Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 566 - Ten Miles Star Sand Calamity Formation

When Qin Mu brought the chest and Jiang Miao into the canyon, he saw the light flowing from the huge runes on both sides of the cliff. The next instant, all the sand in the entire canyon flew up as though a sandstorm was raising!

"Don't breathe!" Qin Mu shouted out. "Seal up all your pores!"

Jiang Miao instantly understood what was happening and held his breath while sealing up all of his pores.

The sand in the canyon wasn't just yellow sand, but spirit weapons, and any grain of sand could expand anytime to become a huge sandstone the size of dozens of fields!

If they breathed in numerous grains of sands into their nasal cavity, throat, or lungs, the result would not be pretty.

If a few grains of sand entered their pores and expanded outwards, it would also be extremely terrible for them.

The instant before the violent sand reached them, Qin Mu poured vital qi into his sword pellet and it instantly expanded. Flying swords flowed like water and transformed into a perfect metal sphere, hiding them within.

Even the most exquisite sword skills would find it difficult to defend against the bombardment of the violent sand. He couldn't ensure that he would be able to block every grain of sand, so he might as well use his sword pellet to form the most perfect sphere to protect him.

In Li City, he had already forged his flying swords into flowing water. Like Mute's sword pellets, it could transform into any form he wanted.

For having refined a weapon to such a step, his forging method could be considered god level.

The moment Qin Mu hid inside the sword pellet, the violent sand arrived, and in an instant, small dents marred the sphere where numerous grains of sand had hit!

The materials that Si Yunxiang had given Qin Mu to forge his swords were of the highest quality. He might have been resentful about the resulting swords being too heavy earlier, which resulted in it being hard to execute, but now he was thankful that Si Yunxiang had given him the best materials. It was the main reason why his sword pellet didn't shatter from the initial impact.

Even so, the sword pellet was blown away and crashed around the canyon at a terrifying speed, bouncing here and there!

Qin Mu and Jiang Miao's body shook violently inside, and they were in so much discomfort that they almost vomited blood. Even though they could avoid the flying sand in the sword pellet, the vibrations from collision almost tore them apart!

Qin Mu used all he could to execute flowing water characteristic of the sword pellet to its limit.

Every time a dent appeared, it would repair itself automatically. However, Qin Mu's vital qi would usually be shattered into pieces by the flying sand, so it was hard for him to execute the sword pellet. This resulted in more and more dents.

'This killing formation is even more terrifying than what I imagined!' Despair filled Qin Mu's heart.

When they had stepped into the canyon, Xing An had followed right after. He had stretched his hand to grab the sword pellet when violent sand suddenly flew toward him. Xing An's expression changed slightly, and his fingers trembled. His divine art burst forth to blow the sand back.

'There's something wrong about this sand. Wait, they're spirit weapons and not really sand! My corporeal body is the body of a true god, so why should I be afraid of mere sand?'

He immediately saw the clues and speculated the correct answer. Since he had already entered the god realm, he had rushed into the canyon to chase after Qin Mu's sword pellet.

His abilities were much stronger than in the past, yet even so, it was still extremely difficult for him to advance through the valley. Every step was a challenge.

Yellow sand flew everywhere, covering the land. It assaulted him from all directions. Xing An's hands moved, and all kinds of divine arts came bursting forth to block the flying sand. Even though there were grains that he couldn't block, they could only cause pain to his corporeal body and not hurt him.

Suddenly, he felt his feet becoming heavier and heavier. Noticing that some sand had fallen into his shoes, Xing An stopped. He raised his feet to shake out the sand, but more and more sand landed on his body. The grains actually seemed to come alive and flow up his body.

Cold sweat rolled down his forehead, and he used his strength to shake off the yellow sand off himself.

In the meantime, loud explosions rang out non-stop as Qin Mu's sword pellet got smashed around like a shooting star. It was filled with dents and seemed like it would shatter at any moment.

