days when Princess Xiu and I were seized by Grandpa Blind to marry him, it was Cult Master who did all the cooking. I even got addicted to his food and wanted to marry him for real!" Si Yuanxing explained in an excited voice.

Ling Yuxiu's eyes lit up. "I was also addicted and even hoped Grandpa Blind could try to force us to marry once more. Let's just wait for cowherd to send up the delicacies!"

Qin Mu received the ladle, and his heart moved slightly, turning his vital qi into fire. He said with a smile, "Actually, Grandpa Mute in our village cooks the best dishes, Grandpa Apothecary's medicinal cuisine tastes the most delicious, while Grandpa Ma is a master of vegetarian dishes. Granny Si also cooks well, but no one dares to eat them, since we don't know what kind of ingredients she uses. The others can't really cook."

The dragon qilin looked at the chest, and it showed him its collections of bones, seemingly very happy. It then threw two bones at him. The dragon qilin rummaged through the chest's insides until he found some spirit pills.

The black tiger god walked over, his voice booming like thunder. "Fatty Dragon, stop eating, I shall bring you to train! The best time to train is right after waking up in the morning! You taught me many things, so I'm going to teach you as well. I shall help you get rid of the excess flab on your body! Junior brother, I'm going to borrow your fatty!"

"Senior brother feel free," Qin Mu hurriedly said.

The dragon qilin tried to finish all of the spirit pills in his basin in one swallow, but before he could get all of them inside his mouth, the black tiger god grabbed his tail and dragged him away.

"My bowl!" The dragon qilin's cries rang loud in the air. "I haven't even licked it clean—"

"Little fox, come over after you finish your breakfast and train with me. I shall bring you guys to attack the enemy camp!" the black tiger shouted from afar.

Hu Ling'er acknowledged, and the black tiger dragged the dragon qilin by his tail.

Qin Mu finished cooking and took off his apron. He sat down with the girls in front of the dining table while Hu Ling'er scooped porridge for them before sitting down as well.

The small dragon on Qin Mu's ear secretly stretched out its claws and quickly grabbed a piece of stir-fried clam meat before retreating. It hugged the meat and started eating.

Everyone ate and chatted. Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang had also went to Fengdu before and learned some techniques and divine arts from the gods and devils there. However, the techniques and divine arts they cultivated weren't complete, and the gods and devils of Fengdu could only teach. They still had to comprehend them by themselves.

"However, Supreme Emperor Heaven's inheritances are complete, and we've learned quite a number of good things during these few days that we were here."

"With Imperial Preceptor keeping the battle line, there won't be any huge battles after this victory for the time being. We can take this chance to learn from senior sisters and brothers of Supreme Emperor Heaven before exchanging blows with senior brothers and sisters of the devil race. There is quite a number of disciples from our Heavenly Devil Cult that have come here. Sister Sang Hua had also said she wanted to go to Heavenly Saint Academy to learn for a period of time," Si Yuanxiang said.

Qin Mu pondered it for a moment. "We might be able to establish a branch of Heavenly Saint Academy here and invite famous gods, devils, and Divine Bride Realm practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven to give lectures. The people of Supreme Emperor Heaven could also go to Heavenly Saint Academy to cultivate for a period of time. This way we could interact frequently and not hold up the situation of the battle."

They ate and chatted around the dining table. After Hu Ling'er finished eating, she rushed out to train with the black tiger god and the dragon qilin.

Qin Mu and the girls stayed back to wash the dishes. When Yu He boarded the ship, he couldn't help becoming astonished when she saw Qin Mu washing the dishes. With a strange expression, she said hesitantly, "Cult Master, some devil scouts are lingering around in the battlefield. I'd like to bring Sang Hua and the rest for guerrilla warfare and meet them."

Qin Mu nodded and said with a smile, "You guys go ahead, I shall do the dishes."

Si Yunxiang immediately ran off after pulling Ling Yuxiu and Sang Hua along with her. From afar, Yu He's voice came in a whisper, "Isn't it improper to let Cult Master wash the dishes? How can he do such trivial matter as a cult master..."

Si Yunxiang smiled at her. "Our Heavenly Saint Cult is impudent like this. We don't have that many rules."

Yu He relaxed and said with a smile, "Cult Master once said that our Heavenly Saint Cult is outstanding in the righteous path, and upon seeing his action as he serves as a role model, I finally understand that it isn't by chance that our Heavenly Saint is outstanding in the righteous path."

