Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 565 - Qin Mu in the Mirror

Qin Mu brought Little Dragon Jiang Miao out through Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and looked around. He couldn't help the astonishment that welled up in him.

Great Ruins' Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was right in the center of it, and there was two stone-paved road that was a hundred yards each on both sides of the sacrificial altar. Meanwhile, surrounding Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge were ancient temples, shrines, and divine palaces like a city that was twice larger than Border Dragon City. People came and went, making the place quite bustling.

The temples and ruins had all been moved from elsewhere in Great Ruins to defend against the darkness. There were also numerous stone statues being worshipped with endless streams of incense.

Many villages had settled in the city and no longer had to struggle for their lives daily. They became merchants which connected Middle Earth and West Earth.

A primary school and a college had been also established to teach techniques and divine arts. It was just that they didn't have any sacred ground like the four great academies or Imperial College.

There were also huge ruins outside the city for the strange beasts nearby to hide from the darkness. It was all very thoughtful.

In this city, new and old constructions were in a picturesque disorder, setting each other off nicely. Qin Mu only took a rough look, and he could already tell that the person that planned the city was of rather high culture, self-cultivation, and had talent in city planning. His admiration for beauty had also reached extremely high attainments.

'New branches from an old tree, creating contrast between the old and new. It's indeed not bad. It might be because I've seen too many crooked constructions in Supreme Emperor Heaven that I feel so much more at home in Great Ruins...'

The chest ran out from Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge behind him, and Qin Mu shook his head. The chest kept sticking to him. Since the dragon qilin and Hu Ling'er had been brought to the battlefield for training, it followed him without sparing any effort.

"Cult Master, I feel the call of the divine dragon again." Jiang Miao said after looking around. "Follow me!"

He shook his body and transformed into a little dragon. He flew out of the city, and Qin Mu brought the chest to chase after him, going into the depths of Great Ruins.

Even though Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had finished the construction of the two roads which linked West Earth, Great Ruins, and Eternal Peace, there were still endless vast lands with few people around. Those places were all very mysterious.

Qin Mu followed Jiang Miao to deeper into Great Ruins. They flipped through mountains and rivers, walking across pieces of ancient ruins. When night came, he let Jiang Miao lay on the chest while he walked through the darkness. The chest followed close behind him.

Great Ruins in the darkness was completely different from Great Ruins in the day. When Qin Mu walked by himself through it, he could see Supreme Emperor Heaven that had become the darkness and numerous devils moving unpredictably.

They would move along with them continuously or jump onto trees from time to time. Sometimes they would hide behind rocks and observe them secretly, not daring to get close.

'These devils aren't Supreme Emperor Heaven's devils! The dark realms in Great Ruins aren't only Supreme Emperor Heaven!'

Qin Mu was astonished. He had originally thought that the devils in the darkness of Great Ruins were from Supreme Emperor Heaven and that he had unraveled the whole mystery. Yet from the looks of it, the devils around him had nothing to do with Supreme Emperor Heaven.

That was because when the people of Supreme Emperor Heaven saw Great Ruins in the darkness, all they could see were blurry shadows. Back then, Sang Hua had seen Qin Mu as a boy made of darkness. And once the time was up, he scattered like black sand.

While in the darkness of Great Ruins, Qin Mu saw the people of Supreme Emperor Heaven the same way. They were from two different worlds, and they couldn't touch each other or interact in any way.

Yet the monsters in the darkness of Great Ruins were different—they had truly existed in the darkness of Great Ruins!

'There are just so many secrets in Great Ruins…'

Qin Mu sighed, and Jiang Miao pointed out the direction for him. They continued to head forward.

Two days later, they came to the northwest side of Great Ruins as the sun rose as usual. Qin Mu swept his gaze around and said with a smile, "This place isn't too far from Paramita Ark. I once drove Moon Ship through here. Look, here's its footprint."

The huge imprint had already become a small lake, and there were even some weird fish swimming inside.

"The call of the divine dragon is in the vicinity!"

Jiang Miao rose into the sky, then looked around and headed west.

Qin Mu hurriedly caught up to him, and they came to a canyon. Suddenly, everything became silent; not a sound could be heard. Qin Mu frowned and looked at their surroundings. He pulled back Jiang Miao who was about to enter the canyon by following the call of the divine dragon and said, "Keep calm, don't get excited."

Jiang Miao didn't understand what he meant.

Qin Mu surveyed the surroundings, and his gaze landed on the footprints of Moon Ship. "This is the place where Paramita Ark was sealed. Paramita Ark is a ship forged by Heavenly Works God Race for emigration. They had wanted to use it to bring all the lives of their land as well as the gods and devils of Founding Emperor Era to Carefree Village. However, it crashed here because of an attack using brute force. The call of the divine dragon might not be real. This place shouldn't have even a single strange beast..."

When he'd used Moon Ship to pass this place, he had entered the overlapping space that sealed Paramita Ark nearby.

The footprints left behind by Moon Ship vanished by where they were standing.