Soon, Xing An's legs sank into the yellow sand, and he found it even harder to break free. YEt Qin Mu's sword pellet was also crooked from the bombardment, making it hard for him to continue.

'If the brat wants to die, I don't have to die with him. I shall leave this place first! Human King Creation Technique!'

Xing An gave a low shout, and his body suddenly shrunk into a speck of dust. Like this, he planned to escape the ill fate of being buried alive in the sand.

His creation technique was from Pangong Tso who had cultivated Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures before. Xing An's attainments in it far surpassed those of Pangong Tso, and even those of Qin Mu, the Heavenly Devil Cult Master.

The moment he shrunk his body, the grains of sand expanded rapidly, and Xing An's expression went blank. He saw countless huge stone come flying toward him like planets!

Big and small were relative terms. He had shrunk countless times, and so the sand had expanded countless times. The grains of sand became huge planets to crush him.

He felt like he'd fallen into a vast galaxy which was incomparably terrifying and chaotic!

'This is a killing formation for true gods! This kind of transformation changed star sand into constellations, shifting the formation according to how I change!"

Xing An gave a dull grunt when he was caught between two planet-sized star grains of sand. He almost coughed up blood. After the two planet-sized star grains of sand crashed into him, they separated, and another two grains came. They crashed into Xing An who didn't have the time to avoid.

Boom, boom, boom!"

The collisions rang with loud noise, and Xing An's face turned pale. He finally couldn't hold back vomiting a mouthful of god blood. The star sand grains weren't actually stars but spirit weapons the size of dozens of fields. The force of the collisions wasn't too terrifying, but the speed at which they happened was simply astonishing. A series of them had severely injured Xing An!

he shouted and used all his energy to execute his divine art, blowing away the star sand. He suddenly roared, and water flooded from behind him like a huge river and lifted his body up.

The river danced in the air and traveled rapidly between the star sand, avoiding the planets by a hairbreadth.

Xing An let out a sigh of relief, but at that moment, the grains of star sand became incomparably bright and burst forth with starlight.

In the sky, the beams connected, and the tens of thousands of star sand grains combined to form an incomparably strange eye.


Just as Xing An thought that, a beam of light shot out from that evil eye formed by the countless stars and struck his body.

The long river under his feet crumbled, and he fell back while vomiting blood.

The power of the sand wasn't too great, but when the grains combined, they were extremely terrifying and had the ability to hurt him!

And in the vast galaxy, countless star sand grains gathered and turned into eyes floating in the sky. Beams of starlight shot to and fro, attacking him from all directions.

Those beams were starlight sword qi which was incomparably sharp. Even if Xing An's body was the corporeal body of a true god, it was still difficult for him to defend himself!

'I was lured into the formation, and now I can no longer leave it…'

Despair filled Xing An's heart, and he hurriedly looked toward Qin Mu. The youth was also facing a similar situation once sword pellet had broken open. However, Qin Mu was using Phantom Illusion Technique to transform into a shadow to avoid the strikes of the star sand and keep himself alive for the moment.

As for the chest and the little dragon, he must have placed them into his taotie sack.

With all the star sand combining into Star Sand Evil Eyes, starlight sword qi encircled both of them.

Xing An tried his best to avoid the beams of light while thinking, 'It's not a loss to have this brat die with me... Wait, that's not right! I have just become a god, so to die along with this brat would be a huge loss!'

On the other side, Qin Mu suddenly froze. He raised his head to look at a Star Sand Evil Eye and stayed still as if he had accepted his fate. He waited quietly for his end.

Xing An had strong cultivation, and his corporeal body was incomparably strong, so he could still endure. As long as he could find the transformation in algebra inside the Star Sand Killing Formation, he would have a chance to escape.

Right then, Qin Mu's corporeal body suddenly returned back to normal. When he raised his hand to do a mudra, a huge star formation of Great Overarching Heavenly Stars lined up and collided with the starlight sword qi that was shooting at him.