"This..." Si Yunxiang stared wide-eyed, not knowing what she should say.

Qin Mu finished cleaning up, and the chest clattered over to him again. It opened up and showed the bones it had collected.

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He took out some spirit weapons of the devil race and placed them inside it. "During this trip out, I killed numerous devil experts and took their spirit weapons. You should start collecting them instead of just always focusing on bones."

The chest threw out the spirit weapons, choosing to continue to collect bones.

Qin Mu shook his head and took out the true dragon's nest. He plucked out the little dragon from his ear and said with a smile, "Little Dao friend, you've been pestering me because the item you want to see is this."

The eyes of the little dragon lit up, and he cried out ma ha ma ha without stopping.

Qin Mu laughed and brought the little dragon into the true dragon's nest.

The human and dragon landed inside, and Qin Mu let go of the small creature. The little dragon immediately flew round and round the nest, ineffably excited.

Qin Mu took out Emperor's Disk and threw it into the sky. The Emperor's Disk changed into the true dragon lord and became compatible with the nest. Instantly, a vast and boundless dragon qi spread out, and countless writings of the dragon race appeared.

That little dragon flew to and fro to read all of them. His ma ha ma ha cries turned into cryptic dragon language that was hard to understand. He was comprehending the writings on the true dragon's nest!

The bloodline of the little dragon was very pure since he was the son of Surging River Dragon King. Qin Mu called him little Dao friend, but his actual age was actually over twenty thousand years. It was just that he had been frozen in the dragon bead by Surging River Dragon King that he could never grow.

The dragon language from his mouth became more and more cryptic. He was the son of the dragon king, and his bloodline was even higher than that of Bai Qingfu and Bai Qu'er that Qin Mu had met forty thousand years ago when he had traveled back in time to High Emperor Era. While listening, he could decipher more and more of the dragon language.

Qin Mu just stood and listened to the dragon roars while mobilizing his vital qi to check the true dragon technique he had learned previously. His comprehension naturally became better and better as well.

The little dragon flew up and down many times. It was hard to say how long had passed when he finally deciphered all of the writings. He then suddenly landed on the ground, and his body trembled, changing into that of a youth. He had a handsome appearance and majestic bearing. He looked slightly similar to Qin Yu, and he bowed in gratitude. "Much thanks to Cult Master Qin for bestowing the technique and assistance for me to awaken my intelligence."

Qin Mu returned the greeting and said with a smile, "I lent you a hand to learn the technique of the true dragon's nest, so there's no need to thank me. May I ask how I should address little Dao friend?"

"My family uses Jiang as a surname, and my mother bestowed the name Miao on me, so I'm called Jiang Miao," he answered. "Even though I have deciphered the writings on the true dragon's nest once, I'm still a second generation and my bloodline isn't pure enough. We'll need a divine dragon to decipher it for us to gain the complete true dragon lord's technique."

Qin Mu frowned. "There's no true dragon in Supreme Emperor Heaven that has become god. Where can we find a divine dragon?"

"There's a divine dragon in Great Ruins. While following Qin Yu, I heard his calls from time to time."

Qin Mu's spirit was greatly aroused, and he said with a smile, "In that case, let's head to Great Ruins!"


In the broken Paramita Ark in Great Ruins, huge chunks of land floated in a large seal.

Suddenly, a long roar sounded out as a divine bridge broke through the air. Xing An's primordial spirit crossed it and soared to the celestial palaces on the other shore.

"I'm out!" Xing An retrieved his primordial spirit and rose up. He shouted sternly, "You mute, come here! You've been meddling with me time and time again. Now that I have crossed the divine bridge, come out and die!"

"Die, die die—" His echo rang back. The mute had long fled.

Xing An's face turned black. and he rushed out in wide strides. At this moment, his body trembled slightly. In his Life and Death Divine Treasure, Lu Li's devil eye appeared once more, and her sinister voice rang out. "The person you're looking for has a Life and Death Book that once belonged to Shaman God Kui. Find that person!"

Lu Li's devil eye vanished.

Xing An stood motionless in the air with a dumbfounded gaze.

"Great Physician Qin, so it's you..." Xing An was dispirited, and his heart was flustered. "So it was you… I've trusted you time and time again, and not once did I expect for you to be even worse than that mute... It's you! I would like to see what tricks can you play this time!"

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