Back then, he had faced numerous monsters and devil gods. They had pounced on Moon Ship furiously and many lost their lives.

Yet when he returned to this place, he couldn't even see a bone.

In front of the lakes of the canyon, sand covered the land. There was not a single rock to be found, not even the size of a fingernail.

There were huge words covering the walls on both sides, but they weren't in human language. Instead of being squarish, they looked like complicated runes.

Qin Mu didn't enter the canyon but stood outside while examining the runes on the wall. "It's a kind of god writing used for sealing."

He executed Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique, and small whirlwinds rose in the canyon as he tried to raise a dune giant.

However, the sand flowed and everything returned back to normal.

'Impossible! Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique can enlighten all things, giving them spirit, so why couldn't it enlighten the sand and stone here?'

He squatted down and grabbed a handful of yellow sand. He suddenly grunted as he lifted his hand up with difficulty.

Jiang Miao was puzzled and tried to lift a handful as well. Every grain of the yellow sand was incomparably heavy, equivalent to the weight of a mountain!

Qin Mu splayed his fingers, and the fine sand trickled down. When they smashed against the ground, they gave off loud rumbles similar to thunder.

"This isn't sand, but spirit weapons!"

One grain of sand was left on Qin Mu's palm, and he blew on it with his vital qi. It instantly flew up and swirled, transforming into a sandstone with a radius of dozens of fields. When it flew in the sky, the sound of air breaking was deafening!

When the vital qi from that breath of Qin Mu was finally exhausted, the sandstone shrunk and fell down as a grain of sand.

Jiang Miao jumped in shock and looked at the yellow sand in the canyon.

The grains of sand were too numerous to count, probably in the billions. If each grain was as huge as the one Qin Mu had brought up, how astonishing would their weight be?

"The god writings on both sides of the canyon are seals to hold the power of the sand in check. Once we go in, the seal and the formation will be activated."

Qin Mu opened his divine eyes and looked at the sky. He suddenly let out a breath, and fog instantly spread through the sky. Rain started to fall slowly.

Yet it didn't reach the canyon. Instead, it got blocked by an invisible barrier. The rainwater formed cubes in the sky.

"The seals here are similar to the seal of Paramita Ark. One cannot enter from the sky."

He flew up and looked into the depths of the canyon, frowning slightly. The canyon was over ten miles long. Yet it suddenly vanished after that distance. It was as though it was cut off!

'The back of the canyon should be hidden.' Qin Mu started to fret. "If Grandpa Blind was here, he could try to solve this, but with my abilities, it'd be too difficult to deal with this god level sealing and killing formation. It's very dangerous... Jiang Miao, let's return. We can't step in here."

Jiang Miao revealed a disappointed look. However, his abilities were far inferior to those of Qin Mu. If even Qin Mu said they couldn't step in, he also couldn't do anything about it.

Suddenly, Qin Mu was slightly stunned the next moment. In front of the lake, he saw space tear open, revealing a door.

The sky and the earth were flipped open. The sky was still okay as one couldn't see any abnormalities if they didn't look closely. However, the earth kept trembling, and pieces of land appeared out of thin air, distancing themselves from the door. In an instant, they were a hundred miles away.

Next, Qin Mu saw a familiar figure walking out of the door.

The moment it appeared, he instantly knew that things were bad and turned around to flee with Jiang Miao and the chest. But the sky and earth overlapped once again and brought them to the door.

"Great Cult Master Qin," the familiar figure said in a familiar voice which had a hint of astonishment and delight. "What a small world. You even brought a dragon and my chest with you... Don't turn around, keep your back to me."

Qin Mu felt the murderous intent coming from the person behind him, and the smile of his face froze. "Senior Brother Xing An has already found the source of the jade pendant, right? I didn't lie to you, did I?"

"You didn't lie to me. I had indeed found numerous ruins with traces of the jade pendant." Xing An took out the mirror that Lu Li had handed to him. With his back against Qin Mu, he raised the mirror and said indifferently, "You weren't lying, but you had purposely lured me there and had a mischievous mute trap me there for half a year. If I hadn't become a god and made that mute know that he's in trouble, who knows how long I would have been trapped there! The Life and Death Book is in your hands, right?"

Qin Mu was frozen in place by his aura, but his heart trembled violently. Without changing his expression, he said, "Life and Death Book was seized by a youth. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was actually not his opponent and he seized it by force."

Xing An's gaze landed on the mirror where Qin Mu looked as usual. The next moment though, the mirror image slowly turned its head around.

The corners of Xing An's eyes twitched furiously. He saw the youth in the mirror change, and a devil eye filled with devil nature and desire for destruction appeared in Qin Mu's forehead. This devil eye was slowly opening while gripping his soul.

Xing An's hand trembled, and the mirror suddenly shattered.

Xing An hurriedly looked behind himself, but Qin Mu's back was still facing him; he hadn't turned around. However, the Qin Mu in the mirror had clearly looked back!

His mind raced, and his aura wavered. Qin Mu took hold of this chance to grab the chest and the little dragon to rush into the canyon!

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