A strange thing happened then. The constellation of Great Overarching Heavenly Stars was lit up by the starlight sword qi, the stars that formed it becoming incomparably bright. With a hum, a thick beam of light shot out and shattered one of the Star Sand Evil Eyes!

Xing An was stunned. He had recognized Qin Mu's mudra. It was what Li Tianxing had executed against him, and it was called Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force! In the end though, Li Tianxing had still died in the hands of Xing An.

Yet one couldn't deny that what he used was an extremely powerful divine art. However, Li Tianxing's cultivation had been lacking, which made it so he was not a match for Xing An.

Yet Qin Mu had now used the same divine art to block the starlight sword qi of the Star Sand Evil Eye. It was truly strange.

In the distance, Qin Mu executed Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Forcefield and struck out with Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force, crushing Star Sand Evil Eyes one by one. He walked toward the depths of the canyon as though he was out for a walk.

Xing An looked at him vanishing up ahead, then also tried to execute Great Overarching Heavenly Stars Palm Force, but he had only learned the creation techniques of Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and not the complete thing.

'How could that brat solve this formation that can kill even gods?' Doubt arose in his heart.

After a long time, Qin Mu walked out of the canyon that was ten miles long, leaving the yellow sand behind himself. He then released Jiao Miao and the chest from his taotie sack.

Jiang Miao turned his head back and saw Star Sand Evil Eye flying to and fro. Starlight sword qi flashed around them, and his heart shook from astonishment. He wondered how Qin Mu had walked out of that.

Qin Mu examined his surroundings silently and saw yellow sand still flowing continuously in the sky. He walked forward some more, and saw the source of it. There was a huge cauldron filled with the sand.

The ten miles of life-threatening danger originated from it.

Behind it though, there was a majestic palace with vermillion walls and glazed tiles with dragons and phoenixes carved on them. It looked extraordinary and sacred. On the eaves. there were ten sculptures of divine beasts sitting while at the front there was a person riding a crane.

Strangely though, chains stretched out from the palace into all directions, going deep into the cliffs of the canyon.

The chains rattled from time to time despite looking very heavy.

Jiang Miao became excited and said in a low voice, "I can hear the call of the divine dragon. His voice is coming from here! I can hear it even more clearly now."

Qin Mu couldn't hear that voice probably because he wasn't a dragon. Only those with the bloodline could hear the call.

"Don't just go there," Qin Mu told him and walked toward the chains. He examined one carefully and raised his hand to brush it gently. Instantly, gorgeous rune markings lit up, and small sparks floated in the air where they scattered with the wind.

He went to the side of the cliff and examined the runes there. They were god writings yet the ten miles of yellow sand was a devil formation used to refine a true god to death. What was even stranger was that the devil formation had been powered by god writings, and the usage of both of them was extremely exquisite.

"To act straightforwardly, to be free from nature, that's the meaning of path. That's why no matter if it's god or devil, why is it my business?" Qin Mu's expression was unmoved, and he said, "Jiang Miao, this is the teaching of Heavenly Saint Cult. Stretch your hand out."

Jiang Miao did as told, and Qin Mu used cinnabar to draw a rune on his palm that was almost the same as the god writing on the wall. "Let's go, let's go in."

Jiang Miao didn't understand what he had done, but hurriedly entered the palace anyway.

In the hall, a divine dragon was heavily chained. The chains went right through his body to keep him locked in place.

The divine dragon was incomparably tall, sturdy, and sacred-looking. His dragon qi and dragon aura would make people look up at him in awe.

The divine dragon opened his eyes and looked at Qin Mu and Jiang Miao. He then suddenly opened his mouth to say in a rumbling voice, "My clansman, you have finally arrived!"

"Cult Master, let's quickly rescue this Senior Divine Dragon!" Jiang Miao said swiftly.

Qin Mu shook his head. His gaze focused on the chained giant dragon and he said in a gentle voice, "This Senior Divine Dragon, there's something I can't figure out, why were you chained here by the founding master of my Heavenly Saint Cult?"

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